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"Across Time and Space"
Part 3
by Skylar
Disclaimer: I only own Sizran, Dixon, Kavon, and Bran. The original cast was already taken.
Summary: A second message from the now-altered future.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Ok. Part III is short and doesn't have those time changing things... :)
The Royal Four held their breaths as they listened to what was happening through the hologram.

"Is this occurring simultaneously or has it already happened?" Tess asked softly as she heard her own name being spoken.

"It doesn't matter..." Isabel's gaze was lost beyond the screen. She had just witnessed her own death. In that future she was going to die...

Michael couldn't help but stare at his child. He was so little... He had Maria's nose, and his eyes were a greenish brown. Bran. He wondered why they had named him so. He wished to know more about him. He would never hold him. He was supposed to assure his own son would never be born. He looked away, feeling their pain sipping through him. It wasn't possible. He shouldn't be attached. The child wasn't even born, nor would he ever-

"It's all right, Michael," Max read his expression and placed an arm on his shoulder. "This is hard to accept, for all of us, but especially for you." He couldn't begin to comprehend the sacrifice his best friend was making. Not only in the future, but in this very present. Everything he had seen, and all he had heard... It was just so much to take in... How on earth would he be able to kill Liz, accidentally or otherwise... it just didn't make sense.

"Are they all going to die?" Tess spoke as she heard her own voice irradiate from the communicator. She sounded so different. It felt as if she wouldn't be the same as she was now.

"We all will. That's what they are trying to avoid." Isabel's brown eyes locked on Max's. "Did you see their son? Something tells me... I don't know how to explain..." Her eyes turned on Michael's, "Did you notice it?"

He absently nodded as he contemplated his future son. He could see Maria's spark on him. The way he spoke and the things he said... 'I'll protect them, papa. I promise. I'm big and strong now... Mama, don't worry, I'll protect you... My sister too, papa.'

Isabel tried not to smile as she recalled the boy called her aunt. It had felt weird, hearing that. He spoke with such familiarity and affection about them... "They said he can use his powers... He can do what Tess can... Is that possible?"

"I was never able to do that when I was his age."

"What does it matter?" Michael sullenly spoke, his voice detached.

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