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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 11
by John
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(Morning came quickly and the "We Six" are gathering at Michael's.)

Max: Where is Maria. It's not like her to be late.

Isabel: She called a minute ago; said she had to do something for her mom before she could get out of the house.

Alex: She's here now, she just pulled up.

Michael: So, what do you think we're going to find, Max.

Max: We've got some pretty good clues already. I think someone with a connection to us is trying to contact us from another dimension.

Isabel: This dimension scares me.

Alex: You...from another world...are scared by something from another dimension? Welcome to the club! This actually frightens me a whole lot more than when I found out some of my best friends were aliens.

Isabel: That's because you didn't believe me at first.

Alex: I'm not sure I believe this either. Dimensional existence is just theory. Devin said...

Liz: Where is Devin? Is he coming with us?

Alex: He doesn't want to. He's afraid Riverdog will figure out what he is.

Michael: Frankly, I'm just as glad he's not going. I'm not sure what he could do to help.

Alex: He knows a lot about dimensional theory. I have no idea why he was programmed with that, but he kept me awake half the night talking about it.

Isabel: So that's why I couldn't...

Alex: Sorry! The last part of the night was great though.

Isabel: Yeh! It was, wasn't it? I especially like it when we dreamed we were...

Alex: Izzy...come on...our dreams are just ours aren't they?

Isabel: Whatever you say.

Michael: Are you saying that you guys can be asleep and be dreaming the same dream?

Alex: It's been working that way lately.

Isabel: If you thought dimensional communication was scary, you should be in a dream with Whitman.

Alex: Come on love it.

Maria: Sorry I'm late, guys. Are we going to see Riverdog?

Michael: That's the plan.

Maria: Good! I'd like to see him again. I'm forever grateful to him that I've still got you.

(Kisses Michael.)

Max: Let's Go!

(Scene: The cave)

Isabel: I'm glad Riverdog let us come in by ourselves.

Michael: He won't admit it, but I think he's a little afraid of what's happening.

Max: Look...just like he said...a book.

Isabel: What's in it?

(Max reads and looks through the book. There's a rather detailed drawing.)

Alex: What Max?

Max: This is incredible, folks. I'm almost sure now that whoever sent this is from the same place we are.

Alex: But living in another dimension.

Max: Look at this picture. It's drawn so no one except us would understand it.'s a drawing of a crashed ship. Then there's a clouded area...then two other ships on the ground on the other side of it.

Alex: See the wavy lines...I think there telling us the force from the crash pushed these two ships into the other dimension.

Max: That makes sense to me. What do you think Michael? You're the artist. What are they telling us?

(Michael studies the drawing.)

Michael: I agree. Look near the bottom. People being led away.

Liz: Does that mean they were captured?

Isabel: I hope not.

Max: The back has a note. It has some symbols, but also some English writing.

Alex: What does it say.

Max: It says, "We found traces of healing rays. Are you native to them? Do you use them freely? We need to exchange words. Is it safe?"

Maria: Healing rays? Is that what we call balancing rays?

Michael: It would make sense.

Alex: They are being very cautious.

Max: Look at this back page. It's a photograph and the word NO! It looks like a shriveled animal carcass.

Michael: That looks like the little girl Diamond's arm that I healed...except it's the whole body.

Isabel: I think they are telling us not to put flesh into the column when it appears.

Max: We know that, but they probably don't know that we do.

Liz: So, what do they want, Max.

Max: I don't know. But I do know I want to communicate with them.

Maria: Is that wise. They might not be friendly, or they might be trying to trap us.

Michael: I think we have to risk it. This may be a link to our past.

Isabel: Oh Max! Could there be more of us over there?

Max: Sure looks like it.

Alex: This inter-dimensional communication is a first. We could be famous...if we could tell anyone about it.

Michael: I'm glad you added that caveat. I was worried about you for a second.

Alex: I thought you got beyond worrying about me months ago.

Michael: I did...forget it.

Alex: We still could be famous...

Isabel: Drop it, Alex.

Alex: On what?

Isabel: Ooooh! You can turn the most serious moments into a comedy routine.

Alex: But I can turn a comedy into a serious moment too...remember our dream...

Isabel: you were saying, Max...we need to answer them.

Liz: What will you say?

Max: Let's answer their questions. They can't hurt us from over there, and if they're like us they won't want to anyway. Do we have some paper?

Maria: I have some note paper.

Liz: And I brought another picture of us.

Max: Great! Michael, you have the best penmanship. Want to be scribe.

Michael: Sure. Tell me what to say.

Max: OK...write this: "Whoever you are...we do have what you call the healing ray stones. We call them balance rocks. All of us in the picture have been exposed to their rays and we are all sensing you. We can use them as we see fit, but we don't use them often. They were used in the location. We assume there is a dimensional rift between us. Three of us have a connection to the crashed vehicle you sent a drawing of. The other three are native to this planet and dimension, but we function together freely and without fear. We three do keep our heritage a secret from the mainstream. We would not be totally accepted here if people knew about us. Do we understand correctly that the force of the crash of our vessel pushed other vessels into your dimension? We do not know where the ships and we came from. Can you tell us? We sense you desire our help. What can we do? We assume transfer of life between dimensions is not possible."

Michael: Anything else?

Max: I'd say that's enough for now.

Isabel: Are we saying too much, Max?

Max: Probably, but if we're going to find out if they are connected to us, what can we not say. As I mentioned...from where they are I don't think they can't hurt us.

Alex: Actually, I'm not sure that's true. If they can send pictures and writing to this cave, what says they couldn't send our pictures to a FBI lab?

Michael: Alex might have a point, Max.

Max: Well, what do you want to do. Do we play it safe or gamble?

Michael: Gamble!

Isabel: Safe!

Max: Gamble!

Liz: Hey! Something's wrong with this picture. Since when are we back to voting? We usually talk until we all agree.

Isabel: She's right. But we don't need to talk. I changed my mind. If they can tell us where were from, it's worth the gamble.

Max: Liz, Alex, Maria?

Alex: It's not a vote, but I'm with you.

Maria: Yes, fine.

Liz: We need to do this.

Max: Thanks Liz for the reminder of how we operate.

Liz: You're welcome.

(Gives Max big kiss.)

Alex: Let's put the note and another picture where the column appears.

Michael: Done!

Maria: What now?

Michael: I guess we go wait.

Liz: Here?

Max: We might as well go. We don't know when the column will come again.

(As he speaks, a buzzing noise begins and the column appears.)

Max: Back away everyone. We don't want any burns to our flesh.

(They move away and watch the blue column appear. After the column disappears again...)

Michael: Well, our stuffs gone.

Max: For better or worse, I think we've made contact.

Liz: What now?

Alex: We wait for an answer.

Maria: I'm scared that somehow this might take you away from me, Michael.

Michael: Don't worry. That would take an awful lot.

Isabel: I still get the feeling that they want our help somehow.

Alex: I don't see how we can help them much if nothing living can pass through the breech. Hmmm! I just had a, forget it.

Isabel: What were you thinking?

Alex: Never mind right now. Let's see how they respond.

Max: It might be awhile.

Maria: Or maybe not. Unless I miss my guess, they are just as excited to find us as you are to find them.

Michael: Does this excite you?

Maria: It excites you, therefore I'm excited too. And...I must admit, I'm curious.

Alex: I've been saying that for years!

Maria: Not that kind of curious, Alex.

Isabel: Alex! Are you ever serious?

Alex: You keep forgetting the dream.

Michael: It sounds like we need to hear about this dream.

Isabel: Noooo you don't! If you bring it up again Alex, you're gonna wish...

(A buzzing starts again and the blue column appears. It's appearance is brief...)

Max: Just a note this time.

Michael: What does it say.

Max: It says, "No English characters available to write name of planet of origin. Healing stones can show you coordinates. I have been discovered. Family is in danger. We are being pursued by those not of our type. We may not be able to stay at this location. Living tissue cannot withstand portal without formula available only to government agents. Solution to our problem would be to join you, but must steal formula. ~!+=^*| Must go now. Contact tomorrow at this time! Setoma!"

Alex: Wow! Inter-dimensional contact.

Isabel: Wow! Others like us!

Michael: Wow! They want to come here.

Max: Wow! He's in trouble.

Maria: Enough with the wows already!

Liz: Can we help them?

Max: Not unless we know more.

Isabel: I feel like we need to help them.

Alex: I wonder what the formula is. Is it something like a drug that counters the rays or is it exterior protection?

Maria: I'm relieved that they want to come here rather than them wanting you to come to them.

Max: We ought to be getting back. I need to think about this.

Michael: This could be the breakthrough I've always dreamed about.

Isabel: Alex?

Alex: Yes Izzy.

Isabel: I read you a while ago when you said you had a thought on this.

Alex: I know you did. I can always sense you, you know...not that I care!

Isabel: Do you think he could do it?

Alex: Maybe!

(Wow! It really is time to check the dimensions. Unfortunately, that and Alex's thought will have to wait until the next episode. Our time is up for today. Coming up next on the B.S. network, a new show featuring a lovable young boy and his wonderful dog..."Jerry's Springer"!)

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