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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 13
by John
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(Alex awakens the next morning and looks again at the document that Devin had down loaded from the Internet. He also decides to see if he can determine where the document came from. All he can tell at first glance is that it has a "" URL. He's running late, but his dad hasn't left yet either. As Alex is getting ready for school, the phone rings. It appears either he or Devin left the computer modem in auto answer mode. It picks up the line at the same time as his father does. Alex is about to click off when he hears the conversation start on the modem speaker. It's fuzzy, but he can make out some things. Alex is afraid the hang up click might be heard, so he stays connected.

Alex's Uncle: Hello…are you alone?

Alex's Dad: Alex is here, but he's in his room.

Alex's Uncle: Everything going OK?

(At this point, Alex hits record on his sound card controller.)

Alex's Dad: He's been here a week and no one's the wiser. If my son hasn't noticed anything, then I think you've got a winner.

Alex's Uncle: Alex is into computers and the like?

Alex's Dad: Into them…I think he lives for them.

Alex's Uncle: That's what we needed, someone who might sense something.

Alex's Dad: So far so good…but I feel bad using Alex as a guinea pig.

Alex's Uncle: I think when you tell him he'll be amazed.

Alex's Dad: I don't know if I will tell him. Just kidding…I will eventually! There's a minor problem though.

Alex's Uncle: What?

Alex's Dad: You know when I sent you the school yearbook from here so you could copy a picture no one would recognize? You copied one of my son's best friends.

Alex's Uncle: No way! I thought I duplicated the most unlikely guy in the book. But then…I didn't think I'd be sending it to Roswell anyway. I hadn't planned on this out of the country assignment. I couldn't take him with us and I didn't want to just leave in the middle and shut down…it’s too complicated to…

Alex's Dad: It's OK. I've been interested since you told me three years ago what you were doing. The kids have discussed the resemblance, but it hasn't tanked anything. In fact, I think they're amused by it. It's a good thing Alex hasn't seen the real Devin for such long time.

Alex's Uncle: The real Devin is at military school in Virginia. He'd probably kill me if he knew. Hey, I'm concerned that I've only seen two check in's. I hope what he's got will keep him stable.

Alex's Dad: He knows to do that, right?

Alex's Uncle: Should do…It'll be OK I think.

Alex's Dad: He shouldn't be driving or things like that if he's not stable.

Alex's Uncle: Just keep an eye out…it'll be obvious if there's a problem.

Alex's Dad: OK…check back whenever…

Alex's Uncle: I really appreciate this…let me know.

Alex's Dad: As I said, It's interesting to me too. Bye!

(Alex sits and contemplates what he just heard. Coupled with what he thinks he's figured out about the downloaded document, he comes to the only conclusion possible. He's also scared that his dad is somehow involved and hasn't told him anything. He's got to get to the gang as soon as possible. Soon, Alex is at school talking to Mr. Bunker the computer science teacher.)

Alex: So…am I right? This is the type of program that's used to rebuild data bases, isn't it.

Mr. Bunker: It looks like one to me, but this one has some strange things about it. Look here. I would not have expected to see this many file pointer locations in the same quadrant.

Alex: I noticed that too. Could that mean hundreds of experien…er…files about the same topic?

Mr. Bunker: I'd think so. Where did you get this?

Alex: My cousin got it off the internet, but I couldn't figure out what he was doing with it.

Mr. Bunker: Why didn't you ask him?

Alex: Uh…er…that's a long story.

Mr. Bunker: You were my best student ever, Alex. You usually taught me things.

Alex: Thanks, Mr. Bunker…I just wanted to verify that what I was thinking about this was right.

Mr. Bunker: Say hello to Max Evans and your other "alien" friends for me.

Alex: OK, I will.

(OK, Alex thinks to himself. "Michael is going to be soooo happy when I tell him about this. Maria will freak. This explains so much. But why? What is going on? Is there danger to anyone? Tonight, I call a meeting of the six...mandatory attendance! Wait…it'll have to be five…Maria…dang her…well…this will push her back to Michael really fast. But what about my band…people are liking Devin…and is he…oh man…this is "complicated". Well, I better get to class. All morning, Alex has trouble concentrating on school. After morning classes, the gang assembles at lunchtime, minus Maria and Devin.)

Alex: Max and everyone! I need to see you all after school. It's really important.

Max: What's up Alex?

Alex: I think I've got some answers about why none of us can read any signs of life from my so called cousin.

Isabel: Can't you tell us now?

Alex: You need to hear something first. We can't do it at my house because my dad's usually home by he time school's out. Where else can we meet that has a computer?

Michael: Come to my apartment. I just got a new one to replace the one Hank poured beer into.

Alex: Does that work for you, Max and Liz?

Liz: Maria and I have to work right after school.

Alex: Can't you be late? This is really important. Maria shouldn't be there anyway, unless you've told her something more Michael.

Michael: When have I had the chance? And I wouldn't tell her about us yet anyway.

Liz: I'll ask her to cover for me if it's not for too long.

Alex: I'll lay this on everyone, then you can go if you have to, Liz. The rest can stay and figure out what to do.

Max: OK, Alex. Should this concern us? I mean about…

Alex: I don't know yet. Maybe you can decide.

(Just then, Devin walks up.)

Michael: Speak of the devil.

Devin: Hello Isabel…everyone.

Isabel: Hi Devin. What's cookin'?

Devin: Not much. I just saw you all over here and thought I'd say hi.

Michael: Have you seen Maria?

Devin: Not since this morning. I saw her running down the hall…but I haven't seen her since. Is the pizza party still on for the weekend?

Isabel: Yes.

Devin: Good! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Max: I think it's about time for the bell.

Liz: Come find me after school, Max.

Max: OK…and if anyone else needs a ride…

(Max in a silent connection to Isabel, Michael, and Alex…)

Max: (silently)"Oops, I shouldn't have said that, huh?"

Alex: (silently)" No…and thanks for remembering me this time, Max."

Devin: I have my own car, thanks. Where are you guys headed after school?

Max: I just meant if anyone needs a ride home…

Devin: OK…thought you might have something fun planned. Always looking to meet new people.

Alex: (silently) That seems like kind of his prime directive. And what we have planned won't likely be fun…

(Liz sees everyone staring at each other again, but now she understands what's happening.)

Liz: We better get to class.

(The afternoon goes kind of slowly, but finally school's out and they're gathered at Michael's.)

Alex: I've discovered two things. The first is that Devin downloaded a program off the Internet that I thought looked like it would be used for rebuilding computer data bases. I confirmed my suspicions with Mr. Bunker. By the way, Max; he said to say "hi" to all his alien friends.

Max: I loved what we did to Bunker. I wish Valenti were as gullible. I loved it when I took off my shirt…

Alex: Anyhow, when computers initially store data, they don't always put all related files and materials in the same memory or hard drive space. If you have a large data base and go too long without rebuilding it, processing slows down because the computer has to look all over the place to put related files together. When you rebuild, the computer looks for similar files and puts them together. The program Devin downloaded can rebuild files that have hundreds of entries related to the same topic.

Liz: Why would Devin need something like that?

Alex: That's what I was wondering too. I looked up the URL. It came from a source with a "" extension. I need to hack to find out anything more specific about its origin.

Max: That's not real comforting just on the surface.

Alex: Then, something else happened. I don't know if it was Devin or myself that left my computer modem in auto answer mode, but as I was about to leave the phone rang. The modem grabbed it at the same time as my father answered. I was afraid, if I hung up, he'd hear the click. I didn't want him to think I was listening, so I stayed connected. After a few bits of conversation, I started my sound card recording. Listen to this…

Alex's Dad: He's been here a week and no ones the wiser. If my son hasn't noticed anything, then I think you've got a winner.

Alex's Uncle: Alex is into computers and the like?

Alex's Dad: Into them…I think he lives for them.

Alex's Uncle: That's what we needed, someone who might sense something.

Alex's Dad: So far so good…but I feel bad using Alex as a guinea pig.

Alex's Uncle: I think when you tell him he'll be amazed.

(Alex plays back the rest of the conversation recorded that morning.)

Isabel: So, what does this mean?

Alex: To me it means that Devin is either a very sophisticated android or he's a human with a computer implant. I'm leaning towards the former.

Michael: I love it! There are no laws against murdering an android.

Isabel: I don't like this, Alex. Don't take this wrong, but he could have been brought here to spy on us. And your father's helping him. He could be something from the FBI.

Max: I agree. I don't like it one bit. I know it's not you Alex…

Alex: I can't imagine my dad doing anything against you guys. He's just a professor and…

Michael: Someone may have told him he was helping his country.

Alex: But he said he was going to tell me…that I'd be interested. That doesn't compute with your scenario.

Isabel: Alex is right on that. If he was sent to spy on us, they wouldn't tell Alex. Anyone even looking at us would know Alex is our friend.

Michael: What better way to spy?

Alex: Michael! That hurt! I would never…ever…

Isabel: I know, honey. Michael, that was uncalled for.

Michael: I'm sorry, Alex. I know you wouldn't be part of anything like that; but you didn't have much choice about Devin's being here did you?

(Alex is concerned about the way they are reacting. He thought they'd want to get to the bottom of this, not accuse him of creating the problem.)

Alex: Look, I've told you about all this. If I had anything to hide, would I have done what I just did?

Max: Hey…as far as I'm concerned Alex is now and always will be a trusted friend. We need to decide what we really want to do about this situation. I'm sorry anyone even gave a second thought to you, Alex.

Alex: It's OK. I know your first reaction is to pull away from anything that might be threatening. This looks a little that way at first glance, but I don't think he's here after you guys.

Isabel: What makes you think he's not?

Alex: What makes you think he is?

Max: Paranoia, I guess.

Michael: I say we short circuit him…it… whatever… and call it a bad dream.

Max: I think we ought to let this play out for awhile. What if they have more that one of him?

Isabel: One Michael look alike is already one too many.

Max: Now that we know what's up with him…at least in part…maybe we should see if we can find out who he's really controlled by. What did you say your uncle does?

Alex: He's a rocket scientist at White Sands.

Michael: A real rocket scientist. I've always wondered how many of those it takes to…

Alex: Never mind! Leave the jokes to me.

Isabel: Oh please…anything else! But don't leave the jokes to Alex!

Alex: Thanks people. I needed that. I was afraid I was on the verge of losing all of you as friends. I'm beginning to dislike this whole situation.

Liz: What about Maria? What do or can we tell her?

Michael: I can't wait to see her expression when we tell her that she was starting to take a liking to a robot.

Alex: He's not really a robot. He's much too sophisticated for that. I think he's almost sentient. I think we need to try to discover what he really it. Living being or machine?

Max: Is there any chance you could get control of him? That would chap whoever's doing this.

Alex: I don't know, but I'd love to try. I could just keep him in the closet and get him out so he could sing with us when the band has to play.

Isabel: I hope you're not serious!

Alex: Hmmm! Probably not! But I wonder if he sings so well because his voice is a glorified stereo system?

Michael: We could use something like him…it…against Topolski's crowd.

Alex: That would be fun, wouldn't it. I'd like to see her interviewing him as his guidance counselor.

(They all have a good laugh over that.)

Alex: If he needs that data rebuild program to function, we might have a chance. The way my Uncle was talking, if that was indeed my Uncle, he could become unstable. If I could doctor that program just a little, we might have a way in. I don't want to make him dangerous though. Dad was right to be concerned about his driving or doing anything where he could injure others if he's not totally normal.

Max: I wonder what he…it…would do if we confronted it? Gee, I hate calling anyone an it. I've been afraid of being called that myself all my life.

Alex: You're not an "it", Max. You're alive and you think for yourself. I don't know if he's alive or not, but I'm pretty sure he's having help thinking…or computing…or whatever he does. That's true even if it is just because of the way he's programmed.

Liz: So really! What about Maria? She might actually be able to help us find out more about him.

Alex: I think I better tell her what we've found. I know you want to tell her Michael, but I'm afraid she wouldn't believe you. She'd think it was just something you were saying to try and win her back.

Michael: Unfortunately, you're probably right.

Alex: I know I can't tell her in the context of him spying on aliens…that would raise too many questions. I guess I'll just have to tell her what I found and that we're all wondering what's up with him. God, I wish she'd get back with you so you could tell her everything again. If you and she were together, she cold really help.

Michael: If she were with me like she used to be, she wouldn't be his friend anyway.

Isabel: He's got you there, Alex.

Alex: Well, I'm just trying to figure out a way to discover more about him without revealing the fact that we know anything's unusual. I don't want to put any one in any danger.

Max: Not to open a wound, Alex…again I trust you like I trust myself…but what about your dad? Can you ask him anything that might get him to tell you what's going on? It sounded like he might eventually do that anyway.

Alex: I was thinking about that. Maybe if I asked him some questions that let him know I see some weirdness in Devin, he'd come clean with me. He said I'd be interested…and I am.

Isabel: Try it. If he does, it will put our minds at rest that he's not actually involved with something dangerous to us.

Alex: And if he doesn't, am I an outcast?

Max: No, but I think we do have to be careful how much we let Devin be around us…which might affect you.

Alex: So, do we let him still come to the video party?

Michael: Yes…and let's show that Star Trek episode where they try and decide if Data is a person or property.

Max: That would be a bit too obvious, don't you think?

Isabel: Maybe…maybe not. It would be interesting to watch his reaction.

Alex: I don't know. That would be boring for everyone to watch again for the twenty-fifth time and it assumes he knows what he is. I'm not sure we know that yet.

Max: We've got a lot to find out…and we can't let him know any more about us than he already does.

Alex: I think, since he's living in my house, I'm going to have to be the leg man on this.

Isabel: Your right. But be careful. I haven't wanted to bring this up, but what would he do if he thought he was going to be exposed? Would he try something to stop it?

Max: Good question.

Liz: I've really got to get to work. Maria's gong to be asking twenty questions as it is.

Isabel: I'll drive you over. We can let the guys plot further strategy. Just whatever you guys decide, assume danger until we know otherwise.

Max: We will, Isabel.

(Isabel and Liz depart.)

Michael: Are we sure we just don't want to expose what we know and end this?

Max: I don't think we do until we know for sure what is really going on. We could shut down his charade only to find out there are more of him, or something like him.

Alex: More twins of Michael?

Max: Not what I meant.

Alex: I hope you weren't offended by what they said about your picture from the yearbook.

Michael: Actually, I was quite flattered. If you're gong to make a robot who chases "chicks"…make him look like the most unlikely guy in the book. Right?

Alex: I wonder what Liz would have done if they'd copied Max?

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