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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 26
by John
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(If this plan is going to work, help is needed...)

Max: (on phone) Alex...we need help...specifically we need drivers and some kind of a pit crew. Do you think if you drove all night...

Alex: We'd have to lead foot it as well as drive all night to get there before you have to meet the truck. My car isn't exactly noted for its speed. Maybe if I brought Liz and we took turns driving...

Max: Could Maria get her mom's car? I hate involving you guys, but I don't know what else to do. We're gonna need two more cars beside the Jeep. With Michael, Devin and the guard we have 13 people to get out of there and we can't exactly have just anybody do this.

Alex: Hey! Devin's Cherokee is here. I wonder if he mind...

Max: He's stuck in there with Michael. I don't think he'd mind one bit and it'll hold more people anyway.

Alex: I'd prefer to have his OK. When we get stopped for speeding, I wouldn't want to be driving a hot car.

Max: Isabel and I can try to connect with Michael. Devin's with him. Maybe I can make sure he's cool with it.

Alex: Do that and get back to me. I'll call Liz and tell her she's got to get away somehow. I've got another problem in that my dad is asking about Devin. I don't think the "he's staying at Michael's" line is going to fly much longer. Obviously Liz and I have some stories to dream up if we're gonna split, so I better get to her straightway.

Max: I've got an idea. Tell your dad that I asked you and Devin to come with me to check on our family's cabin up north. It'll take a day or two. My dad wanted someone to go up there anyway just to check on it before winter. Maybe he can verify that need if necessary.

Alex: You want me to tell your dad that's where we're going?

Max: No! Tell my dad the truth. Tell him that you and Liz need an excuse to leave town. Let him know that you are coming here to help us, and what you're telling your father. Maybe we can even stop at the cabin on the way back and check on it so it won't be a total fabrication. It's kind of on the way back anyway. Dad won't like it, but he'll go along. You promised to keep he and my mom informed about what's happening anyway.

Alex: Got it. Go check with Michael while I call Liz.

Max: OK!

(Alex calls Liz to tell her they have to leave right away and ask her if she's ever driven a Cherokee? She says she'll dream up something to tell her mother and no she hasn't, but it can't be that hard. Isabel connects with Michael again. He and Devin are still OK, but can't really do anything from where they are being held. Devin says, " by all means use the Jeep". Liz decides not tell Maria she and Alex are leaving, but...)

(Scene: The Crashdown)

Maria: OK Liz? Something's up!

Liz: Why do you say that?

Maria: Because your eyes give you away every time. You've got that "I'm gonna see Max look". That either means he's on his way back or you're going up to where he is.

Liz: It's that obvious, huh?

Maria: Did you talk to him?

Liz: Alex did.

Maria: (Pauses, waits for more...) You are so driving me nuts. Info! I need info. What's going on? Is Michael OK?

Liz: Well, umm...Michael and Devin did indeed get caught. They are being held inside the compound run by the people from the other dimension.

Maria: (Panicked) Michael? My Michael? He's a prisoner?

Liz: I'm afraid...

Maria: And if they find out he's...that he's Czech...Oh My God, Liz. He's being held by those blood-sucking vampires. How could you not tell me?

Liz: Because of how you're reacting. There isn't much you can do for him from here.

Maria: You're going to Wyoming aren't you?

Liz: Alex and I...

Maria: And're not leaving me here! Not with Michael in trouble! And you say they have Devin too?

Liz: As you know, they both got in and got the formula out to Setoma and his family, but they didn't get back out themselves.

Maria: What if they do medical exams on them? Michael the alien and Devin the android! They'll never let them go!

Liz: Max has a plan to get them out. And the other aliens too. He asked for our help.

Maria: When do we leave?

Liz: Alex is coming here within the hour.

Maria: My oils? Where are my oils? Oh man! I'm going to hyperventilate.

Liz: Calm down, Maria! I guess there's no way you're not coming. But what are you going to tell your mom?

Maria: What are you telling yours?

Liz: I told her Max has an emergency and needs my help.

Maria: And she's letting you run off, just like that?

Liz: I told her I was going no matter what she said. I guess I sounded so panicked that she didn't know what to say. Besides, I'm going with Alex. She trusts him.

Maria: If I just go, my mom will come looking for me. Your mom can tell her what we're doing.

Liz: We'll have some explaining to do when we get back, but we have to go.

(Alex comes in.)

Alex: (Looks at Liz, then Maria.) So?

Liz: She knows, Alex. There's no way she's not coming with us.

Alex: Whatever! Another driver will help. She can spell us both from time to time.

Liz: I'm not riding with her driving in her present state.

Maria: I'm OK now, Liz. I was just panicked for the guys. But you say Max does have a way to get them out?

Alex: I'll tell you both about it on the way. Let's go! We need to drop Setoma off at the cave so the professor can transport him to the compound.

(As they head out in the two vehicles, Alex explains the plan to Maria and Setoma explains the plan to Liz. Setoma, being only half alien and not accustomed to using his powers much, is practicing locking and unlocking the Cherokee doors. He's pretty sure he can do the lock down at the portal building. Michael can handle the area where he and Devin are being held. That means Max and Isabel will have to somehow secure the Colonel and his assistant as well as the rest of the Dimensioners. Liz drops Setoma off at the cave, trusting that the professor will retrieve him tonight. Max and Isabel continue to survey the outside of the compound to determine the best location for bringing people out vs. where the vehicles can park and not be seen. While concerned for Michael and Devin, they decide it's best to stay aways away so their vehicle isn't noticed.)

Isabel: So, tomorrow we get ourselves a ride on the supply truck.

Max: Yes! We better come out here early and stake out the road since we don't know what time it comes.

Isabel: Then we have to hide in the old greenhouse for a day.

Max: That's what Michael said. The guard's meeting isn't until tomorrow.

Isabel: Is Alex on the way?

Max: I hope so. It'll be tight as to whether he gets here before the truck comes. I'd like to talk to him before we go in. It would be better if we didn't have to just leave the Jeep and hope he finds it.

Isabel: Not to mention getting a hug from Liz.

Max: Hopefully more than a hug.

Isabel: That was a figure of speech.

Max: I figured as much.

Isabel: Arrgh! Now you sound like Alex.

Max: I doubt you'd mind getting a hug from Alex to send you on your way either.

Isabel: Hopefully more than a hug.

Max: Touché!

Isabel: Max, what are we going to do with these people when we free them into our dimension? They'll have no ID's, no money, no where to go.

Max: Good point. Let's make some copies of our Social Security cards and drivers licenses. We can change the names, pictures and numbers as soon as we know what to change them to.

Isabel: We ought to find an ATM and get some money to give them too.

Max: How much money have we got between us?

Isabel: I've still got the money Grandma Evans gave me for school clothes. Along with what I already had, I've got maybe four hundred in the bank.

Max: I've probably got three hundred or so. That's a start.

Isabel: Where do we take the people when they come out?

Max: Maybe we can take them to the cabin until we figure something else out. I told Alex to tell dad we'd try to check on it on the way back anyway.

Isabel: Ten people in dad's cabin?

Max: It'll be tight, but hopefully it will only be for a little while. I just know we better get them away from here. Who knows what the Dimensioners will do when they discover they're gone?

Isabel: What can they do? They have rules against contacting people from our dimension.

Max: Rules are meant to be broken. Goodness knows the professor does it.

Isabel: The professor doesn't like his government and he feels a need to help Setoma.

Max: Speaking of Setoma, I hope he can take care of the portal building.

Isabel: How are we going to know if he's even there. If I'd ever met him, maybe I could connect with him, but since I've never seen him...

Max: We'll just have to assume the professor will get him through the portal. We don't have enough help without him. I have an idea we'll sense him as one of our kind when we see him.

Isabel: I truly hope so!

(Time passes quickly. As it has a way of doing, day turned to night and then to morning. Professor Jelaned did indeed transport Setoma back to his home dimension. Setoma has enough formula for one more dimensional trip. He'll hide in the lab until tonight; then have the professor send him into the portal building. Alex and company are at the Wyoming state line. After speaking with them via cell phone and giving them directions, Isabel and Max are leaving to go stake out the road for the arrival of the supply truck. Hopefully Alex will find them before the truck comes. It looks like things are falling into place. So far, Bilillia has managed to keep everyone else away from Michael and Devin. In their solitude, Michael and Devin wax philanthropic...)

Devin: What are the odds, Michael?

Michael: Odds?

Devin: Of our getting ourselves and the others out of here.

Michael: No odds! I'm assuming we'll do it! I don't want to think of the consequences of failure. I just want this to be over. I miss Maria and, believe it or not, I'm even missing Roswell.

Devin: I am too. I just have a kind of empty feeling. I'll bet Anna is wondering what happened to me.

Michael: Oh Devin! You and Anna! Don't take this wrong. I appreciate all you've done for us. You've shown that you can do most anything a human can do. When you were holding my hand during the connection, I thought I felt something almost alive in you. But, when it comes to Anna, I haven't changed my mind about what I think you should do.

Devin: Which is?

Michael: That you need to rethink being with her. You can still cut her loose without revealing what you are to her. She'll be hurt, but it will just be because she'll think you jilted her. If you go much further, you're going to have to tell her about yourself and that will be worse. Think about it, Devin. Put yourself in her place. She's investing a lot of time and emotion in you. After all she's given, if she finds out you're not human, what will that do to her? Will she feel used? Will she feel embarrassed for not realizing it?

Devin: It didn't seem to bother Maria when she found out what you are.

Michael: I don't mean this to sound crass, but I'm a lot closer to human than you can ever be. It's just a physical reality. Even if you can simulate human emotions, physiology is an important part of human and even alien relationships.

Devin: I know. You remember the other day when you asked me if I could worry? When I said, "more than you'll ever know", it was Anna I was worrying about. I've been going the rounds with myself on this for weeks. I almost told her about me the other day, but I just couldn't do it. I keep thinking, "she likes me and I like her". We have fun together. We relate together. We learn together. We like the same things. What's so wrong with our having a relationship if we both enjoy it?

Michael: But what about the long term, Devin? There are things you can't give her. Humans expect a physical relationship with their mates. Most women want kids. What about an eternal bond? You probably don't even age. If you really love her, you'll let her move on and get those things from someone else.

Devin: I can give her most things. We could adopt children. Look at Diane and Phil Evans. They did OK! And no one knows how long anyone will be alive. I'm sure I can "age" my appearance like anyone else. I've enjoyed, and I think so has she, what limited physical contact we've had.

Michael: I can only tell you my opinion, Devin. But I do agree with Liz now. You are a sentient individual and you've earned the right to run your own life. I just hate to see you inflict hurt on another. If you do, you'll feel as bad as they will. I know! Been there; done that!

Devin: How do you know Anna would be hurt if she knew the truth about me. She might accept me the way Maria accepted you.

Michael: She might; but I don't see it. I think you dream of that because you want it so badly. At very least, if you're going to stay with her, tell her the truth. Let her decide.

Devin: What if someone had given you that advice a few months ago?

Michael: Hmmm? I've said all I'm going to say on the subject. Just think about it, will you? For now, let's concentrate on making any decision like that relevant.

Devin: In other words, let's figure out how were gonna get the hell outta here!

Michael: You got it, Bro!

(Well, Michael actually seems to be genuinely concerned for Devin. He even used the colloquial "brother". Amazing! What will be even more amazing is if this "operation escape" comes off as planned. The next episode will be the make it or break it for our friends. Don't miss it if you can. And now stay tuned as the B.S. Network presents a special documentary exploring all the exciting features of the world's largest Laundromat: "Rinse and Spin City"!)

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