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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 10
by John
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(Max, Michael and Devin left Riverdog, trusting that he would notify them of any occurrences in the cave. Now it's the next after noon at the Crashdown...)

Liz: That's the last of the lunch crowd, Maria. Our guys are sitting over there...we need a break.

(Liz brings Cherry Cokes and joins Max and Michael. Maria follows.)

Maria: So, you made things right with Riverdog?

Michael: Yes! He's fine with us again.

Max: I was proud of Michael. He was scared, but healed the little girl's hand perfectly.

Liz: That's great Michael. But I know you always come through when you have to.

(Gives kiss!)

Michael: The important thing is, it's done. Not much we can do now but wait and see if anything happens. We left the picture and a note in the cave.

Max: Liz, do you know where Isabel is? I assumed that she'd drop in here this afternoon.

Liz: Yes, I do. She and Alex took Devin shopping.

Maria: Huh?

Liz: Yes! Devin told Alex he thought he needed some nicer clothes so he could take Anna somewhere.

Michael: I'm beginning to see some usefulness in Devin, but I still think he's wrong to pursue a relationship with that girl.

Liz: I think they are cute together.

Michael: But, it's wrong! And don't compare him to me. I'm alive. I have a soul. I know I have a few differences from earth born humans, but they're not as significant as his are with Anna. He can't make her happy in the long term. He can only hurt her. On the other hand, I know I can make Maria happy.

Maria: Prove it!

(Michael lifts Maria up in the air and proceeds to kiss her face and neck.)

Maria: I'm not convinced yet.

(Another round.)

Maria: OK, I'm convinced. You can make me happy.

(Puts her down.)

Liz: Devin can do that to Anna too.

Michael: He might be able to pick her up and kiss her, but think Liz. When Maxwell told you what he was; what we are, were you scared?

Liz: Maybe a little, at first. But it didn't last. I'd been in love with Max long before I knew anything about that. I still loved him after he told me. All it took was deciding it was still OK to do so...that it didn't matter.

Michael: And you made that decision because....

Liz: I realized that he was a living being and very human in most ways. I could love him no matter what.

Michael: What if he had told you he was android...a machine?

Maria: Shhhh! You promised.

Michael: No one is here except us, Maria. Answer my question, Liz. Would you have stayed with him? Could you still have loved him?

Liz: I...I don't know. I guess it would have been more of a shock than his being an alien.

Michael: My point exactly. I don't think we should be encouraging Devin's relationship.

Liz: What about you, Max. What do you think?

Max: It's a hard one Liz. I see a lot of me in him...his fear of being discovered...of being rejected. Michael does have a point about us at least being biologically alive and sexually compatible. But if Devin is really a life form as Alex seems to think, why shouldn't he able to see this girl if they both find it enjoyable. I guess I don't know what I think, Liz. I suppose it's not our place to stop him...and we did agree to keep his secret.

Michael: Liz? If Maxwell was an android and you didn't know it, would you want to be told?

Liz: If he knew that I loved him, I'd want him to tell me.

Michael: That's what Devin should do. If she still wants to see him after she knows the truth, then so be it. That's my opinion; but I'll keep my promise. I won't be the one to tell her.

Maria: This is too deep for me. We probably need to get ready for afternoon customers.

Liz: Are we still getting together for videos tonight.

Max: Isabel said everyone was coming to our house, so I assume so.

(Isabel, Alex and Devin come in.)

Isabel: Did I hear my name?

Max: Liz just asked if we were still doing videos tonight?

Isabel: I'd planned on it. Is everyone coming?

Devin: Are Anna and I invited?

Isabel: (pause.) Sure, why not!

Devin: I can try out some of my new clothes.

Isabel: I thought you wanted those for a special date.

Devin: Yes, one set of them. But I got some casual stuff too, as you know. I'll go call Anna and see if she can come.

(Devin leaves the group.)

Michael: We were just discussing Devin and Anna. I think he's wrong to pursue her. I'd like it if we didn't encourage him.

Isabel: Sorry. I didn't know. I'm not gong to un-invite him now.

Max: Michael feels he's too incompatible with a human and that he's wrong to pursue a relationship.

Isabel: I know...he's said that before.

Max: He has a good argument, Isabel. But we decided it's Devin's business. We're just not going to encourage him.

Michael: Devin bringing Anna means we can't discuss the cave issue either. He's really complicating things.

Alex: People... can't we please give him some room. He's really amazing. I'm very interested in how he's developing. I truly think he can be considered a life form.

Michael: A life form, maybe.!

Alex: You can't have it both ways, Michael.

Michael: I think I can and I think he qualifies both ways.

Liz: Hey guys, let's not argue about Devin. I go along with what he does is his business. If Devin's a life form he deserves that much respect.

Isabel: I take it we've heard no more about the cave.

Max: Not yet. But I have a feeling that we will.

Michael: I agree. Something is out there.

Liz: Well, people are starting to come in again. Back to work, Maria.

(Later that the Evans'.)

Isabel: Why isn't anyone here yet?

Max: I don't know...well, maybe I do. Alex isn't exactly the most organized of people and Michael will do whatever on his own time and at his own pace every time.

(Doorbell rings...)

Isabel: I'll get it...

(It's Devin and Anna.)

Isabel: Come in you two...come in out of the heat.

Anna: It is kinda warm. It doesn't take much to work up a sweat.

Isabel: Hot would be a better description.

Anna: I usually like it warm. How about you, Devin?

Devin: I guess it doesn't matter much...unless it's too cold.

Anna: I guess heat doesn't bother you. Your skin's still pretty dry.

Isabel: The TV's in the family room. My parents said they'd leave us to it tonight. This way!

(Isabel leads them into where Max is looking at video choices.)

Max: Hey you two! I don't know if I've ever formally met your girl, Devin. I've seen her in school.

Devin: Oh...sorry. I thought you'd met at the club the other night.

Max: What's her last name?

Devin: Morrison. Anna Morrison!

Anna: Thanks for asking us to join you. I really like this guy. (Looks at Devin.) I'm glad to get to know his friends better.

(Anna gives Devin a quick kiss on the cheek. Max raises an eyebrow as Isabel turns to answer he doorbell again. Everyone else arrives...Maria having picked up Michael and Liz.)

Maria: Hi everyone, again. It's nice to see you here, Anna.

Max: Any ideas about a video to watch?

Michael: Have you got Blade Runner?

(Stares at Devin.)

Max: No! I've seen that too many times. How about "American Pie", "Galaxy Quest", or "Skulls".

Liz: I'm sick of American Pie and I've heard Galaxy Quest is dumb. I'm up for something like "Skulls". I hope it's so scary that it will make me want to hold you tight.

Maria: If I can convince myself it's not Dawson's Creek, it'll be OK with me.

Isabel: I don't care as long as Alex is here to protect me.

Alex: I'm here to protect you and feast upon your beauty, my dear. Is "Skulls" OK with you guys, Devin?

Devin: Uh...sure...whatever.

Isabel: Before we start, I bought a whole tub of ice cream. Anyone for sundaes?

(Isabel makes sundaes for everyone. Anna stares but says nothing as Michael pours on the Tabasco Sauce. The movie has been going for a little while and everyone is snuggled in. Liz and Max are cuddled on the couch. Liz is pretending to be scared and gripping Max all over. Isabel and Alex are on the floor in front of the couch, holding hands and looking alternately at each other and the TV. Devin and Anna are stretched out on the floor, with Anna's head resting on Devin's chest. Anna has hold of Devin's hand. Maria and Michael are cuddled in the over stuffed chair. Maria leans out a bit to kiss Michael. As she does she gets a flash....)

Maria: Honey, come with me.

Michael: The movie's not over yet.

Maria: I know...come with me anyway.

(They get up and go to the kitchen.)

Michael: What?

Maria: When I kissed you, I got a flash.

Michael: That's not unusual.

Maria: What did you and Max do in the cave?

Michael: We left a picture of all of us... and a message!

Maria: I think it's been acknowledged.

Michael: What did you see?

Maria: I saw a book lying on the floor by the cave wall where you put the Balance Rocks.

Michael: And...

Maria: That's all...but is that good?

Michael: I don't know. Maybe you imagined it.

Maria: OK...I told you what I saw. If you don't care, let's go watch the movie some more.

(As they walk back in, they notice Max on the phone. Michael looks inquisitively at Max. Max hangs up and those two go back to the kitchen.)

Michael: What's up Maxwell?

Max: That was Liz's mom at the Crashdown. She said someone named Eddie came looking for us with a message.

Michael: Which was?

Max: From Riverdog. He says an exchange has been made. We need to OK it.

Michael: Cryptic enough! First thing tomorrow, then?

Max: First thing tomorrow.

Michael: Everybody?

Max: I think so! Let's try to tell everyone secretly tonight.

Michael: I told you Devin bringing Anna would be a nuisance. By the way, Maria saw a flash when she kissed me. She told me what she saw. It jives with this message.

Max: They are trying to get to us, aren't they?

Michael: I believe someone or something is.

Max: Let's get back in there. We don't want to give the women to much time to plot!

Michael: Especially Maria!

Max: Especially Liz!

(For tonight, the movies and snuggling. Tomorrow...the cave. Are we excited yet? If not then maybe the next B.S. Network show will excite you. WE invite you to stay tuned for another incredible documentary from the B.S. Network's crack news team. This one is about how the problem of smelly toilets in Great Britain was solved. It's called "Loo and Odor"!)

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