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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 11
by John
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Isabel: I can't believe this kid's party. He booked the Legion Hall and invited almost the whole school.

Alex: I’m sorry, Iz. I’ll have to leave you alone in a minute but…

Isabel: I know…you’ve gotta play. I knew that when I came here. I just wanted to watch you.

Alex: OK…I hope you like us.

Max: This is sure different for a birthday party.

Liz: That's Glen Payson for you. His family is the wealthiest in Roswell.

Max: Some day, I’ll have a party like this for you, Liz.

Liz: Don’t Max…I’d be much happier if it was just you and me together on my birthday. Maybe our friends too, part of the time.

Michael: Am I still on the “friends” list.

Liz: Max tells me you should be…for several reasons.

(Liz flashes a knowing look at Max. Michael raises an eyebrow at the comment…then, in a silent connection:)

Michael: “You told her?”

Max: “Yes! About me…no one else”

Michael: “Must have been OK with her.”

Max: “I’ll tell you more later. You’ve got to tell Maria soon. I think you can help her memory, but she needs to know about you…”

Michael: “Not yet…she’s…tell you later.”

(Michael feels a tightness in his throat as he realizes that while Max and Liz are back on track, he and Maria are not at all what they once were. He gets even madder as he sees Devin on stage with her.)

Alex: (Joins silent connection) “Not to butt in guys…but you found a way to help Liz, Max?”

Max: “Why do I always forget about the party line when you're around? Yes...I’ll tell you both about it”.

Isabel: “Tell me too.”

Max: “Right! Later!”

(End silent connection.)

Liz: Why is everyone just staring at each other?

Max: Huh? Oh…just wondering when this thing’s gonna get rolling?

Alex: Right now…I’ve got to get on stage. See you at the break, Iz.

(Alex takes his place with the band and the music starts. After several numbers, Maria comes on stage and begins her singing. Several guys gather around to watch her. After the second number, Devin joins her on stage and they sing several more songs together. About half way through the first duet, girls start to gather around to see who this great new singer is. Some think it’s Michael Guerin, but a few know it’s Devin Whitman. The word spreads as to who it is as they realize how well he can sing.)

Michael: I told that guy to cool it with Maria…and there he is on stage with her.

Isabel: It was Maria’s idea. She thinks they sing well together. I told Alex you wouldn’t like it.

Michael: You were right, I don’t. Why didn’t Alex stop this?

Isabel: He wasn’t very enthusiastic about it…but Maria begged him.

Michael: I know Devin is his cousin…but I’m a better friend. How could he do this to me?

Max: Calm down Michael. Alex was between a rock and a hard place. Either you were mad at him or Maria and Devin were.

Isabel: I know he’s on your side, Michael. He said he’d talk to Maria about you.

Michael: I’m the one that needs to talk to her, but she keeps pushing me back. She’s polite and all, but…Geez I love her and I need a way to show her that she belongs back with me.

Liz: Max tells me that you and she were pretty tight.

Michael: It was great. Maria and I, you and Max, Isabel and Alex! It seemed perfect. Then you two lose your memories and everything’s fubar.

Liz: Fubar?

Michael: Yeh…”fouled up beyond all recognition”!

(Liz smiles!)

Liz: That sounds like an Alex.

Isabel: It sounds like a frustrated Michael. And I don’t blame him. Look at Maria…smiling and singing with that…that…I don’t know what he is.

Max: Speaking of what he is Isabel, I tried.

Isabel: Uh...oh…you mean…you tried getting some feeling of life from him?

Max: Yeh!

Isabel: And?

Max: I didn’t have any more luck than you did.

Isabel: And Alex didn’t have any either.

Max: He can still kind of do that sometimes too, can’t he.

Isabel: Normally he can, but not with Devin.

Michael: What are you guys talking about?

Isabel: It's Nothing, Michael.

Michael: Yes it's is…it’s something bad about Devin, isn't it? Tell me! I need something…anything… to make Maria see what a phony he is.

Max: We better not talk about it here.

Michael: OK…but the sooner the better.

Liz: Is there something wrong with Devin?

Isabel: Maybe, Liz. We’ll tell you too if you’ll help us get Michael and Maria back together.

Liz: I'd like that of course, but Maria should make her own decision. I know what you’ve told me we all had…but Max and I are getting things resolved. Maria and Michael will too if it’s supposed to be.

Isabel: There are going to be some sad and lonely people if they don’t.

Liz: And what about Devin? I think you’re being too hard on him. He’s probably just scared and lonely, moving to a new town and all.

Michael: Does he look scared and lonely to you? Look at him up there with Maria…and look at those girls swooning over him. He doesn’t need Maria. I do!

(The band takes a break and Alex, Maria, and Devin join the others at their table.)

Liz: You guys sound great. Maria…you’re knocking ‘em out…and Devin…you’ve got a great voice.

(Michael doesn’t want to be near Devin, he’s afraid he might just lose it and knock his block off.)

Michael: Do you guys want some drinks...I’ll go get us some.

Maria: I’d love something Michael…I need to water my voice.

Michael: Alex, Liz, Max, Isabel?

(Michael deliberately doesn’t ask Devin.)

Liz: I think we’d all like something Michael, thanks. Devin…you?

Devin: No…no thanks…not if…no…never mind…thanks anyway!

(Michael heads over to get some refreshments for the group.)

Liz: Alex…would you guys please play something slow? I’d like to dance with Max.

Alex: Yeh…we’ll try. Slow is not our specialty.

Isabel: What is your specialty?

Alex: Mine is you.

(Alex gives Isabel a quick kiss. Just then, Michael returns with the drinks. He starts to pass them out. Just as he’s offering Maria hers, someone accidentally bumps his arm and he spills the drink on Maria’s outfit. She jumps up!)

Maria: Awwck! Punch all over my outfit. Can’t you be more careful Michael?

(Michael thinks to himself, “Oh no…I can’t even do something nice for her without messing up. Now she’s really mad at me.”)

Michael: I'm really sorry, Maria. Somebody bumped my arm.

Isabel: Let’s get to the little girls room, Maria. I’ll help you get the stain out.

Liz: I’ll come with you. If we hurry, it won’t set.

(The women leave for the girls room. Michael sets down the drink tray and, telling Max he needs some air, he runs outside. He decides to just go home. He's obviously got no chance to be with Maria tonight.)

Devin: I’m sorry that happened. I know he’s trying to get back with her.

Max: I doubt you’re as sorry as he is. Nothing’s going right with him and Maria.

Alex: I need to talk to her. She’ll listen to me.

Max: Do it soon, will you…for Michael’s sake.

Alex: I'm going to have to go start playing again…tell Maria to come back on stage as soon as she gets back.

Max: I will.

Alex: Coming Devin?

(Alex and Devin head back to the stage. The music starts again. Devin is sitting to the side of the stage waiting for Maria. Between numbers, several young girls start chanting for Devin to sing. De vin…De vin…De vin! Alex looks at him. He nods and they begin a song…Devin sings solo for the first time. The girls clap and smile at him all the time he’s singing. Maria returns to the stage as the music continues. Isabel and Liz rejoin Max.)

Isabel: Where’s Michael?

Max: I don’t know. He said he was going out for some air.

Isabel: I’m worried about him. I’m glad he’s not here to see this Devin lovefest. Those girls are sick.

Liz: Actually, he sings very well.

Isabel: Actually he does…but that’s beside the point. We should be worried about Michael and Maria. They belong together.

Max: I don't think Maria's convinced.

Isabel: We need a plan…one that Michael can't screw up.

Max: There's nothing we can do tonight. Let's all think about it and then share our ideas tomorrow.

Liz: They're finally playing something slow. Want to dance, Max?

(Max and Liz dance for the first time since the accident. Liz is enjoying just looking at Max…more convinced than ever… that, alien or not, he's the one she should be with. As they dance…)

Liz: Max? Why is Isabel so concerned about getting Michael and Maria hooked up again? There are lots of other girls he could date.

Max: I…uh…Isabel has a kind of sisterly concern for Michael.

Liz: Why? She's not related to him is she? In fact, now that I think about it… since you are…you know…what you told me…you're only Isabel's sister through adoption, right?

Max: It's…it's a little more complicated than that, Liz.

(Liz thinks back on how Max hesitated when she asked him if there were any others like him. Now she's really curious.)

Liz: Isabel…is she…I mean…

(Looks lovingly but inquisitively at Max.)

Max: (Pause) Yes!

Liz: And Guerin Michael too?

Max: Uh huh!

Liz: And Maria knew before?

Max: Yes…but the new rules still apply.

Liz: I know. It's OK. Everything makes sense now. Let's enjoy this slow dance.

(A few more songs and the party winds down. Alex and the band pack up to go and he finally gets to be with Isabel. The group of six is here, but one of the members is the wrong person.)

Devin: Alex, you guys were great tonight…and Maria…you were outstanding.

Maria: Thanks Devin. The girls seemed to like you too.

Devin: I told Alex I only sing for the chicks.

Maria: It was fun.

Devin: Can I take you home, Maria?

Maria: Thanks Devin, but I drove my own car tonight.

Devin: Some other time, maybe?

Maria: Maybe!

(Maria thinks…I don't know why the others don't like him. He plays the field a little, but he's a gentleman. He has far more social skills than Michael Guerin.)

Alex: I know you could ride home with Max, Isabel…but I'll take you if you'd like.

Isabel: I'd like…and I suspect Max and Liz would too.

Liz: It's OK either way. I like being with you guys. Isabel! I guess we had gotten to be close friends before, but it's nice to be doing it all over again…just like Max and I are.

Isabel: Just remember…think about a plan!

Liz: OK!

Max: We'll talk!

Alex: A plan?

Isabel: Yes…that's why you're taking me home…so I can tell you about what we need!

Liz: And you need to take me home right away, Max.

Max: What's the hurry?

Liz: I seem to have lost my memory. I need you to help me find it.

Max: In that case…we should be gone already!

(The six all depart. Max and Liz drive home very slowly…via a very long route. It includes a stop at the famous Roswell lovers make out spot.)

Max: Hey!

Liz: Hey Evans Max!

Max: Stop that Parker Liz…it’s just Max...or how about, “my love”?

Liz: Sorry! I don’t even realize I’m doing that, my love.

Max: You owe me a secret.

Liz: What?

Max: You owe me a secret. You promised if I told you my deepest secret that you’d tell me yours. Pay up!

(Liz panics…she does have something…but she’s worried about what will happen if she tells…)

Liz: I don’t have anything that can compare to yours, Max.

Max: Nothing that can mean the difference between a normal existence and becoming a lab rat.

Liz: Don’t even think that, Max. I couldn’t stand it if anything or anyone took you from me. That’s why…uh…I wish I could take back that promise.

Max: There’s nothing you could say that could make me not want you for my own, Liz.

Liz: Are you sure?

Max: Nothing!

(Liz pauses…the she starts to cry.)

Max: Liz, what’s wrong?

(More crying…)

Max: Liz, honey…please. If it’s going to make you cry it’s OK…you don’t have to tell me. I just thought we could share something of ourselves this way.

Liz: (sobbing) Max…I…I do need to tell you this….you need to know.

Max: Know what honey?

Liz: I’m afraid you’ll reject me…that you won’t want me any more…that you'll think I'm weak…

Max: That’s not going to happen…no way...there’s just no way.

Liz: I don’t like this spot, Max. I was here with someone else once.

Max: Kyle?

Liz: I…I don’t know if I should say who.

Max: It’s your secret…

Liz: I…we…we were parked here one night and…

(Liz sobs and grasps Max’ hand…)

Liz: …And we went a little too far. (pause) Oh Max…don’t hate me. I always told myself that I’d save that for the man I wanted to marry…and… I knew at the time he was not that man. He had me drink some beer earlier that night and…oh God, Max…I’ve suppressed this for so long I’d almost gotten over it! You ask me for my deepest secret. That’s it Max. This spot…your secret…my memory turmoil…it’s bringing it all back.

Max: My secret…that has nothing to do…

Liz: But you've trusted me with your life, Max. I don’t feel worthy of you or your trust.

(Liz looks at Max. He looks surprised…but it’s more in surprise that she thinks he would reject her because of this.)

Max: I must admit, I’m a little surprised, Liz.

(Liz’ heart sinks…here it comes, she thinks. Rejection! From the man who is supposed to be my soulmate! She’s crying…Max takes her in his arms…)

Max: Liz…Liz…it’s OK. It’s OK. What I’m surprised about is that you think I would reject you because of this. Liz, if you can accept me and love me, knowing I’m an alien…then I can certainly accept a human mistake. It doesn’t matter Liz. I know you didn’t love him and I know you didn’t mean to do it.

Liz: I try not to hate him for it either, Max. He was drunk…and I was close to drunk. That’s the first time I ever drank beer…and it was the last.

Max: That’s good, Liz. You don’t remember, but I have a certain problem handling the stuff myself. If were together, it’s going to be a sober relationship. I promise you that.

Liz: So…so you wouldn’t care if I…I…if I’m not…if I’ve…

Max: Don’t worry Liz. I don’t have any hang-up about it. None! I’m almost sorry I made you tell me.

Liz: I was afraid you would …

Max: Reject you? Never!

Liz: No! I was afraid that you’d be sorry you made me tell. That’s why I hesitated.

Max: I’m not totally sorry I made you tell. If it lets you know how unconditionally I love you, then it was a good thing. Put it out of your mind, Liz. If anyone other than you was going to care about this it would be me…and…while I wish for your sake it hadn’t happened…it’s over…it’s over for me…and hopefully for you. I’ll never mention it again.

Liz: (sobbing) Thank you, Max. I hadn’t told you this before, had I? I mean before when we were together…

Max: No!

Liz: That’s because I had it suppressed. This whole memory thing…it’s…things have changed…it’s disturbing.

Max: Speaking of that…it’s time for memory restoration therapy. Are you ready?

(Liz' sobbing changes to a smile.)

Liz: (Smiles) Ohhh Max…Let’s rock!

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