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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 22
by John
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Alex: Hello?

Devin: Hi. Any luck?

Alex: ' fact...

(Alex conferences the calls...)

Alex: Isabel is on the line with us now I think.

Isabel: Hi, Devin.

Devin: Alex told you everything?

Isabel: Yes!

Devin: Are you sure you still want to try to get somebody in here?

Isabel: Yes, we do. Here, talk to Max.

(Hands phone to Max.)

Devin: Max! We've maybe got another hour before daybreak. When people start moving around here, it's going to be hard to hide. At the same time, I do need to get out of this building long enough to figure out where I am. I think I'll try to distract the guards and do that, but I doubt I'll have the time to talk one of you in. I'll need to get back to the portal so Professor Jelaned can transport me back to his dimension.

Max: The batteries in the homing device may run out soon. We need to find you before they do.

Devin: Have you heard it?

Max: Yes! We were following it when Alex connected with Isabel. That was good thinking Devin, getting Alex to contact us.

Devin: The professor can only transport me during the night. It's too dangerous for him to try it during the day when others are around. Like I said, if I'm not at the portal when he checks it in about an hour, I'll have to hide here until tomorrow night. If you want, I could go turn off the beacon and save its batteries. I'll go back to the professor and Setoma for one more day and have him send me here again tomorrow. We could try again tomorrow night.

Max: I think we better do that. It will give us a fresh start and plenty of time to work with. We think we know about where you are. We'll go drive around later today and scope the area.

Devin: Since I do have a little time before the professor looks for me, I have an idea about getting past the guards. I'll go work on that. If I can, I'll call you just before I transport.

Max: Thanks, Devin.

Alex: You guys, please be careful! Call me and let me know what's going on, OK?

Max: We will if we can Alex. And thanks for contacting us. It's much better that we know the whole situation.

Alex: Talk to you later.

(Max, Isabel and Michael decide they may as well go back to bed for awhile. Alex heads back to bed too, hoping for a dream connection with Isabel. As Devin mentioned to Max on the phone, he has a little time before the professor looks for him. He decides to try something. Venturing down the hall, he finds the same couch with the same pillow that he used to confound the guards once before. As he did on an earlier visit to the compound, he takes the pillow and quickly throws it down the stairs...)

Guard 1: Did you hear something?

Guard 2: I was half-asleep.

Guard 1: It came from the stairwell.

Guard 2: If there's a pillow on the stairs again, I'm going to...

Guard 1: Going to what?

Guard 2: Start working with Bilillia to get out of here.

Guard 1: Is he still talking crazy?

Guard 2: If the way he talks is the way it is in this dimension, he may be on to something.

Guard 1: Well, you better go find him.

Guard 2: Don't tell me...

Guard 1: Yes...the pillow is on the stairs again.

Guard 2: There can't be anyone up there. I've been here for hours and no one's even come in the front door, much less gone upstairs.

Guard 1: Nevertheless, bring the life form sensor.

(The guards climb the stairs to the third floor and begin to search as Devin hides behind the couch. As soon as they enter a room at the far end of the hall, Devin slips down the stairs and outside the building. Surveying the scene (just like in First Aid class), he notes four buildings. The one he's been inside is middle size and is at the North end of the complex. There is also a large building with a guard out front. It has several floors. He thinks that's where the aliens are being held. There are two smaller buildings. He notes that one looks like it has a skylight. It was probably the greenhouse when the area was used for agriculture experiments. It looks to have a pond behind it too, probably fed from the spring. At the south end there's a building from where he hears the sound of an engine running. Devin deduces that it's probably an electrical generator, since he sees no power lines coming into the compound. Looking around, he sees a fence around the whole complex and a guard station at the entrance from the main road. In the darkness, he thinks he can see the closest point where the road runs past the compound property line. Since it's almost time for Professor Jelaned to operate the portal and pull Devin back to the other dimension, he returns to the building where the portal is. Fortunately, the guards are still searching the upper floors, so Devin slips in past the guard desk and up one flight of stairs. He needs to go up one more floor, but the guards start down, so Devin has to quickly slip into a room on the second floor.

Guard 1: Shall we search the second floor again.

(If Devin had a heart it would have skipped a beat.)

Guard 2: Why bother? We won't find anything. I tell you, this place is haunted.

Guard 1: I suppose our life form sensors don't pick up ghosts.

Guard 2: I'm surprised you'd say something like that. You're too educated to believe in ghosts.

Guard 1: I was joking. Maybe it's one of our alien friends playing a trick on us. They can move objects and things sometimes.

Guard 2: But if they get caught using any powers, they are punished and have to give blood twice a day for three days. They just don't use them.

Guard 1: So why has the pillow appeared on the stairs twice. I'm going to have to report it this time.

Guard 2: I still say reporting it will cause us more grief than its worth. We'll wind up doing a brick by brick inspection of this place.

Guard 1: Maybe we need to.

Guard 2: And maybe we need to just be a bit more attentive; not cause alarm.

Guard 1: OK...once more! But if it happens again...

Guard 2: OK! If it happens again, I'll report it myself.

(The guards return to their main floor station and Devin slips up to the portal room. He had promised to call Max back, but there is no time. He no sooner steps into the portal area than it comes to life and he's transported back to Professor Jelaned's lab in the other dimension. He'll spend the day hiding with Setoma and the others. He asks Professor Jelaned to plan to send him again tomorrow. Setoma is relieved to know that Devin was able to alert the others to the true goings on in the compound. Setoma still wishes he could help. As it's about five AM, everyone decides to get a little sleep, except Devin who slips into the bathroom and, while pretending to sit on the toilet, performs his data rebuild. It seems Alex and Isabel must have had a little extra power conveyed to them while they were holding hands with their friends because they find themselves sharing a dream for the first time since Isabel left for Wyoming. The two appear to be hiking together somewhere outside of Roswell...)

(Dream sequence.)

*Isabel: I'm tired, Alex. Can we rest behind those big rocks? There's some shade there.

*Alex: Sure! And I've got some water with me if you're thirsty.

*Isabel: I'm thirsty for something else.

*Alex: What?

*Isabel: You!

(In the dream, as they run behind the rocks to get in the shade, Isabel grabs Alex and pulls him down on top of her.)

*Alex: Isabel?

*Isabel: (Alternating between kissing his mouth and neck) Uh huh?

*Alex: Are you OK?

*Isabel: Never better!

*Alex: I..uh...oh never mind...

(Alex starts returning the kisses...their mouths open over each other...their tongues touching. Isabel starts unbuttoning Alex's shirt and Alex does the same to her blouse. He cuddles down closer to her. She begins rubbing his chest. Alex runs his hands through her hair and begins moving them down her body. Isabel is madly kissing Alex when...suddenly "Alex...Alex...wake up. You're moaning like something's wrong." Alex awakens and sits straight up)

Alex: Oh, hi dad! No, nothings wrong. Just having a dream.

Dad: Sounded more like a nightmare.

Alex: No dad. Trust me! It was anything but a nightmare!

(Alex wonders if Isabel was having the same dream; he makes a note to ask her. Back in Wyoming...)

Michael: Isabel?

(Isabel awakens and sits straight up too, her hair quite ruffled.)

Michael: Uh...Isabel! You weren't sharing a dream with Alex were you? He's too far away, right?

Isabel: What if I was?

Michael: From the noises you were making, I guess I'm going to have to have talk with that man.

Isabel: Don't you dare. Alex is my...

Max: Problem?

Isabel: Don't you start, Max. You and Liz have NO room to talk.

Max: I suppose not! you think tonight maybe you and Michael could give me...I mean could we grasp hands.

Isabel: The great Max needs a little more power to dreamwalk his Liz?

Max: I uh...

Isabel: Of course we will! But we've got other business to tend to first.

Michael: Right on!

Isabel: And don't tell me you haven't been thinking about Maria, Michael. I felt what you were thinking when we were in the connection with Alex.

Michael: Remind me to stay out of those circles.

Isabel: You don't mean that!

Michael: Right, I don't! Are we ready to go explore the area where we think we'll wind up tonight?

Max: Let's go...and get some brunch on the way. I'm hungry.

Isabel: Me too! Dreaming is hard work!

Michael: That's obvious.

(Well, we managed to put off getting our heroes into the compound for another episode but it is going to happen soon. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen. I was getting flack that the show was losing its' romance angle; as if it ever had any to begin with given Mrs. Zoombash's restrictions. Anyhow, hopefully this helped and now we can get on with the action. Join us next time...and do stay tuned to the B.S. Network. Our home improvement show will be on next. Today it will show you how to comfortably fit a big screen TV into a small breakfast-nook area! It's "This Old Doublewide" coming up in just a moment.)

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