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"Everyone’s Waiting "
"It’s Never Enough"
Part 1
by Daphne
Disclaimer: Most of the characters are not mine, except the ones you’ve never heard of. They belong to the WB and Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I am simply not worthy.
Summary: Michael is not an alien, and he and his sister are new students at West Roswell High. Last year, Max healed Liz, but nothing has happened between the two of them. Both want it, but are too afraid of making the first move. Isabel and Alex are together and happy. Kyle and Max are best friends. As my friend, David claims, it's my world—you just live in it, and occasionally you get to read about it. It is the beginning of their junior year at West Roswell. Warning: This is a relationship story, meaning I will be focusing on the relationships of all the characters involved. There will be little sci-fi simply because I don’t know if I can write that kind of stuff well. Also, this is my first fanfic, so please be kind. Although, let me know what you honestly think.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: You may wonder why I chose to make Michael human, not alien. It is because I believe that he and Maria belong together and there is no way for them to be happy unless Michael weren’t an alien. Also, anything between ** are thoughts. Enjoy.
“Hello and welcome to West Roswell High. I am Mrs. Walton, your guidance counselor. And this is Isabel Evans, president of the Sunshine Committee. It’s kind of the welcome wagon of West Roswell.”

“Hello. As Mrs. Walton has said, I am Isabel. I am a junior here at West Roswell and I would like to welcome all of you to our school. If you have any questions, I am here to help.”

“Okay,” begins Mrs. Walton, “now, I am going to start on the left side and I want all of you to state your name and your grade.”

“Leslie Marshall, I am a sophomore.”

“Hello, I am Christi Jamison. I am a senior from Santa Fe.”

“Michael Carlton. I’m from Dallas and I’m a junior.”

Isabel catches her breath in her throat as she stares at Michael. *He’s absolutely beautiful*

“And I’m Michael’s sister, Cate. I’m a freshman.” The cute blonde pushes her long hair behind her shoulders and smiles brightly. Isabel is struck by how confidently self-assured Cate seems.


“There is this new guy, Michael something from Dallas. He is absolutely gorgeous. Maria, you should see him. He’s just so mysterious. And his lips, I could bite them off.”

Maria stares into the mirror in the girl’s restroom, adjusting her tube top.

“Really? That’s interesting,” Maria said, distracted.

“And, if you wanna know the truth, I’m pregnant with his child.”

“Great, Is. Does this look good?”

“Maria, you’re not listening.”

“Yes, I am. You’re pregnant with his child. Now can we get back to me? Do you think Kyle will like this?”

Isabel lets out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t know why I bother. Why do you want Kyle so badly? There is nothing about him that is slightly interesting. He plays basketball, football, and he wrestles, Maria. Wrestling. He’s is just the typical high school jock. How boring. Now, take someone like Alex. Alex may not be the most gorgeous guy in school, but he’s the kind of guy that swims against the stream. He is not looking to impress anyone. He is himself, take him or leave him. That is very intriguing.”

“I don’t know. Kyle is just, well, he’s Kyle. I think it’s his eyes. And that dry, self-depreciating sense of humor. He doesn’t take anything too seriously. He has problems just like I do—he knows the things I go through with my mom because he goes through them with his dad.”

“But you’ve been after him for almost a year now. He has yet to notice you’re wily ways. I think he might still be hung up on Liz.”

“Well, no one’s perfect.”

“See, I beg to differ. Getting back to this new guy…”


“I can still look.”

“I’m gonna tell,” Maria said in a singsong voice as they walk out of the restroom.

“What are you tattling about?” Alex asks as he walks up behind the girls and puts his arm around Isabel.

“Isabel has a crush,” Maria said.

“That’s interesting.”

“No, that is not true,” Isabel counters. “I was merely suggesting that Maria move beyond the Kyle hemisphere and go for someone more worthy. And, as it happens, there is a new guy I met today through the Sunshine Committee. His name is Michael and he’s from Texas.”

“But I don’t wanna move on. I am happy where I am. Besides, the packing is just too much trouble.”

“You’re happy fawning after someone that only sees you as his ex girlfriend’s best friend? You deserve better than that him and you know it.”

“You’re absolutely right, Isabel. He’s not worthy. But with someone as perfect as I am, who could possibly be worthy? I figure, I’m just so perfect, I will just have to settle.”

“I like the way you think,” laughs Alex.

The three of them sit down with Liz, who is already engrossed in conversation with Tess. “I’m telling you, Tess, Ben Affleck is so much cuter than Matt Damon.”

“No way. Matt Damon is not only the better looking of the two, he is also the better actor.”

“How do you figure that?” Asks Liz.

“Ben is always doing these big-budget, adventure movies with lots of guns and explosives. Now, Matt is more into the artistic movies, the ones that make a statement about something or other.”

“If you ask me,” begins Alex, “Ben is smarter. I mean, he’s gotta be making more money with those shoot-em-up movies than poor Matty makes with the sissy movies.” Everyone laughs.

“So, anyway, did you guys see the new guy?” Asks Liz. “Hot!”

“Yeah, he’s in my French class. Tres beau,” says Tess.

Max sits down next to Tess and grabs her apple. “Who are we talking about?” “The new kid, Michael,” answers Isabel. “I met him this morning when I had to take the new kids on a tour of the school. I’m trying to convince Maria to drop the zero and get with a hero.” Everyone laughs as Kyle walks up. “Are you all talking about me again?” Everyone laughs again as Maria blushes and looks away.


“Mrs. Walton,” Liz says shyly as she slips through the door of the guidance office. “You sent for me?” “Liz. Sit down please.” Liz takes a seat and tries not to look uncomfortable. “You’re not in trouble, Miss Parker.” Liz relaxes visibly. “To tell the truth, I need your help. Isabel gave me your name and said that you would be more than willing to help introduce the new kids around the school. In fact, she said that you had asked her to do so. Is that true?” Liz bites her lip and silently curses her friend. Isabel knows how busy she was with school and work. “Yes, Ma’am. I’m looking forward to meeting the new kids.” “That’s great. Now, before I introduce you to your new charge, I have to give you this pamphlet on what you should and should not say or do to these new students.” “Great.” “Now, at the end of this period, you are to go to, let me see…Mr. Harmon’s class to pick up…what was her name again…Catherine Carlton. You may go to the library to read the paperwork before class ends.” “Thank you, Mrs. Walton,” she says as she slips back out of the guidance office.

“Cate, I’d like you to meet my best friend, Maria.” “It’s nice to meet you, Maria. Can I just say, you have the most beautiful hair.” “Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say. It’s nice to meet you, too.” “Let’s go sit down,” suggests Liz. She leads Cate to a booth in the back of the restaurant. “So, tell me about your family.” “Well, I am the baby. I have an older brother who’s a junior at West Roswell. We just moved here from Dallas. My mom’s in the army and my dad works for an internet commerce company.” “Wow. That’s incredible. Now, did you move here because your mom was transferred here for the army?” “Yeah. She’s a doctor.” “Are you originally from Dallas?” “No, I was born in Germany. But both my parents are from North Carolina. We still go there for holidays and stuff. But mom says that we’re gonna be here for a while. I hope so because this is my third school in two years. Michael is hoping to graduate here. He’s tired of moving, too.” Cate begins twisting her hair on her fingers. “I hope Michael likes it here. He’s been so depressed lately.” “Why’s that?” Liz asks as she takes a sip of her coke. “Well, his girlfriend died last summer. She was in an accident. Michael was driving.” “Oh, God, that’s horrible. How sad.” “Yeah. They were friends all their lives. Her dad was in the army, too. Kay was up visiting us in D. C., where we were living at the time, and she and Mikey had gone to the movies. A drunk driver hit them on the way home. He wouldn’t talk about it for a long time. He blamed himself. I think he’s getting better, though. He’s beginning to laugh again. I miss the way he used to be. We’re still close, but it’s not the same. I think he tries not to get too close to me because he doesn’t want to hurt me, too.” The two girls sit in silence for a while thinking about their families.

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