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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 8
by John
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(The group meets for breakfast the next morning and is preparing to catch a flight back to New Mexico.)

Diane: Even though this trip has been wonderful, I think I'm ready to go home.

Isabel: You mean you've had enough fun?

Alex: Sounds like what the tomcat said when he kissed the skunk.

Liz: Dare we ask?

Alex: He said, "Babe, I've enjoyed all of this that I can stand".

Isabel: Arrrgh! You had to ask!

Maria: Mrs. Evans, this has been a great time. I really want to thank you for asking me.

Alex: Second the motion. It was rad.

Max: Yeh...thanks mom and dad.

Michael: This was about the most fun I've ever had and the most relaxed I've ever been. Thank you!

Diane: Your all more than welcome. And Michael...I bought you some Dramamine for the plane ride, just in case.

Michael: Thanks Evans.

Diane: Mom is just fine, Michael.

(Diane gives Michael a hug. They head for the airport and depart for Albuquerque. The ride is uneventful and the Dramamine was a success. Michael even enjoyed lunch. It's early evening by the time they drive back to Roswell...but, after a brief stop at the Evans', the gang decides it's not so late that they can't all head for the Crashdown. They start to walk in and Maria freaks...she stops them. They duck away from the door.)

Maria: Oh God! My mom's here. Devin's here too. Mom thinks he's Michael...she can't see two Michael's.

(Isabel runs her hand over the real Michael's hair. Suddenly, it's longer and smoothed down so he looks like Devin. She tells Michael to wait a few minutes; then pretend he's Devin and come in. The rest walk in.)

Maria: Hi everybody.

Amy: Maria, honey. You're back! Did you have a good time?

Maria: Wonderful! Thanks for working so I could go, mom.

Amy: I'm glad it I could do it.

Liz: I'm going upstairs to tell my mom I'm home. I'll be back in minute, Max.

Amy: You guys all sit down. I'll get you some drinks. Michael...Maria's back.

Devin/Michael: Great!

(Devin comes out from the kitchen for a minute. He figures out what's going on.)

Devin/Michael: I really missed you, Maria.

(He smiles. She picks up on the ruse.)

Maria: I missed you too.

(Amy comes back with drinks.)

Amy: Maria, I want you to know I was wrong. Appearances aren't everything. Working with Michael this week, I've gotten to know him a lot better. He's really very nice, a hard worker, and far more educated than I thought. You don't have to sneak dates with him any more. He's welcome anytime. But I am going to trim his hair someday. (laughs)

Maria: (Surprised) That's great mom. I'll tell him.

Amy: (Looks at her daughter like she's crazy.) He's standing right here, Maria. (Looks at Devin.) I wanted him to hear that too.

(The others can hardly keep from laughing. Maria makes a mental note to tell the real Michael what her mom said.)

Max: (Continues the ruse.) So, anything exciting been happening, Michael?

Devin/ Michael: I'll have to bring you up to date.

(Just then, Michael/Devin walks in.)

Devin/Michael: Hi Devin. Haven't seen you for awhile.

Michael/Devin: I've been busy. With Alex away, I've been trying to help around the Whitman's house.

Devin/Michael: It's great you could do that. I've been busy working here which was good because Maria was away.

(The real Michael rolls his eyes.)

Maria: So, you really missed me, huh?

Devin/Michael: I missed everyone.

(Liz returns and sits next to Max. Alex and Isabel are seated together too.)

Isabel: Thanks so much for letting Maria come with us, Amy.

Amy: I thought it might do her good to get away. But, I can see now why she might not have wanted to go.

(Amy throws a look at Devin/Michael)

Devin/Michael: I need to get back to the kitchen now, but I'm anxious to talk to all of you.

Michael/Devin: Let me come with you. I need to ask you a question.

(The two head for the kitchen. Michael wants to end the ruse as quickly as possible.)

Michael/Devin: We gotta talk. I need to know more about the cave.

Devin/Michael: I told you most of what I know on the phone. You need to see Riverdog yourself. (Looks worried.) Do you think you'll have to tell him about me...I mean everything?

Michael/Devin: I don't know. He's an unusual man. He may have already sensed something about the lack of a soul.

Devin/Michael: Hey! You know how to hurt a guy.

Michael/Devin: Sorry...I didn't mean that the way it sounded. I do want to thank you for working for me and for checking out the cave.

Devin/Michael: Glad to do it. And you should have heard Maria's mom just now. After getting to know you better, she says you can date her daughter any time.

Michael/Devin: You mean you set a standard I have to live up to?

Devin/Michael: I guess so. I wasn't really trying to do anything like that. She just decided, after working with me/you, that you were OK.

Michael/Devin: What can I say? Thanks Devin, I think.

Devin/Michael: On the other matter, Michael, do I need to go with you when you visit Riverdog...maybe explain a little? I will if you want...but if you could try and keep my secret...

Michael/Devin: Let me think about that. He knows about us. It wouldn't be a disaster if he knew about you too.

Devin/Michael: Like you, I just think the fewer people who know the better.

Michael/Devin: We'll have to see how it goes with him. I have to regain his trust. For now, let's just become each other. Is there a place we can swap clothes?

Devin/Michael: The men's room...or the walk in cooler maybe.

Michael/Devin: Let's try the men's room. We need to get Isabel over there to fix the hairstyles.

Devin/Michael: In the men's room?

Michael/Devin: She'll have to. I'll go. You follow in a minute or so.

(Michael waves to Isabel to come to him as he walks toward the men's room. He checks to make sure no one's in it. A minute later Devin joins them. They all go into the men's room, Isabel with some trepidation.)

Michael: We're going to swap clothes. Fix the hairdos, Isabel; then slip out while we change.

Isabel: Are you sure you don't want the hairstyles to stay the way they are?

Devin & Michael: (loudly, in unison) NO!

Isabel: Just asking.

(Isabel waves her hand and the hairstyles return to their respective normal sates. She walks out of the men's room as a male customer is walking in. He looks at her with a question on his face but says nothing. Isabel blushes and rushes back to her seat next to Alex. The guys haven't started swapping clothes yet, so they wait for the man to leave. As they remove their clothes to make the swap...)

Michael: (Surprised) do look normal a normal male.

Devin: What were you expecting?

Michael: I thought maybe under your clothes...

Devin: I was a metal chassis? Not quite! Like I told Alex, my creator thought I might have to take a gym class or something.

Michael: (Looks down) Uh, Devin? (Points) Does it function?

Devin: At least in the bathroom way. And it does stretch...

Michael: You really can pass for a human...or an alien even.

Devin: It's proving to be a problem, Michael.

Michael: Your girlfriend?

Devin: If you can call her that. She likes me...a lot. And I like her. What should I do, Michael? I may have let it go too far already. If I cut it off with her without a reason I'll hurt her. If I tell her the truth, she'll run screaming from me and I'll totally loose her. If I don't tell her...oh geez! I could tell her I'm gay or something, but I really don't want to do that either. She might spread it around. Gag me with a spoon! I just don't think I can bring myself to tell her the truth, Michael. Even if I could, I don't want to. Am I being dishonest?

Michael: I was sort of where you are once. But I keep thinking my situation was different.

Devin: Why?

Michael: Because I'm biologically alive.

Devin: Why does that make a difference? You brain works with electrical does mine.

Michael: (Pause) I don't think I'm the one to advise you, Devin. Ask someone else. Let's go join the others.

Devin: Know what Michael?

Michael: What?

Devin: You get to work in the kitchen now until we close.

Michael: Damn! You're right! Tell the others to come to my apartment in the morning. We need to talk about what's happening with Riverdog. You better come too.

Devin: OK!

(Michael heads for the kitchen; Devin joins the others. Amy has left them for the moment.)

Max: So, all is well?

Devin: For now. Michael says to tell you all to come to his apartment in the morning.

Max: That's a good idea. We better talk about what's going on.

Liz: (Looks at Max with tired eyes.) I'm getting tired, honey. Could you take me home?

Max: Sure! I'm tired too.

Isabel: So am I.

Alex: I'm going to feel lonesome in my own bed tonight.

Isabel: I'll visit you if you want?

Alex: But Isabel, my father will...

Isabel: In your dreams, silly!

Alex: Oh...that will be most good. Suddenly, I think I'm getting really tired.

Maria: No offense, Devin...but I'm going to wait for my Michael and make him walk me home.

Devin: That's OK. I'm glad to get out of here.

Max: In the morning then?

Isabel: Yes...Michael's in the morning.

Alex: Too bad we don't have a Mary!

All: Huh?

(Alex must have been listening to that oldies station again. There was a song that was popular a few years ago called "Mary In The Morning". I suppose that's what he was talking about. Unless maybe he was thinking of getting married in the morning, which might come as a surprise to Isabel! You can never be too sure with Alex. Anyhow, we need to end this episode before the B.S. Network technical director has a heart attack. The network is anxious for you to see their next show. Stay tuned for a documentary on a secret biological experiment that created a new breed of insect. It called "The X-flies"!)

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