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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 21
by John
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(Previously on "Check Your Dimensions"; Max, Isabel, and Michael were following a homing beacon designed by Alex and activated by Devin. It was supposed to lead them to the Wyoming compound where Devin is waiting, he having been transported there by Professor Jelaned. What they don't know is what's really going on inside the mysterious compound run by people from the other dimension.)

Isabel: How will we get in if we can't talk to Devin? Maybe we should try drying out the cell phone. Maybe it will work again.

Michael: I say we just follow the homing device. We'll find a way in.

Isabel: But a way into what?

(As the three are following the beacon, Devin is worried because he has not been able to contact them to explain about the compound and what's really going on there. Their cell phone got wet during the rainstorm and isn't working right. Devin needs to somehow get a message to them so that they're aware of everything they are heading into. As Devin is trying to decide what to do, he's wishing there were a way he could connect with them the way he knows they sometimes do with each other. Suddenly, he gets an idea and quickly dials his phone...)

Alex: (Back in Roswell) Hello?

Devin: (Whispers) Alex, this is Devin.

Alex: Devin! It's the middle of the night. Where are you? What's going on?

Devin: I'm inside the Dimensioner's compound in Wyoming. I've turned on the beacon, but I need to get information to Max and the others before they get here. There's more going on here than we thought. It could be very dangerous for them.

Alex: Why don't you call their cell phone?

Devin: I tried. I could hear Isabel answer, but for some reason she couldn't hear me. Alex, I know you and Isabel connect sometimes. Can you connect with her from there?

Alex: I doubt it's possible over such a long distance. I've never tried it from so far away. I'd been hoping for a dream connection with her since they left, but even that hasn't happened.

Devin: You need to try. It could be a matter of freedom for them. They need to know what's happening.

(Devin fills Alex in on all he has discovered about the Dimensioner's compound, the other aliens, the blood transfers, Setoma's situation and Professor Jelaned.)

Alex: Wow! There's more going on than we ever imagined. You're right. They have to know before they risk trying to get to where you are. You're being careful yourself, aren't you?

Devin: Yes! But I better not stay on the phone any longer. Someone might trace the signal and I need to save the batteries. If you somehow get to them, tell them I'm going to try to figure out what building I'm in. It's definitely the one with the safe containing the formula, but in order to see outside, I've got to figure out a way to use the stairs without the guards seeing me on their security cameras. I'll try to call you back and see if you somehow got through to them. If they pick up the homing signal, it won't take them long to get here and I'm afraid they'll try something they shouldn't. Under the circumstances, if they still want to go through with this, I suggest only Michael or Max try to join me. Under no circumstances should they all try to get in here.

Alex: I understand, Devin. I will try to connect with Isabel, but I really don't think it can work. I'm only human, you know. My connecting power is limited.

Devin: Give it your best shot, man. They really need to know.

Alex: I will. Call me back in an hour.

Devin: I will if I can. But don't panic if I don't. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm in trouble; I may just have to be careful about when I call.

Alex: Good luck!

(Alex hangs up the phone and lies down on his bed. Looking at a picture of himself and Isabel taken on their California trip, he concentrates on making a connection. At the same time, back in Wyoming...)

Isabel: Max, Michael! Was either of you trying to connect with me?

Max: No! Why would I do that when you're right here and I can talk to you?

Michael: I wasn't trying either.

Isabel: I felt someone probing my mind. There it is again.

(Isabel concentrates...)

Isabel: It's Alex!

Michael: Alex? He's in Roswell. I know that sometimes he's able to connect with us if we're close by. I've never understood why he can do that since he's human, but even so, there's no way at this distance he could connect with you. I don't think even Max or I could do it.

Isabel: I can't read him, but I tell you, I feel his presence. I would recognize the feeling I get from him anywhere. I also know what you and Max feel like when you connect with me. Each of you is different. I tell you, Alex is trying to contact me.

Max: He has our cell number. Why wouldn't he just call?

Isabel: Maybe the call we got was he and not Devin. I don't know. I just know I feel him.

(Isabel tries to concentrate on Alex, hoping she can connect to him.)

Max: Are you trying to respond to him?

Isabel: Yes...but I can't read him. Michael, maybe we should go back to town so I can call him from a pay phone.

Michael: We need to follow the beacon. Alex said he didn't know if the dimensional portal would affect the batteries. It might quit soon and we need to be sure where it is. You can talk to your boyfriend later.

Isabel: I don't think Alex would try connecting with me unless something was wrong. I'm sure he'd think he couldn't do it over such a long distance.

Max: Calm down, Isabel. Maybe it's just that you're missing him. I sure miss Liz.

Isabel: (Exasperated) You two...I...oh, never mind. Just go on!

(Back in Roswell, Alex calls Liz and Maria. It's the middle of the night, but the urgency in Alex voice leads them to quickly show up at Alex' home. Liz and Maria throw pebbles at Alex' window and he let's them in. He isn't sure if he should tell them everything Devin told him because he doesn't want to worry them, but after a few minutes...)

Liz: Alex! What's wrong? Why did you get us up in the middle of the night? Have you heard from Max? Is everything OK?

Alex: No! I haven't heard from Max, but I did hear from Devin.

Maria: And...

(Alex fills them in on the situation...)

Liz: I wonder if we need to go up there...if there's anything we can do. Now I'm really afraid for them.

Alex: There's nothing we could do up there, but somehow they have to be told what's going on before they try to get into the compound.

Maria: And their phone is broken?

Alex: That's what Devin said. He told me he could hear Isabel answer but she couldn't hear him.

Liz: It would be a disaster if they got caught, especially if the people running the compound found out they were aliens. They've got to be told what they're up against. It's not just getting some formula to help a cross-dimensional being any more. They could wind up as prisoners having their blood drained every day. I don't even want to think about it.

Alex: I was trying to connect with Isabel. I didn't think I could do it over such a long distance, but when I tried a few minutes ago I swear I felt her. We couldn't communicate, but I know the feeling I get when I connect with her. I'm sure she was there. (pause) That's why I asked you to come here. This may seem silly, but you remember how we've strengthened each other in the past. We've all been exposed to the balance rocks. I need more power. Hold my hands...both of you.

(Maria and Liz join hands with Alex as he concentrates on the picture and thinks of Isabel...)

Isabel: (Back in Wyoming) Michael! Stop the car, please.

Michael: Why? What now?

Isabel: Just do it!

(Michael pulls off to the side of the road. Isabel closes her eyes and concentrates...

Isabel: It's Alex. Much stronger! I can almost read him. I feel...I sense to me!

Alex: (In Roswell) I feel her. Much stronger this time. Oh Isabel...can you understand me. The compound is very dangerous.

Isabel: I got something about dangerous. Max, Michael! Hold my hands.

(Max and Michael grasp Isabel's hands. As the two groups of three hold hands and concentrate, the extra strength coming from Max and Michael on the Wyoming end and from Liz, and Maria on the Roswell end make the connection between Alex and Isabel work...)

*Isabel: Alex, honey. I'm getting you.

*Alex: Isabel! Thank God! You need to know something...

(Alex silently tells her the information he got from Devin.)

*Alex: (silent) I don't know if you still want to risk this.

*Isabel: I need to talk to Max and Michael. We'll decide. I'm grateful for the warning and for you giving us the rest of the story.

*Alex: Good day!

*Isabel: Awck! At least now I'm sure it's you!

*Alex: Sorry!

*Isabel: You should be.

*Alex: Please be extremely careful. If you get to a phone, call me. This connection won't work without Liz and Maria to help me.

*Isabel: I've got Max and Michael boosting things on this end too.

*Alex: I know. I feel them. Devin is going to call me back in an least he's going to try to. One way or the other I'll get you the information from him on where he is and how you get in. I know you would have been careful before, but it's even more imperative now.

*Isabel: We understand. Thank you...and thank Liz and Maria too. I love you.

*Alex: I love you too.

Isabel: Max, Michael! Alex said...

Max: I read him. This is far more complicated than we thought.

Isabel: Do we go through with it?

Michael: We promised Setoma we'd help. And it sounds like there's some members of our race that need some help too. I don't think we have a choice. If we succeed, not only can we feel good about helping to free people from essential slavery; maybe they can tell us more about our heritage.

Max: Isabel, you don't need to get involved. In fact, it's probably safer if you don't.

Isabel: I can hold my own, Max. And I don't catch things on fire when using my powers. You need my help.

(Michael glares at her.)

Michael: As soon as we find out where Devin is, let me sneak in and open the safe for him. Safes and door locks I'm good at. As soon as we get it, Professor Jelaned can transport the formula. That's step one. Step two will be deciding how we can help the prisoners. Alex did say Devin told him Setoma is anxious to help the aliens in the compound as well. I'm assuming Setoma has powers. If we can get him over here, maybe the four of us can figure out a way to do step two.

Max: Alex will get back to us, I guess. Maybe we should head back to our motel and find a phone. The connection worked, goodness knows how, but it's shaky at best. I'd feel better talking to him in the normal manner. We could give Alex a number to give to Devin so that Devin could call us directly. Going through Roswell is not very efficient, besides probably causing extra worry to Liz, Alex and Maria. At this point, I think we need to plan our moves very carefully.

(Michael heads back toward town.)

Michael: This does change things a bit Maxwell. I agree we better slow down. But we can't wait very long. There's always the chance that Devin might get caught and that would complicate things even more. It really surprises me that he went through with being transported into there after finding out what he did. He has no reason or obligation to help us.

Isabel: I'm sure he thinks he does. If you think about it, we're his family. I see pieces of all six of us in him. Whatever happened to make him sentient instead of just responding to stimuli with pre-programmed responses also allowed him to absorb a little from each of us. Frankly, I'd have been surprised if he hadn't gone through with it.

Max: We owe it to him to try to protect him.

(After a few minutes of silent contemplation, Max, Isabel and Michael arrive back at their motel. Isabel dials a phone that works.)

Alex: Hello!

Isabel: Hi! It's me. We decided we better head for a phone.

Alex: What happened to your cell?

Isabel: That's a long story. It got water in it so it doesn't work.

Alex: Dry it out. It might start working again. Use the hair blower at your motel. Be careful not to get it too hot though.

Isabel: I'll do that. Listen! If you hear from Devin again, give him this number. 307-257-1236, room 17. We'll hang here for a little while.

(After giving Alex the number at the motel and they exchange some other pleasantries, Max asks if Liz is still there.)

Alex: She and Maria went back home, but tell Max Liz says she loves him and Maria says to tell Michael to think of her before he does anything crazy. She's thinking about him.

(Ask they speak, Alex hears a call-waiting click.)

Alex: Hang on! This may be Devin.

(So sorry, folks! It would appear our time is up for today. Is that Devin on the phone? How will he avoid being detected by the guards? How will Michael get into the compound? Will they be able to get to the formula? How can they help the alien captives? I certainly hope we don't get cancelled by the B.S. Network before we can get all this sorted out. They say our demographics are not he best. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but maybe you should send Mrs. Zoombash (the owner of the network) some Tabasco Sauce with a note that you love the "We Six" and that they need more airtime. Stay tuned now as the Balance Statements Network presents a comedy special featuring the best (sic) of Alex Whitman's jokes. "Groan-Ups")

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