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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 9
by John
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(Scene: Michael's apartment the next morning.)

Max: So, what do we know? Devin, tell us again what Riverdog showed you.

Devin: Like I said, in the cave, near an area where he said you once implanted what he called balance rocks, Riverdog said a blue column has appeared several times, floor to ceiling. Objects have been left in that area after it disappeared. Also, Riverdog left an object and it was exchanged for a different one. One time when it appeared, a child put had her hand it the blue column and now the hand is dying. Thinking I was Michael, Riverdog asked me to heal it.

Max: What were the objects?

Devin: A tablet with some writing on it. Writing like I found on one of Michael's sketchpads. Also, there is an object that appears to be a case. It looks like it should open, but it won't.

Max: Now, the question of the hour is, does any of this have a connection to the flashes we all saw while riding the rides at Six Flags?

Devin: You saw flashes?

Max: times when we were in zero gravity or rapid acceleration.

Devin: Dimensional shift, Alex?

Alex: I hadn't laid that idea on them yet, but the thought had crossed my mind.

Isabel: You have an idea about this, Alex?

Alex: It's kinda far out. That's why I hadn't brought it up. Before we pursue that any further, let's piece together what we think we saw.

Michael: Good idea. The only thing I ever saw was people. There were four of them; two adults, a man and a woman and two teenagers; a boy and a girl and the girl had green pants on.

Maria: I saw the people too, but only in a quick flash.

Alex: I saw four people. They appeared to be beckoning us.

Isabel: I saw the people and something that looked like a tablet with obscure characters on it.

Liz: The only thing I saw was the cave. It looked bluish.

Max: I saw all of the above. I didn't compute that the cave looked bluish until Liz mentioned it. I saw the people. The second ride on Superman, I saw a case type object too. In all the flashes, I felt like all six of us were being called to.

Alex: At the risk of stating the obvious, I'd say there must be a connection.

Michael: But what does it mean?

Alex: This is going to sound far's only a theory that this could even happen...but I'd say Devin might be right. Someone is trying to contact us from another dimension.

Isabel: But who? And why?

Max: I think I can speculate on the who? Michael, let me see your sketches.

(Michael hands Max his sketch pad.)

Michael: Like I said, I was only doodling with my eyes closed when I drew these.

Max: These characters are ones like we've seen and somehow recognized before.

Devin: They look very close to what I saw on the tablet.

Max: The who then, has to be connected to us somehow. Perhaps they're from wherever we're from...just living in another dimension.

Liz: If that's the who, what's the why?

Alex: Sounds Abbot and Costello.

Isabel: Alex, this is serious.

Alex: I know, but it still sounds like Abbot and Costello.

Michael: Do you think they are trying to contact us just because they have a way to cross dimensions or do they need something from us. If so, how do they know about us?

Max: My guess...something to do with how we've all been re-balanced. I sure got the feeling they were reaching out to us.

Maria: So did I in the quick flash that I got.

Alex: I did too.

Isabel: So where do we go from here?

Max: I don't know if you meant that literally, but the answer is the cave. I think Michael and I should go out there. That was Riverdog's request wasn't it...that it just be us.

Devin: He said you, meaning Michael, and the one who is like you.

Michael: We've got some explaining to do to Riverdog. I never thought I'd say this, but I wonder if we shouldn't take Devin with us. An explanation without him might seem like we're trying to hide something from him and we do need Riverdog's help. It might be the quickest way to get him to trust us again...that and we should try to heal the child's hand for him.

Liz: How can you do that without the child knowing you have powers?

Max: Good we must put to Riverdog. He should have known we'd question doing anything openly when he asked for it to be done.

Devin: I think he thought of that. He blindfolded her when he brought her out to me.

Max: Riverdog is sensitive to our need to keep things secret.

Michael: If nothing else, we could do it when she's asleep. Those people have ways to create sleep or trances or something similar. I think we do need to help her to regain his trust.

Max: Are you game, Devin?

Devin: Yes. I already told Michael I would. I can apologize to Riverdog for the way I ran off. I am however concerned about how much regarding me you want to tell him.

Michael: I think we need to play that by ear. He's a simple man. We won't get into it if we don't have to. It might scare or confuse him.

Maria: I think there's more to him than he shows.

Isabel: I agree with Maria. Don't underestimate Riverdog.

Max: OK then...let's go get some lunch and the three of us will head out there about two.

Alex: Can I make a suggestion?

Max: As long as it's not about the which.

Alex: But it is about the who. In the event this is what we think it is, take those sketches that Michael drew. Get a picture of us and write something in English. Put the characters, the picture, and the English writing where the blue column appears. Maybe they'll get the idea that we don't know the characters but that English is what we do know.

Isabel: You really think there's someone on the other side of that blue column.

Alex: In theory, it's possible. I would be fascinated to find out if it's true.

Max: That's a good idea, Alex. We'll do what you suggest. Liz, don't you have a picture of all of us?

Liz: Several. Come by and get one.

Devin: Alex?

Alex: Yes, Devin.

Devin: If I'm going out there, can you fix things so I don't commit suicide.

Alex: Sure! Get me to my computer and show me your butt for about ten minutes.

Maria: That sounds gross.

Alex: No comment!

(Alex takes care of Devin's problem (see "Honey, I Can't Remember" if you don't understand the butt joke) and Max, Michael, and Devin leave to visit Riverdog. As they arrive...)

Max: We need to find Riverdog.

Eddie: He does not want to see you.

Michael: I need to explain some things to him...and apologize.

Eddie: I'll ask promises.

(Eddie goes to find Riverdog. In a few minutes, Riverdog appears before the trio. He looks at Michael, then at Devin, then at Michael again.)

Michael: No doubt you'd like an explanation.

Riverdog: It's none of my business.

Michael: I really want to explain.

Riverdog: I know one thing; he is different than you. I sense only fear in him. No life, just fear. But I do believe that you are the person I know.

Michael: I was out of town when you came to see me. I had asked him to stay in my apartment for security reasons, partly because he looks like me. He called me and told me what happened. I asked him to check things out with you.

Riverdog: You could have told me. I have trusted you. You have failed to return that trust.

Michael: I'm sorry. There were reasons he couldn't tell you. I asked him to come back today so there would be no more deceit. I brought him so you could see that he isn't me, even though he looks like me.

Riverdog: I concluded that the other day.

Michael: The young child...let us try to heal her. We want to regain your trust.

Riverdog: He is not one of you. He could not do it. You will try?

Max: Yes, we will try. You brought her blindfolded before. We must ask that again.

Michael: Unless she is asleep. That would be better.

Riverdog: I can arrange that. She is in the third cabin, south. Give me about ten minutes, then come. Only you! The others must stay here.

Michael: Max is better at healing than I am. He should...

Riverdog: Only you! You initiated the deceit. If you want my trust again, you must do this yourself.

Max: You can do it, Michael.

Michael: OK. Ten minutes!

(Riverdog leaves to visit the child Diamond.)

Michael: I wish he would let you do this, Max.

Max: You can do it, Michael. You've healed people before. Remember when I couldn't heal Alex after he fell carrying the computer, but you did?

Michael: I'm just nervous. Healing is not my thing. And this has to happen if we are going to pursue the happenings in the cave.

(Michael waits the ten minutes; then goes to the cabin where Riverdog said to come. He is very nervous.)

Riverdog: She's in there. I put her in a deep sleep.

Michael: You must show me how to do that someday.

Riverdog: I don't think that would be wise. The procedure is a bit similar to what we do in the sweat lodge.

Michael: You've said enough. Never mind!

Riverdog: Each individual has their own talents and limitations.

Michael: I know. I know.

(Michael enters and kneels next to the sleeping child. Her hand is very black and limp. The dying flesh appears to be advancing up her arm. Michael says a little prayer that he'll be able to help her as he places his hand on hers. A glow appears. He runs his hand up and down her arm, then holds her hand. When he is finished, the hand and arm look normal.)

Riverdog: Thank you, my friend. The trust is restored.

Michael: May we join Max now.

Riverdog: Yes! No doubt you want to visit the cave.

Michael: Yes, we do. We'd appreciate it if you could show us what you showed Devin.

Riverdog: His name is Devin? What is he?

Michael: What do you mean, "what is he"?

Riverdog: He's unlike anyone I've ever met. All I know is he's afraid. If it weren't for my being able to sense his fear, I'd say he has no soul.

Michael: He has a secret. He's afraid that if it becomes known he'll have to leave us.

Riverdog: I do not need to know his secret but if you think I should try to earn his trust, I will. You must tell me what to do.

Michael: He'd be happier if you forgot about him.

Riverdog: That can be done too. Come! Let's get your friends and go to the cave.

(Max, Michael, Devin and Riverdog go to the cave.)

Riverdog: Here are the objects that have been left after the light column appeared.

(He hands the tablet and case to Michael. Michael starts studying the tablet and hands the case to Max. Even though Riverdog and Devin had previously tried to open the case they couldn't. Max looks at the case and opens it without difficulty.)

Riverdog: It must have been meant for you. I suspected as much.

Devin: We definitely could not open it the other day.

Max: Look, Michael. What do you see?

Michael: I see a picture of the same people I saw in the flashes. I also see some more writing.

Max: Exactly! The same people I saw too. Alex may have been right.

Riverdog: Alex? You told others of this?

Max: Only our friends that you know...those who helped us save Michael.

Riverdog: They are trustworthy. I just don't want any outsiders to know of this. No one must visit here that doesn't understand certain things.

(Riverdog looks quizzically at Devin.)

Michael: It's OK. He knows. And we know something of him.

Max: How often has this light been appearing?

Riverdog: Usually once, sometimes twice a day. Not always does it leave objects. It did take one that I left it.

Max: Did you bring the pictures and note.

Devin: I have them.

(Hands a small book to Max containing the pictures, Michael's sketches, and a note. The note acknowledges the symbols and says simply, we're here.)

Max: I think we should add to the note that we have opened the case and seen their pictures.

Michael: Good idea! This could be the start of something, Maxwell.

Devin: If we are able to communicate trans-dimensionally, it will be incredible.

Riverdog: You think there is life beyond the light column?

Michael: Yes, we think we've seen flashes of them. They may be some of our people in another dimension.

Riverdog: Leave you book. Put it right there where the burn mark is. I will let you know if it is taken.

Max: Thank you. This could be important to us.

Riverdog: We should go. It's not safe to be in here if the light appears.

Michael: OK, let's go. That's all we can do for now anyway. I'd like to take this tablet if I may.

Riverdog: Do! Take it.

(The four leave the cave and Riverdog bids them goodbye, thanking Michael again for curing Diamond's hand.)

Michael: Thank you, friend. We'll be back to investigate further.

Riverdog: Of that I have no doubt.

(The three say goodbye to Riverdog and return to fill the others in on what transpired. They are awaiting any alert from Riverdog that something has happened. We could wait too, but that would be boring. Besides, the B.S. Network is anxious to put on another show that they are sure that you will enjoy. It's a story about an office professional who's only assignment is to keep records in order. It's called "Pro Filer"!)

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