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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 12
by John
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(Our friends headed back home, a little apprehensive but also excited about what had happened in the cave.)

(Scene: In the car on the way home.)

Max: I wonder how an alien fugitive has access to whatever makes the dimensional portal work?

Isabel: Maybe that technology is something our race knows about.

Michael: No matter; Setoma seems to have a problem, but I don't know what we can do to help him from here. Nothing alive can go through the portal without what they call formula.

Alex: Nothing biologically alive.

Maria: Is there another kind of alive?

Alex: Yes...I think so. Michael and I have been sparing about this in a friendly way, but I contend that Devin is alive. Not biologically alive, but alive none the less.

Isabel: And Alex thinks that maybe he could go through the portal.

Michael: Oh great! Our first contact with more of our own kind is through an android.

Alex: Got a better idea?

Michael: Uh...not really.

Alex: At this point, I don't even know if it could work. I'd like to get a voltage probe and measure inside the column. Whatever the portal does to a biologically alive individual, it won't affect Devin in that manner. But we need to be careful, because if there's a high voltage in there, he couldn't survive going through the portal either.

Liz: Aren't you forgetting something here?

Alex: What?

Liz: Maybe we ought to ask Devin's opinion about this. Would he even consider risking it? After all, we've said he needs to make his own decision regarding Anna. If we think he should make a choice like that, then surely he should make his own decision about what we're suggesting he try here. We can't just assume he'll be willing to do it and we certainly can't force him to. A "do this or we'll expose you" attitude seems totally wrong.

Max: You're right, Liz. I'm not even sure we have a right to ask him. It could kill him or, at very least, get him involved in something he has no reason to get involved in.

Alex: I think he'd consider it. As I told you, he knows a lot about dimensional theory. He might find an excursion fascinating.

Michael: Max, do you think we even ought to be considering this?

Max: Like Alex said, do you have a better idea?

Michael: Not off he top of my head.

Alex: I'd be careful about anything from the top of your head.

Isabel: Alex...

Maria: Hey, I like the top of his head...and the rest of him too.

(Maria leans over and kisses Michael. This starts the usual cascade of kisses- Liz and Max, Isabel and Alex. Finally they come up for air...)

Alex: Where were we?

Isabel: If I were Alex, I'd have a cryptic answer to that question. Fortunately, I'm not Alex.

Alex: Two can become as one, you know...

Isabel: But not today! So what about Devin and the portal? We've all got to agree it's an OK idea before we even ask him.

Michael: I don't really like it, but I don't have a better suggestion. Maybe he could at least go and get us a clear picture of Setoma's situation.

Max: We would need to brief him. There are some things about us he doesn't know that he'd probably need to.

Alex: And I'd have to kill my "poison pill" routine or at least modify it.

Maria: Does he even need that any more? I think he's totally understanding and on our side.

Max: I know we can trust him if he's thinking normally. That's just a contingency thing in case he gets confused again...or worse...if someone were to try to download his memories.

Alex: He hasn't had any problem since the night I messed with him on purpose...and I now respect what he's becoming enough that I won't do that again. Not that someone else might not if they knew...

Max: But for this, you could kill that routine without killing him, right?

Alex: I think so. Are we agreed then?

Liz: I still say, you need to ASK him. Explain the situation and let him decide.

Isabel: If he says no, are we going to hold it against him?

Max: I don't think so. But I agree with Liz; he has no obligation to help us.

Maria: I don't want to lose my singing partner, Alex.

Alex: Hopefully nothing that serious will happen. Speaking of that, did I tell you we have a gig Saturday? We definitely need him for that.

Maria: That's great, Alex.

Max: Could we get back to how to help our other dimension friends?

Alex: Sorry! Of course! Let me go talk to Devin.

Michael: Should we all go?

Alex: Don't think so. I don't want him to feel like we're ganging up on him. If he says yes, then we can all talk to him.

Max: The sooner the better. We need to go back to the cave tomorrow night.

Alex: OK, I'll talk to him tonight. If he says no, we'll have to go to plan B.

Liz: Which is?

Alex: I don't think we have one yet.

Michael: But we'll create one. We always do.

Maria: You're right honey, we always do.

( the Whitman home...Alex is explaining to Devin what has been going on)

Devin: So you want me to go through the portal?

Alex: Only if you want to and only if we think it's safe. No one wants you hurt. I need to get some instruments and analyze it.

Devin: But if there's no voltage or static that would bother my processor...

Alex: Devin, it's up to you. But you're the only one of us that even has a chance of surviving it. We know that much.

Devin: Going into another dimension! Wow! I'm barely learning to survive in this one.

Alex: What did you decide about Anna?

Devin: I...I guess I've decided not to decide.

Alex: You sound like me.

Devin: Alex, I...I can't break it off with her. I like her and what she does for me...the way she makes me feel...I like it too much. Every time I get logical and think "I've got to stop with her", I get really depressed.

Alex: You can get depressed?

Devin: I guess so. I don't know how else to describe it. I just don't feel normal. If I decide to do this portal thing, I've got to tell her first.

Alex: You can't tell her about it. It's too closely connected with...

Devin: I know. I wouldn't tell her anything specific; just that I have to do something really dangerous and if I don't come back that I...I...Alex... do I really love her? That's what I was going to say.

Alex: I don't know, Devin. Only you would know that.

Devin: Alex?

Alex: Yes!

Devin: I have another concern. It might affect my ability to do this portal thing...and it's an albatross to me in general.

Alex: What's that?

Devin: I hate having to check in with the lab every few days for a rebuild. It's like I'm on a leash. I guess I know how a human diabetic or epileptic person feels. They can't get far from their medication. Is there any way you could...I mean can you find a way to generate that I'm not dependent on the lab computer?

Alex: I'm sure that's a pain. But at least you can do it by staring at a computer screen. You don't have to have shots.

Devin: But it's almost as bad. If I did the dimensional thing, I'd worry about getting caught over there with no way to...

Alex: I see your point. Two days would be about your limit, depending on input, right?

Devin: Two or three at the most...anymore and I start to sense that I need it.

Alex: I don't think I can help you without your original source code. If I had that, I'm sure I could make a rebuild routine for you. I have to think your maker did that on purpose to keep track of you. I'm sure that if we just had the correct code to compare to, that you could generate it you projected those images once. But, if I did that, wouldn't your "father" suspect something if you didn't check in?

Devin: I thought about that too. I think we could phony up a simulated check in routine that some computer would do automatically. They'd never know the difference.

Alex: You've really thought about this, haven't you?

Devin: Yes...a lot! It's cramping my freedom, Alex. Anyway, aren't I essentially seeing the source code each time I check in?

Alex: Probably. But I think it would be a major programming effort. It's not something I could do overnight...but I'm willing to try to do it for you if that's what you want. But cutting yourself off from the that a really good idea.

Devin: I think I either need to do it or go back there.

Alex: I think I'm getting the picture. You can't have just a little bit of that it.

Devin: That's it, exactly.

Alex: So, what do I tell Max and the others about the dimensional portal. It's your call.

Devin: If we can limit my crossover time to a few least until you can fix my rebuild problem...then I'm willing. But you know my situation, Alex. Just don't let me get caught over there. The confusion is no fun.

Alex: We'll need to message the other side...make sure they can send you back quickly. We'll probably have to tell them what you are.

Devin: (Pause) I...I guess there's no getting around that, is there? Well...OK...I can live with it. This could be interesting.

Alex: Max and the others will be will Setoma if we can help him. OK man...drop your drawers.

Devin: What? Why?

Alex: I need to defeat that self-destruct routine so you can talk to the people in the other dimension about Max and the others. Max thinks the people there are of the same origin as they are. Since we don't know specifically who you'll be talking to, I'll just turn it off completely. Just be careful what you say and to whom.

Devin: That thing makes me nervous anyway. It will be a relief. But I'll still be careful what I can count on it! OK man! Give me your power enema.

Alex: Sounds like something I'd say.

Devin: Geez, Alex! Aliens in another dimension to be contacted by me. I'd never experience this at the lab.

Alex: True!

(Alex finishes his programming, Devin gets his lab rebuild and they both call Max to tell him it's a go. Time for some the morning it'll be back to the cave...but first...)

Devin: (On phone) Hey!

Anna: Hey yourself.

Devin: I need to talk to you.

Anna: That's not a problem for me.

Devin: You know how I told you there are things you don't know about me.

Anna: You keep saying that...but I want to know everything about you.

Devin: No Anna, you really don't. Just trust me on that, OK?

Anna: I trust you, Devin...on anything. If there's something you don't want me to know, I know there must be a reason. I hope someday that we'll be close enough that you can tell me everything.

Devin: Anna...I've got to do something...something kinda dangerous...but I need to do it to help some people in trouble. I'm quite sure nothing bad will happen...but just in case it does...I want you to know...I really have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. When I think of not being with you, I get very depressed. I just want you to know that I...(pause)

Anna: You what, Devin.

Devin: I...I love you Anna. Wish me luck, OK?

Anna: Of course...good luck! But can't you tell me what you're doing? You've got me worried.

Devin: I wish I could...but if anything goes wrong, many people could get hurt...and I don't want you involved. I'll call you as soon as I'm finished with this. We'll go do something. I'm singing with the band Saturday. You could come and listen.

Anna: I'd like that Devin. And know that I'm gonna worry until I hear from you.

Devin: Thanks Anna...I just wanted you to know...Goodnight!

Anna: Goodnight, Devin!

(The next the cave...)

Isabel: Max...didn't Setoma tell us he found this location because of residual rays from the balance rocks?

Max: Yes.

Isabel: I was wondering if we could power them up in a different location so he could find it and we wouldn't have to keep coming here.

Michael: That might be a good idea. I'm afraid that we're wearing out our welcome with Riverdog.

Max: It something to think about.

Alex: Let me see if I can determine anything about the portal's characteristics. Then we'll know if it's safe for Devin and if we'd even want to have it appear anywhere else. Is it about time for it?

Michael: I think so. Do we want to send another note?

Max: I wrote one. It says we might be able to send a life form that can survive the portal and asks if they're safe enough to receive it. I told them he'd have to come back rather quickly. If Devin does go, we'll let him explain as much about himself to Setoma as he needs to.

Isabel: I just put the note in the portal area.

Alex: I've got several probes over there and two meters...

Maria: I hope you know what you're doing, Whitman. If you burn up my singing partner...

Alex: I won't let him go if I don't think it's safe, Maria.

Liz: I think he's brave to try it.

Devin: Thanks...but I'm just trying to help. Besides, this could be really interesting.

(The buzzing starts and the column appears. Alex is looking at his probes. The note disappears.)

Michael: Well Dr. Cyclops...?

Alex: There is a small voltage there...about like a large flashlight. I don't think that would hurt Devin.

Isabel: Are you sure. We don't want to risk him to risk himself if it's not safe.

Alex: It appears to be more of a molecular disturbance than a force of any sort. That's probably why it destroys flesh.

Devin: So I can go?

Alex: I think so.

Maria: Be sure, Alex.

Alex: I'm as sure as I can be.

Max: OK then, let's see what they say.

Isabel: Devin, be a little careful at first...make sure they are in fact like us before you say too much. If they are, tell them we're excited to find them and to help them.

Devin: I think I know what to say.

Michael: If they know anything about where we came from and why...

Devin: I know...

Max: You can tell them there are three of us here and about our relationships.

Liz: You mean like this?

(Kisses Max.)

Max: I had something else in mind, but...

(Kisses her in return. The portal comes to life again.)

Isabel: Here's another note...they don't know what kind of life form could survive and they caution against it...but said if we're sure, that they're ready and they understand the stay needs to be brief. They'll engage the port again in ten minutes.

Max: OK then...are you ready Devin.

Devin: I guess.

Max: You don't have to do this.

Devin: No...I want to...just...if anything goes wrong...thank you all for being my friends. And...will you tell Anna...

Liz: Of course, Devin.

Maria: Be careful. I'm expecting you back safe and sound so you can sing with me Saturday.

Alex: Good luck, Devin.

(Devin stands in the portal area and the column appears. Soon it and Devin are gone.)

Alex: (Pause) Well, there's no pile of melted Devin.

Isabel: That was sick, Alex.

Alex: I just mean, I think he made it.

Michael: Thanks, Devin. Godspeed!

(What? Michael offering good wishes to Devin. What next? Indeed, what will Devin find? Will he get back OK? Will they find a way to help Setoma? And is Devin right to keep seeing Anna? All this and more when we return next time on "Czech Your Dimensions". But don't go away! Another fine B.S. Network show is coming your way right now. It's a fashion show featuring the latest in sleep-ware. "PJ's")

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