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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 9
by John
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Max: You really want to know secrets about me?

Liz: I'd like to know everything I can about you.

Max: That's good, I think.

Liz: Somehow, I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I can't explain it. It's as if I've always known you…or been some part of you. I know that technically we've known each other for years; but I feel like I really just met you.

Max: All I want is for you to either remember what we had or for us to recreate it.

Liz: Tell me something about you.

Max: Well, I'm seventeen. I was adopted by mom and dad when I was six. I like school. I like foods that are sweet and spicy. I like listening to music…and I like you.

Liz: Did you know your birth parents?

Max: No! At least I don't think so. I don't have any memories from before about age six.

Liz: I hope it wasn't so bad you had to block them out.

Max: I really don't know. And I'm keeping my promise, Liz…I honestly don't remember.

Liz: If we were as close as I'm understanding we were, there must have been something about you that only you and I knew. Tell me what that would have been.

Max: (Thinks to himself…"Why does she do this?" "It’s almost like she knows something but then she doesn't.") Uh…hmmm…let me think. We went swimming while we were on a field trip and I kissed you under water.

Liz: Really?

Max: Absolutely. Wanta do it again sometime?

Liz: Absolutely!

Max: Liz, Do you remember when your grandmother died?

Liz: (Pause…Liz looks shocked.) My…my grandmother's dead? Oh Max, no!

(Max takes her hand.)

Max: I'm sorry! I forgot you wouldn't have remembered.

Liz: When…how…!

Max: She came to visit a few months ago. She had a stroke while she was here. You called me to come to the hospital to be with you.

Liz: I wish I could remember.

Max: The reason I'm telling you this is to remind you… as she was dying…she told you…and she told me… to always follow our hearts. I think it's the best advice anyone ever gave. Will you do that Liz? Think about me and follow your heart.

Liz: I know what my heart is telling me right now. It's telling me everything you and everyone else have told me about us is true. We should be together. I've known you for twenty-four hours and for ten years. This is so strange. I can't describe what I feel when you hold my hand, Max. But Max…

Max: What Liz!

Liz: I'm afraid to kiss you again. The flashes I got…the feeling of fear…I'm afraid it will all return if I kiss you again.

(Max leans over and gives a quick kiss.)

Liz: Well…that wasn't really a kiss. I meant one like the one you gave me yesterday.

Max: Before we do that again, I'd like to take you somewhere. Feel up to a drive?

Liz: I think so…I better tell my mom though. And maybe you better come to the door and pick me up. She might wonder how come you were in my room if we just walk out.

Max: That's OK. I need to go home and see if Isabel brought the jeep back anyway. If it's there, I'll come back and do just that.

(Max climbs back down the wall and Liz prepares for an outing. In the meantime, Devin has sought out Michael…)

Michael: Hello Devin. What brings you to my humble abode?

Devin: You live by yourself, huh?

Michael: Yes!

Devin: Must be keen at our age to not have parents.

Michael: In some ways yes but in some ways no. Come in?

Devin: Thanks!

Michael: Are you getting settled into Roswell?

Devin: Getting there.

Michael: I'd like to leave this place. The only reason I don't is because of my friends.

Devin: You don’t like it here?

Michael: There are things about it that I wouldn't miss. But the only friends I have…the only people I want to know… are here.

Devin: Hopefully I can become one of them.

Michael: No offense…but it takes me awhile to open up to anybody. Ask Maria! She beat on my wall until it cracked…and now she can't remember anything.

Devin: That' tough.

Michael: Yeh!

Devin: So…the reason I came…other than to try to get better acquainted…is…

Michael: You're wondering why I look like you.

Devin: You read minds?

(Thinks:" What you don't know…")

Michael: Not really, but that seemed like a logical question. I was wondering why you look like me?

Devin: Logical question.

Michael: I don't have an answer for you. I never knew my birth parents. I was an orphan under foster care most of my life. It sucked!

Devin: I don't know my parents really well. They work for the military and their gone a lot. There's no chance we have a common ancestor then?

Michael: I'd say virtually zero. Given that…you tell me…

Devin: All I can guess is someone used the same mold…but don't worry. I won't spike my hair.

Michael: I'm not worried about that. But I am worried about my girl. Maria has lost her memory of the past six months. It's the past six months that we've been getting close. I'm afraid she might confuse you for me. I want her back Devin.

Devin: I think I'm getting the picture. I like to meet people…to socialize.

Michael: Do me a favor. Leave her alone. Socialize with anyone else…not her. I want to like you Devin. Your cousin Alex is a good and trusted friend. He's the only reason you're inside my place right now.

Devin: I'm sure Maria will choose the person she's most familiar and comfortable with. I wouldn't worry.

Michael: I also worried about other people mixing us up. I don't imagine you'll be getting into trouble while you're here, but I wouldn't want to get blamed for it. I should warn you…I do have some people…the local sheriff included… who think I'm not their best friend. Hopefully they won't think you're me…but be prepared. There's nothing we can do about this freak of nature situation. Let's both try to make the best of it.

Devin: Hey…you're the native here…I'm the new guy. I'll take your lead.

(Michael thinks: "Native, huh. Some wouldn't think so.)

Michael: That'll work, I think.

Devin: So, wanta go do something?

Michael: Thanks…but believe it or not…I was planning to do some homework today. I better get to it.

Devin: Why wouldn't I believe it?

Michael: School's not one of my favorite pass times.

Devin: It is what it is.

Michael: …And it sucks a lot of the time! But…Maria's there…

Devin: Do you have a favorite class?

Michael: Yeh…art. I can draw and paint pretty well.

Devin: Draw and paint…good deal. Well…OK! Thanks for the chat. I'll be gone. Catch ya later.

(Michael sees Devin out. He can't pinpoint what he doesn't like about Devin, but he hopes he's made the point that Maria's his. Meanwhile…back at he ice cream party…)

Alex: I did what you suggested, Isabel.

Isabel: Which of my many wonderful suggestions are you referring to?

Alex: Come on…I really am being serious now.

Isabel: OK…you know I prefer the serious Alex anyway.

Alex: So you keep saying.

Isabel: OK…what are you talking about?

Alex: I tried to read Devin. I mean, at the dinner table today I really tried.

Isabel: …And?

Alex: Like you said…nothing. Nothing bad…nothing good…it's almost like he has no soul…no spirit!

Isabel: So…I'm not crazy!

Alex: No…I don't think so. I'm not you in that regard…but I can usually get something from people…especially if I work at it.

Isabel: What does it mean, Alex.

Alex: I don't know. Maybe it's just because our families have never been close.

Isabel: But that wouldn't explain what I'm not feeling. I've asked Max to try to read him too. Max said we should get a picture of him so I could dreamwalk.

Alex: The poor guys only been here two days and already we've got him pegged as abnormal. I think maybe we're paranoid, Isabel.

Isabel: Alex…you know I…we…have to be cautious. If he's going to be around us, I have to feel OK about him.

Alex: You don't mean you'd tell him anything, do you?

Isabel: Absolutely not! But we can have friends...acquaintances…

Alex: I don't know what to say. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Isabel: I didn't like the way he was kissing up to Maria. " I could tutor you". "I'll sing with you".

Alex: Maria will see through that. Devin is kind of phony. Michael is real. He let's you know what he really thinks.

Isabel: I hope so…for both Maria's and Michael's sakes.

Isabel: Are you going to let him sing with your band?

Alex: I don't know…it's kind of up to the guys.

Isabel: …And Maria?

Alex: She wants him too. He is pretty good. I don't think that would upset Michael, do you?

Isabel: Yes…I do. I know he's worried he's lost Maria. Remember, she went to him. I don't know if he knows how to go to her.

Alex: It'll work out. I'll talk to Maria.

Isabel: Good…make her see the Michael's the one she wants.

Alex: I have…and I will! Got any more ice cream?

Isabel: Alex Whitman…that'll be your third bowl!

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