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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 19
by John
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(Well, here it is Tuesday. To keep Isabel happy, Max did buy a new top for the Jeep. Max, Michael, and Isabel have arrived in the Laramie, Wyoming area and have secured a motel room. They have been checking out the area. Alex took Devin to the cave and, as promised, the professor transported him to the other dimension. He's hiding in the storeroom with Setoma's family again, waiting until time to go to the compound in this dimension. Some cause for worry ensues as they overhear the Lieutenant talking with Professor Jelaned in the lab...)

Lieutenant: Professor? Did you know a guy named Memont that used to be your neighbor?

Professor Jelaned: Yes! Before I moved, he lived across the street from me. Nice guy...older...I think he's retired.

Lieutenant: He's dead.

Professor Jelaned: (Acting surprised) That's too bad. He was always very cordial to me.

Lieutenant: Did you see him a lot.

Professor Jelaned: Oh, about as often as across the street neighbors usually do. Why?

Lieutenant: Turns out he was an escaped alien from the colony.

Professor Jelaned: Don't tell me...

Lieutenant: Yes! He was in an accident and taken to hospital. They discovered what he was in a routine blood test.

Professor Jelaned: And they killed him for that?

Lieutenant: I don't think so. I understand he was just too badly injured to recover.

Professor Jelaned: Well, he certainly fooled everyone. You couldn't tell...

Lieutenant: He had a son.

Professor Jelaned: Yes! That's right. I used to see him as a kid...and then later as a teenager. I guess the son moved away from home. I lost track after I moved away from that area.

Lieutenant: The General wants the son brought in. He thinks he'd have alien blood; and since he didn't grow up in the alien colony, he's probably not infected. The General wants his family too.

Professor Jelaned: Why are you telling me this?

Lieutenant: I didn't know how well you knew the Memont family. I thought the son might turn to you for help.

Professor Jelaned: Me? That would be pretty stupid, wouldn't it? I work for the government in top secret lab. I'm sure he'd think I'd turn him in. And how could I help him, anyway?

Lieutenant: We have searched and searched and cannot find him or any of his family. I think someone is hiding them.

Professor Jelaned: You can't really be thinking I would help them, can you? If it will make you feel better, go search my house and talk to my wife. She knew that family better than I did. Maybe she could tell you who their close friends were.

Lieutenant: Would you ask her for me, professor? We'll check out any lead you can give me.

Professor Jelaned: Of course.

Lieutenant: Oh professor?

Professor Jelaned: Yes!

Lieutenant: What have you been sending to the other dimension in the middle of the night?

Professor Jelaned: What makes you think I've been sending anything?

Lieutenant: The lights in my office flicker when the portal is used. I saw them flicker the other night.

Professor Jelaned: I send objects. There's less chance of them being spotted by people over there at a late hour.

Lieutenant: That's what the general said you'd say.

Professor Jelaned: You've talked to him about this?

Lieutenant: Don't worry, professor. He trusts you completely.

Professor Jelaned: Don't you?

Lieutenant: I just do my job, professor. Just wanting to make sure you weren't sending any aliens over there.

Professor Jelaned: I'd need formula for that.

Lieutenant: Don't you have any stored? You can tell me, professor.

Professor Jelaned: No, I don't have any. I only have access to it when we send people and then only when the General opens the room where it is kept. I don't normally have access to it. You already know that. Why are you accusing me of doing anything wrong? I've been with this project for years and years. It's my life's work. I not going to risk everything I have helping a former neighbor I've almost forgotten.

Lieutenant: Thank you professor. That's what I needed to hear. I just need to pursue all avenues. The General is getting impatient with our not being able to find them. Let me know what your wife says, will you, professor?

Professor Jelaned: I told you I would. Now, can I get back to my work?

Lieutenant: Sure, professor. Sorry to have bothered you!

(The Lieutenant leaves, but not without having created some fear in everyone. The professor studies at his desk for a few minutes, making sure the Lieutenant isn't going to drop back suddenly. After he's sure, he heads to the storeroom where Setoma has overheard...)

Setoma: That does it, professor. You've got to send us away. It's too dangerous for you to have us here one more minute.

Professor Jelaned: I'm not turning you out. You'd only be captured. We're close to being able to get you away from here where they won't find you. Let's continue our plan.

Linka: Aren't you scared, professor?

Professor Jelaned: More than I was...but not enough to abandon my best friend's family. I'll see if I can't come up with some names of people who knew your father to keep them occupied.

Devin: Professor?

Professor Jelaned: Yes, Devin. I hope you still want to go through with this.

Devin: I will. That's not the issue right now. Did you notice what your Lieutenant said about sending aliens to the other dimension?

Professor Jelaned: He said he wanted to make sure I wasn't doing that.

Devin: True...but he also said something he didn't intend to say. He said he wanted to make sure you weren't sending any MORE aliens there...then he quickly corrected himself. Is it possible some of the people you sent over there are aliens?

Professor Jelaned: That possibility never occurred to me. They just brought people to me and told me to transport them. We gave them formula and sent them to that compound. As I said, they never have told me why we send them.

Devin: I just found that slip interesting.

Professor Jelaned: If it was indeed a slip, I didn't notice it.

Setoma: Neither did I. But what if it's true? Why would they be doing that?

Professor Jelaned: I don't know; but I think I need to keep my ears open. Maybe I should grill the Lieutenant the way he grilled me.

Devin: That would cause suspicion, professor.

Professor Jelaned: Maybe! But I do have other friends that I can talk to as well as the Lieutenant. If I act like I already know what's going on, maybe I can confirm it.

Devin: If they are holding other aliens there, my friends might be walking into something more than we anticipated.

Professor Jelaned: We've still got a few hours before your transfer time. Let me go nose around a bit.

Setoma: Be careful, professor.

(Meanwhile in Wyoming...)

Isabel: are we just going to keep circling this area, Max?

Max: I'm sort of expanding my circles to see if anything looks like a compound.

Michael: Did you see that dirt road that took off to the north we just passed, Maxwell?

Max: No, I was looking for buildings that look like what Devin described.

Michael: He only told us about the inside.

Max: I know, but I kind of have an idea of what I'm looking for.

Isabel: Could you look for a gas station. I need know...

Max: OK...or I could pull up the dirt road.

(Isabel glares at him.)

Max: OK! I'll head back towards town.

Michael: Hey, look. Over there! See those trees back along that fence line...and some buildings...

Isabel: I don't know why, but I feel something...

Max: We'll find a service station in a minute...

Isabel: I don't mean that. I I'm sensing other people. Sort of like when I sense you or Michael. I can always tell when one of you is nearby.

Max: Meaning?

Isabel: I'm not sure.

Max: I see a gas station. Might as well fill up while we're there.

(Max pulls in and Isabel hops out to do whatever. While Max fills the tank, Michael strikes up a conversation with the attendant.)

Michael: Hey...we're looking for a place to go four wheeling. Know anything about that area a couple of miles back that looks like it has trees and some buildings?

Attendant: On the South side of the highway?

Michael: Yeh!

Attendant: You guys must be new to this area.

Michael: Yeh! We're checking out the University of Wyoming...maybe as a place to go to college.

Attendant: Where you from?

Michael: New Mexico.

Attendant: What part?

Michael: Roswell!

Attendant: Roswell? You guys aliens? (Laughs) Those little green men with three eyes would be real interested in the area back where you're talking about?

Michael: How so?

Attendant: That's BLM land, but the University ag geeks used to grow stuff back there. That's where they did experiments developing food plants that would grow in soil like we have around here. They built some buildings and stuff near a spring. They had some kind of crop growing back there that covered a lot of area. One day they went out and found crop circles, two of them. You know...the kind that flying saucers are supposed to make. They never could explain it, although most people around here thought it was a fraternity house prank.

Michael: So they don't do experiments any more?

Attendant: No! The spring all but dried up. It still runs a little bit, but there's not enough water for growing crops. The University rented the buildings to some religious cult. They don't like people snooping around out there. If you want to go Jeeping though, I can show you where there's a neat four wheeling area.

(Michael decides he better ask about the four wheeling area so as not to seem too curious about the area the guy just told him about.)

Michael: Sure! Where do we go?

Attendant: Go two dirt roads past the one that goes back to the old ag experiment station. Turn left about a mile; then follow the second road on the right. It skirts the cult's fence line but they don't worry much about people on that road because there's guys in ORV's driving out there all the time. Keep driving past their buildings and you'll see a jeep road that goes up some cliffs. Take that and you find an excellent four wheel adventure around and over the cliffs.

Max: Hey, Michael. Let's go!

Michael: Hang on Maxwell. This guys telling us where to get some Jeeping thrills. (To attendant) Hey, thanks man!

Attendant: Have fun out there! I hope you guys decide to come to UW. We need some more cool people here.

Michael: Bye!

(Michael joins the others in the Jeep.)

Isabel: I feel much better. Find out anything, Michael?

Michael: You guys are not going to believe this. I think I just found out why the Dimensioners are in this spot. Isabel, I think Alex may have been right...

(Michael relates what he's just been told.)

Max: I think there's a Jeep road we need to check out.

Michael: Exactly what I was thinking. But it might be getting too late right now. Maybe we better go get a nap so we can be awake tonight to track Devin's beacon.

Isabel: You don't think what I was feeling has anything to do with that area does it?

Max: I don't know. You tell me!

(Better be careful guys. You don't know what you're getting into. Could this actually be where the formula is stored? It sure would be interesting if Devin's homing transmitter leads them to the same place they've just found out about? What are the chances of that? And what will the professor find out. And how are the folks back in Roswell holding up? All this and more on the next episode of "Czech Your Dimensions"! Now stay tuned for a B.S. Network original story about a fraternity house where it's members are noted for baring their bums to their girlfriends. "Honeymooners"!)

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