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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 20
by John
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(Professor Jelaned enters his lab about 2:00 AM Wednesday. It's almost time to send Devin back to the Wyoming compound as planned. He finds Devin and Setoma awake and talking...)

Setoma: So, if we can get over to your dimension, do you think I can get a job working with computers. They should be pretty much the same there as here don't you think?

Devin: I only know about what I've worked with and what I'm based on. I really don't know what might be different; but if you find things you're not familiar with, I'd guess my cousin Alex could bring you up to speed fairly quickly.

Setoma: Good, because I want to work to support my family. I really do need to meet this Alex you keep talking about. (Pause) I don't understand something, Devin. If you're...I can you have a he...?

Professor Jelaned: (Enters storeroom) Setoma, Devin...

Setoma: Good morning, professor.

Professor Jelaned: You guys won't believe what I found out.

Devin: Try us.

Professor Jelaned: It's true. We have been sending aliens to the other dimension. My associate who runs the other portal overheard the General talking about it. I casually mentioned it as if I knew. He was surprised I knew because he hadn't been told officially and they generally treat us both alike. He's a good enough friend that I finally admitted to baiting him to confirm my suspicions.

Setoma: Does he know why they're sending them?

Professor Jelaned: You're not going to like what he told me. He thinks they are harvesting alien blood. My associate said that several times he's retrieved boxes from the other dimension and guards have hurriedly taken them away. The last time, he set up some sensors on the portal and he picked up traces of formula and blood. His guess is they are mixing formula with the blood so the portal won't damage it; then they are transporting it back here.

Devin: I thought all the aliens except maybe Setoma and his family had a disease that made their blood useless to the humans.

Professor Jelaned: You're right about the disease. That's no doubt why the General wants Setoma so badly. I can't explain the others.

Devin: (pause) What if, when the aliens are in my dimension, the disease is cured. Then they'd have blood the humans would want.

Setoma: (A stunned silence.) My God, professor! Could that be what's going on?

Professor Jelaned: It would all make perfect sense; everything they've had my associate and me doing with the portals recently.

Devin: I don't personally have blood, but this whole thing seems rather gross to me.

Setoma: It's inhumane; that's what it is. By the way Devin, doesn't it prove interesting explaining why you don't bleed if you get cut?

Devin: Actually, I kinda do "bleed". My polymer flesh has a thin liquid membrane that keeps it pliable. The liquid is deliberately colored a bit reddish to give it flesh tone. It can pass as blood if one doesn't look to closely. Mostly, I try not to get cut. I don't have a lot of it to spare.

Setoma: Professor! I need to see what I can do to free those people. They don't deserve what's happening to them.

Professor Jelaned: First things first, Setoma. We need to get formula so you and your family can get to Devin's dimension. I'll keep in touch and let you know if I find out more or if I think of a way you can help them.

Setoma: Let's get the formula for sure. Then, I want to send my family to the area where you first made contact with Devin and the others from their dimension. As for me, I want to see if Devin's friends will help me free those people. They most likely are of the same species. Devin, if you find your friends, you must tell them what we think is happening.

Devin: Of course! But I think we need to verify our suspicions before we risk our lives. If there are aliens being held captive, no doubt Max and the others would want to help them just as you do; but we can't just go rushing in there from this dimension. That would certainly stop the professor's being able to help us, not to mention what punishment it would mean for him. If we can just get you together with my friends, attacking the problem from my dimension is the best idea all the way around.

Professor Jelaned: The problem is, we have to get formula before we can do anything. Once they discover some missing, it won't matter which side of the portal we work from. They'll be on the alert. Devin: You're right, professor. But no matter what, we need to protect you so they don't stop you from being able to help us.

Setoma: You will help, won't you professor?

Professor Jelaned: (Hesitates) I...I know I need to help you and your family, Setoma. I owe your father that much. Beyond that, it's very risky for me. I have a family too and...

Setoma: I know professor. We'll try our best to keep you out of it.

Devin: We're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's work on getting formula so we can relocate Setoma's family. Then we'll go from there.

Setoma: Your right, Devin. Are you ready?

Professor Jelaned: I think it's time.

Devin: Do it!

(So early in the really the middle of the night...Professor Jelaned sends Devin through the portal and into the Dimensioner's Wyoming compound. Once in this dimension, Devin checks to make sure no one is around and that he's not been detected. Carefully he opens the door, having determined earlier to try to get close to one end of the building so the radio beacon could penetrate better. He walks to a room at the end of the hall and enters. He sees a bookshelf and thinks to himself that it would be the perfect place to hide the homing transmitter. Alex had told him the transmitter should run for several hours after being turned on, but an unknown is what the dimensional portal may have done to it's batteries. After planting the device, he returns to the room where the dimensional portal left him, which is also the room where the safe containing the formula is. He decides to wait there as quietly as possible, giving Max and the others some time to locate the homing signal. Meanwhile, Max, Michael and Isabel awakened from a short nap and are now out driving, trying to do just that. Michael is driving as Max and Isabel operate Alex's receiver...)

Michael: Anything yet, Maxwell?

Max: No, but it's just now 2:30 A.M.; the first time window Devin told us they would try to use.

Isabel: This area...the's all very strange. Michael, do you really think our people made the crop circles the guy told you about? That seems atypical based on what we know.

Michael: I doubt it was our race. I've had a feeling for along time that there are other alien types on earth besides us. One of those may do crop circles. If so, they may have left alien traces that the Dimensioner's equipment picked up on. They probably can't tell one alien race from another.

Isabel: Can anyone?

Max: I'm not sure I want to find out. Remember, in some ways our best friends are aliens. I mean, if you think about it, they are aliens to us.

Isabel: I never thought of Alex as an alien; he's just Alex. But I guess you're right. Suppose I took him with me to our home planet...if we ever had a chance to go there. He'd have to pretend to be of our race because who knows what would happen if he were discovered. Shoe on the other foot, so to speak.

Michael: You're assuming he'd go with you.

Isabel: He'd better!

Max: Liz told me I could take her to the stars. That made me feel happy. If we ever do have a chance...

(Just then, the homing receiver starts emitting a loud beeping.)

Max: As Alex would say, "hold the phone".

Isabel: I guess that means Devin's OK.

Max: It means he at least got the homing beacon planted. Now let's see. Alex said the blue light would be on if the signal were coming from the north, the red light if from the south, the green from the east, and the yellow from the west. When all four are on, we're very close to the signal source.

Isabel: OK, we have a red and yellow. That's the direction where the old agriculture research buildings are.

Michael: How do you spell U-turn?

(Michael whips the Jeep around to the direction of the signal, which does seem to be coming from the same direction as the buildings they saw earlier. It's been nearly thirty minutes since Devin turned on the homing beacon. He's thinking it's time to try a cell phone call to Max and the others. He knows it's risky and it needs to be brief. He dials the number and the phone rings in the Jeep...)

Isabel: Hello, Devin?

(Isabel hears nothing, but Devin hears her.)

Devin: (Whispers) Isabel? Is that you?

(Isabel still hears nothing.)

Isabel: Hello...hello... Please talk to me, Devin.

Devin: Isabel Listen...I have to tell you something before you get closer. (pause) Are you there?

(Isabel is not hearing anything, but the phone indicates it's connected. She looks carefully at the phone and notices the earpiece is filled with water. The phone got soaked in the rainstorm after Michael burned up the Jeep's top. It's still full of water, so it isn't working right. She can't hear what Devin is saying. Devin is scared to leave the phone signal on too long because it might get detected. He hangs up, thinking he'll try again later. But he also knows that his fiends are probably homing in on the beacon...homing in on more than they bargained for.)

Max: What's the problem, Isabel.

Isabel: I couldn't hear anyone. I do think Devin was trying to call us but the phone is full of water. It won't work right.

Michael: (Senses criticism coming.) Stop! Don't say a word. I know I wrecked the top, but I didn't leave the phone sitting in the rain.

Max: It doesn't matter. We'll just keep following the beacon. I know it's going to lead to that compound where the station attendant said the religious cult is. Isabel: How will we get in, much less find Devin, if we can't talk to him? Maybe we should try drying out the phone. It might work again if we do.

Michael: I say we just follow the homing device. We'll find a way in.

Isabel: But a way into what?

(A way into what, indeed? There does seem to be a hitch in the get-a-long. The plan was that Devin would tell them where he was and how they might get to him. To make matters worse, our heroes have no idea what's going on in the compound, or what a gracious welcome the military men from the other dimension would have for three full blooded, totally healthy alien types. Now this is, of course, where we need to end this episode. With the great time slot the B.S. Network gave us this week, it's very late and time for the network to sign off. Stayed tuned for color bars and a test tone. Maybe you can adjust your set so Max doesn't look green. He's not you know. See you next time. We will see you, won't we?)

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