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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 10
by John
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(Well, Max lucked out and Isabel had returned the Jeep. He takes off in it for a “official” visit to Liz.)

Nancy: Hello Max. Liz is…

Liz: Right here, mom. I need to get out for a while. Max is going to take me for a drive. I already packed a picnic for us.

Nancy: It’s a nice day. Be careful…and have fun you two.

Liz: We will mom!

(Max heads out of Roswell towards the desert area where there are some cliffs. As they drive along in the Jeep…)

Liz: Evans Max?

Max: Liz, that thing…where you reverse names…have you asked the doctor about that. It worries me.

Liz: I did. He doesn’t know what’s causing it. He said it’s probably just part of the overall memory problem.

Max: Are you getting any recollection back…anything from the past few weeks or months.

Liz: I can’t tell. Sometimes I see or hear something that seems familiar, but nothing specific. Except you Evans Max. I can’t remember specifics…but you just seem so familiar to me…like an old shoe.

Max: An old shoe?

Liz: You know what I mean…just comfortable.

Max: Oh! You know; if Alex were here he’d say it’s because we’re sole mates.

(Max points to the bottom of his shoe. Liz smiles at the pun.)

Liz: That sounds like Alex…but he’s not here, is he?

Max: I made you smile…that’s what I wanted to do.

Liz: I’m sorry. I just don’t feel like smiling much. I’m worried about having to make up six months of school. I don’t want to have to repeat this year...that would put me behind. I always assumed I’d graduate with Maria, Alex, you…

Max: We’ll find a way to get you caught up. You’ve got a good lab partner.

Liz: Who is he?

Max: Me, silly.

Liz: I know…but who is he really?

Max: I don’t know what you want me to say, Liz.

Liz: When we kissed yesterday, I sensed something. I don’t know what it was. It scared me. But you don’t scare me. I only feel good things from you. It’s a paradox, Max. It's worrying me.

(Max stops the Jeep.)

Max: Let’s get out here and hike a little. I like to sit on those cliffs. I like to look up at the sky and then look down at the city. It’s not far. We can take our picnic.

(The couple hikes up to a small cliff area that looks down on Roswell.)

Liz: It is nice here.

Max: It’s a place to stop, look, and think.

Liz: Max, what am I going to do? The six months I’ve lost…I feel so empty.

Max: I might have a solution…but we need to talk, Liz.

(Max thinks, oh…that damn phrase again.)

Liz: I like talking to you Max. I like everything about you.

Max: Liz?

Liz: Yes, Max.

Max: Ummm…this may seem like an odd thing to talk about…but humor me. You’ve grown up in Roswell…in the shadow of the spaceship crash rumors.

Liz: Have you seen my waitress costume? Of course I’m part of that.

(Max points upwards!)

Max: Do you think there’s life out there somewhere? I mean beyond earth.

Liz: I don’t know Max. From what I’ve studied, the universe is so expansive…it’s hard to believe there isn’t life somewhere out there.

Max: Are the life forms like us?

Liz: That…I…uh…I don’t know…maybe somewhere. (pause) Why are you asking me this?

Max: Liz, this is the second time I've done this and it doesn't get any easier.

Liz: Done what Max?

Max: Told you a secret about myself.

Liz: Like you said Max, everybody has secrets.

Max: If I tell you my biggest secret, will you be willing to tell me yours?

Liz: I…uh…maybe.

Max: No maybe. If you don't trust me, I don’t trust you.

Liz: It's not a matter of trust, Max. Maybe there are some things that are best kept secret.

Max: Even between "soul mates".

Liz: Is that what we are Max? Is that why I feel so absolutely calm and protected when I'm with you?

Max: If that's what we are, it makes my secret even more amazing. I used to think it couldn't be. But I changed my mind. The universe is big, Liz. But it's very small in many ways too.

Liz: So, are you going to tell me?

Max: Are you willing to tell me?

Liz: Yes! I will, Max. I trust you completely.

Max: And I trust you, Liz. If we're going to get back what we had, I have to tell you this.

Liz: Is this something bad…something dangerous?

Max: It's nothing bad…at least I don't think so. It might be dangerous…for me and for you. Shall I go on?

Liz: If you're here to protect me, I'm not afraid.

Max: If the wrong people knew this secret, I might not be here to protect you. My telling you may put you in some danger. Are you still OK?

(Liz doesn't answer right away; she just stares lovingly into his eyes.)

Liz: You're not in some kind of trouble?

Max: No…nothing like that.

Liz: You said you'd never lie to me.

Max: I won't, Liz. (pause)

(Max frowns…he’s having second thoughts. Maybe she’s not ready.)

Max: Maybe I better not tell you. Not yet! Maybe you're not well enough.

Liz: Did I know this before…have I just forgotten it?

Max: Yes!

Liz: If I knew it before the accident, and it was a part of us…then I want to know again.

Max: Liz…I'm not originally from around here.

Liz: I know that. You told me you were adopted. Is that your big secret?

Max: Not that I was adopted. It's that…well…I'm…I'm from far away.

Liz: How far, Max.

(Max points skyward.)

Max: Quite far.

Liz: What are you saying Max? You're from…

(Liz points up.)

Liz: Is that why you were asking me if I believed in life elsewhere in the universe?

Max: Does that explain any of what you saw when we kissed?

Liz: That is what I saw. A vision of the sky…of you coming here…

(Liz pulls away. She just stares at Max. Max almost cries because she is pulling away from him.)

Max: Please Liz…please don't pull away from me. I'm not evil. I'm not even all that alien. I’m just like you in many ways. I’m just trying to live a normal life. It's just, I’m not of this world.

Liz: That explains what I saw in the skin sample. It wasn't a frog. It was you. You're…

(Liz starts breathing quickly. She's suddenly afraid. She's out here all by herself with an alien being…one whom she's felt an attraction to.)

Liz: Were you…have you been manipulating me somehow to make me fall in love with you?

Max: I'd never do that, Liz. I told you I'd never lie to you. Even if I could manipulate you…which I can’t…that would make us…everything we had… a lie. No, Liz! I’m trying to win your love again the old fashioned human way.

(Liz doesn't say anything. She just continues to stare at Max.)

Max: Please Liz. I just want to be a normal person. I want to be with you. It's just that…this is what I am. I had no say in it. I didn't control it. I had nothing to do with my being here.

Liz: How…how did you get here?

Max: As best as I can tell, I was part of the 1947 crash.

Liz: But you said you're only seventeen. No lies, remember?

Max: That’s not a lie. I was in stasis. I came out of a kind of incubation pod eleven years ago…as a six year old. I do remember that much…just nothing before.

Liz: I…I'm having trouble believing you, Max. Space alien? You look very human to me Evans Max.

Max: I do look human. In many ways I am human. That's why I can live here. Trust me Liz Parker. I wouldn't ever lie to you. What more can I say.

(Max points his finger at the sandwiches Liz had brought and changes the white bread to brown. Suddenly, Liz is very scared.)

Liz: I…I think you better take me home.

Max: Is that what you really want?

(Liz sits motionless for some time…then she looks into Max' wonderful eyes again. Her fears melt away. She sees a combination of love and fear in them.)

Liz: Uh…I…no…I guess… not really.

Max: Good! And don’t worry. I don’t change white bread to brown very often. I just needed to prove…

Liz: No you didn’t…when I said I didn’t believe you, that was my head talking. My heart already knew otherwise.

Max: Liz, I have to ask this. Please…no matter what…don't ever tell anyone, not even Maria, about this part of me. People would be scared. Some would want to capture me…run tests on me. I just want to live a normal life. I can only do that if no one knows. The FBI has an alien hunter squad. One slip, and I could be gone. I can't love and protect you if I'm not here.

Liz: I promise, Max. You don't deserve that kind of treatment. Like you said, you had no control over your being here. Did Maria know about you before?

Max: Yes…you told her. But please, don't do that again; not with her memory loss. It will only complicate things.

Liz: OK, I understand. (Long pause) Max?

Max: Yes?

Liz: Are there others like you?

Max: (pause) I…I…

Liz: I understand. You don't want to lie. You can tell me later, Max.

Max: You knew all this before the accident, Liz. It didn't matter to you then. You still gave me your heart and I gave you mine. Trust me…I do have a heart…and it's just like yours.

(Suddenly, Liz is as calm as she was on the way up to the cliffs.)

Liz: Kiss me…like you did yesterday.

(Max takes Liz in his arms. All her fears have evaporated. They embrace. Max runs his hand up her back and holds her tight as they kiss. Both Liz and Max start seeing flashes. Some of them have to do with Max. Some have to do with Liz. Liz sees many of the events Liz and Max shared during the past six months. The shooting… The cave…the field trip…dancing…Alex's band…Michael…Isabel…Maria…Sheriff Valenti…her grandmother…and more. But, she's not afraid anymore.)

Liz: Max! I don't know how you're doing that and I don't care. You are giving me back some of what I've lost. I can tell I'm going to have a lot of questions for you. Maybe I can recover from this memory loss. Do Alex and Isabel know about you? I mean, I'm sure Isabel does. And your parents, right? Are they the only ones?

Max: Yes! Alex, Isabel, my parents, and Michael Guerin! They’re the only ones. Although Sheriff Valenti has his suspicions. We need to keep it at just that, suspicions…and NO ONE else…ever.

Liz: I saw myself getting shot at the Crashdown. I saw you rushing to help me.

Max: That happened Liz. It's a long story that can be part of our catching you up.

Liz: But you saved me somehow, didn't you?

Max: Yes…but that's not why I'm in love with you. I saved you because you're you.

Liz: And you put yourself at risk. That’s why the sheriff….

(Max puts his finger on Liz mouth…)

Max: Shhhhh. There's plenty of time for that…

Liz: Max, I can't tell you how much …I mean…I'm grateful to be getting some of my life back.

Max: I had no idea kissing you would…I didn't know I could help you this way. I did know that before the accident, when we would kiss, that you’d sometimes get flashes…but wow…helping your memory…what a reason to kiss you.

Liz: No, Max. What a reason to kiss YOU!

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