FanFic - Michael/Maria
"She Dreams in Color"
Part 7
by Ariana
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswellian except a grow an alien I got at the actual alien museum in Roswell. I don't own "Better Man," by Pearl Jam, "Honestly OK," by Dido, or "Dark Blue," by No Doubt.
Summary: What if Maria was the third alien and Michael was Amy's son.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I just want everyone to know that "Better Man" is my all time favorite song.
Maria thought that the safest place she ever been was sleeping on the floor in Isabel's room. That was until she woke up in Michael's arms the next morning. She didn't want to let him know that she was awake because she didn't want to move.

"Maria," Michael whispered. "I know you are awake."

Maria sighed, "You caught me."

"How are you feeling?" Michael brushed a lock of hair from her face.

"Like I got ran over by a truck," Maria replied. "I should probably go to Max and Isabel's and tell them what's going on."

Michael pleaded, "You don't want to stay a little longer."

Maria gave him a smile, "Well maybe a little longer."

They laid in Michael's bed just enjoying each other's presence. "What I am going to do? If I report this to my social worker than most likely I will be shipped off to another foster home."

"You can stay here," Michael suggested playfully.

Maria found herself laughing; "Yeah I'm sure your mom would love that. But I guess I can crash on the Evans's couch."

"Oh wait! I have a better idea. Liz has a spare room in her apartment maybe you can stay there," Michael told her.

Maria had a doubtful look; "I don't think Liz would be too thrilled having an alien living under her roof."

"You don't know Liz like I do, she would do anything to help," Michael shared.

"She sounds really special, I guess that is why Max likes her so much...and why he saved her life," Maria said.

Michael held her tighter; "He was definitely risking a lot when he did that."

"Yeah," Maria muttered.

Michael whispered in her ear, "I'm glad he did, because it brought me you."

"But Michael we can't ignore the big difference that exists between us. I'm not sure exactly what I am, but I know I'm not like you," Maria pulled herself out of his warm embrace and got out of the bed.

Michael quickly got out after her, "Maria." She stopped but she couldn't find the courage to look into his eyes. Michael placed his hands on her shoulders. "I don't care what you are, because you'll always be Maria to me."

"If only all humans were like you and Liz, then Max, Iz and I would not have to hide who we really are," Maria replied.

Michael embraced her, but Maria informed him, "I better go I promised Max I would call him, which technically means I would be over there for breakfast."

"So I'll see you at work later," Michael began making the bed.

"Yeah," she nodded before heading to the bathroom.

~ ~ ~

"My God Maria what happened?" Max demanded when he saw her face at the window.

Maria climbed stiffly inside his bedroom, "Good morning to you too Maxwell."

"Did Hank and Amelia do that to you?" Max asked.

Maria nodded, "They were really out of it last night, they probably won't remember a thing when they get up."

"I don't want you going back there," Max placed a protective hand on her shoulder.

Maria gave him a weak smile; "You don't have to tell me twice. Um...can you do me a favor? I tried to doing it earlier, but I couldn't." Maria referred to her face.

"It was probably the shock of everything that had happened," Max slowly ran his hand over the deep gash in her forehead and Maria could feel the tingling sensation of power being used. The throbbing pain in her head went away when his hand did.

"Thanks and uh...could you please not tell Isabel how bad it really was I don't want her to worry," Maria sat cross-legged on his bed.

Max sat down next to her, "Well I'm worried about you, and I have to ask. Where were you last night?"

Maria looked down at her hands; "I spent the night at Michael's last night."

"You what?" Max's eyebrows arched up in disbelief.

Maria lied, "It is not what you think. It was completely innocent I slept on the DeLuca's couch."

"How did Michael get into all of this?" Max questioned because it was unlike Maria to want help from a human.

"I forgot my purse in his mom's Jetta, so he came to the trailer to drop it off and he found me being Hank and Amelia's human piƱata," Maria hated lying to Max but she just couldn't tell him the truth about her and Michael.

Max shrugged, "Huh, for a minute there I thought you and Michael were getting a little close."

Maria let out a burst of nervous laughter, "Oh please Maxwell, we just work together. There is absolutely nothing going on between me and Michael DeLuca."

"Well that's a relief because I don't think romantic relationships with our human counterparts is a good idea, we need to keep them at a safe distance," Max said to her.

Maria's heart fluttered in her chest, "Did something happen between you and Liz?"

Max stood up and pretended to be interested in his CD collection, "Liz is with Kyle. Besides we are just friends."

"So then why are you playing that Counting Crows song. I know you Max, you play it every time you get depressed," Maria saw Max tense up.

Max met her stern gaze; "We just can't get involved."

Maria let the matter drop, because she couldn't tell Max the truth. She had trouble even admitting it to herself, but that kiss did something to her. "Well I sort of have a problem. Now that I'm homeless and all."

"You can stay here I'm sure my parents won't mind," Max offered.

Maria told him, "I'm going to try to find my own thing, but I'll let you know."

"So is Maria okay?" Liz asked searching for her other Adidas sneaker.

Michael played with his bandanna, "She was going to Max and Isabel's this morning, but she's fine."

Liz found her shoe and started to put it on, "I had no idea her life was that hard. She hid it pretty well."

"Maria can't go back there, because who knows what her foster parents might do to her," Michael said.

"Well if there is anything that I can do to help," Liz offered.

"Actually I was wondering if maybe Maria could live or rent out the spare bedroom," Michael suggested hoping she would agree.

Liz repeated, "Maria, live here."

"She'll end up in another foster situation if we don't help her," Michael pleaded.

"It is fine with me, but I'll have to convince the parental units," Liz gave in.

Michael gave his best friend a hug, "Thank you so much Liz, you're the best."

"Out of curiosity why the sudden interest in Maria? Is there anything going on between the two of you?" Liz asked holding Michael at arms length.

Michael lied, "No, we're just friends."

"Good, 'cause Max doesn't think any of us should get involved in that way. It is safer if we all just stay friends," Liz walked over to her dresser to put on her alien antennae headband.

Michael asked, "Is that what you want?"

"I'm with Kyle, and I'm perfectly happy in that relationship," Liz tried convincing herself.

"Why don't I believe you?" Michael said to her.

Liz shook her head in frustration; "It is for the best to stay away from Maria in that sense."

"Yeah, I guess," Michael muttered looking down at his feet.

Liz didn't notice her friend's sullen demeanor; "It looks like it's going to rain. You better go downstairs before Jose has a fit."

"OK, but don't you have to be there too," Michael started leaving Liz's room.

Liz gave him a hopeful smile; "I have to go ask my father something."

~ ~ ~

"Michael where have you've been? I'm up to my ears in orders," Jose, the fry cook complained as Michael entered the kitchen.

Michael put on his apron, "Hey chill out. I have a lot on my mind right now."

"Teenagers," Jose muttered under his breath thinking Michael couldn't hear him.

Michael shook his head as he plucked off an order, but movement to his right distracted him. Maria was taking off her purse and putting it away in her locker. Michael forgot about the order and went to talk to Maria. "Michael!" Jose protested when he saw the teenager leaving the kitchen.

"I'll be back in a minute," Michael retorted. "Maria."

"Michael," Maria was startled by the sound of his voice. "You scared me I didn't know you were there."

"Uh...we need to talk, it's important," Michael said.

Maria slipped her alien antennae on, "Yeah, I know."

They just stared at each other for seconds; both of them scared of what the other one has to say. "Maria!" Liz called from the stairs of her apartment. "Good news, I talked to my father and he agreed to let you rent out the extra room. It will be $200 a month including room and board and you can move in ASAP."

"That's great," Maria plastered a smile on her face. "I'll just have to get my stuff from Michael's house later."

"Come on I'll show you the room," Liz took Maria by the hand and dragged her up the stairs. "The bathroom is down the hall, and this is your room." Liz opened the door and Maria caught her first look at her new room. It was twice the size of the room she had in the trailer, and the walls were painted a desert rust color with light oak furniture. "I know it's kind of small."

"No," Maria replied in a low voice. "Its perfect. Thank you Liz."

Liz smiled, "You're welcome."

"You're staying where?" Isabel demanded not able to swallow her burger.

Maria was enjoying her break with Max and Isabel, "I'm renting a room from Liz and her family."

"And so you are just going to live with her," Isabel was still in a state of shock.

Maria held up a fry, "It is not like I can just go home."

"You can stay with us, why would you want to live with Liz and her family?" Isabel wanted to know.

Maria said in between bites, "Come on Iz, you know if I lived with you guys I would seriously annoy you both and then you would throw me out."

"Nah, Isabel has been annoying me for years, and I still haven't gotten rid of her," Max joked around.

Isabel rolled her eyes, "Ha ha very funny."

"I'm just glad you are finally getting away from Hank and Amelia," Max took a sip of his Cherry Coke.

Isabel spoke up, "I'm just glad you weren't hurt or worse."

"Yeah, you know me tough as Teflon," Maria couldn't look Max in the eye, but she acted like everything was okay.

Max told her, "I'm sure my dad would help you get legally emancipated, so you wouldn't have to ever go back to foster care."

"Cool," Maria glanced at her watch. "I gotta go my break is over. I'll talk to you guys later."

"I'll help you organize your stuff and we can go shopping or something," Isabel offered before Maria went back to work.

Maria smiled, "Yeah okay."

Michael watched as Maria gracefully glided across the cafe. He hasn't had a chance to talk to her because he has been backed up with orders.

"Michael, I need that Vulcan veggie burger," Maria told him.

Michael was feeling very frustrated, "I'm going as fast as I can."

"But I put in that order about twenty minutes ago," Maria reminded.

"Here give them some Chewbacca cheese sticks while they wait," Michael shoved a basket of greasy cheese sticks at Maria.

"Is something bugging you. You seem very agitated," Maria had a look of concern on her face.

Michael couldn't look at her because it hurt too much. As much as he wanted to be with her he had to keep his distance. "I'm fine, OK."

Maria was taken aback by Michael's tone, "Whatever."

"Maybe Max was right," Maria thought as she took the cheese sticks to the waiting customers. "Getting involved with humans is only asking for trouble." She turned around and Michael quickly looked away, but Maria swore she saw the look. The silly look that Max always had on his face when Liz was around. It made Maria feel a little guilty because she had to tell Michael they could only be just friends.

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