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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 25
by John
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(As we ended our last episode, Michael and Devin had been discovered inside the Dimensioner's Wyoming compound and had been taken into custody. Setoma and his family had been transferred to this dimension and were resting in the cave. As dawn breaks, they finally venture outside. Lotaire is amazed at how much everything in this dimension looks the same. As they walk up the path a man approaches...)

Riverdog: Where did you come from, my friends?

Setoma: We are friends of Alex and Michael and Devin. Are you Riverdog?

Riverdog: Yes!

Setoma: Can you help us find Alex.

Riverdog: I do not know for sure where he lives; it's somewhere in town.

Setoma: We have no car. We arrived from...

Riverdog: You came from the pillar of light?

Setoma: Yes!

Riverdog: How do I know that you do not wish to harm Alex.

Setoma: We don't want to harm anyone. We are hunted in our dimension. We just want a place to live in peace.

(Riverdog grasps Setoma's hand and closes his eyes...He opens them again and smiles ever so slightly...)

Riverdog: You are like Michael and the others! I believe I can trust you. Go into Roswell to a place called The Crashdown Cafe. The women there can help you locate Alex.

Lotaire: Is it a long way? My mother and sister can't walk very far.

Riverdog: One of mine has a truck. I'll see if he can drive you.

(Riverdog arranges for the family to be driven into Roswell. Upon arrival, they thank the driver and enter the Crashdown. Liz is working...)

Liz: Can I help you?

Setoma: Can you help me find someone named Alex?

Liz: Who are you? And what do you want with him?

Setoma: Devin said to find Alex. He'd be able to help us.

Liz: Are you Setoma?

(Setoma nods.)

Setoma: Yes...and this is my wife, Linka; my son, Lotaire; and my daughter, Whilea.

(Liz thinks to herself, "Wow, Lotaire sure is handsome". "Some girl is gonna love his being here. "Oh wait; he's Czech like Max"! "Ooo...why do they have to be so sexy?")

Liz: You've seen Devin and the others?

Setoma: Just Devin. He came to my dimension.

Liz: Let me call Alex and see if he can come here right away. He's due in to cook tonight so he may still be asleep.

(Liz calls Alex and summons Maria from the back room. Soon they are together. Liz fixes food for Setoma and his family. As they talk, Setoma explains the situation...)

Liz: Since you got formula, that must mean Devin and Michael got in to the compound in Wyoming.

Setoma: Yes, I'm sure they did! But they didn't come to my dimension along with it.

Alex: Why not?

Setoma: I don't know. Possibly they slipped back out of the compound the same way Michael got in.

Liz: I can check on that, maybe.

(Liz grabs a cordless phone and dials Isabel's cell phone number. Alex grabs the phone from her.)

Isabel: (Excited) Hello, Devin?

Alex: No, it's me...Alex.

(Isabel smiles at hearing his voice but becomes immediately worried.)

Isabel: Is everything OK?

Alex: You tell me? Are Michael and Devin with you?

Isabel: No! Michael never came out of the compound after he slipped in there in the dark.

(Long pause...)

Alex: Isabel, I uh...

Isabel: Alex, what...?

Alex: Setoma and his family are here. That means they did get the formula out to them.

Isabel: Great!

Alex: But Michael and Devin didn't go through the portal with it. They still hadn't transferred to the other dimension by the time the professor sent Setoma and his family here.

(Isabel turns pale; she begins to fear for Michael and Devin.)

Isabel: Could they have been captured?

Alex: I guess we don't know.

(Isabel grabs Max' hand and tells him the situation. He looks worried.)

Setoma: Tell them the professor is going to transfer me back tonight. I wouldn't worry unless they haven't shown up there by then. I'll get a message to you one way or the other. Can you take me back out to the cave tonight, Alex?

Alex: Sure! Can do! Isabel, Setoma is going back to his dimension tonight. He'll let us know if Michael and Devin are with the professor then.

Isabel: Why is he going back? He's safe there with you.

Alex: My friend Isabel wonders why you're going back. You're safe here. That's something I wonder too?

Setoma: I feel the need to help free the alien prisoners. I'm going to have the professor send me to the compound. Now that we have formula he can do that.

Alex: It won't help if you get caught. Isabel, I'm going to talk to Setoma for a few minutes. Call if you hear anything.

Isabel: OK! I love you!

Alex: Love you too, Isabel.

(Alex hangs up the phone.)

Alex: Setoma, are you sure what you want to do is wise. What if Michael and Devin have been caught? Your people will be on the lookout for others.

Setoma: We don't know that they have been caught. We just know that, as of the time I left, they hadn't come through the portal.

Alex: We also know they're not with Max and Isabel. That worries me.

Setoma: If they have been caught, then we need to get them out of there along with the rest of the aliens. I do feel like I need to help. Your friends risked a lot to help me. Can you take care of my family?

Alex: I'm not sure what to suggest. If I take them home, my dad will ask too many questions.

Maria: I have so got an idea. I have a key to Michael's apartment. He's obviously not using it right now.

Liz: Brilliant! They can stay there for now. I can get them some food from here and we can check on them from time to time.

Lotaire: I want to go help my dad, but he told me to stay here and help my mom and my sister.

Liz: Do you know how to cook? With Michael gone, we could use some help here. Alex is so busy, it's killing him to try and cover. Besides, dad is asking questions about when Michael is coming back. If we had some extra help, he'd probably forget about it.

Alex: Does that mean I've been burning to many hamburgers?

Liz:, you know we love you...

Lotaire: I have cooked things for myself; and I'm a quick study.

Maria: That might work then. You all can stay at Michael's for now and Lotaire can help the cause by filling in for Michael here.

Alex: Sounds like a win-win.

Maria: Liz?

Liz: Go ahead and take them over to Michael's. I'll cover for you.

Alex: Do you want me to show Lotaire how to work back there?

Liz: That's OK, Alex. I'll have Louise (the other cook) do it.

Alex: I'll go with Maria then and help get them settled.

Setoma: And you will take me out to the cave tonight, right Alex?

Alex: Sure, right after we close here.

Liz: If Lotaire works out, you might be free sooner, Alex.

(Alex and Maria take them to Michael's apartment. Meanwhile, back in Wyoming...)

Michael: What's taking him so long? Either he goes along with us or we're toast. I can't stand waiting like this.

Devin: He'll help us. If he doesn't we can make things quite miserable for him.

Michael: If anyone will believe us. They might conclude that we're framing him to help ourselves.

Devin: I think he wants to pursue his destiny here in our dimension. I don't think he's happy doing what he's doing. I think...

(The door opens. Michael is ready with the sprinkler pipe solution if necessary...)

Bilillia: (Pointing gun again) You two!

(Bilillia closes the door; puts away the gun.)

Michael: You had me worried.

Bilillia: I had to let the guard outside see that.

Devin: So, will you help us?

Bilillia: Tell me what you have in mind?

Michael: No so fast. How do we know you aren't just trying to get information out of us so you can capture our friends too?

Bilillia: I guess you don't. I'm thinking it's time for you two to make a decision. I've made mine.

(Devin and Michael look at each other. Should they trust this man? Does he really want to help them? Does he want freedom in this dimension or is this a trap? Michael steps forward, looks back at Devin and shrugs. He offers his hand to Bilillia who grasps it. Michael tries to read him while they are touching. Michael gets a flash that indicates Bilillia is telling the truth about his wanting to help, but by doing so...)

Bilillia: Oh my're one of them! You're not a genetic experiment from my dimension. You're aliens! If they knew about you, you'd be in here as my prisoners.

Michael: I took a risk right there; but I had to know. I figured if you weren't going to help us we were in trouble anyway.

Bilillia: (Looks at Devin) And you too?

Devin: Let's just say I'm not exactly human.

(Bilillia takes that at face value.)

Michael: So, how do we get you and the aliens out of here.

Bilillia: How many people have you got...other aliens I mean.

Michael: Why does it have to be aliens. We have some human friends ready to help us too.

Bilillia: Here's my thinking. You guys have powers, right?

Michael: Uh...

Bilillia: Come on...I've seen what you people can do. Objects float through the air, electricity goes off. You did do that didn't you?

Michael: I had help.

Bilillia: Exactly! Now look. There are only ten aliens and I to get out. There are 7 guards, 3 maintenance people, and the Colonel. Once a week, there is a meeting of the guards. All of them come except one who stays on duty. If I ask to address the meeting, which I have the authority to do, that means we only have to worry about five other people.

Devin: I'm not sure I follow.

Bilillia: We get the guards all in one room. I start addressing them; then, on some pretext, I excuse myself for a moment. I walk out the door and one of you uses your power to lock the room and keep it sealed. Several others of you do the same thing to the rooms where the others are. I open the electric locks on the aliens' rooms and we all run out. You have some people with vehicles waiting outside the fence line. My people may eventually break free, but who cares? Can you do it? Will it work?

Michael: How many people do we need then. I can do a door.

Bilillia: I'm guessing three, maybe four, depending on where people are on the grounds when we do this.

Devin: How do we time it?

Bilillia: We'll time it to the meeting. The next one is day after tomorrow.

Michael: This might work, but we have to let the others know somehow. We'll have to devise a way to get them in here. That means getting a message to people in both dimensions.

Devin: I've still got my phone, but the batteries are about gone.

(Pulls out phone.)

Devin: And in here, there is no signal. It worked from the other building.

Bilillia: This building is very thick. That's why we use it to keep our guests here.

Michael: So, can you let us out of here?

Bilillia: Not without creating suspicion! Remember, you're the ones who set up the "I'm guarding you" scenario.

Bilillia: As for the people in this dimension, I have an idea for getting them in here. There is a supply truck that comes in here once a week. It's green and it says Carpenter Supply on the side. It will be here tomorrow. If your people could slip inside it, they could get into he compound. Unless I miss my guess, your friends could cause it malfunction on the way in here and climb inside it while it's stopped. If they hide in the old greenhouse they'd be safe. Hardly anyone goes in there and even if they do, it's usually only to check the water system. The whole back end is unused.

Michael: You sure seem to know a lot about what we can do.

Bilillia: I worked as a guard at the old alien village in the other dimension before most of the inhabitants died. I know what some of your powers are.

Devin: How to tell our people outside what to do and when is one problem. The other is getting word to the other dimension.

Bilillia: Give me your phone. I'll call your people here from outside.

Michael: They won't believe you. It would have to come from us.

Devin: Michael! Can you connect with Max or Isabel?

Michael: If they're close enough, maybe!

Devin: That would solve it. And by now, if Setoma got the formula, he should be in this dimension with our friends back home. If Max could get to Alex, maybe they could arrange with the professor to transport Setoma dimensionally from the portal there to the one here. If he were to come into the portal building from the other dimension, he could distract the guards there and lock them in. It would be a complete surprise.

Bilillia: Did you say Setoma? He's working with you? Our whole department is looking for him.

Devin: Forget I said that!

Michael: Yes! Forget he said that, OK?

Bilillia: Right! Setoma who?

(Michael concentrates on connecting with Max and Isabel. He's having trouble doing it for some reason.)

Michael: They're not that far away. I should be able to do this. Isabel connected with Alex hundreds of miles away. It did take all of us to make it work though., never mind. You can't help.

Devin: I'll do whatever?

Michael: I'm sure it won't help but hold my hand, will you.

Devin: Sure!

(Devin and Michael clasp hands as Michael concentrates. Unbelievably, he's connected with Isabel. Michael thinks to himself, "there is no way Devin could be helping with there?" Michael outlines the plan to Isabel who briefs Max. Max and Isabel contact Alex via telephone. They want him to tell Setoma the situation and about the plan to get everyone out. Since Setoma is with Alex, that is easily accomplished. Setoma will have the professor transport him into the compound day after tomorrow. Michael tells Max to tell Alex to tell Setoma that Devin wants him to know about the couch to hide behind. [Got that?] Finally, the whole complicated plan is in place and Michael tells Devin and Bilillia things are ready to go.)

Bilillia: I better get to my other duties as if nothing is wrong. I'll check back tomorrow and see if your friends got in.

Michael: Thank you...thank you for what you're doing.

(Bilillia leaves them alone.)

Devin: Michael? If this works, can we attribute it to "clean living"?

Michael: Of course!

(Is everyone clear on the plan? We see if we can get this episode rerun if you're not. Assuming you are, you'll want to come back next time for sure. Stay tuned now as the B.S. Network brings you a Hollywood profile. The story of one persons' reaction to the actor Jason Behr's ears: "Gross Points")

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