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"Crab Nebula in Taurus"
Part 2
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme of Treasures Found and Tess to TESS (CD Fanfic) The Human/Alien alliance use information recorded in Claudia Parker's journal to establish the best time to activate a third Orb found with alien artifacts.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I recommend reading "Treasures Found" and "Tess to TESS" first but a Prologue is included.
July 3, 10:00AM

"Okay, you guys. Has everyone completed their assignments?" Liz looks around the large table in Sondra's loft.

"Yes Hilary," chimes Maria and Teresa as they knock up against each other's shoulder and start to giggle.

"This is serious, tomorrow is July 4th and Michael's calculations indicate the constellations will align equivalent to how they where in the year 1054." Sondra chides the giggling duet.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I've spent more time in the library in the past two weeks than I have in the ten years since I was first dragged into the learning institution kicking and screaming." Maria offers her friends as explanation for her seemingly cavalier attitude about their mission. "And, besides it's summer vacation."

"Kyle's been trying to keep me up to date on what's been going on but I still don't understand why tomorrow's attempt at activating the Orb will prove successful when you haven't been able to get it to work before." The Sheriff directs his question to Liz who seems to be the overseer of the proceedings.

Liz looks to Kyle and shakes her head in an unspoken reprimand in having relayed faulty information to a group member.

"My grandmother's journal reveals that on Tuesday July 4, 1054AD - the spectacular death of a star occurred. This huge explosion marked the birth of Crab Nebula in the constellation Taurus, one of the nearest and brightest supernova remnants visible from the earth. The blast was so expansive its brightness was seen for 23 days."

"The journal suggests and Ancestral Pueblo folklore somewhat substantiates that a visitor from another world arrived around this time through a Sipapu, or spirit hole but my grandmother believed it to be a Black hole or a Wormhole."

"Whoa." The Sheriff sweeps his hand over his head and emits a whooshing sound from his lips. "Way over my head."

Liz looks around the table to the confused looks on several of her friend's faces before turning to Max. She lets her head fall back in mock exasperation. "Maaxx... Sondra, help me out here. I'm dying." She brings her forehead down on Max's shoulder.

"Actually Quantum Physics is not my favorite subject but Michael seems to have a grasp on it." Sondra looks to her brother and nods her head for him to explain to the others the black hole, wormhole mystery.

"Max can probably explain it a lot better than I can." Michael looks down at his clasped hands and starts to squirm in his seat when all eyes are directed at him.

"No, Michael, go ahead. This is yours and Liz's show." Max pats Michael's arm for encouragement.

"Michael, give us the child's version, okay." Alex throws at him nodding his head.

Michael lets out a heavy breath, "The outer layers of an exploded star (supernova) are blasted off into space at high speeds. But, at the center of the explosion what's left behind is squashed and forms a neutron star."

"Because neutron stars are so small, they can spin very quickly-many times a second. Every time they spin they give out a flash of energy, like a lighthouse." He looks to Alex and lifts his hand and brow to see if he understands so far and Alex gives and affirmative nod.

"Usually this energy is in the form of radio waves, but sometimes it can also include light waves. A flashing neutron star is called a pulsar."

"The matter in a neutron star is squeezed so tightly that a spoonful of it would weigh as much as a mountain. Its gravity is therefore very strong." Michael exhales before continuing.

"But if a neutron star contains more matter than about three suns, its gravity becomes so strong that it shrinks even further, until it vanishes from sight-a black hole. A black hole is believed to be a wormhole, or throat, connecting two universes."

"It is through this wormhole that we believe the first visitor came to earth and that the door between the two universes is not always open."

"Successful transmissions to and from our planet may also travel through this wormhole so timing is everything." Michael leans back in his chair, interlocks his fingers and extends his arms to stretch.

"Just before dawn tomorrow the constellations align just as they were 946 years ago. A crescent moon was present that day also as is depicted in Anasazi Rock art recording the event."

Michael pauses for a moment before continuing, "Liz's grandmother listed several groups of longitude/latitude coordinates in and around New Mexico."

"We've isolated the grouping - 33:23:17N 104:29:44W to be near Buckley point in an unpopulated area which is where we will attempt to activate the third Orb or at least be prepared to receive a transmission from our home planet."

"I know it seems far fetched, but the third Orb does nothing when placed with one or both of the other Orbs. We've tried every combination possible." Isabel sadly interjects. "I'll try anything for a chance to hear my mother again."

The whole room becomes quiet and gives Isabel a sympathetic look knowing how the first communication with her mother affected the alien girl with human emotions.

Michael stops his spiel but she soon gives him the go ahead to continue. "The diagram in the alien book of an outlined wheel is similar to the one River Dog used to heal me."

"Coincidently the aforementioned wheel has ten spokes leading to a center circle where the Orb will be placed." Michael concludes by showing them a duplicated drawing of the wheel and everyone's pre-assigned position.

Max finishes the location discussion with a final directive to the Human/Alien alliance. "The area is marked off and the stones are stacked and hidden. Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Teresa will go there late this afternoon and lay out the design in advance of tomorrow's excursion. We won't have time in the morning because we should be there at dawn."

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