FanFic - Michael/Maria
"A Way Out"
Part 8
by Araanaz
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"How is she doing?" Robert asked.

"Her body responds to the physical motivation but the time of recuperation is getting longer. I don't think she's gonna take it much longer, sire" The monitoring guy answered.

"Do you want us to stop, sire?"

"No, go on. I want to know exactly how much she can take." He said, looking at the now silent girl.

"Her body isn't responding anymore. I think she passed out, sire."


Isabel and Liz walked quickly down the long corridor that led to the archives. Liz tried her best to clear up her mind, but she was incredibly nervous. She didn't want to screw everything up. She knew it was the only way to learn what was happening with Maria, and maybe even Alex.

"Now, stay behind me and don't say anything. We're going to enter the archives. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything." Isabel said quietly.

Liz nodded. She followed the blond girl to the registration office.

"I need a few files for my father." Isabel said in an icy tone.

"Yes Miss. Who's with you?" The woman asked, giving Liz a weird look.

"She's new here. I'm her tutor." Isabel answered coldly.

"Could you sign the registration papers please." She handed them a few papers.

Isabel signed them and passed them to Liz. Liz gave her a look. What was she going to sign? It was not like she could sign her real name. But before she could do anything, the woman took the papers from her hands.

"I only need one."

Liz kept in her sigh of relief and followed Isabel through the large doors.


"What do we do now?" Michael asked.

They just got at the crossroads of two corridors. The two boys looked at each others. They had been walking for 2 hours now and they still hadn't find anything. Offices, offices and offices... Nothing useful.

"We should split up. Go your way and meet me in Isabel's room in 2 hours." Max said.

Michael nodded and Max took off. Michael sighed and looked around him. It was so white... It reminded him of his dream. And then it hit him. There was only one way to find out if he really was linked to that girl, and for a second, he hoped so.


"Anything new?" Robert asked, coming in the room, coffee in hand.

"No sire, she's still passed out. Her heartbeat is low, her breathing is regular. Everything is under control. She'll probably wake up soon."

"Great. Get her ready for the next experiments. I want to proceed as soon as she's awake." Robert ordered firmly.


"Maria? Maria, can you hear me? If you do, please let me in." Michael tried.

He was walking down the corridor, searching for anything useful. He heard a quiet moan and stopped walking, trying to concentrate on her. The moan became louder and louder, until it was a cry.

"Maria? Is that you? Please, tell me what's happening."

Michael was starting to panic. He could feel it all, the pain, the fear, the distress... But it was not his feelings.

"Who are you?" A low voice asked in Michael's head.

"I'm... a friend. Where are you, Maria? What are they doing to you?" He asked in a frantic voice.

He was so taken in he didn't even notice what was happening to him. He didn't notice his own feelings, hers taking over all his mind. He didn't notice was, in fact, concerned about a human. He was afraid for her. Everything he had always believe, his people being the good one and helping those stupid humans, disappeared in one instant. Now, all he wanted was... her, safe, by his side. But he didn't thought about those things. He only ran.


"Sire, I think there's something wrong." The monitoring guy said, turning to look at Robert. "She's breathing heavier and her heartbeat had quicken but she's not waking up."

"What does that mean?" Robert took a look at Maria.

"Well, I'm not sure but... I think she's having a connection."



"Maria, please, keep talking to me. I want to know everything that is happening, you hear me, everything." Michael said firmly, still running.

"I know who you are." Maria said weakly.

Michael almost stumbled to the ground. How could she possibly know? She didn't know him. She never heard him speak. And he, for some reasons, didn't want her to know who he was. He felt so responsible for what was happening to her.

"I don't hate you." She said simply, answering his thoughts.

That one sentence hit Michael so hard. She didn't hate him. Nobody ever told him so. He knew Max and Isabel liked him, they were almost family. But to hear someone else, someone who was supposed to hate him more than life....

"I'm coming." He said.

And that one sentence was gonna change everything in their world.

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