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"Crab Nebula in Taurus"
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme of Treasures Found and Tess to TESS (CD Fanfic) The Human/Alien alliance use information recorded in Claudia Parker's journal to establish the best time to activate a third Orb found with alien artifacts.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I recommend reading "Treasures Found" and "Tess to TESS" first but a Prologue is included.
Claudia Parker, (renowned archaeologist/author), and her granddaughter Liz were visiting the Chaco Canyons on a picture-taking excursion for Claudia's new book. The Canyons are located in the Four Corners region, where four states, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah meet.

The eight year old Liz inadvertently or predestined opens a secret entrance to an adjacent storage room of a cliff dwelling sealed and hidden for over 700 years.

In addition to the Ancestral Pueblo artifacts discovered, a chest made of an unknown metal which contents include an Orb and a book both displaying a crest of some kind and dozens of triangular shaped objects believed to be a weapons, if the illustrations in the book are to be believed.

The respected professor of Archaeology defaces the site by removing the chest and leaving her assistant John Nez in charge of the first new discovery of Anasazi artifacts in over sixty years because her granddaughter's face is depicted in a book that has gone undiscovered for seven hundred years.

John Nez, a Native American working on his graduate thesis, later tells his mentor a Cinderella Story, which links Liz to a leader from another world.

Eight years later upon Claudia's death Liz gets a flash of herself as a little girl and her visit to the Chaco Canyons as she thumbs through her grandmother's last book.

With Michael's help Liz finds the mechanism needed to mentally transport herself and Michael to the home planet where she is made privy to a century's old prophecy bonding her to the man she loves-her soul mate.

With this discovery, Liz arranges to be alone with Max at her grandmother's lake house in Santa Rosa and they communicate their love physically.

Their lovemaking is the catalyst for the Orb, hidden in a secret room, to start beeping leading them to the chest Claudia Parker discovered eight years earlier.

On returning to Roswell the original six meet to discuss recent developments and agree to trust Kyle but not to trust Tess.

Within days the true fourth alien arrives in Roswell as Teresa Gallagher and convinces Liz, Maria, and Alex that she is Michael's sister and that Tess is an imposter.

In the mean time, Liz develops a new talent, which allows her to project her flashes transmitting the scenes to mirrors.

Once the four true aliens are together and form the foursquare formation, legitimized by holding hands, their planet's plight is transmitted to a mirror via Liz for everyone to see.

The group devises a plan to capture and detain Tess in fear that she may identify them to the enemy aliens but the plan goes astray and Tess dies in a fiery automobile crash.

Things appear to have settled down when an enemy alien's dark soul is revealed to Liz reflected in a mirror at The Crashdown. The alien's human face is recorded by the restaurant's security camera as well as the evil within as it is reflected through the mirror.


July 07. I'm Liz Parker and a few days ago my country celebrated it's 224th year of independence. Unbeknownst to my fellow countrymen or the world a new struggle has begun against an enemy who has yet to make its presence known.

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