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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 5
by John
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(Alex chats with Devin for a while and helps him get settled in. It's now about 6:00 and Alex goes to pick up Isabel for their "date".)

Alex: Isabel, will you pinch me? You saw Devin. We must be dreaming.

Isabel: Alex, will you pinch me? You saw Devin. We must be dreaming.

(Playfully they pinch each other.)

Alex: It's like I told you earlier, I don't know much about Devin. He's my dad's brother's son. We were both about six the last time we were together. That’s all I know.

Isabel: I think we better put our little trip to the desert on hold and conference with the others ASAP.

Alex: Growl! I was looking forward to that little trip.

Isabel: Me too…but…

Alex: You're right of course…conference…but not including Liz and Maria, right?

Isabel: Right! That would only complicate matters. But, unless I miss my guess, Devin is going to become a complication in their recovery anyway.

Alex: I'm really stunned. I mean…yeh…there might be lookalikes to Michael in this world, but does one of them have to be my cousin… How could he look so much like our Michael?

Isabel: Or how could Michael look so much like him…

Alex: What are you saying?

Isabel: I don't really know…I'm just trying to think of some reasons that might explain Devin's appearance.

Alex: The only thing I can imagine scares me. I don't even want to think about it.

Isabel: You may have to. Will you go see if Max is in his room? I'll call Michael. They're wanting to go see their women I know, but we've got to tell them about Devin before they see him accidentally.

Alex: OK…I need to tell Max to meet Liz at 8:00 anyway. See if we can meet at Michael's. That's probably the best spot if we're gonna discuss this.

Isabel: Right!

(Alex and Isabel kiss briefly and Isabel heads to the phone while Alex looks for Max.)

Alex: Hey!

Max: I was trying to leave you two alone, but I'm glad you came and found me. What did Liz say?

Alex: She wants to see you at 8:00 at the Crashdown…or I should say she will see you. She's not at all sure about your relationship.

Max: That's what I was afraid of.

Alex: She did think of her journal. That may fill in some blanks for her.

Max: I hope so.

Alex: We've got another problem…well it's not so much a problem as it is a concern.

Max: What's that?

Alex: My cousin.

Max: We already discussed that. You know my opinion.

Alex: There is something you don't know. He's arrived. Isabel met him. I've helped him get settled in. When I first saw him, I thought he was Michael.

Max: Spiked hair?

Alex: Actually; that's the only thing that's different about him. His hair is longer and it's slicked.

Max: What do you mean?

Alex: Just that. Other than the hair, they're twins…physically, nearly identical.

Max: What? That's not possible.

(Isabel comes to Max' room.)

Isabel: That's what I said, but it's true. If you gave them the same haircut you couldn't tell them apart.

Max: Does Michael know?

Isabel: Not yet! I just called him…told him we needed to talk. He's expecting us.

Max: That, "we need to talk" thing again. I'm getting tired of it.

Alex: Aren't we all?

Max: OK! Let's get going so I can meet Liz on time.

Alex: …And maybe we can still take our little drive, Isabel.

(Max, Isabel, and Alex quickly head out in the jeep. A short while later at Michael's…)

Michael: What do you mean he looks exactly like me?

Alex: He just does. Except for the hair.

Michael: Yeh…but hair's a style thing. It's not a physical attribute.

Alex: True…but it's really the only way we could tell you apart.

Isabel: Well, if you hear him talk, it's obvious he's not our Michael. He almost tried to hit on me.

Michael: What? I'll kill him!

Isabel: It wasn't that bad...but I gather he considers himself quite the ladies man.

Michael: He's not me then. I'm one lady's man.

Alex: I worried about confusing Maria. She doesn't remember enough of the last six months to make a distinction. We'll have to tell her about the coincidence.

Max: Is it a coincidence?

Isabel: Somehow, I've been wondering that too.

Alex: What are you saying?

Max: Didn't you say Devin's father works for the government.

Alex: Yes he does, at the White Sands missile range. But that's pretty far from the FBI or anything that could possibly concern us.

Max: You're sure?

Alex: I can't see any connection. Besides, he couldn't have been created to look like Michael.

Michael: But, perhaps I was created to look like him.

Alex: That's the thought I told Isabel earlier that I didn't even want to think about. Why would you say that?

Michael: We don't know anything about ourselves early on. It's possible we weren't in stasis as we've always thought. Maybe we were created to start life at six years old.

Isabel: That seems pretty far out to me.

Max: The bottom line is we really don't know. We are what we are.

Isabel: But what has that got to do with Devin and the fact that he looks like Michael.

Michael: Maybe we were created using some borrowed human DNA. Maybe it was borrowed from Devin before he was born…or from his mom and dad. They are government people aren't they? Who knows? Maybe Max and Isabel have a twin too.

Max: If we want far out possibilities…how about whoever or whatever directs the creation of life here also does so on other worlds and uses identical physical patterns of beings to populate the different planets.

Alex: You mean God?

Max: I don't know if I believe that…but if Liz and I are truly soul mates…how could our souls have come from different sources? Bodies might work the same way.

Isabel: That's even further out than Michael's theory and I don't think either of them is right. Nothing makes any sense. But then, neither does Devin's physical appearance.

Max: Does it really matter? He is what he is!

Michael: Easy for you to say. You didn't just discover a twin brother.

Max: He can't be your brother.

Michael: Why not? There we're four pods. If there's any chance…

Alex: Isabel, you were kidding when you asked if I was sure Devin was of this world, weren't you?

Isabel: At the time I was.

Max: Hey, let's get real about this. It's not that big a deal and there is no way Alex's cousin is an alien. Isabel would have sensed it. Alex, the way you're balanced, I think you would have sensed it too. Let's just tell Maria to watch out for a guy who looks like Michael and to make sure she hooks up with the real thing.

Alex: Isabel! Did you feel anything at all from Devin?

Isabel: I wasn't really trying. His "helloooo" kinda turned me off…but since you mention it…no, I didn't. I usually feel something about people when I meet them; but now that I think about it, he's a very large blank in that regard.

Alex: I'm glad to hear that. I didn't feel anything either. Nothing…and while I don't get people's life histories telegraphed to me anymore when I meet them, I usually feel something. Devin was just a blank slate to me too. I'm going to make a point of seeing if I can feel anything from him.

Max: See! Nothing to worry about. Let's just deal with him as a minor nuisance and move on.

Michael: I haven't met the guy and to me, he's already a major nuisance.

Isabel: Max is probably right, Michael. Alex and I just wanted to make sure you and Max knew about this strange situation. I was afraid you'd pass out if you saw your double accidentally.

Michael: I doubt I would have passed out…but I might have passed him something…like a Mickey. Just kidding! Can we go see our girls now?

Max: Absolutely. Enough of this! I'm sick of "we've got to talk". We've got to stop worrying about every shadow.

Alex: Does Devin even have a shadow?

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