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"Don't Speak"
Part 22
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: Don't own the Characters or the title. Never have, never will. Would love to :-)
Summary: Michael, Max, Maria, Isabel, Liz, Alex, Tess and Kyle's lives seem back on track. With Max and Liz's wedding quickly approaching, all seems perfect. Then the mysterious Jennifer arrives in Roswell and things quickly spiral out of control. Maria leaves Michael, Isabel learns one of the group is keeping a secret, and Max and Liz begin fighting. Taye is drawn to Jennifer, yet doesn't understand why. When Tess questions Jennifer's motives, she disappears. Who is the mysterious Jennifer? And will life as we know it in Roswell ever be the same?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thanks to Cari for helping me come up with a title for this piece. I owe you one! You must have read "Secrets", "The Journey" and "Letting Go" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see them at Fan Forum if you need the other fictions.
"It'll only be for a few days." Isabel said impatiently into the phone. "I 've got something to do."

"Just tell me where you're going then." Alex pleaded. "That's the least you can do. Someone has to know where you're going. What if something happens here and we need to get a hold of you?"

"Look Alex, I can't tell you where I'm going. I'll be back. Can you keep Grady or not?" Isabel asked zipping her last bag.

"Yeah, that's fine. Are you going to bring her by before you leave?" He asked.

"No. You'll have to come over here and get her. I've got to leave now." Isabel said. "Listen, I'll talk to you in a few days ok. Love you."

"Is." Alex began, but it was too late. He knew Isabel had already made up her mind. "Take care." He said. "I love you too."

Isabel hung up the phone. She put the backpack on her back and pulled the duffle bag over her shoulder. "Grady!" She yelled. Before long the tiny puppy come running into the room. Isabel bent over and picked her up. "I' ll miss you Grady bug!" She said kissing the dogs head. "You are too cute."

She set the dog down on the floor and looked around the room. She'd told her parents that she was going to UNM for the weekend. It was the only excuse that sounded good to her. Luckily she didn't have to explain to Max or Alex where she was going.

She pulled the door shut behind her and crawled into the jeep. She had to bring Maria back. It'd been 5 months since she'd left. She had to be missing Roswell. Isabel knew it. She'd been talking to her every day for those five months. But she knew Maria wouldn't be the one to come back unless she was convinced. Isabel had decided that enough was enough and that Maria needed to be with her friends. She knew the baby would be due soon. She was going to need all of them.especially Michael.

Isabel turned up the radio and let the jeep guide down the road. The sooner she was out of Roswell the closer she'd be to Maria.

She didn't see Liz waving to her at first and she almost drove by. When she did finally see her she slowed the jeep and pulled up next to the curb. "Could you give me a ride home?" Liz asked.

Isabel was in a hurry to get to Phoenix, but knew she'd never make it unless she gave Liz the ride.

"I'm so sorry. I don't mean to put you out or anything." Liz said looking down the street. "It's just, well, I've been really tired lately. I just don't think I can make it back home."

"Yeah, sure." Isabel said. "Where's Max and Jacey?" She asked, doing a U-turn and heading in the opposite way she had started out.

"Max is at work and Tess is keeping Jacey." She said. "Max is supposed to get her on his way home."

"Oh." Isabel said. She turned down the street that led to Liz and Max's house.

"Have you talked to Max lately?" She asked, looking at Isabel. It was then she noticed the bags in the back of the jeep. She knew instantly that Isabel had been leaving.

"No not really." Isabel said. "We talked the other day be all he said was that Jennifer had left. Taye hasn't heard from her for a while. Can't say I miss her either."

"Yeah, she is gone." Liz started. "Just up and disappeared. I don't know what happened with her. I got strange feelings from her anyway."

"You're not the only one." Isabel said, smiling.

"Anyway," Liz began. "since you haven't talked to Max then you probably haven't heard anything. You know, about us."

Isabel rolled her eyes. "You guys aren't getting a divorce are you?"

Liz smiled. "Hardly!" She shifted uncomfortably in the seat. "Quite the contrary, actually." She said. "I'm pregnant. We're going to have another baby."

Isabel pulled up in front of the apartments and shut off the jeep. "What?" She asked, smiling. "When?"

"In about eight months." Liz said smiling. She reached her hand over and touched Isabel's shoulder. "Look, if you see or hear from Maria tell her I would like for her to be here when this baby's born. I miss her and I want her back."

Liz didn't wait for Isabel to respond. Somehow she knew Isabel was going to Maria. "Thanks for the ride." She said.

"You're welcome." Isabel said, starting the jeep. "Congratulations!"

Liz smiled and turned towards the apartment. She hoped Isabel would be able to bring her back.

Isabel turned around and headed back out of Roswell. This time there was nothing to stop her. She drove straight through until she was parked in front of Maria's aunt's house. She knew Maria wasn't expecting her. She slowly made her way to the door. She knocked once and heard footsteps approaching the door. She stepped back.

A tall slender woman opened the door. "Can I help you?" She asked.

"Yeah, is Maria here?" Isabel asked. She noticed how much the woman resembled Amy DeLuca. Anyone who knew the two of them could easily tell they were sisters.

"Uh, who's asking?" The lady asked.

Isabel smiled. She didn't know how much Maria had told her Aunt. "Here," Isabel said, taking off the necklace that she always wore. "Give her this."

The lady took the necklace and disappeared into the house. Isabel turned around and walked to the porch steps and sat down. She hoped that she hadn' t come all this way for nothing. She had to at least get to see Maria.

She didn't hear the footsteps behind her. She didn't notice the smile cross her sisters face when she saw Isabel gazing across the street. But she did feel her presence the second before she spoke.

"Isabel?" Maria asked.

Isabel turned around. She stood up and smiled. "Hi." She said. "Look at you." She smiled putting her hand on Maria's belly. There were tears in Isabel's eyes. Tears of happiness at seeing her sister for the first time in five months.

Maria walked over and wrapped her arms around Isabel. "I missed you." She said, letting the tears flow. "I think I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving Roswell."

Isabel smiled through her tears. "Really?"

"Yeah, I miss everyone so much. How's Liz doing? Max? Alex?" She didn't wait for an answer. "What about Tess and Kyle?"

Maria pulled her into the house and over to the couch. Isabel sat down. "Alex is doing pretty good. He is the only one who knows I'm gone."

"You didn't tell him you were coming here did you?" Maria asked surprised.

"No," Isabel said, shaking her head. "I just said I needed to take care of something. He understood. That's what's so great about him. He understands things."

Maria looked down. She knew what Isabel was hinting at but she didn't want to go there. Not yet anyway.

"Max, Liz and Jacey are all doing good. I talked to Liz earlier today. She told me she needs you back within 8 months." Isabel smiled. "She and Max are going to have another baby."

A smile formed across Maria's face. "Really?" She asked. "That's so cool."

"Yeah." Isabel said. "I don't think they told very many people. Liz seems really excited. Tess is doing good too. She misses Kyle a lot, but you already know that. Kyle calls about once a day. I never thought I'd see him so in love with Tess. I'm glad he found her though. They are great together." She debated whether to tell Maria about Jennifer. "Taye's doing ok too. He's pretty upset because Jennifer left. Didn't even tell the poor guy goodbye. He's so heartbroken."

Maria cringed when she heard Jennifer's name, although she did like the news that she'd left. At least she wouldn't be in Roswell if Maria ever decided to return. "Sounds like everyone is doing alright." She said, shifting. She only had a month to go and couldn't wait. It sucked carrying the baby around. She looked down at her belly and put her hand on it. She felt the baby move. "What about Michael?" She asked. "Is he happy?"

Isabel looked at Maria. "You know the answer to that one." She said. "He' s in pure hell without you. He doesn't do anything except mope around. It' s awful."

Maria put her hands over her face. "Oh god, what have I done."

Isabel reached over and put her arms around Maria. "Come back to Roswell with me." She said, pulling away from Maria and wiping away at tear. "Maybe things can be fixed before it's too late."

Maria shook her head. "It's already too late." She said. "Michael won't forgive me for leaving."

"Maria stop." Isabel pleaded. "You don't know what Michael will say. You two need to sit down and have a conversation. You need to talk."

Maria looked away. She didn't know if she'd be able to go back.

"She's right you know." Isabel's aunt said, coming into the room. "I'm sorry, I wasn't eavesdropping. I was just waiting to see if you were thirsty." She sat down on the edge of a chair, directly across from Maria. "You need to talk to Michael. I think your relationship can be salvaged, but you've only got a small time frame to do it in."

"What do you mean Aunt Kara?" Maria asked.

"I'm saying that Michael and you have a chance still. As long as there's no baby involved. If you show up in Roswell after you have that baby, Michael will be so hurt that it's highly doubtful you'll be able to work things out. Do you understand?"

Maria nodded her head. She knew Isabel and her Aunt were right. She should get back to Roswell. But her head was telling her different. "I just don't know if I can."

"Look, you don't have to talk to Michael. Just come back to Roswell. Everyone misses you. It's your home." Isabel pleaded.

Maria noticed the tears forming in her eyes. It was time for her to grow up and quit being selfish. She new Michael should know about the baby and she didn't want to keep their child from its father. A small smile formed on her face. "Alright, I'll go back." She said.

Isabel looked shocked. She couldn't believe she'd convinced Maria so easily. "Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yeah." She said. "I need to get back and settled before I have this baby. I want to raise it with the best people around."

Her aunt smiled and stood up. "I'll go get your stuff, kid." She said, hugging her. "I think you'll be happy with your choice.

"I hope so." She said. She watched as her aunt left and then turned to Isabel. "I'm still scared to death. Don't get me wrong. And I don't know if I can see Michael right away."

"It's ok." Isabel said, pulling Maria in for a hug. "At least you'll be back."

Maria allowed Isabel to connect to her. The connection was very intense. The separation they'd endured had caused a change in their body. For the first time Maria could see things Isabel was feeling as Isabel was seeing what Maria was feeling. They'd never connected like that before. When the connection broke, Isabel smiled.

"What?" Maria asked.

"Nothing," She said. "I just got a really good view of the baby, that's all." She added. "I'm glad I'm not going to miss being there for it."

"You know what the baby is don't you?" Maria said. "Tell me!" She said. Then she waved her hands in front of her face. "No! Wait! Don't tell me. I don't want to know."

Isabel laughed. She helped Maria carry her stuff out to the jeep. Before long they were ready to leave. Maria told her aunt goodbye and thanked her for everything. And then they were sitting in the jeep.

"Are you ready?" Isabel asked.

Maria smiled. "I guess. I have no choice do I?" She asked.

Isabel laughed. "Not really."

She started the engine and pulled onto the road. They drove for an hour or so in total silence. Maria was the first to break the silence.

"Isabel?" Maria asked.

"What?" She said, concentrating on the interstate.

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" Maria asked, looking at Isabel. She could tell she'd surprised her. She didn't think she knew.

Isabel's mouth fell open. She had no clue what Maria was talking about. She eased the jeep to a stop on the side of the road. She looked at Maria.

"What did you say?" Isabel asked.

Maria smiled. "I said you're pregnant."

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