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"Crab Nebula in Taurus"
Part 1
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme of Treasures Found and Tess to TESS (CD Fanfic) The Human/Alien alliance use information recorded in Claudia Parker's journal to establish the best time to activate a third Orb found with alien artifacts.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I recommend reading "Treasures Found" and "Tess to TESS" first but a Prologue is included.
"This is Private property. You should get your clothes and head home - it will be dark soon." The man's brusque demands paralyze the two couples to the point of forgetting to tread water. It is not until their heads begin to sink that the gravity of the situation calls for action to be taken.

Isabel is mortified as she makes her way over to Alex and uses his body to shield herself from the angry stranger. "Oh my god Alex, how long do you think he's been watching us?" She whispers close to his ear keeping her eyes on the man looking down at them from a boulder high above the riverbed.

"We're sorry sir, we didn't realize we were trespassing." Alex has to shield his eyes against the sun as he yells up to the formidable presence. "There is no posting."

"Get off of me." Teresa pushes Kyle away as he tries to shield her naked body from view. "He's leaving," she nods toward where the man had stood. His retreating back and an adjustment of his Stetson silhouetted in the setting sun is all Kyle sees when he turns around.

"Can this day get any worst?" Isabel addresses no one in particular as she swims the short distance to shore and lifts her body onto the warm bedrock where they had entered the cool inviting stream.

Alex climbs onto the rock, adjusts his dripping wet boxer shorts, as his face pans over to where their clothes are laid. "Yes it can," as he points to the discarded clothes, "It's a skunk."

"You've got to be kidding," Kyle exclaims as he adjusts his footing in order to help Teresa onto the large rock.

"This is all your fault," he yells at her as he extends his hand to help her out of the water. "Let's go skinny-dipping." He mocks in his best Teresa voice.

Teresa reaches for his proffered hand seemingly welcoming his help but grips his hand and pulls him back into the water as she manages to climb onto the rock solo.

Technically Teresa was the only one skinny-dipping because the others had kept on their underwear. So there she stood in all her glory looking down at Kyle as his mouth gaped open at the sight of her naked body glistening from the water and accentuated by the setting sun as a backdrop.

Alex stifles a laugh as he averts his eyes from Teresa's nude body. "What do we do now? If we startle it, we get sprayed and I for one do not want to smell like skunk for the next week or so?"

Isabel beckons Teresa to her side and behind her to shield her naked body from the guys until they decide what to do.

Kyle is still in the water and even though the water is cold the sight of Teresa's nude body has affected him.

"Alex, there's some sweats and a tee-shirt and possibly a jacket in the trunk of my car. Go and bring whatever you find back. Maybe there's enough to semi-clothe ourselves if the skunk doesn't leave.

Alex reaches down to help Kyle out of the water but he shakes his head no as he clings to the side of the rock. Comprehension of why he remains in the water hits Alex and he turns to leave.

"Isabel," he looks down at his wet shorts, "Can you dry me off?"

"Sure." She waves her hand down his chilled body warming it to the point where a mist of steam cloaks him as he walks to the car.

She does the same for herself and Teresa who is still hovering behind her.

Isabel knowingly looks down at Kyle and with a smile in her voice, "Why are you still in the water?"

"I'll just wait for Alex to get back. I don't trust myself not to strangle Teresa." He verbalizes, but they both know the real reason he refuses to come out of the water.

"No one made you get into the water Kyle Valenti." Teresa bellows. "I hope a certain part of your body shrivels up and drops off."

"No chance of that happening today." Isabel mumbles before she bursts out laughing.

Kyle shakes his head and begs Isabel with his eyes not to let on as to why he opts to stay in the water.

Turning her attention back to the skunk that has taken up residence in their clothes and doesn't seem anxious to relinquish its claim, she realizes how little of life's little pleasures she's been able to enjoy since finding out her mission in life, here on earth.

She frowns as she thinks back to how the day started and the task that they had finished right before deciding to partake of a little fun.

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