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"Honey, I Can't Remember"
Part 3
by John
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(Scene: The next morning at the Evans home. Max is sitting at the kitchen table staring off into space.)

Diane: Max honey, you look like you've lost your best friend.

Max: In a way I have, mom.

Dianne: Liz?

Max: Yeh!

Diane: Isabel told me about what happened. Liz really doesn't remember you?

Max: She knows who I am. She just doesn't remember our recent relationship.

Diane: Including what you did for her?

Max: Yes, including that. But that's not important. I didn't do that to win her love. I wasn't sure at first, but recently I've come to know that that's not why she wants to be with me. It something a lot more…complicated. We just seem right together. These past few months I've been the happiest I think I've ever been.

Diane: I understand son. I was your age once. Is there anything you can do for her? What are your plans?

Max: I can't do much about her memory loss. Maybe if I'd studied brain surgery, I might try something; but I'm really afraid to try anything. I might make things worse.

Diane: I didn't mean from a healing standpoint…I meant from a personal standpoint.

Max: Isabel says we just need to get back together and things will get back on track. Michael says she might decide she doesn't want to be with me any more. That could happen. I don't think I could take that! That would mean she was just showing love for me because I saved her life. (Tries to hold back the tears.) Mom, I'm too old to cry, but I sure feel like it right now. Outside our family, she was the one person in the whole world I could be completely open and honest with. I can't do that anymore. She doesn't remember what she knew about me. I can't tell her again unless the situation is right. It might really freak her out. I have to win her back without telling her my secret. I'm scared, mom.

Diane: Isabel is right. I've seen the way she looks at you. It's the way I used to look at your father. She'll come back to you Max. Things will be OK again. And remember, your family's here. Bring her over. Maybe she'll remember having been here before. (pause) Max, I'm glad you talked to me. Usually I only have talks like this with Isabel.

Max: Probably about me.

Diane: Sometimes! But I'm your biggest fan, Max. Where do you think Isabel gets the advice she gives you?

Max: Thanks, mom.

(Isabel comes in.)

Isabel: Is this a family council?

Diane: If you need one.

Max: At least she's still got HER confidant.

Isabel: Don't rail on Alex. You need him right now. He's right when he says he can be a key to fixing things. Both Liz and Maria have been close to him for a long, long time. They remember that. They'll believe what he tells them.

Max: I know that. I was just telling mom that I'm frustrated at having to start over with Liz.

Isabel: I don't think you'll really be starting over. I never thought I'd say this to your face, but you two really do have a connection that goes beyond normal. I doubt that connection, whatever it is, was affected by this. Frankly, I'm much more concerned about Michael and Maria getting back to where they were.

Diane: Listen, I've got to go to the store…and this sounds like a "you don't need mom anymore" discussion anyway. Max…it will work out. Don't worry!

(Diane leaves Max and Isabel to talk.)

Isabel: I don't recall you ever talking with mom like that before.

Max: It wasn't too long ago I didn't think I ever could.

Isabel: So, is there anything I can do.

Max: I think, like you said, if you'll just hang with Alex, we can at least get the girls thinking about what they need to know.

Isabel: I'm going to go find Alex now and discuss this. We'll give Maria and Liz a little time to get settled back in at their homes…then go visit them. I'll let you know when I think you can approach Liz.

Max: Let me come with you. Normally I wouldn't butt in on you two, but I need to talk to Alex. I'll not go with you when go to see Liz, but I really want to make sure we're all on the same page before Alex talks to her.

Isabel: Under the circumstances…

(Max and Isabel head out to see Alex. They find him at home.)

Alex: Hi…glad you're here…we need to talk. (pause) It's OK…dad's working out back.

Max: That phrase, we need to talk; it's been getting said a lot lately. Usually it's not because everything is wonderful either.

Alex: Let me tell you, it's definitely not.

Isabel: Maria and Liz?

Alex: It's not just them. The girls as OK as can be expected. I called Liz' mom. They're bringing them home about 1:00. She suggested we could stop by about 3:00. I also called Liz on the phone. There's been no change in the memory loss.

Max: Damm! I don't know if I ought to go see her just yet then?

Alex: Maybe I should run interference first. I didn't get much chance to tell her about you and she. I know she's excited to hear more about the situation.

Isabel: Is that what you needed to talk about?

Alex: Partially…don't ask about the rest!

Isabel: That bad? What's wrong, honey?

(Isabel squeezes Alex hand.)

Alex: I Guess I have to tell you. This is going to cramp my…our style. I'll still do what I can for Liz and Maria. And Isabel…this can't…I won't let it…change your and my relationship. Last night my dad informed me that he's agreed to let my cousin stay here for about 6 or 8 weeks. His parents work for the government and they have to go overseas. Devin doesn't want to go with them. They live in Alamogorda now. His dad has something to do with the White Sands Missile Range. I haven't seen Devin in about ten years. We're not exactly close.

Max: How old is he?

Alex: He's about 17 I think. My dad wants me to make him feel at home…have him meet my friends…show him around school. He'll have to transfer over here.

Isabel: That's not great news.

Alex: I know it's not. I'll have to introduce him to you …but all of a sudden, if he's tagging along, you're going to have to be careful what you say and do around me again. Plus the situation with Liz and Maria needs my attention… All I can say is, "thanks dad".

Max: Oh please, no! There goes one more piece of available sanity.

Alex: What's that?

Max: You! I was just lamenting to my mom and Isabel about how we can't be our real selves around Liz and Maria right now. Now it'll be the same with you most of the time too. Could this get any worse?

Alex: At least I haven't lost my memory…and Devin just can't be with us every time we get together. Hopefully he can find him a girlfriend or something so he won't want to just hang with us all the time. At the same time, especially when he first gets here, I can't just leave him hang out to dry.

Isabel: Any more good news?

Alex: Can't think of any?

Max: When is he coming?

Alex: Well, that might be more "good" news. Sometime today or tonight!

Isabel: Has your dad known about this for a while and just not told you?

Alex: I haven't the foggiest…

Max: When it rains it pours.

Alex: Isabel…how about we have tonight alone together? I'll tell Devin we already had plans. He'll just have to roll with it.

Isabel: Sounds good to me.

Max: If you are through with today's depressing news broadcast, what are you going to tell Liz about her and me?

Alex: The truth, except for the "you know what" part. I really think that's all that will be needed to kick start your relationship again. I'll tell her that you really like her…have for along time. And that she really likes you. I can tell her about the field trip to Los Alamos, minus some elements. I can tell her about how you and she are lab partners.

I can tell her…I can tell her…uh…oh man…so much of what you've shared…what we've all shared… I can't tell her. I didn't realize how much of what we've all shared revolved around…oh geez…this is going to be harder than I was thinking.

Max: That's the realization I came to last night too and it's why I'm so depressed. She's going to ask questions about what we've been doing. If I give her vague answers, it's going to turn her off. Being able to freely talk to her…that's the whole reason I told her about us in the first place…well besides having to explain to her how I healed her.

Alex: She doesn't remember that does she? This could be interesting.

Max: Yeh…I know…

Isabel: You guys worry too much. Max, you and Liz belong together and even if you have to start over it will work out. Sooner or later she'll be able to accept certain things and then you…we all… can fill her in completely. She won't have to not know about the last few months indefinitely.

Max: I had an idea…I think I might be able to put my memories of her into her mind if I went into her dream. The problem with that is, they'd be my memories…not her's. It might then be like talking to myself when I see her. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Isabel: I wouldn't think you'd want to do that…at least not until she could recognize them for what they are…your memories.

Alex: And not until you feel comfortable telling her all about yourself again.

Max: No, definitely not until then.

Alex: Oh boy…I just thought of something. Ready for one more piece of good news?

Max: No! I thought the news was over.

Alex: This is a bulletin! Liz' journal.

Max: Oh *#!? She can't read that…at least not right away. What am I going to do?

Isabel: Can you slip in and hide it?

Max: She lost it once before. I'm not sure I know where she keeps it. But…I'll find it. I have to. Look, her parents will be gone getting her at 1:00 o'clock. I'll climb up to her room and slip in there. Can somebody stand guard for me?

Isabel: I will. But I think you shouldn't hide it…let me help you alter it. It might really help the whole situation if she reads it, minus certain things.

Max: I hate doing that…it's deceiving her…and I swore I'd never do that. Liz's journal according to Max. That's bad news!

Isabel: You couldn't have foreseen this situation . You've got to do it, Max.

Max: I know…if she reads what I know is in there…oh…I don't even want to think about it. I'm glad you remembered that, Alex.

Alex: Hate to keep piling it on you friend, but…

Max: I know…I'm dealing with it.

Isabel: This will work out. As I said at home Max, I'm more worried about restoring the relationship between Maria and Michael.

Alex: You're right, you know. There's even less that I can tell Maria that's not related to the total Michael. There's their first kiss…and the wrestling match…help me think of something else.

Isabel: Uh… we've had some good times at the Crashdown, and they have been to a couple of dances lately.

Max: They're such an unlikely combination anyway, we've got our work cut out for us. The good news is Michael wants it to happen. I think, in his own way, he's going to miss her pretty fast.

Alex: I feel for you guys…and having our group messed is bad. I'm also really sorry about the Devin thing.

Max: I know it's not your cousin's fault, but anyone who has parents that work for the law or the government makes me nervous.

Alex: I think he's pretty far removed from anything that would concern you.

Max: Hope so.

(Doorbell rings…it's Michael.)

Alex: Hi bro.

Michael: No wonder I couldn't find anyone.

Isabel: Looks like you just did.

Michael: So, what's up?

Max: Liz' journal.

(As the one who has read it, Michael grimaces.)

Michael: (pause) We have to grab it, Maxwell.

Max: I know. I'm going to try to get it and change some entries before she gets home. Her parents will be gone picking her up about 1:00 this afternoon. I'm going to try to get to it then.

Alex: After that, Iz and I are going to go see both the girls about 3:00. We're just going to start filling them in and see what happens.

Michael: Do your best for me, will ya?

Alex: Of course. If there's anything you'd like me to tell her specifically…

Michael: Tell Maria I really do love her and I want some time to fill in what she's forgotten. She at least needs to give me one chance to talk to her.

Isabel: I'm sure she will.

Alex: Iz, I'll get with you at 3:00 and we'll go see them…one at a time.

Max: Call me when your finished with Liz and I'll drop over and see her.

Alex: OK…will do! Max…fill Michael in on my "other" problem. Tell him it wasn't my idea…and I'll try to make the best of it…and that I'm well aware of your special concerns.

Max: OK Alex, will do. I can imagine what Michael will say about Devin. See you later.

Michael: Who's Devin?

Max: Sit down, Michael…this is not good news! It seems Alex has this cousin who…

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