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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 12
by John
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(Liz and Max have been using the flashes they get when they kiss to help Liz remember events from the last six months. It’s been interesting, as she brings up what she sees and Max, Isabel, and Alex fill her in on the details. They all miss Maria as a full part of their circle. Devin is Devin. He’s sort of trying to stay away from Maria as Michael asked, but Maria has sort of latched onto him…mostly because of the music....and she keeps dragging him into things. Alex is frustrated because, since the birthday party, he’s gotten several other gig requests for his band and the fabulous singing duo. He’s torn between making progress with the band and becoming dependent on Devin for it, especially to Maria and Michael’s detriment. Now…it’s a quiet night at the Crashdown. No one except the gang is there right now. Devin and Maria are supposedly rehearsing some songs. Liz has no customers to wait on so she joins the conversation.)

Liz: So…This time, I saw us running from a cabin and I couldn’t see Max. I could only hear him.

Max: Hmmm…now that one is going to take awhile to explain. See anything simpler?

Liz: No, not really. These event flashes are fun…but I’m still concerned about school work. I’m trying…but…it’s so hard to catch up and keep up.

Isabel: I’ve got an idea about that.

Liz: Which is?

Isabel: Max, have you told her about the dreams…?

Max: Uh…not yet…again. She knew once of course.

Liz: Knew what?

Alex: I think Isabel wants to visit your dreams.

Liz: Huh?

Isabel: Something Max and I can do…if you want us to. We could visit you while you dream and try to catch you up on what you’ve missed in classes.

Max: We could do an outline of the topics and plant the thoughts and facts while you’re asleep.

Isabel: I don’t know how well it would work, but it might be worth a try.

(Liz stares at Max in amazement. What other surprises are in store?)

Liz: I…I guess I knew all of this once…about what you can do…I just keep getting surprised.

Isabel: Shall we try it.

Liz: Will it hurt me? Will I have nightmares?

Max: Only if you aren’t still in love with me.

(Liz stares at him…looking puzzled.)

Max: Just kidding? It's usually quite pleasant.

Isabel: I say we try it. Give us a day or so to put together some outlines.

Max: Any particular classes?

Liz: Well, I pretty much can get through biology and science. I know most of that anyway. It’s a math and history update that would help me.

Max: Math and history it will be then. Iz, you do the history…I’ll do the math.

Isabel: Thank you!

Alex: I can’t dreamwalk…but I can connect with you two. If I can help in catching her up, I'm willing. Would it work if I joined you while you try this…kind of like listening in on an extension phone.

Isabel: That would be interesting. I’ve never tried a connection and a dreamwalk at the same time.

Max: We need to be careful that we add to her memory…not mess it up further.

Isabel: We will be...careful that is.

Liz: What about Maria guys. She needs to get her memories and her classes back too.

Michael: I was wondering if we’d just forgotten her?

Alex: Of course not...she’s part of us.

Michael: She was.

Isabel: What do you mean?

Michael: Think about it. She really doesn’t know us anymore…at least not everything that she did know. We have to be careful around her…and her damned shadow.

Max: True!

Michael: …And she won’t settle down and let me talk to her. Every time I try, something pushes her away from me.

Alex: I talked to her. I told her to give you a chance. That you and she had something very special once. She said she knows what I'm saying…but she doesn’t remember.

Michael: She keeps seeing Devin…the singing boob!

Alex: Hey…he’s strange…but he’s a Whitman…what do you expect.

Liz: I'm concerned too. Maria’s my best friend. Even with my memories only half restored, I see the problem. It was cool for all of us to not have to worry about secret keeping. I can see that if she and Michael don’t work, we’re just never going to be as close as we once were with her. We can be her friend, but on a limited basis.

Michael: She’s making her own bed in that regard. I’m here for her. I still want her back …even though the more she resists, the more distant I feel.

Isabel: Don’t give up yet, Michael. I’ve got an idea. This is going to take swallowing some pride, OK. Let’s have a video party and invite both Maria and Devin. Of course we’ll all be there too.

Michael: I’d probably spill chip dip on her and my ghost would lick it off. She'd be grateful to him again.

Isabel: Be more positive Michael.

Max: Have you got a better idea?

Michael: Yes, but murder is illegal.

Alex: I don’t think Devin is the total problem, Michael.

Michael: Thanks a lot…with friends like you…

Alex: I didn’t mean you were the problem…hey…I’m on your side.

Michael: Hard to tell.

Alex: What are you talking about? I get this! We need to fix you and Maria for everyone’s sake.

Max: Michael, let’s not be taking shots at each other.

Liz: Please guys…let me talk to Maria…maybe I can…

Max: Is that wise? I know you two were so close once that I worry…

Liz: I know what to say and what not to Max.

Isabel: STOP! Listen to us. What's happened? This isn't what we are?

(Everyone looks sheepishly at one another, realizing that Isabel is right.)

Michael: Thanks Isabel. You’re right. I’m just so frustrated I forget who my friends are.

Alex: With us all sitting here, that’s pretty hard.

Michael: I know you thought that was a joke…but you’re right…it is hard…you’re all being wonderful.

Isabel: Can you believe what Michael just said?

Liz: Yes, I can. I sense a very caring person under that thick skin…a person that Maria needs. Devin is a phony. She just needs to see it.

Max: So, Michael…shall we do this party thing?

Michael: Yes…let’s do it.

Isabel: Hurray! We’re on the right road again.

(Just then Maria and Devin enter.)

Isabel: Hey…we we're just wondering where you were?

Maria: Rehearsing a new song.

Isabel: Hey…Friday my parents have a big party they'll be at all evening, so we're gonna have a pizza and video party at our house. You both need to come.|

Liz: Maybe you could sing the new song for us.

Maria: Sounds like fun.

Max: Devin?

(He looks at Michael with some fear…)

Devin: I don't know…maybe…

(Michael grimaces internally, but nods an approval.)

Devin: I guess it would be fun. Alex tells me you guys are the greatest. Maybe I can get to know you all better.

Isabel: It'll be a blast.

(Maria looks around the Crashdown.)

Maria: Liz…it looks real quiet tonight. I know I was supposed to be off, but I'll help you close up.

(Isabel sees a chance for something…)

Isabel: Hey…it's your day off. Alex and I'll help Liz.

Alex: Sure!

Max: Let me help too.

Liz: Hey Devin, can you give us a hand moving this table.

(Very clever. Get everyone to help close up except Maria and Michael.)

Michael: Hey! I'm real sorry about spilling punch on you the other…

Maria: Hey…no big deal…we got it out.

Michael: I love to hear you sing.

Maria: I noticed you left…you couldn't have liked me too much.

(Michael is surprised and pleased that she noticed.)

Michael: I…er…I was afraid you were mad at me…so I just went home.

Maria: No, Michael. You were sweet to try to get us the drinks. It was one of those heat of the moment things. Sorry I yelled at you.

Michael: I still want some time with you to talk about…you know…old times...six months or so worth.

Maria: I know…I've been busy trying to catch up on school and other things. And there's the band…Devin and I…

Michael: I've heard you guys sing. You are pretty good together. But Maria! I was here the past six months. Devin wasn't. I can help you recall things in your life…in our lives.

Maria: Why…I think you're jealous.

Michael: What if I am?

Maria: It's sweet, Michael. You're Sweet!

Devin: Ready to go Maria?

Maria: Where?

Devin: Anywhere! I though since you came here with me…

(Maria doesn't want to be rude to either guy, but she's caught.)

Maria: Uh…OK…but I can't stay out too late. We'll see you all…at the party if not before.

(Devin and Maria leave. Michael is frustrated once again.)

Michael: I'll kill him…and send the body back to where ever he came from. We were just starting to communicate a little…

Isabel: Sorry…there was only so much work to do.

Michael: Thanks for trying.

Max: It's gonna work out Michael…have faith.

(Liz locks up and everyone heads for home. Liz, being home, invites Max up for awhile. Alex takes Isabel home, then heads home himself. When Alex gets to his room, he decides to check his e-mail. He fires up the computer and notices it's been used, probably by Devin. He decides to see if he can figure out what Devin looked at. He notices a document had been saved to a floppy disc…but he also knows that he had written a little routine to automatically save things to a certain hard drive file even if the computer was told to save to floppy. He looks in that file. What he sees is a computer language program. Ones, zeros, symbols. He recognizes it, kind of. He stares at it, but can't quite recall where he's seen that sort of program before or what it's use is. "Oh well", Alex thinks to himself. "Probably a program Devin needed on his laptop. But I know I've seen something like that before somewhere…hmmm". Just then the phone rings…

Alex: Hello!

Isabel: Hey…would you look and see if I left my jacket in your car. I can't find it and it's bugging me.

Alex: Sure…hang on or shall I call you back?

Isabel: I'll hang.

(Alex runs out to his car to look. He finds the jacket. As he's heading back in, Devin drives up. Alex goes back to the phone.)

Alex: The jacket's here Iz. Don't lose any sleep over it.

Isabel: Thanks, love. See you tomorrow.

Alex: Bye!

Devin: Hey Cuz!

Alex: Hey! You gonna hit the sack now?

Devin: After I stare at my laptop for awhile.

Alex: I noticed you used my computer.

Devin: You told me I could surf on it.

Alex: Yeh…it's fine…

Devin: Well…goodnight!

Alex: Goodnight!

(Alex suddenly picks up on something Devin said. "Stare at my laptop for awhile". "I know what the program is", Alex thinks to himself.)

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