FanFic - Michael/Maria
"She Dreams in Color"
Part 5
by Ariana
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswellian except a grow an alien I got at the actual alien museum in Roswell. I don't own "Better Man," by Pearl Jam, "Honestly OK," by Dido, or "Dark Blue," by No Doubt.
Summary: What if Maria was the third alien and Michael was Amy's son.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I just want everyone to know that "Better Man" is my all time favorite song.
"This outfit is too tight," Maria complained pulling on her green costume.

Isabel told her, "I think you look great with green hair."

"This stupid plan better work, because I'm so not wanting to be here," Maria said as her and Isabel walked through the crowd of sci-fi freaks.

"I would do anything to get Valenti off our backs, and if it means working with humans than I guess that is what I have to do," Isabel looked down at her watch. "We better get to the parking lot, it's show time."

Maria saw Max from a distance eating a corn dog and waiting for Valenti to take the bait, "Let's go."

Michael waited nervously in the brush waiting for the right moment. He watched as Maria lay down on the ground and rolled over a couple of times to make it look convincing. Isabel got into his mom's Jetta and started the engine. Michael held his breath as Isabel drove the car straight for Maria's fallen body. As soon as the car stopped Isabel jumped out of the car and disappeared into the crowd.

"Oh my God! Maria!" Michael heard Liz scream, and that was his signal to move. He ran out as fast as he could to Maria. Her eyes were closed and it scared him to see her that way. Michael couldn't think about that right now, because he had an important job to do. He placed his hand on Maria's chest where he could feel her heart beating rapidly. He heard footsteps fastly approaching and now that his job was done he had to haul ass out of there.

Without looking back Michael ran with renewed adrenaline pumping through his veins. He quickly ripped off the mask once he got to the portable bathroom and nearly collapsed to his knees but he was able to retain his balance as he scrubbed vigorously at the silver paint on his hand.

"I swear I'm fine," Maria told the small crowd that gathered around her. She felt some reassurance when Valenti took off after Michael, and she knew that he saw the silver handprint that Michael had left behind because he had shined the flashlight on it.

Maria quickly lost herself in the crowd and was searching for Max and Isabel. "Maria!" she heard her name being called.

"Isabel!" Maria called out moving towards her friend. "Where's Max?"

"I don't know," Isabel used her height to look over the heads of everyone. "I can't see him."

Maria grew a little nervous, "What about Liz or Michael?"

Isabel looked around again, "No, just a bunch of wannabe aliens."

"Where could they be?" Maria muttered.

"Ria! Iz!" a voice called out.

"Max!" Isabel and Maria shouted in unison, they ran towards him with open arms and Max embraced them both.

"Did it work? Where's Valenti?" Isabel asked.

Max nodded, "The last I saw of him he caught up with the 'alien' only to find out it was his own son."

"So we can stay in Roswell," Isabel hoped.

Max gave her a small smile, "Yes, we can stay in Roswell."

"I don't think I could ever leave mom and dad," Isabel hugged her brother again.

Max admitted, "Neither could I."

Maria hung back feeling left out. Max and Isabel had a family to go home to, but all Maria had was Hank and Amelia, which was the same as nothing.

Maria snapped out of her own little pity party at the sound of a countdown.

"FIVE!" Max, Isabel and Maria approached the chain-linked fence. "FOUR!" the crowd roared.

"THREE!" Maria could see a space ship suspended up in the trees.

"TWO!" Maria looked at Max and Isabel who shared the same blank stare she wore on her face.

"ONE!" Maria held her breath as the ship was released, and it came crashing down to the ground throwing the aliens out. They could only watch as the small rubbery bodies burned to ashes.

Michael could see the sadness in Maria's face as he watched her reaction during the re-creation of the crash. While everyone yelled and cheered the three looked on with such pain. When Michael came out of the bathroom in his regular clothes he began searching for everyone, but there were too many people. He ended up on the outskirts of the crowd where he had a perfect view of Maria, Max and Isabel.

After the re-creation he saw Liz on the hill watching from above. Michael saw that Max had spotted Liz as well and was making his way up to her.

When Michael returned his gaze to where Maria was but he found that she and Isabel were gone. He decided to wait for Liz at his car since he had no real purpose there. Michael sat on the hood of his car and laughed to himself because he remembered that Isabel had his car keys.

"Looking for these," Maria tossed the keys to him and he easily caught them.

Michael joked, "Returning to the scene of the crime again."

"Well if memory serves me correctly it was your car that supposedly hit me, so you're looking at a hit and run pally," Maria sat down next to him.

"Luckily you're okay thanks to a mysterious masked superhero," Michael pointed out.

Maria looked down at her feet, "Yeah, I guess you are right."

Michael gave a little smirk, "Is that your way of saying thank you?"

"Even though it kills me to say it, thank you for helping us. If it wasn't for Liz's idea we might be half way across New Mexico by now. That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea," Maria admitted.

Michael asked turning the conversation serious, "You still want to leave Roswell?"

"There is nothing for me here, no real big reason to stay," Maria got a far off look in her eyes.

Michael felt his heart flutter, "What about Max and Isabel, won't they miss you?"

"They have a family that loves them, and they have each other. All I do is spread my pessimism, so they are better off without me," Maria's voice seemed to lose its feeling.

Michael found himself getting upset so he snapped, "How can you say that? If you leave you are just being selfish. Whether you like it or not we need you here!"

"We?" Maria looked Michael in the eye.

Michael realized his slip up, "I mean Max and Isabel need you."

"It is just so...overwhelming. Last week I was feeling so completely out of place, and now I find that there might be another alien out there. Someone who knows where I come from. Do you know what if feels like to be alone?" Maria went on passionately.

Michael confided in her, "My father left when I was six. He didn't say why...he just left. He doesn't call or write. I mean he doesn't even send me a freaking birthday card."

"You still have your mother," Maria pointed out.

"Yeah and I love her, but there is just some things you want a father for," Michael confessed.

Maria glanced up at the stars, because they were the closest things to home that she had. Michael was surprised to see the glistening of tears in her eyes. He reached gently for her hand and she didn't pull away. "I didn't mean to upset you."

Maria quickly wiped the tears away, "No, I'm not upset."

"You don't have to lie Maria. I told you numerous times that you can trust me," Michael reassured.

Maria rolled her eyes playfully, "You know you better stop saying that because I might actually believe it."

Michael couldn't help but smile at her, because she was being so cute and girls like Maria aren't supposed to be cute. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Maria questioned.

Michael shook himself out of his reverie, "Like what?"

"I don't know all weird and googly-eyed," Maria explained.

Michael opened his eyes wide when he realized he was giving Maria the look. The special look that he would see Liz and Max give each other.

"I better go being around all these people who think the crash is something to celebrate is going to give me a complex," Maria slid off the hood.

"Maria, wait!" Michael called out to her before she left. Maria turned around and Michael made his move. Before she could protest Michael cupped her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers. He could feel her surprise, but then she relaxed and returned the kiss.

"Um," Maria pulled away from him seconds later. "I...uh...should go find Max and Isabel." Before Michael could get a word in Maria turned and hurried away leaving Michael alone wanting for her to come back.

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