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"Across Time and Space"
Part 4
by Skylar
Disclaimer: I only own Sizran, Dixon, Kavon, and Bran. The original cast was already taken.
Summary: A second message from the now-altered future.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: In Part IV, the other thing that will make my story even more confusing--not possible, you think?, then think again-- is that I've made the last future-present scene simultaneously... that means that both happen withing the same time and space. Whenever you see <<<...>>> means present; and the non<> means normal future, ok? I hope no one has serious trouble understanding it...

"I never understood," he started saying as he addressed Michael, "Why you insisted on being called Michael, you know... I mean, Vilandra, it was somewhat logical, but-speaking of the devil," His eyes were an ugly shade of blue. "Would you believe the story repeated itself again? Betrayal marked her death-"


Michael gave him a lopsided smirk. "You're getting sloppy. Vilandra was the traitor, not Isabel."

"Oh well, you know that, I know that... I was debating on who should carry the burden, you see. In the past Vilandra betrayed her brother and sacrificed her people for the love of Kivar. Now, the tables turned on him. Kivar betrayed his people for Isabel... See my indecision? Should it seem history repeat itself? She rid me of a problem; she was useful at least for that. Yes, it's better if the people know that Kivar-their great merciless king was about to betray them, and for no one else than his past love..."

Michael saw past his scheme. "You were planning on getting rid of him all along, weren't you? But you couldn't kill him so easily, so you waited for Isabel..."

"I waited for fifteen years!" he bellowed. "When I met Isabel, I could only hope she'd do the right thing this time." He smiled. "In the end, he was getting soft. The Ice princess was getting to him. You are right. Isabel couldn't compare with Vilandra. She had something the other lacked. Funny, how the past has a way of repeating itself, but paradoxically, it's inevitable to keep it from changing. Even Vilandra and Kivar. Then the surprises, like your decrepit king and that perky scientist... and you with that spitfire of a wife."

Michael didn't like the way he referred to Maria.

"It's not that I'll regret killing you, Mickey." He used the same nickname Maria used for him on purpose. "It's more like I'll miss toying with you... That hot temper... it matched our feisty Maria, did it not. Too bad you won't save your king--who by the way doesn't care if he's rescued or not--and you'll die knowing your Maria-"

"You won't lay a hand on her-"

"Oh, not a hand." He managed a thoughtful expression. "You know, Parker was a pleasure to break, but Maria... I know she'll be 'out of this world', truly wish you could watch, but I have my own agenda for you," he was ready to strike, but before he said. "Thank you for the boy... guess you also had your use."

"Never underestimate your enemy, Trasker." Michael smirked as he with his powers stroke the ground underneath his assaulters. He gave thanks Bran was successfully hiding the granolith and Maria, so the guards wouldn't get them.

"You are just stalling, Michael." Trasker said, as he stood unaffected.

What if he was? He had to get them out of here. "I would've thought you'd never give up on the granolith, trash face. What is it? Finally realize that you'll never get your hands on it."

"I don't need you for that. We still have Zan, remember that? Besides, we have priorities."

Michael laughed. "You truly think Max will tell you. As if he'd know."

The other alien grinned. "Yeah, I guess. With Zan out of sorts, you're technically king now, aren't you Rath" He used his original name to edge him.

Michael had his own sarcastic grin in place. "Yeah well, I was kinda tired of receiving orders."

"I still think the title is too big on you." He hit without warning, not giving Michael any chance to take cover.

Maria cried out as she saw Michael been thrown out to the opposite wall. Bran, instinctively let go of the hiding as he called his father as well.

"Maria, you were here all along." Trasker said as he fixed his eyes on her, and then shifted to Bran. "Incredible. You were doing this, weren't you lad." He knew this hybrid had superb powers, and he'll soon find out how superb they were.

"Damn it, woman. Can't you ever do what I say!" Michael grunted half angry with her. He tried to raise his upper body on his elbows, his eyes fixed on his enemy.

Maria run to him, and Bran wasn't too far behind.

"Maria DeLuca..." he breathed her name slowly and in awe. " I'm disappointed in your taste in men...."

"It's Guerin, dust-face," her eyes and voice couldn't have been more proud. "Never forget that!" her eyes shimmering in a murderous glare.

"Ohh yeah... do you really think I forgot?" he came closer and with his index finger he raised Maria towards him, against her own will. "Such beautiful green... You humans are a specimen... especially Parker and you..."

"Well, considering you're quite at the bottom of the food chain, dusty-"

"You're also going to fight it? Haven't you realized you're in my hands now, Maria? You, your son, and that garbage you call husband-" his speech was cut off as he suddenly smiled and looked down at her half raised body... "You're pregnant, now, aren't you."

Maria spit in his face as she saw behind his evil glance. "I'll die before I hand over my children to you!"

Trasker moved his head, an indication for one of the guards to move forward.

"How long?"

A small gun-like machine was removed from his back and was placed in front of Maria's stomach, as she wiggled trying to stay away from it.

"Michael..." she whimpered looking behind her as he tried to raise himself and holding onto Bran.

"The fetus is in gestation for 15 weeks, sir"



Trasker didn't move his eyes from Maria's face. "Beautifully well done, Maria. Your daughter is going to be the mother of a new race."

<<"How did Bran know? How did he know Max?" Isabel felt that whatever the answer was, it only supported her suspicions.

"I don't know..." Max didn't understand either. The more he heard, the more it disgusted him. He was the cause for all the disaster and killing.

"Maybe his powers are enhanced, I don't know, it could be the genes... what Maria said... the genes." Tess reasoned.

"Michael," Isabel turned to look at him. He had that inscrutable expression on his face. "Michael."

"I'll kill him." Came out deadly. "I swear I'll kill him."

"That won't be too hard-considering we know what he looks like." Tess put in.

It wasn't just Michael who wanted to kill him. Max had his reasons. He tried not to think about it too much, but he had also hurt Liz, that much he had learned. Isabel, as well as the other two, was building her hate towards him. She felt that kid loved her, and she didn't want to think what he would do to him, or the baby that wasn't yet born. And then she thought of herself. He had used her. She hadn't known it, but it still was there. In many ways her death was going to be much of his fault.

He heard Maria calling his name. And he cursed himself for not being able to help her. God! Weren't his powers any better in that future? He should at least be able to save them. His son, and his daughter were going to be used to destroy his own people. He didn't want to know what they would do to Maria. The man was sick enough to do anything to her. He seemed to have an obsession for Maria.

Something similar was going through Tess' mind. What was it about these earth girls that seemed to fascinate men-alien type men. She didn't hate them, there wasn't really much to hate. In regard with Michael, it was just that sometimes it was a nuisance. But with Max-she was starting to realize that even if Liz wasn't in the picture, she would still be in the mind. >>

Michael couldn't stand up. The bastard must have broken his ribcage because it felt like his bones had broken in pieces. But what surpassed his physical pain was the agony and helplessness of not being able to protect Maria. He tried to heal himself but it wasn't working. He knew he wasn't concentrating enough. He was afraid that if he used the little energy left, he might not be able to help Maria.

"Aren't you going to be proud" Trasker mockingly asked him as he turned Maria to face him. He then motioned for Bran with one finger. "Come here, lad. Don't you want to be with your mommy?"

Bran stood there, holding onto his father.

"Don't listen to him Bran." Maria looked into his fearful eyes and cursed this living hell. Sizran had to get here, and soon. She no longer knew if the granolith was still running the message. After Michael had been thrown against it-

"What are you keeping from me, Maria" her captor asked behind her ear. "Tell the boy to come."


He shook his head. "You don't want to defy me. Call him." He jerked her head up by her hair just as the cavern shook.

"What was that."

Two of his men went to check, and fighting and shouts were heard from the hall.

"Sizran..." Michael whispered. That jerk was always late, yet couldn't be more opportune. "Bran stay with me. When I give you the signal you take your mother out of here, you hear me?"

His son nodded as he masked his fears.

"Bad Old Trash..." came from the walls after the silence.

"Where the hell are you, Sizran." Trasker raised his voice looking around the room. "Too coward to show your face."

There was mocking laughter, "I don't think so... After all, I'm not the one who has to shed his own every freaking month!"

Trasker's jaw hardened.

"Would you cut your shit, Sizran!" was Michael's angry and impatient remark.

"Always so bossy, huh, big brother"

Maria took deep breaths. It wasn't the time for those two to start bickering at each other. If Sizran was so placid it could only mean he was confident enough to get them out of this.

Michael felt the same, yet he wasn't as patient for the results. Never underestimate your enemy that had become his motto, and Sizran wasn't following...

"Well, well Maria... I hope you don't forget who's coming to your rescue..."

"I don't see any rescuing been done, Siz." Maria tried to sound as annoyed as she could.

Trasker tightened his hold on Maria. "Do you really think he's going to rescue you, darling"

"Trash, trash... You still fancy my sister-in-law, I see. Kidnapping the King's favorite wasn't enough for you, was it?"

"He refused to pay ransom. And Parker escaped, pity..." He said with an evil grin.

"Humans... amazing wits, no?"

"Would you stop discussing us as if we were objects!" Maria responded angrily at the exchange.

"She rather found her reward there, ironic, don't you think." Trasker continued as if Maria hadn't spoken. Maria's and Michael's faces-hardened, and there was a short silence from Sizran.

"You did hear, didn't you Sizran...? Zan killed her himself. Now that was rich."

"Fuck you." Michael and Sizran said simultaneously.

He only laughed. "I know your story too. You were after our gal here before pursuing Parker as well... Going after your brother's woman... That wasn't smart, Sizran. Not if you were trying to convince him you both shared the same blood."

"That's ancient history, Trash... and you're boring me." Came before the two remaining guards got slammed against the walls outside the room and disintegrated.

"That was only my escort, Sizran." Trasker turned around to acknowledge the blow and pointed out confidently.

"I know."

That was what Michael was waiting for. He used his powers to remove Maria from his grasp, using the element of surprise to his favor.

Trasker reacted instinctively as his hand moved to attack Maria but Michael predicting that used his power shield to protect her.

Immediately Trasker's other free hand was directed to Michael.

Michael's eyes froze, as he feared he wouldn't be able to shield himself, nor his son.

He didn't have to.

Bran's little hand came forward as he himself raised a power shield to protect himself and his father. He then held it with his mind as he pointed his tiny index to Trasker sending him crashing against the closing iron doors.

Michael had already burst with love for Maria, but now he burst with love and pride towards his little boy.

"Wow! That's my nephew!" Sizran laughed through the walls.

Trasker laid there, in the floor his hands and feet turning to another color before falling.

"Disgusting!" Maria groaned standing up.

Trasker's body regenerated before she had a chance to reach Michael, and his shout of warning didn't save her as Trasker slammed her against the wall, and dragged her towards him with his power. "That was impressive, but not definite."

He opened the doors psychically as a larger guards with different uniforms entered. "You can't win, Michael..." He looked at Bran and said deadly. "You don't want me to hurt your mommy or your daddy, or not lad. Then come here. If you fight me, you'll make me hurt your mom and your sister. You don't want that, do you."

Bran hesitated and looked at his father.

"Do it, Michael. You don't want me to hurt her, do you."

He nodded towards his son. He was confident that Bran would take the chance to escape with Maria when it came.

Bran's little legs started moving towards his mother.

I hope you have a plan, bro 'cause-- Sizran's thoughts were cut off by Michael's angry 'shut up'.

"This is not over Trasker."

"I know. I still have to get rid of you two." He looked around the walls. "Just because you're on your ship, doesn't mean I can't get you, Sizran. The granolith won't help".

The granolith.

Maria and Michael looked at each other. They hadn't stopped the connection nor sent it.

"Say good bye..." Trasker put his hands to his side, palms down as he prepared for the final blow.

Michael knew Trasker wouldn't let the granolith be damaged, he was sure he was shielding it from his blow, but he doubted he'll run the same luck.

Maria's face paled as she saw Trasker strike and she screamed Michael's name and it covered the room like a silent blanket. Sizran's own grasped cry was heard through the walls...

Bran's eyes widened as he finally revealed the screen transmition.

"Bran! They mustn't-" were Michael's final cut off words.

"Paaaapaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!" His cry mixed with his mother's as his teary eyes locked on the screen. He extended his little hand, following his father's last wish.

The last thing they saw was that little face as the explosion hit it and before a flash of images came rushing.

Michael and Maria standing behind Liz holding Bran and Max right next to her, as he was baptized. Isabel, Tess, Ava, Alex, and Kyle surrounding them, along with other people in uniforms.

Maria bouncing him in air when he was still less than two years old and Liz laughing at them. "Gosh, Maria, you better not turn him into a miniature Michael with that monkey hair."

A lab, Liz, and Ava teaching him molecules recreation, "I guess you can say that Tess and me are like twins, Bran." And then Ava turned towards her partner and friend. "At least that's what Brains here says."

Max sitting him on his knee, "I don't want you near that room, hear me Bran. Your mother will never let me hear the end of it if you get hurt." Bran laughing as he responded, "Papa says the same, uncle Max."

Isabel writing something as Bran sat on her desk to get her attention. "But she never gets mad at me, aunt-Iss." his little voice said. "You must have done something Bran." When he purposely saddened his little face, she gave up. "All right, we'll go talk to Tess, ok."

The hologram ended before anyone had a chance to realize it was so.

A soft choke escaped Isabel's throat. Tess closed her eyes and moved her head.

Max swallowed hard looking from Isabel and Tess to Michael.

"Those were Bran's memories... it was like he was connected to the granolith..."

Isabel rested a hand on his shoulder, but he didn't even flinch.

"Isabel," Tess called her softly as she and Max started moving towards the exit.

"I think he needs to be alone right now." Max said quietly.

She nodded but still looked back worried.

"What are we going to do, Max?" she asked once they were outside and dawn was coming upon them.

They barely made it to the jeep as Michael came out of the cavern. His face was expected didn't reveal anything about what he was feeling. And he didn't seem like he was going to share either.

They rode back in silence. No one was sure if what they had just witnessed was real, a mirage, or a bad dream. It was too cruel to be anything. They had been spectators of their own future, their own death.

"I think that Liz is a key here." Michael said breaking the silence and bringing his three friends' attention towards him.

"But we can't tell her about this, right?" Tess asked looking at Max through the mirror.

Isabel nodded as she looked out at the dessert. "They can't know of what we saw there today. Specially Maria. I don't think she'll take it-"

"I don't know how we can keep it a secret," Max murmured looking straight at the road. "Doesn't she have the right to know-"


Max briefly glanced at Michael through the mirror. Isabel slightly shook his head at him.

"What about Trasker?" Tess changed the subject to ease the tension. "How are we going to know how to find him? You heard what-"

"We won't. The time will come, we can't alter that."

Isabel rubbed her temples as she said. "You know what this means." She looked from Michael to Tess and Max. "There are more like us. The Squadron... Michael's brother... They are looking for us, Max. They are out there..."

"I know, Iss. I know."

They had seen too much today. Too much and yet so little. Not enough to save a world, not enough to save themselves.

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