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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 7
by John
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Max: Lonely? I guess I was until we got together, Liz. I...uh…I’ve always been a very private person. I just don’t get involved.

Liz: But why? You’re handsome. You’re smart. I can tell you’re a loving person.

Max: I guess I’m afraid, Liz.

Liz: Afraid of what?

(Max thinks…”why won’t she let this alone?”)

Max: I guess of what people will think of me…or of being rejected. (Thinks to himself: “or of being found out”)

Liz: You don’t need to worry about that with me, Max. If nothing else, I’ll always be your friend.

Max: (Pause…trying to hold back tears.) Is that all, Liz? Friends?

Liz: I…I don’t know what to say Evans Max. Alex warned me you’d want me to be more than that.

Max: (Chokes up a little.) You were once. Just a few days ago! You were the best thing that ever happened to me.

Liz: I’m not saying I can’t be or won’t be with you, Max. I just need…I guess I need to get to know you again…the real you. Not the “you” that you hide from everyone.

Max: (God! Does she know? Has she remembered something?) Liz, what...what do you need for that to happen? What would make you confident that you know me?

Liz: (Liz stares at him with the look in her eyes he’s grown to love.) Start by kissing me again. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the kiss you gave me at the hospital. I’ve never been affected by a kiss that way before.

Max: My pleasure!

(Max leans in and kisses Liz the way he has a hundred times before. For a moment, he imagines everything is the same as it was before. Her lips feel the same…wonderful… just as they always have. He puts his arms around her. Liz is enjoying kissing her mystery man. Suddenly, Liz starts getting flashes. She sees herself and Max as young children. She sees him staring as she waits on tables at the Crashdown. She sees them together at a dance. She sees them together again on a field trip. She sees Max as her lab partner in biology class. They’re looking at skin samples under a microscope. All of a sudden, she screams and pulls away from his embrace. She’s gotten a flash…a replay of how she realized the sample she saw that day wasn’t normal…but she doesn’t understand or remember exactly what she saw…)

Liz: Max…I…I don’t…I mean…Max, I had flashes of us together.

Max: Good! I mean…we have been…a lot.

Liz: I just saw us as kids…as friends…as lovers…as students. But Max… I saw myself in biology class…I was looking at your skin with a microscope…I felt a sense of panic… Why, Max? What did I see? Why do I feel scared? Why did I see all these things? One minute I was enjoying the best kiss I ever had…the next I’m screaming that you’re…you’re…I don’t understand what I saw Max.

(Pausing…Max just stares at Liz. He had wanted to kiss her again so much, he forgot about the flashes she had been getting when they kiss. Before, when she knew he was an alien, it hadn’t been a problem. Now…this mistake might be the end of any hopes of restoring what he had with Liz.)

Max: I…uh…it’s OK Liz. I don’t know what you saw. Look at me. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I love you, Liz. I'm right here for you. Maybe I just was a little too excited because you asked me to kiss you again.

Liz: It was more than that, Max. My impression is I discovered that there's something different about you. It was too short…the impression was incomplete.

Max: (Tries to change the subject.) Most girls would love to have their boy friends kisses give them visions.

Liz: I have to admit, I was enjoying it…until the biology lab flash…that scared me.

Max: Maybe you looked at some frog skin and thought it was mine.

Liz: (Smiles at the joke.) Let’s pretend that’s what it was Max. I don’t want to be afraid of you. I think I am in love with you Evans Max. But do I know you…the real you?

Max: Maybe not yet…but you will Liz, you will.

Liz: There is more to you isn’t there…something you’re not telling me?

Max: (Pause) Everyone has secrets, Liz. I know some of yours. You once knew some of mine. You will again, I promise. But not here…not right now. Trust me Liz. It’s nothing bad…nothing dangerous.

Liz: I want to know you better Max…and I know I will. I know now, without a doubt, that we had something once and I wouldn’t be…I mean… if there was anything about you that wasn’t OK, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been with you at all. But after tonight…I don’t want to wait too long. I need to know all I can about you Evans Max. Everything I used to know. Will you help me remember?

Max: I can’t thing of anything I’d rather do Liz.

(Max leans in and kisses her again, this time very briefly.)

Max: Can I see you again soon, Liz?

Liz: I’ll be seeing you in my dreams.

Max: How about a movie or something?

Liz: I’d love it Evans Max. I’d love it.

Max: I’ll be in touch. Thanks, Liz! I was scared everything we’d had was over.

Liz: No Max…I think it’s just beginning!

(Max gives Liz one more kiss and bids her goodnight. He walks out the door of the Crashdown and heads for his Jeep. He’s feeling pretty good…his meeting with Liz had almost had a melt down, but he had made a good recovery. Just as he gets in the car, Alex and Isabel drive by, returning from their little drive to the desert. Alex pulls his car up next to Max.)

Alex: Well?

Max: It’s gonna be OK!

Isabel: I’m glad. I miss our group dynamic already.

Alex: So, I’m not good enough by myself for you, huh? It has to be a group date to make you happy.

Isabel: You’re wonderful alone…but there can be too much of a good thing.

Alex: Not with you, that would be impossible!

Max: You’re getting in deeper, Isabel. You better quit.

Isabel: I know. So, it went well, Max. You and Liz…you’re together again?

Max: Maybe not quite yet…but we’ve got a date.

Alex: Then I’m not worried…the Evans charm…the Parker attitude…

Isabel: The hormones…

Max: Hey!

Isabel: Tell me I’m wrong!

Alex: Yeh…tell her she’s wrong.

Max: Never mind…You two should talk.

Alex: Can’t you take a joke?

Max: Usually not one of yours.

Isabel: See what I’ve been telling you, Alex?

Alex: So what did she say? Did you kiss her?

Max: She said she thinks she loves me… and yes, I made a mistake and kissed her.

Isabel: A mistake?

Max: Yeh…it gave her visions.

Alex: Oooh…forgot about that!

Max: So did I. I think I made enough of a joke about it that we’re OK for now.

Isabel: So she doesn’t know anything about us yet…

Max: Well, I wouldn’t say she doesn’t know anything about us…but no, it wasn’t the time or the place for what you're talking about. See you guys later.

(Max heads for home in the Jeep. Alex and Isabel are headed home… the long way. Just as Alex is about to pull out…)

Devin: (Honking) Hey…Alex…Isabel!)

(Devin drives past…yelling from his Cherokee)

Devin: What’s with you guys? Can’t find any action?

Alex: Sufficient for our needs!

Devin: I was out crusin’ with some chicks I met at the Crashdown. Just dropped ‘em off. This town’s got some good lookin’ women.

Alex: (Looks at Isabel) I know!

Devin: I thought you guys had a real date?

Alex: We did…but we’re getting tired…we're going to call it a night.

Devin: Call it a night…at 10:00 PM…that’s too early for me man.

Isabel: Better get used to it…Roswell isn’t exactly a night spot.

Devin: Guess that’s why the girls wanted to be dropped off so soon.

(Alex connects silently to Isabel: “There might have been another reason!” Isabel smiles; she assures Alex she got the implication.)

Alex: You know your way back home?

Devin: Yes…I’m sure I can find it. I’ll see you home then?

Alex: I’ll be there!

(Devin speeds off.)

Alex: I’m really sorry about him, Isabel.

Isabel: I think he’s funny. You’re going to have fun with him, I can tell.

Alex: Do you read lips?

Isabel: Huh?

Alex: (Gives raspberries!)

Isabel: Ha Ha!

Alex: Hey…give the guy a chance. He just got here.

Isabel: Remember what you said?

Alex: What?

Isabel: That you wouldn’t let him affect our relationship?

Alex: I won’t!

Isabel: That may turn out to be quite a chore.

Alex: You really don’t like him, do you?

Isabel: There’s something about him. Or rather, there’s something that isn’t about him. He’s all show…but I feel nothing…I don’t think he’s got…I don’t know how to describe it…it’s like he’s not a real person.

Alex: I’m going to tell him the facts of Roswell before he embarrasses the heck out of us. Maybe I can read something from him. I’m not totally devoid of that talent…it’s just suppressed. In a way…I think he’s just trying to make friends.

Isabel: Is he an only child?

Alex: I think so. That end of the family…I really don’t know much about them.

Isabel: Why is that?

Alex: I really don’t know. We've just never been close. Maybe I’ll ask my dad if I can catch him in a good mood.

Isabel: Doesn’t matter, I guess. Let’s go home.

Alex: Fine…I’m ready for a goodnight kiss.

Isabel: Me too!

(Alex takes Isabel home. They say their goodnight outside the Evans home. They don’t notice the gold Cherokee parked just down the street.)

Isabel: Goodnight, honey. I didn’t mean to be so critical of your cousin.

Alex: Yes you did…you know you can’t lie to me.

Isabel: OK, OK…but I will try to give him a chance…but only because he’s your relative.

Alex: Thanks!

(It’s very dark outside as Alex and Isabel kiss goodnight. Just down the street…Devin is parked. He’s staring Alex and Isabel as they embrace. If one were to look very carefully…one would see a very subtle red glow in Devin’s eyes.)

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