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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 18
by John
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(So the plan to steal formula from the Dimensioners compound in Wyoming is under way. Max, Michael, and Isabel told their parents what was happening. The dimensional thing concerns them; but, while terrified of what might happen, they understand why their kids (they consider Michael theirs now too) have to do this. Isabel promised them that Alex would keep them updated. Meanwhile, something ominous is happening in the other dimension. If Setoma or Professor Jelaned knew what was going on, they might be rethinking this whole thing.)

General: So you think Professor Jelaned is doing something unauthorized?

Lieutenant: I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure he's been using the dimensional portal in the middle of the night.

General: How do you know that.

Lieutenant: Whenever one of the portals is activated, the lights in my office flicker. I was working late a few days ago and I noticed that happening. I checked with the guards and they said Professor Jelaned had told them he was spending the night.

General: He plays with that portal all the time, but he knows the rules. Transfer objects only to uninhabited areas. Bring back only objects. Professor Jelaned has always been loyal and trusted. Are you really worried about him?

Lieutenant: Why would he transport objects in the middle of the night?

General: Maybe to be sure no one in the other dimension is awake to see them appear.

Lieutenant: I don't know General. It may be nothing.

General: How are we doing finding Setoma Memont and his family?

Lieutenant: They seemed to have disappeared. Someone must be hiding them.

General: I was shocked when I found out the guy's father was an escaped alien. The families had been living under everyone's noses for years. Setoma has to have alien blood. His kids probably do to. And they're probably not infected. Their blood could be worth a fortune. We've got to find them and put them with the other alien descendents.

Lieutenant: I still don't understand why we are sending the aliens we know about to the other dimension. We just have to feed them and guard them. It would be easier to do that here.

General: What level security clearance do you have?

Lieutenant: Level 1-B, sir.

General: That's good enough. You must have impressed somebody once upon a time. I guess I can tell you why we developed that compound. As you know, the supply of clean alien blood is about gone. The aliens we have in custody have been infected by some disease. That disease has ruined the healing properties in their blood. Our doctors found out that sending the aliens to the other dimension allows their bodies to fight the disease. Their blood components are getting better the longer they are over there. It probably has to do with the fact that they originally came from that dimension. They've always contended that their ancestors were blown into this dimension by a crash. Over there, they're recovering and we're again getting blood components that can heal us. If we could get some non-infected aliens over there, imagine how much more good blood we can get. We need to find that family. I've got enough under the table offers from drug makers for their blood components to make us rich.

Lieutenant: But isn't all the blood supposed to go to the government hospital?

General: Technically, yes...but...

(The General stares at the Lieutenant with that "you help me I'll help you look".)

Lieutenant: Say no more, General. I'll intensify the search.

General: Keep an eye on Professor Jelaned too. I'm sure what he's doing is just experimenting, but let's be sure.

Lieutenant: This probably means nothing, but I researched him a little bit. Until about a year ago, he lived across the street from the alien that died. I'll bet he knew the family.

General: Do you think he' don't believe it. He has too many years as a trusted scientist to risk that. Besides, he's one of the people we need to make formula. He's vital to us.

Lieutenant: Whatever you say, General.

(Hmmm! One would think this is not good. The professor is under suspicion and the people from the other dimension are holding some alien descendants in their compound in our dimension in order to get them healthy for blood collection. If these people are going to so much trouble to find Setoma, who is only part alien, imagine how excited they'd be to know that three 100% alien life-forms with rich alien blood are headed right for their compound. Indeed, Max, Isabel, and Michael are on the road to Wyoming. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Devin prepares for some more dimension jumping...)

(At the Whitman's...)

Alex: So, Devin! Has that rebuild routine been working for you?

Devin: It works wonderfully, Alex. You have no idea how emancipated I feel. I don't imagine your uncle ever anticipated my being my own person. But now I fell like I really am.

Alex: That, and whatever happened to you when I decided to corrupt your rebuild template that one time has made you a real individual. At first I felt sorry for doing that, but I had to prove what I suspected. It caused something that totally changed your whole personality and demeanor. After that, you no longer responded to situations in a predictable pre-programmed manner; you seemed to start responding uniquely. I not sorry that happened.

Devin: Not to mention the physical changes.

Alex: Are those still happening?

Devin: Yes. I'm getting more and more feeling in areas where I shouldn't have any. The only thing I can figure is that something is allowing the microscopic wires that send movement pulses to my polymer flesh to carry touch sensations back to the few touch sensors I do have. Whatever is happening, I'm not knocking it.

(Devin smiles...)

Alex: Been making out with Anna, Devin?

Devin: None of your business, Alex.

Alex: OK, OK! But there's nothing wrong with that. It's normal!

Devin: She...she asked be about my secret.

Alex: What did you tell her?

Devin: (pause) I just couldn't bring myself to tell her anything. I made a fool of myself begging her to leave it alone.

Alex: And?

Devin: I guess she will...for a while anyway.

Alex: Good...I guess.

Devin: So, will you drive me out to the cave. No point in leaving a car there. Who knows when I'll be back? Gee it feels good to say that. I don't know when I'll be back and thanks to you, Alex, I don't care. Not having to return to the stupid computer every day...

Alex: Sure, I'll drive you! When do you want to go?

Devin: Tuesday afternoon...that's when Professor Jelaned will bring me into his dimension. That should give the others time to get to the area in Wyoming. We've got a plan all worked out.

Alex: Isabel told her parents that I'd keep them updated. Would you tell me the plan so I can at least imagine how this is going to work? And would you check in with me when/if you can.

Devin: Sure! But I think we should keep phone usage down inside the compound. If I contact the others, I'll tell them to call you.

Alex: OK! Let's go find Liz and Maria. They are probably freaked with worry by now, even though the others just left.

Devin: True, they probably are. I wish I could tell Anna what's going on.

Alex: I'm afraid...

Devin: I know I can't! But it sure would get her mind off wanting to know what I'm hiding from her.

Alex: That it would, Devin.

(In the Jeep...)

Isabel: I wish this Jeep had sides...and air conditioning.

Michael: A little windblown are we?

Isabel: A little?

Max: Don't worry about that. I've heard everyone in Wyoming looks windblown.

Michael: Why in the world...or any world...would the Dimensioners have their secret compound in Wyoming? And what are they doing there?

Isabel: Studying us, maybe.

Max: From Wyoming? Why not New York or California?

Isabel: Alex has a theory about that.

Max: Which is?

Isabel: He thinks they picked up something in their portal that directed them to that location; the way Professor Jelaned found Riverdog's cave from the residual effects of our Balance Rocks.

Max: What do you suppose it was?

Isabel: Who knows?

Michael: Maria keeps telling me she has a bad feeling about this. I used to pooh-pooh her feelings...but lately she's been right a lot more than she's been wrong.

Max: This is going into the unknown...but I feel good about helping Setoma. Devin seemed to like him too.

Michael: Can Devin really like something?

Isabel: He seems to really like Anna.

Michael: Don't get me started on that again.

Max: Yeh, please...don't get him started on that again.

Isabel: What are we going to do when we get there?

Max: Depends on the time. Maybe get a room and catch a little sleep. I hope we can get close enough to hear Devin's transmitter.

Michael: Assuming he even gets in there to run it. There are so many variables in this.

Max: Professor Jelaned will be on schedule if he can. The only thing would be if he's being watched or called away for some reason.

Michael: Like I said, there are too many variables in this.

Isabel: Oh no...what next?

Max: What, Isabel?

Isabel: In case you haven't noticed, it's raining...and your roof leaks. See! I'm getting wet.

Michael: Here, let me fix it.

(Michael points his hand at the tear in the Jeep's canvas roof in an attempt to fix the leak. Suddenly, even though it's wet, the whole top bursts into flame. Max pulls off the road as they quickly rip the burning canvas off the frame.)

Isabel: Nice going, spaceboy! Now instead of a drip, we get the whole downpour on us.

Michael: Well, you were complaining about being too hot. You have to admit the rain feels good.

Max: I think we better find a place to buy a new canvas top.

Isabel: (Disgusted) Oh? What makes you think so?

(Well, I guess we're poised for than plan to get into high gear. Are our friends walking into a trap? Will the variables become too much to overcome? Will it stop raining? Better tune in next time and find out. For now, stay tuned for the news. Tonight, B.S. Network reporters show you how much damage was done when several large billboards were blown down by a tornado. Yes, headlining tonight's news: "Signfell"!)

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