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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 7
by John
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(Waiting until they were sure that Phil and Diane had gone to sleep, the girls once again headed to the guys' room. Imagine the couples blissfully engaged, as they have been the past few nights. Unfortunately, Max and Isabelle' mom suddenly wakes up...)

Diane: Dear, something's wrong. I need to check on the girls.

(Phil suspects they may be back where he thought they were the other night, but he remembers being a teenager once too.)

Phil: I'm sure they are fine. Go back to sleep.

Diane: Why do I feel something's not right?

Phil: I don't know, but they're right next door. We'd know if something were wrong.

Diane: Phil, they're teenagers. They have been separated at night for three nights. Do you suppose they'd...?

Phil: Even if they did, they're all together. What are they going to do in front of each other?

Diane: Plenty! And that's not the point anyway. We have the responsibility for four kids besides our own. Well, on second thought, maybe three. Michael is sort of ours now, but you know what I mean. The parents expect us to...

Phil: I'm glad you're thinking of Michael as one of ours. We should have had him all along.

Diane: I'm going to check on them.

(Diane slips on her robe and shoes and goes next door. Phil can hear her knocking. There's no answer of course. She tries knocking harder. She's yelling to them. Phil slips on some pants and opens the door...

Phil: Diane! You're going to wake up the whole floor.

(Diane comes running back...)

Diane: They're not there. I knew it. I'm going to the boys' room.

Phil: Calm down. If they are down there, they're just being teenagers.

Diane: But we can't let them get away with it. We made it clear what the rules were.

Phil: I know. But let's be reasonable.

Diane: I don't feel reasonable. I trusted them...all of them. We brought them on a nice trip. They need to obey our rules.

(Diane heads for the elevator. Phil picks up the phone and dials the boys' room.)

Max: (Groggily) Hello!

Phil: Max? This is dad. Your mom's on the way down there. She can't find the girls. They're not in their room. If they are down there...

Max: Thanks, dad. But what makes you think they're down here?

Phil: Having been a teenager once, I guess.

Max: We owe you!

Phil: I know!

(Hangs up phone.)

Max: Quick, mom's on the way down here.

Isabel: We're toast! What can we do?

Maria: Quick, out on the balcony.

(Isabel, Maria and Liz quickly put on some clothes and slip out to the balcony, just as Diane knocks on the door...)

Diane: Max! This is your mom. Are the girls in there with you?

Max: (Truthfully) No mom. They were here earlier as you know, but they left.

Diane: Are you sure?

(Max slips on his pants and opens the door.)

Max: Come on in, mom. They're not here.

Diane: Now I'm really worried. They're not in their room. I was sure they we're breaking my rules and I'd find them in here.

Michael: Shall we go look for them?

Diane: I think I better find hotel security.

Alex: Don't do that yet Mrs. Evans. Let us look for them. Maybe they went for a midnight swim or something.

(Alex makes silent connection to Isabel. He's hoping Max and Michael pick up on it...)

*Alex: there?

*Isabel: Yeh, here! I heard what you said to her.

*Alex: If you guys can get down to the pool in a hurry, we can diffuse this.

*Isabel: How can we get past mom?

*Alex: Can you climb or jump over to the balcony next door. I don't think that room's occupied tonight. You can go out through there.

*Isabel: That's an idea. I'll see what we can do. Thanks Alex!

*Alex: We'll try and stall her as long as we can.

(End silent connection.)

Isabel: (Whispers) Liz, Maria...we've got to jump over to the next balcony.

Liz: (Looks down and at the gap between balconies.) Are you nuts? That's about a five- foot jump and it's seven stories down.

Maria: Why would we want to do that?

Isabel: I connected with Alex. My mom knows were not in our room, but he's convinced her that they all should go look for us before panicking. He said something like maybe we went for a midnight swim.

Maria: I heard him say that.

Isabel: So, if we can get down to the pool before they do, we're off the hook. So jump! We'll go out through the room next door.

(Isabel jumps over to the next room's balcony.)

Isabel: Come on. You can do it.

(Maria climbs up on the balcony ledge. She looks at Isabel, then jumps across. Isabel uses her powers to make the jump easier and the landing lighter. She does the same for Liz.)

Liz: That wasn't so bad. I kinda felt like I was floating.

(Isabel smiles.)

Liz: I was floating, wasn't I, Isabel?

Isabel: Hey, any port in a storm. I don't just change lipstick colors.

Maria: Good thing you have those talents.

Isabel: I wouldn't have suggested it if I felt it would be a problem. Now, let's get to our room, grab swim suits and hurry to the pool.

(Isabel uses her powers to unlock the balcony door and the girls run through the room and down the hall, while the boys keep Diane in their room talking.)

Max: Let's check the girl's room again. Maybe they've come back.

(Max picks up the phone and dials their room. They've just arrived back there.)

Isabel: Hello...

(He now knows they made it, but pretends otherwise...)

Max: Still no answer. I guess we better go start looking. I'm sure they're OK, mom. Isabel would have...

(He stops short. One little alien thing they've never told their mom about is about the connections they can make.)

Diane: Isabel would have what, honey?

Max: Uh... I'm sure she would have found a way to let us know if she was in trouble.

(Diane files that away for another time. She recalls how she found out about Max and Isabel being unusual in the first place. She has her suspicions...)

Michael: Let's go look around the hotel. I'm sure they are not far. I think Alex may have the right idea. Maybe they went swimming or something.

Max: Let us finish getting dressed, mom. We'll be right with you.

(Diane steps out into the hall as the boys get dressed.)

Max: (whispers) That was brilliant, Alex. And they did answer the phone, so I know they'll be there.

Michael: I sensed you connect with Iz. We're gonna be fine.

Max: Dad's on our side. He was the one who called. But we can't let mom know that or he'll be in big doo doo! He said we owed him...I think that's what he meant.

Alex: Let's go!

(The boys and Mrs. Evans head down toward the recreation area. As they arrive at the pool, sure enough, there are the three girls laughing and throwing a ball around.)

Isabel: Hi Alex! Hi mom!

Diane: You scared me, girls. I knocked on your door and I couldn't find you.

Liz: Sorry, Mrs. Evans. We couldn't sleep so we decided to go for a swim.

Diane: It's a good thing you weren't where I thought you were. Well, I think we all better get to bed. It's very late.

(The girls get out of the pool and take the opportunity to give their guys another kiss goodnight.)

Isabel: We'll be along in a minute, mom.

Max: I'm glad we found them, mom.

Alex: Goodnight, Mrs. Evans.

Maria: See you tomorrow.

Michael: I love you, Maria.

(Everyone heads for bed. They decide it better be in their own rooms. Too bad! The next morning, they meet for breakfast and are excited about going to Magic Mountain. Phil and Diane drive them over there and drop them off.)

Phil: We'll pick you up at 9:45 tonight, right here at the drop off.

Max: OK, dad. We'll be here.

(Max gives his dad a quick thumbs up and Phil understands the thank you wrapped in it.)

Max: So, anyone feel like Superman?

Liz: Speaking of Superman, you should have seen us last night, leaping balconies with a single bound.

Max: I'm glad I didn't.

Isabel: That was a wonderful suggestion, Alex. I'm beginning to think there's nothing this group can't handle.

Alex: It's nice to have friends that all think alike. Tell you dad thanks too, Max.

Max: I kinda just did.

Isabel: I'm amazed at dad on this trip. He's kind of acting like a teenager himself.

Max: He works a lot. I think he's enjoying the time away with mom...and us to some degree.

Michael: We're here. Where do we start?

Max: I wasn't kidding. I want to ride Superman. I just get the feeling I need to.

Maria: What's Superman?

Max: It's a ride that simulates free fall. It's very fast. There's a period of weightlessness.

Alex: OK...let's start with that. There's so much to do...we won't make it to everything.

Isabel: Will you try to win me a stuffed animal, Alex?

Alex: Later...when we won't have to carry it around all day.

Maria: Me too, Michael. You have to win something for me.

(The gang suffers through the wait in line for the Superman ride. After making it through the ice cave and onto the ride...)

Alex: WOW! As Devin would say, that was totally awesome.

Isabel: I actually felt kind of funny, being weightless.

Maria: Once was enough for me. I hope that didn't do what the plane ride did to you, Michael.

Michael: No, I'm OK; but I did have a feeling like I'd experienced that sensation before.

Liz: I agree with Maria. It was fun once, but I not sure I want to do it again.

(Isabel looks at Max, who seems to be in deep thought.)

Isabel: You OK, Max? It didn't make you sick or anything did it?

Max: No...not sick! I saw something Iz. While I was weightless, I saw flashes.

Michael: What? What did you see, Maxwell?

Max: It must have been just because of what you told us last night. About what Devin told you regarding the cave back home.

Liz: What was it, honey?

Max: I saw a tablet, with writing on it. The characters were like...what we've seen before Michael.

Michael: Can you remember them. Could you draw them?

Max: I'm not sure. It was all over so fast. I saw something else too. I saw four people. They seemed to be calling to us.

Liz: Were know...normal looking? Human?

Max: Yes. They looked normal to me. But, again, it was so fast... I think I need to ride it again. Maybe I'll see more. But not now! Let me think about it for awhile. Let's go do something else and come back.

Isabel: There are a lot of thrill rides here. Maybe one of the others ones will give you flashes too.

Max: Everyone...especially Isabel and Michael...Alex all can connect. It wasn't just me those people were calling out to. I sensed all six of us were there...that they could see us...they were reaching out to us. I don't want to plant any predetermined expectations, but everyone... be aware while on the rides where we get rapid acceleration. If I got something, maybe you will too. And Liz, next time hold my hand. You know you've seen flashes before when you've done that.

Liz: Kissing you usually works better for that, but kissing would be kind of hard on a ride like that. Max, are you sure it wasn't just your imagination?

Max: No, I'm not sure it. I might have been imagining it. It might have been nothing. My mind might have just been reacting to what I'd been thinking about earlier. That's why I want to go have some fun, forget about it, and come back to it later.

Maria: Where to then?

Isabel: It's hot. Let's try Roaring Rapids!

(The group enjoyed themselves for quite awhile. There was Batman, Riddler's Revenge, Viper, The Log Jammer, Jet Stream, Freefall...)

Michael: Maxwell, I saw it.

Max: What?

Michael: During Freefall. I saw a flash. It did look like people reaching out to us. It was very quick, but I saw it.

Maria: I saw them too, probably because I was holding onto Michael so tightly.

Max: Can you describe them?

Michael: Just four people. I'd say a father, mother and two kids, a girl and a guy. The girl had green pants on. That's all I remember.

Max: Yes! That's what I saw too. Except I remember the man had a plaid shirt on and the young guy had...Oh! I can't remember.

Isabel: What does this mean?

Max: I have no idea. Maybe we've been out in the sun too long.

Liz: Somehow, I don't think you mean that.

Max: Somehow, you're right. I think it's time for Superman again.

Maria: Michael, do you mind if I skip it. I'm kinda feeling woozy.

Michael: It's OK Maria. Take a breather.

Alex: Hey, let's do Goliath while were near it. Then we can go back to Superman.

Maria: I don't think I...

Michael: Hey, I'll stay here with you and we can watch them.

Max: Liz?

Liz: Sure! It looks fun! Let's go! But I do wanta hold your hand.

Alex: Coming Izzy?

Isabel: Oh, you bet! Look at that drop. If that doesn't give us visions...

(Max, Liz, Alex, And Isabel ride Goliath. Michael and Maria sit on a bench, sipping frozen lemonade. As the riders exit...)

Alex: Whoa! That did it!

Isabel: Me too!

Max: What do you mean?

Isabel: I mean I saw the tablet and I saw your people. Only for a few seconds while coming down that drop. I've seen characters like those on the tablet before. And I did see four people. And the young girl had green pants.

Alex: I saw something too, but only for an instant. I didn't see a tablet, but I did see four people. They seemed to be beckoning us. Are we all nuts?

Isabel: I don't think so.

Max: If you two saw the same thing as Michael, Maria and I did, that does it. I'm going back to Superman, now!

Liz: I gotta rest a little before we do it, Max. And that frozen lemonade looks awfully good.

Maria: It is good.

Alex: I could go for some too.

Max: OK, let's all get some lemonade and rest up. Then we'll do Superman again.

(The lemonade and a bench to rest on are mighty welcome.)

Isabel: Would anyone care to speculate on what's going on?

Max: Earlier I would have said I was imagining what I saw. I would have supposed the zero gravity just made my mind image what Devin had told us about. But he never mentioned people, only the tablet.

Michael: Interesting that I didn't see a tablet, only people.

Alex: Maybe your ride was too short. Maybe you weren't in free-fall long enough. But then, I only saw people too.

Michael: Why didn't I see flashes on the Superman ride like you did Maxwell.

Max: Maybe you did, but you didn't recognize them. I say we try it again.

Liz: There are thousands of people riding these rides. Are we the only ones getting flashes?

Michael: Thousands of people kiss every day too, but I dare say few get flashes like we sometimes do.

Maria: I forget! Remind me!

(Maria leans over and kisses Michael. She does get a flash of her and Michael together, but it is nothing she wants to tell the others about. She stares at Michael and smiles.)

Max: So, are we sufficiently rested?

Liz: I'm game. I seem to be the only one who hasn't seen anything.

Max: Hold on to my hand this time.

Liz: I want to do more than that, but I can't do it on the ride, so...

(Liz leans over and kisses Max. She does get a flash, but it's just of Max being excited to ride Superman again.)

Isabel: OK...I'm feeling left out.

(Leans over and kisses Alex. No flash, but a big smile on both faces says enough. They all walk back to the Superman ride and all except Maria get in line again. She told Michael that she's just not up to it again and he understood. The others ride the ride, then exit to compare experiences. They meet up with Maria...)

Isabel: Well that was a bust. I mean, it was fun, but I didn't get any flashes.

Alex: Neither did I.

Michael: None for me either.

Max: I guess I'm in tune on that ride. I didn't see people or a tablet this time, but I did see a case like you described Michael. And I saw Riverdog's cave.

Liz: I got a quick flash of the cave. That was all.

Max: But you for sure saw the cave?

Liz: Yes...for sure. It had a blue hue to it.

Max: Oh! Now that you mention it, it did seem to look bluish. Michael, didn't you say Devin told you about a blue pillar in the cave?

Michael: That's what he said.

Isabel: We still don't know what this all means.

Max: And we probably won't until we get back.

Michael: But there has to be more to it that coincidence.

Alex: Probably true, but Max is right. We're not going to figure it out here. Besides, I'm tired. I don't think I can take many more rides.

Isabel: Me either. But there's just enough time before we have to meet mom and dad for you to win me a stuffed animal.

Maria: Michael, you promised to try and win one for me too.

Max: And I supposed you want one to, Liz?

(Liz doesn't answer, but looks at Max and flutters her eyes. He gets the message. They all head to the skill games. Soon, each of the ladies is sporting a fine looking stuffed cartoon character. Whether any "extra" talents were used in acquiring them no one is willing to say. It's 9:45 PM and the group is waiting to be picked up. They spot Phil and Diane's rental car.)

Diane: Hi! Did you have an exciting day?

Isabel: It was really fun, mom.

Phil: Did you have enough time to do everything you wanted to?

Alex: The day seemed to go by in a flash!

(Well, the vacation is winding down. One more night in the hotel and then it's home to Roswell. Figuring out what's going on at home might be just as exciting as the vacation. We'd get into our friend's nighttime festivities, but we're already overtime on this episode. You can decide for yourself if the girls were brave enough to again snuggle in with the guys for the night, or if they learned their lesson the night before. You can also stay tuned for a summer re-run of a WKF "Smoochdown" program. If the B.S. Network had had cameras on our friends the last few nights, they might not have had to show a re-run. Then again...even this network has standards!)

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