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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 24
by John
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(In the portal room, Devin and Michael have been discovered. Devin looks at Michael and mouths the words "clean living, huh?" Michael scowls.)

(Guard 1: (Gun pointed) I asked you a question. What are you doing here?

Michael: I...uh...

Devin: We were sent here to be guarded.

Guard 1: What do you mean, guarded? And am I seeing double? Except for the hair, you two look identical.

Devin: We're a genetic experiment. I'm a clone of him. They needed us to be someplace where we could be under guard so they sent us here. We're supposed to find someone named Bilillia.

Guard 2: He the chief guard at building three. He knows about you?

Devin: He's supposed to.

Guard 1: (To other guard) Stay here and guard these two. I'll go find Bilillia. Maybe I better find the Colonel too.

Guard 2: Find Bilillia first. No need to bother the Colonel if this guy's telling the truth. I'm sure he's busy investigating the power failure.

(The guard goes out and returns shortly with Bilillia.)

Guard 1: This guy says you are supposed to be guarding him and his friend.

Bilillia: I...uh...

Guard 2: He says you know about them? One of 'em is a genetic experiment... a clone. That's why they look alike.

(Michael and Devin stare at Bilillia, nodding as if he should know about them...)

Bilillia: I'll take them to building three with me. There are a couple of unused rooms I can put them in.

Guard 2: If they're what they say they are, you won't want to let them near the a...

Bilillia: That's enough. Don't say any more. Come with me gentlemen.

(Bilillia leads Michael and Devin away at gunpoint.)

Guard 1: Something's really odd! The life form sensor only registered four people, even with Bilillia here.

Guard 2: The clone must not register.

Guard 1: That's interesting. It might explain the pillow on the stairs.

Guard 2: You think maybe?

Guard 1: I'd certainly like to ask that "clone" some questions.

(Shortly, at building three, Bilillia is still pointing his gun at Devin and Michael...)

Bilillia: Now, would you two care to tell me what you are doing here? You put me in an awkward position. If I had said I didn't know anything about you, which I don't, they would have wondered how you knew me. I could have been in trouble. Did you come from my di...I mean did the General send you here?

Devin: If you mean did I come from your original dimension, the answer is yes.

Bilillia: I wasn't sure if you somehow came in here from this dimension to spy on us.

Michael: Where are the aliens you're guarding?

Bilillia: You know about that?

Devin: We know lots of things. Like maybe you'd like to choose your own destiny, the way people do in this dimension.

Bilillia: The idea is intriguing.

Michael: We think so too. We also think what is being done to the aliens is wrong. If they were asked, they'd probably donate their blood to help cure diseases; but holding them in captivity and forcing them to give as much blood as they are compelled to, we disagree with.

Bilillia: I almost agree with you. The aliens seem harmless enough to me...except for their powers. But I'm a soldier. I have to follow orders.

Michael: (He picks up on where Devin is going with this.) Suppose we help you escape into this dimension. We have ways of getting new names and identification materials. (Michael thinks to himself: " I don't know what ways, but it sounds good.")

Bilillia: So you're here to free the aliens? How did you ever get transport? And are you (looks at Devin) really a clone of him?

Devin: I can't say anything more about that.

Bilillia: (Shakes gun at them.) I don't think you have much latitude in what you can or can't say. In case you haven't noticed, I have the gun.

Devin: But I think your Colonel would be very interested in knowing about that radio device you listen to.

Bilillia: How do you know about that. I've only told one person about it. He promised he wouldn't...

Michael: So, are you with us? We know a lot about this dimension. It's really quite OK.

Bilillia: So you want me to help you free the aliens into this dimension and, in return, I get to go with them. Is that the idea?

Devin: Sounds like a plan to me.

Bilillia: And we three are supposed to accomplish this by ourselves?

Michael: We have other friends. Friends in both dimensions.

Bilillia: You communicate with others in this dimension? That is forbidden.

Devin: So is listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Bilillia: You do seem to have me at a disadvantage. (Lowers the gun. Pauses. Looks contemplative.) The fact is, I wouldn't mind a chance to choose my destiny. And, like I said, I kind of agree with you about the aliens.

Devin: Can we trust him, Michael?

Bilillia: Michael? That sounds like a name from this dimension.

Michael: What's in a name? And I think we have to trust him, Devin. Like he said, he has the gun. He could either be a real hero or be in a lot of trouble by turning us in. It's something he's going to have to decide. But, when they discover that there is formula missing....

Bilillia: What?

Devin: How did you think we were going to get help from your dimension?

Bilillia: This is going to have to happen pretty fast then...

Michael: Not unless they look in the safe.

Bilillia: You took it from here? And sent it back? There must be a traitor in the labs. It has to be one of the portal operators.

Devin: He's not really a traitor. He just thinks like we do regarding the cruel treatment of the few remaining members of the alien population.

Bilillia: We treat them OK.

Michael: If you call draining their blood every other day OK.

Bilillia: Well, it keeps them in a weakened state so they can't use their powers to try and escape. It does affect their sex drive though.

Devin: Sex drive?

Bilillia: Ah ha! There is something you don't know. There are only four alien couples left, and two unmarried teenagers. Our government wants more healthy ones of their race created so they can produce more blood. We make them have sex at least once a day. One woman finally did get pregnant. I've told the Colonel, if they were healthier they might have better luck reproducing. What we do is a lot like in our dimension when they make people in certain gene pools reproduce.

Michael: All the more reason to free them. Having kids should be matter of choice.

Bilillia: Is it a choice in this dimension?

Michael: Basically, yes! Some countries have limits on children.

Bilillia: So it's not all sweetness here.

Michael: In the United States and most of the other democracies it's pretty good.

Devin: We have our problems.

Bilillia: We? So you're from this dimension?

Devin: I think we've said enough. You either need to help us or turn us in.

Bilillia: I need time to think about this. You two stay in here. We'll bring food and water for you. A guard will be outside. I let you know my decision.

(Bilillia leaves Devin and Michael locked in a room in building three; the building where they are sure the aliens are being held.)

Michael: You sure took a gamble with him.

Devin: Did you have a better idea? You seemed to jump in and offer him a deal.

Michael: Wasn't that what you were going to do?

Devin: Yes, but only if you agreed with me.

Michael: Obviously I do. But we need to be prepared in case he doesn't go along.

Devin: Meaning?

Michael: See that sprinkler pipe?

Devin: Yes!

(Michael uses his powers to loosen the mounts right where the pipe runs above the door.)

Michael: If he comes back and says he's going to turn us in, all I'll need to do is give one more little shot of power to that joint and the pipe will come down and hit him. When it does, we run. I can stun the guard outside, I think.

Devin: Let's hope it doesn't come to that. It'll be easier with Bilillia's help.

Michael: I'm concerned about the Max and Isabel. They'll be worried.

Devin: Aren't you just a little worried too? I am!

Michael: I wasn't sure you knew how to worry.

Devin: More than you'll ever know, Michael. More than you'll ever know.

(Meanwhile, in the other dimension...)

Setoma: We better not wait any longer professor. They didn't come through and if something's wrong...

Professor Jelaned: I agree. If there is trouble, the General will put a stop to all transport; even my supposed scientific experiments to determine the effects of the other dimension on various objects.

Setoma: I want you to transport my wife and kids to the cave in the other dimension where we first made contact. As for me, I want to go to the compound to help Devin and his friends free the captives. I'll stay here a little longer and see if Devin comes back.

Linka: Please! Come with us, dear. That's what we've been talking about since we came here. We can all go now, thanks to Devin and the others.

Setoma: I don't feel right not helping them to free other members of my race. Lotaire, you need to help your mother and sister. Devin said you should find one called Riverdog who lives near the cave. Tell him you are a friend of Alex and Michael and Devin. Have him help you find Alex. Alex will know what to do for you.

Lotaire: I should come with you, help free the people.

Setoma: (Surprised at the change in attitude towards aliens...) No, son! You need to make sure your mother and sister are safe in the new dimension. There will be much to do. I'll find you as soon as I can.

Linka: Setoma honey; I'm afraid if they catch you, you'll become a prisoner and we'll be all alone in a new dimension. Please come with us.

Professor Jelaned: Why don't you go with them for a short time; then I'll bring you back tomorrow. We're running out of time to do anything else before daybreak anyway.

Linka: Please, dear. I'm scared!

Setoma: All right professor. Send us all, but I'll be in the portal at 2:00AM tomorrow to come back.

Professor Jelaned: OK, but we don't have enough formula for you to make too many transfers. You'll have to take some with you, of course. There's probably enough to get you back here and then into the compound, but that would be about it. I need to save enough for myself, just in case I'm found out. That means you'll either have to get more formula or figure out a way to leave from the compound for your life in the new dimension.

Setoma: I understand.

Professor Jelaned: Has it been twenty minutes since you all drank formula?

Setoma: Yes, professor!

Professor Jelaned: Then if you're ready, I'll activate now.

(The professor sends Setoma and his family to the cave. A minute or so later...)

Lotaire: (Surprised) That's it? We're here?

Setoma: I guess so.

Lotaire: I was expecting flashes or stars or something.

Setoma: I guess they have this dimensional transfer down to a science. It's still very early. Perhaps we should rest until daybreak, then go find this Riverdog person.

(While they're resting, this is a good place to end this episode. The B.S. Network director is anxious to put on some other program. I guess he's not really a fan of ours. If we run even thirty seconds overtime, he has a cow. Since we all know the quality of the other programs on this network, I don't quite understand the urgency. What can I say...except to tell you to stay tuned for tonight's nostalgic movie presentation, "U-turn 571". It's sure to take you back.)

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