FanFic - Michael/Maria
"She Dreams in Color"
Part 6
by Ariana
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswellian except a grow an alien I got at the actual alien museum in Roswell. I don't own "Better Man," by Pearl Jam, "Honestly OK," by Dido, or "Dark Blue," by No Doubt.
Summary: What if Maria was the third alien and Michael was Amy's son.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I just want everyone to know that "Better Man" is my all time favorite song.
"Can we please go?" Maria asked Max once she found him.

Max had a sad glow in his face, "Yeah we can go."

"Where's Iz?" Maria asked on their way to the jeep.

Max replied, "She took off with a bunch of her friends."

"Oh, living the normal teenage life. I guess that is Iz's idea of keeping a low profile," Maria joked.

Max raised his eyebrow, "Are you feeling okay?"

Maria slid into the passenger seat; "I'm fine, why?"

"I could be mistaken but it sounded like you cracked a joke," Max pointed out.

Maria gave a little smirk, "So where's Liz?"

"Uh, Kyle took her home," Max stated in a low voice as he started up the Jeep.

Maria felt like she stuck her foot in her mouth, " you think he suspects we set him up?"

"He has no reason to, and as long as we play our cards right the Valentis shouldn't be a problem," Max told her as they drove away from all the hype of the crash festival.

Maria questioned, "What about that picture that Valenti showed Liz? That is the only clue that we have to the existence of another alien."

"Obtaining that picture is not a priority right now, because it is too dangerous and we just got Valenti off our backs," Max warned her.

Maria shook her head in disagreement, "We can't just sit on this Max it is way too important."

"We have to be careful Maria. This is not the right time to do something stupid," Max scolded. "We have to strategize and come up with a fool proof plan."

"Whatever Max, you always know best," Maria said in a sarcastic tone.

Max knew better, "Promise me you won't do anything stupid that could get us into trouble." Maria looked away clearly avoiding the question. "Maria, promise me."

Maria finally gave in, "OK, Maxwell I promise."

"Well now that is cleared away, do you want me to drop you off at Hank and Amelia's or do you want to crash at my house again?" Max asked.

Maria quickly decided, "Uh... just take me to the trailer. I should at least make an appearance so they know I am still alive."

"Are you sure?" Max didn't feel completely comfortable leaving her there.

"Max, I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself, and besides I do have some tricks up my sleeve," Maria tried to reassure him.

"Be careful Maria, you don't know what you are capable of," Max warned not wanting her to use her powers in front of Hank and Amelia.

Maria rolled her eyes, "I'll be fine big brother, I'll call you tomorrow." Maria jumped out of the Jeep when Max pulled up in front of the rundown trailer.

Max said, "Bye." Maria waved when she got to the front door and Max drove away into the night.

Maria opened the door and walked in to find the small living room and kitchenette in complete turmoil. "What the hell?"

A sharp pain rippled through the back of her head as she was hit from behind. "Where is it you little bitch!"

"Where is what?" Maria gritted her teeth as her head began to throb.

Amelia sneered, "You know what, the money. Where the hell is the money Marie!"

"I don't know what you are talking about, so get your damn hands off of me," Maria tried to squirm her way free.

Amelia tightened her grip and pinned Maria to the wall, "Hank! Hank! Get out here the little bitch is lying!"

"I'm not lying, so let me go!" Maria demanded just as Hank came out of the bedroom. She could tell that he was both drunk and high by the way he staggered towards her.

Hank pushed Amelia out of the way causing her to release her grip on Maria. Maria quickly turned around just as Hank's open hand connected with her face. "Where's the money Maria?" Hank's vodka soaked breath seeped into her nostrils and she wanted to throw up.

Maria's cheek stung as if little needles were penetrating her skin; "I don't know what the hell you are talking about."

Hank pushed her hard against the wall; "I ain't going to ask again little girl."

Maria wanted to crumble to the floor, but she didn't want to show weakness, "I don't have your stupid money."

"She's lying!" Amelia snarled grabbing Maria's arm. Maria tried to pull away but Hank seized her and threw her across the room. Maria came crashing down on the coffee table and she felt blood slide down her forehead.

Liz decided to ride home with Kyle, so Michael left the Crash Festival alone. He was kind of relieved because he didn't think he would be able to make small talk especially after sharing a special moment with Maria. Ever since she left him he had her on his mind.

As he was on his way home he had a sudden urge to see Maria and when he got closer to the trailer park that urge became a need, but a bad feeling settled itself at the bottom of his stomach. He pulled up to the trailer and after he got out of the car he heard a scuffle coming from inside. Then he heard an angry female voice screech, "She probably used the money to buy that slutty outfit she's wearing!"

"For the last goddamn time I don't know where your damn money is," Michael heard Maria's shaky voice through the thin walls. He heard another scuffle and he practically broke down the door.

He found Maria pinned to the ground by a woman with disheveled hair and a ratty bathrobe and hovering over them was beefy man guzzling down a bottle of whiskey. "Leave her alone!" Michael yelled announcing his presence.

Amelia quickly got off Maria at the sound of an unfamiliar male voice, so Maria struggled to her feet.

"Who the fuck are you!" Hank demanded keeping a firm grasp on the bottle.

Maria thought she was dreaming when she saw Michael in front of them. But she wasn't dreaming or hallucinating, Michael really was there and about to get pounded by Hank. "No!" Maria screamed as she held up her hand. She felt the power surge out from her palm, but Maria couldn't control it. The kitchen cupboards opened and closed and Hank's bottle of whiskey broke in his hand sending shards of glass to the floor. Amelia screamed as the TV exploded next to her.

"What the hell are you?" Amelia asked with a slurred voice before falling to her knees and fainting from shock. Hank stumbled against the wall fell to the ground and also passed out.

Using her powers and the physical and emotional state she was in made her exhausted. Michael saw the damage they had done and it hurt to look at her. "Oh my God Maria," Michael quickly hurried to her side.

Maria leaned against his strong body; "It is not as bad as it looks. I can fix it."

"Why did they do this to you?" Michael set her down on the couch.

Maria answered, "Who knows? They are drunk and high out of their minds. I guess they needed more cash to score some more blow. They have gotten like this before, but this is the first time the bastards tag-teamed me."

Michael looked around the destroyed trailer; "I got to get you out of here."

"They'll be out until morning," Maria got up and headed to her bedroom, and Michael followed.

"Do you have a bag to put your stuff in?" Michael asked when he entered the bedroom.

Maria saw that Hank and Amelia had searched her room because what little she had was strewn all over the place. Michael found an empty bag next to the door and began picking up the clothes off the floor and packed them into the bag.

Maria sat down on the mattress trying to ignore the pain throughout her body. She picked up her cracked mirror and looked at her swollen face. She gasped when she saw her reflection because it has never been this bad before. Maria tried to use her powers to heal her injuries but her head seared with pain and she didn't have the energy to do it.

"Ah!" Maria groaned in frustration.

Michael was sitting by her side in an instant, "What's wrong Maria?"

Maria rested her head in her hands so he wouldn't have to look at her, "I can't do it right now. I'll have to get Max or Isabel to do it."

"You're exhausted Maria let me get you out of here," Michael put his hand protectively on her shoulder.

Maria finally looked up at him, "Why did you come here tonight Michael?"

"I wanted to see you," Michael replied honestly.

Maria gave a small smile and placed her head on his shoulder, "Thanks."

~ ~ ~

Michael and Maria left Amelia and Hank passed out on the floor of the trailer. Maria hoped she would never have to see them again. Michael helped her into the car, because her body felt really sore and stiff.

"You'll be safe now Maria," Michael reassured her.

Maria responded in a low voice, "Safe from Amelia and Hank, but what about the rest of the world."

Michael reached over and gently stroked her hair and for the first time she looked small and vulnerable. "It is going to be okay. I won't let anything happen to you."

Maria questioned, "So where are we going?"

"Home," Michael told her.

I'm tired from exploring you
I'm sorry you've had some scary days
I'm lucky they had me on a leash
Exposing sometime you frighten me

Maria was quiet the rest of the way, but she held his hand as he drove her to his house. Her touch was soft and warm, and Michael couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt her.

And it's too bad you're so sad
I wish you could have had what I had

"Are you sure your mom won't mind?" Maria asked as Michael helped her to the front door.

Michael unlocked it, "She's in Santa Fe with her acupuncturist and she won't be back until Tuesday."

I'm loathing most of your history
Hesitation, but then you siphon me
Your potential, well I'll indulge in that
Violent timing explains the aftermath

Maria stared at herself in the mirror and she wanted to cry, because she thought she could take care of herself. If Michael hadn't come when he did who knows what could have happened to her.

She used a wet cloth and she cleaned off the dried blood from the cut on her forehead and she tried to regain her composure.

And it's too bad you're so sad
I wish you could have had what I had
And it's so sad it's too bad
Maybe I can make you feel better
Oh maybe I'm supposed to make you feel better

Michael slipped on the old Metallica t-shirt he slept in as he waited for Maria to come out of the bathroom. "Wow, it's really late," Maria said as she emerged from the bathroom in a pair of pajama bottoms and tank top.

Michael agreed, "Yeah, it's been a trying day."

"I'm really tired," Maria declared.

"Oh, well you can take the bed I'll go sleep on the couch," Michael took a pillow from the bed and was headed out the door.

Maria called after him, "Michael wait!"

I want to comfort you

" you think you can...sleep with me tonight," Maria asked in a low fearful voice.

Michael looked at her and then the bed, "Is that what you really want?"

"Just sleep," Maria cleared up the big topic.

Unlike you I had it easy
You're dark blue
Stained from previous days

"OK," Michael put the pillow back as Maria turned down the bed. She slipped inside and Michael clicked off the light.

He got into the bed next to her, and he could feel the warmth of her body. He laid his head down on the pillow and she laid her head down on his chest. Michael wrapped his arms around her and then he saw the big black and blue bruise on her arm.

"Does this hurt?" Michael asked referring to the bruise on her arm.

Maria snuggled closer to him, "Not anymore."

And you're so sad
It's too bad
I wish you could have had what I had
And it's too bad you're so sad
Maybe I can make you feel better

"Good night Michael," Maria whispered.

Michael replied, "Good night Maria."

I'm sorry

Michael stroked Maria's hair until she fell asleep in his arms, and that was when Michael allowed himself to fall asleep too.

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