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"Everyone’s Waiting "
"What’s Inside"
Part 2
by Daphne
Disclaimer: Most of the characters are not mine, except the ones you’ve never heard of. They belong to the WB and Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I am simply not worthy.
Summary: Michael is not an alien, and he and his sister are new students at West Roswell High. Last year, Max healed Liz, but nothing has happened between the two of them. Both want it, but are too afraid of making the first move. Isabel and Alex are together and happy. Kyle and Max are best friends. As my friend, David claims, it's my world—you just live in it, and occasionally you get to read about it. It is the beginning of their junior year at West Roswell. Warning: This is a relationship story, meaning I will be focusing on the relationships of all the characters involved. There will be little sci-fi simply because I don’t know if I can write that kind of stuff well. Also, this is my first fanfic, so please be kind. Although, let me know what you honestly think.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: You may wonder why I chose to make Michael human, not alien. It is because I believe that he and Maria belong together and there is no way for them to be happy unless Michael weren’t an alien. Also, anything between ** are thoughts. Enjoy.
Maria sits peacefully with her feet propped up on the table, looking through the latest issue of Seventeen in the library.

“’How to tell your crush you’re sweating him’. That sounds interesting, Maria. Who are you sweating?” Kyle asks as he sits down.

“Do I know him?”

“Yeah, it’s you…” Maria says, half seriously. “Will you go out with me, Kyle?”

Kyle laughs. “That’s funny, Maria. But seriously, who are you crushing on?”

“That new guy, Michael,” Maria said, although she has yet to lay eyes on him. “Have you seen him?”

“Yeah, I take gym with him. I heard he was QB for his football team back in Texas. I hope he doesn’t plan on taking my place around here.”

“Oh, that could never happen, Kyle. You’re way too valuable. And besides, who at this school would let some foreigner take our star quarterback’s position?”

“What would I do without you, Maria, always telling me how loved I am? I think I would just fall of the face of the earth.” Kyle pats Maria’s head. “You’re too good for me.”

*Yeah. I get that a lot*

“So, chica, what are you up to tonight?”

“Work,” she says with a sigh. “Always work.”

“Do you want some company?”

“If it’s you, you’d better tip this time.”


Michael looks down at the poem he’s been working on. Writing seems to be the only way to work through his thoughts. Sometimes he wishes he could just disappear. But more often, he wishes he were someone else. It has to be easier to be someone else than it is to be Michael Guerin Carlton. The memories of Kay play through his mind on an endless reel and if he sits still enough, he can feel the waves of vibration.

Sleight of hand
Twist of fate
Close your eyes
And swallow the bait
Choke it down
Like a bitter pill
Take a drink
And try not to spill
Count back from ten
You’ll soon feel secure
Come crashing down
And then scream for more

Michael closes his notebook and sits back until he is balanced on the two back legs of the chair. Try as he might, he cannot get Kay off his mind. He knows the accident was not his fault. He’s played the scene over in his mind a thousand times, but it always ends the same. He tries to change it, make one little insignificant detail different, if only in his head. But it never works, not even when he closes his eyes. Not even in the darkest corner of his room. Everything plays out the exact same way.

When he thinks about it, he really can’t remember everything exactly right. There were missing parts of his memory out there for someone else to find. All he can remember are flashes, little frames of action. It’s like a strobe light was pulsating in his mind’s eye. And the soundtrack is lost—he can’t remember any sounds, like some freakish silent movie. His memory of the crash is so bad that it may as well be a dream.

“This is too much.” Michael pushes himself back on all fours and bounds out of the chair. He grabs his car keys and yells to his mother. “I’ll be back later!” He doesn’t know where he’s going. What he really wants is to be alone, but he knows that won’t help. What he needs is noise, people. And he realizes he hasn’t eaten all day.

“Where are you going, big brother?” Cate said as she steps out of her bedroom.

“Going to grab a hamburger,” he said as he slows down and wraps his arm around his sister’s shoulder. “How was your second day of school? Meet anyone interesting?”

“School was okay. You know, it was school.” Cate sees the far-away look on Michael’s face. “How about you? Is my big brother making friends?”

“You know me. I’m beating them off with a stick.”

“Well, I have met a few interesting people. You know I’m a pro when it comes to making friends. So, are you up for some company?”

“How could I resist someone as cute as you? Having you around could send my stock way up. Not that I am experiencing a dip in the market or anything.”

“Great. I know this cool place. My new big sister works there. ‘Alien-themed’ specialties. Great chocolate shakes.”

“Sounds great. You paying?”

“Yeah, because you’re so good to me,” she says sarcastically. “Isn’t your allowance bigger than mine?”

“No…” Michael said, confused.

“Well, I’m saving mine to go to the Blink-182 concert. So why don’t you buy me a burger?”

“Just this once, Catie-bear.”

“Don’t call me that in public.”

“Just try and stop me,” he said. “Catie-bear.”


Max and Kyle are sitting in a booth, indulging in a hamburger, when Michael and Cate walk in. Kyle, biting into his burger, begins to choke.

“Are you okay? Kyle?”

Coughing, Kyle puts the burger down and takes a sip of cherry coke. “I’m fine. But I think I just found the mother of my children. Look.” Kyle points in the direction of Cate, oblivious to Michael.

“She’s with someone,” says Max, quite the observant one.

“Only temporarily.”

The two boys watch as Liz walks up to Cate and Michael’s table and begins talking and laughing. “Looks like Liz knows her.”

“Good, let’s go say hi.” Kyle throws down his napkin and walks confidently up to Cate and Michael’s booth.

*This should be fun* thinks Max as he follows Kyle. He walks up just in time to hear Kyle introduce him. “This is Max Evans. There is nothing vaguely interesting about him,” he says, entertaining the captive audience.

“Oh, but that can’t be true,” counters Cate. “You can tell there are secrets behind those eyes.”

“Who, me? No, no, no. Kyle’s right, I’m boring.” Max looks over at Liz as she walks up with drinks. “Right, Liz?”

“Don’t let him fool you. He’s always up to something,” Liz answers, with a wink to Cate.

“That’s what I figured.” Cate gestures to Michael. “This is my brother, Michael.”

“Hi. I think I remember my sister talking about you. You’re new?”

“Yeah. Just moved down from Dallas. Your sister?”

“Isabel Evans. She runs the Sunshine Committee.”

“Oh, yes, the pretty blonde.”

“Yeah, that’s her,” said Kyle. “She’s hard to forget. A lot like Cate.”

Cate blushes. Kyle takes this as a good sign. “Do you mind if we join you?”

“Not at all,” answers Michael after seeing the pleased look on Cate’s face. “There’s plenty of room.”

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