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"Honey, I Can't Remember"
Part 4
by John
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(Max and Isabel head out to "fix" the journal problem.)

Max: This is so not right.

Isabel: What choice have you got? Put yourself in her place. She has been told you're her boyfriend. She thinks she likes you…but doesn't know anything of the last six months. Then she reads, " Max Evans…I love him…he's an alien". What would you do?

Max: Question my sanity, probably.

Isabel: She doesn't need that right now.

Max: I know…

Isabel: So…you ready?

Max: Let me show you how to make the climb. Anyone watching?

Isabel: No…go now.

(Max and Isabel make the climb Max has made many times lately. The window's locked, but Isabel opens it.)

Max: OK…if you're Liz, where do you keep it?

Isabel: After it got lost…I'm not sure. Let me pick up something else of hers.

(Isabel does so. She gets several flashes…finally…)

Isabel: I've got it.

(Opens the closet and finds the loose brick.)

Isabel: What do you not want it to say?

Max: You know…just anything about what I am…what we are. You can leave the who I am parts.

Isabel: This might take awhile…I feel funny reading this but I don't know what else we can do.

Max: Forgive us Liz!

(Max is very moved by what he reads. It takes a while, but everything they need to change is changed. Just as they are ready to leave, they hear people coming up the stairs.)

Max: Have we been here that long.

Isabel: It been a while…let's get outta here, quickly.

Max: We need to put the journal back.

Isabel: No time…let's hope she…hey, you know…I'll bet she wouldn't have remembered where she put it anyway.

Max: But we couldn't take the chance. That loose brick has been there more than six months. She'd know where to look. This is a better deal. It might help her remember some things.

(The two climb out the window just as Liz and her parents come in the room.)

Max: That was close.

Isabel: But we did it.

Max: Thanks Isabel!

Isabel: I better go get with Alex and make an official visit here.

Max: Good luck! Keep me posted.

(Isabel and Max head back to get Alex. Max reluctantly allows his sister and his friend to take over for now. Alex and Isabel head out to visit the memory handicapped. Isabel is back where she was less than an hour ago.)

Alex: Mrs. Parker, can we see Liz?

Nancy: Yes...she's in her room. She's been asking for you Alex.

Alex: That's a good sign.

(They go upstairs.)

Alex: Hi!

Liz: Hey you two.

Isabel: How are you feeling?

Liz: I getting my strength back, but my mind… it's like I'm in a cloud. I can't think clearly. Maria told me I'm mix up names when I talk. Alex, it's so good to look at you and see something familiar.

Alex: Just call me Mr. Friendly.

Liz: I always have. So, Whitman Alex, tell me about you and Evans Isabel there.

Alex: Evans Isabel?

Liz: Did I say that? Sorry! That's what I warned you about. My mind turns names inside out. Something to do with what happened. So about you and Isabel…

Alex: Liz, in the past few months Izzy and I have gotten to be really good friends. Really Good.

Liz: Izzy?

Alex: Sorry…I mean Isabel.

Isabel: You can call me Izzy, Alex…I don't mind. You can too Liz.

Liz: Do I know you that well?

Isabel: Actually, you do. And my brother too.

Alex: But you don't want to call him Izzy.

Liz: Same old Alex…still with the bad jokes.

Alex: My jokes aren't bad.

Isabel: Yes they are!

Liz: Hmmm…I think I'm beginning to like her a lot already, Alex.

Alex: OK…OK…Liz, I wish I could give you everything back by waving a wand…but I can't.

Liz: Just start with last fall. Tell me about school…and tell me about how…I mean tell me about Evans Max. I've had my eye on him since the third grade. I can't believe he really likes me…it's just…

Isabel: He does, Liz. It's really hurting him that you don't remember.

Liz: But why just recently did he…um?

Alex: Uh…er…I guess…I guess he finally got up the nerve to ask you out.

Liz: We're dating?

Alex: Yep!

Liz: And you two…how long have you…

Alex: How long Iz…4 months at least.

Isabel: Four wonderful months.

Alex: You and Max are lab partners you know?

Liz: So I've been told. But I'm going to be so far behind in school…I may have to repeat all my classes.

Alex: I can tutor you; we can have study sessions like we used to…get you caught up.

(Alex connects briefly to Isabel. Unconsciously he stares at her.)

Alex: (Silently to Isabel) Could you dreamwalk and give her back some of the schooling she's forgotten. It would be bad if she falls behind us.)

Isabel: (Silently to Alex.) I'd be willing to try.

Liz: (Notices the stare.) Wow you two…you look just like your reading each other's minds. You must be close.

Alex: Uh…er…just thinking, Liz.

(He kisses Isabel. Liz raises her eyebrows. She still can't believe her Alex is with this "Queen of the In Crowd".)

Alex: So Liz…Max really wants to see you. Are you willing to talk to him?

Liz: I…I don't know what I'd say to him. When he kissed me at the hospital I felt something. It was like I'd known him forever.

Isabel: We've been calling you guys soulmates.

Liz: Really?

Alex: It's been bad…real bad.

Liz: How?

Alex: I don't mean bad bad, just… you know…bad!

Isabel: What foot in mouth here is trying to say is that you and Max… well…let's just say you're real familiar with the eraser room.

Liz: I've got to think about this. I wonder if I wrote about him in my journal? Where's my journal. Maybe I can tell myself something about him.

Alex: If you wrote everything about you and Max, you'll have no trouble finding it. You can probably smell it burning.

Liz: If anyone but you, Whitman Alex, were telling me this, I'd think it was a set up.

Alex: So what if it was…if it's what you want.

Liz: I need time.

Isabel: You're not going to keep him away from here for long. He's expecting a report from us.

Liz: Tell him…tell him…I…

Alex: He really wants to see you.

Liz: OK…8 o'clock. I'll go downstairs…have him come to the Crashdown.

Isabel: Do you feel well enough?

Liz: For Evans Max, I'll make myself feel better.

Alex: Good...he'll be happy. Just remember, he thinks you're his.

Isabel: He'll be a good boy…I promise.

Liz: I'm feeling better already. Thanks for coming by.

Alex: We're going to go see Maria now.

Liz: Is she really with Guerin Michael?

Alex: Yes…she has been!

Liz: Wow! This is all just too weird.

Isabel: Get some rest, Liz. If my brother's coming over you're going to need it.

Liz: Thanks!

(Isabel and Alex leave Liz and make their way over to see Maria.)

Alex: Liz seems sort of OK…but that name thing…it scares me. I hope there's no permanent brain damage.

Isabel: Me too. That's not the worst thing that could have happened, but it is odd.

Alex: I hope Maria doesn't have any similar problems.

Isabel: She has Michael…that's problem enough.

Alex: Let's hope she has Michael. It may be hard to convince her that he's a good thing.

Isabel: We at least need to get her to see him. We promised.

Alex: We'll do our best.

(They arrive at Maria's.)

Alex: Is Maria here?

Amy: Yes…she's been asking for you, Alex.

Alex: That's a good sign.

Isabel: (Silent connection) De-ja vu?

Alex: (Silently) Isn't it great?

(In Maria's room.)

Alex: Hi!

Maria: Hey!

Alex: Are you ready to take on the world yet?

Maria: I guess I'll have to sooner or later. But not yet! It is so weird…having six months of your life suddenly missing.

Isabel: We kind of heard the same thing from Liz.

Maria: How is she? Is she remembering any more than I am?

Alex: I don't think yet. She's going to force herself to go to the Crashdown tonight and see Max.

Maria: Tell me about that, Alex. Did she break up with Kyle? Are she and Max really together?

Alex: Very together…or they were. She's really scared now. She doesn't know what to say to him. And yes…she broke up with Kyle.

Isabel: Max doesn't know what to say to her either. Any suggestions I could give him? You know Liz better than anyone.

Maria: You know, she told me once she thought Max was staring at her a lot. She always dismissed it as wishful thinking. Tell her to ask him if he used to do that.

Alex: That sounds like a good idea. Anything else?

Maria: I've been envisioning Liz and Max together. It seems really right to me for some reason. Tell him I think he's right for Liz.

Alex: Liz and Max…it is right. It has been for several months. It still is. Now what about you, Maria? Liz isn't the only one. You have a man in love with you, you know.

Maria: Michael Guerin?

Alex: None other!

Maria: He is soooo not me. There's no way I'm with that guy. He skips school half the time. He was definitely absent when they taught social skills. His hair looks like he got hit by lightning. He lives in a trailer park with a drunk. He barely gives anyone the time of day. How could I possibly see anything in him?

Alex: A few things have changed with him Maria. Some of it 's because of you. He lives by himself now.

Isabel: Hank beat him up. My dad was able to help him become emancipated…he doesn't need a foster care person anymore. He lives in his own apartment. Hank moved away.

Alex: Michael's been going to school lately too…mostly to see you…but it's a good thing no matter what the reason.

Isabel: …And he's very artistic. He's done some great drawings of you.

Maria: He' pretty rough around the edges.

Alex: He's a diamond in the rough.

Isabel: Unbelievable! For once I agree with one of your jokes, Alex.

Maria: I…I don't know…

Alex: Maria, he did come to the hospital to see you. There must have been a reason for that.

Maria: Maybe he was just tagging along with Max.

Alex: He told us to tell you he loves you.

Maria: I…I don't know what to say.

Alex: You don't remember…but ask your mom about her wrestling match…and how he saved the day.

Isabel: …And he had a personal problem…and you really helped pull him through it.

Maria: What was that?

Isabel: We better let him tell you about that.

Alex: Won't you at least talk to him? He's missing you.

Maria: Maybe…when I get back to school…if he's there…I'll…I'll…

Alex: Trust us Maria.

Maria: Alex, you I trust. No offense, but I don't really know you very well Isabel.

Isabel: Yes, you do. You just don't remember. A lot has happened in the past few months. We've got a group dynamic that…well…it's just fun.

Maria: I've never been on very good terms with the girls that are your friends.

Isabel: Frankly, I haven't been on very good terms with them lately either…but certain things are worth a sacrifice.

(Isabel takes Alex by he hand and they kiss briefly. Maria thinks to herself, "I never would have believed it".)

Maria: Well…if you two are together…and it's obvious that you are…maybe I could have been with Michael.

Alex: You'll let him see you then?

Maria: Yeh…just as soon as I feel a little better. Tell him I'm waiting to be swept off my feet by my designated boyfriend.

Isabel: He'll be glad to hear that.

Alex: We better go and let you get some rest. Oh…by the way…my cousin is coming to stay with us for a while. His name is Devin. I'm sure he'll be around. I'll have you meet him.

Maria: Is he cute?

Alex: I haven't seen him for ten years…and he's not my type, so I really can't say.

Isabel: Besides…you've got a man.

Maria: We'll see…we'll see. Catch you guys later.

(Isabel and Alex head out. It's getting a bit late. Alex is thinking maybe he should be getting home to greet Devin…then he can run out later with Isabel as they planned. They head for Alex' house.)

Alex: Let's go see is Devin has shown up yet. You can drop me off. I'll do what I have to do with him; then I'll come get you. What do you wanta do tonight anyway…we've been so distracted we've not discussed it.

Isabel: Something quiet and secluded…since this might be the last time I see you alone for awhile.

Alex: Want to drive out into the desert?

Isabel: Sure! As long as we don't go to that cabin we went to a few weeks ago.

Alex: I never want to go back to that place.

Isabel: Were you scared back in that cavern?

Alex: Frightened would be more apt.

Isabel: There's a difference?

Alex: Yes…there is to me. I'll tell you sometime.

Isabel: I can't wait.

Alex: Well, we're here…and I see a fancy gold Jeep Cherokee. I wonder if that's Devin's?

Isabel: Guess we'll find out.

(The couple head into Alex' house. As they enter…

Alex: Michael…what are you doing here? And what's with the hair?

Devin: Hey cousin…long time no see…I'm Devin…don't know any Michael.

Alex: (pause) De…Devin…uh sure. Welcome. This is Isabel.

Devin: Helloooo! (Alex and Isabel stare at Devin, almost in shock. What they see is a 6'1 man with brown hair, hazel eyes…and except for the hair, he's Michael's twin. An identical twin at that! They can't believe what they're seeing.)

Alex: Uh…Sorry I called you Michael. Devin, it's incredible. Sorry if we're staring; but it's just that you look almost exactly like a very good friend of ours named Michael Guerin. Except for the fact that his hair is spiked and yours is longer and slicked down…you guys could be twins.

Devin: Ooohhh! Awesome man…when do I meet him?

Alex: Probably tomorrow. Isabel and I have a date tonight…we planned it long before I knew were coming. I'll start showing you around tomorrow.

Devin: No worries, Alex. I can find my way around. I've got my dad's Jeep. Just tell me where the local hang out is. I wanta see what the Roswell chicks look like. If they're anything like the one you've snagged cousin, I'm gonna like it here. I left several broken hearts in Alamogorda.

Alex: Just head to a place called The "Crashdown". That's a good starter. There's also a dance club my band plays at sometimes. I'll give you the address.

Devin: You play in a band?

Alex: Yeh…I do.

Devin: Totally cool!

Alex: (pause) Isabel needs to go home now. I'm gonna walk her out to her car. Back in a minute.

Devin: Yeh!

(Alex and Isabel go out to Isabel's car. They just look at each other in amazement. Finally...)

Alex: Explain him to me. How can he look exactly like Michael?

Isabel: I don't have any idea. He makes no sense to me.

Alex: You're sure Michael's not from this world?

Isabel: Are you sure Devin is?

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