FanFic - Max/Liz
"When Dreams Become Reality"
Part 2
by Selena Santiago
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Michael stood by the light bulb. He looked and concentrated hard. The bulb began to flicker.

"Come on Michael, concentrate. The object is to get the light bulb to turn on and off. You have to do it with moderation, blowing them up isn't going to work anymore. Control. It's all about control."

The light bulb flickered even more and finally exploded in a rush of electricity.

"Again. Michael, again!"

"I'm trying OK?! Give me a while!"

"Michael, you've had two weeks."

"Look Tess...."

Max walked into the room with Isabel. His face was stern and serious. Hers was slightly worried. As it was often now, since Nasedo had passed.

"Guys, we need to talk."

"Great, when Maxwell says we gotta talk it usually ain't good." "The waitress at the Crashdown. I feel there's something strange about her. I'm getting this vibes. And I think that we should keep our eyes open. Remember, we can't trust anyone."

They all stood quietly. It was slightly awkward at first, since they usually had so much to talk about.

"Is that it?" Michael made a bored face.

"Michael please. Max is right. You've been getting kinda friendly with the blonde and it's not good. You don't know who she is or what she's here for and we can't trust anyone."

"Kinda friendly! The only blonde I got friendly with is Maria, and you know how that's been going!"

"Michael enough! Look, no one hates the staying away policy more than I do, but it needs to be done. You yourself said that."

"Hey whatever. I'm not complaining."

The group stopped for a moment and Max and Isabel walked out. Tess got her bag and followed shortly after. So Michael found himself sitting alone in his living room watching TV. He took of his T-shirt and sat with his muscle shirt and Doritos in his hands. The channels switched and he found they were giving INDEPENDENCE DAY. He looked at Will Smith and rolled his eyes. Stupid humans, first thought that comes to mind with aliens is big heads and slimy.

"Not that it's too far from the truth. I mean, your head may not be big but your nose... dear God." He looked over at the doorway and saw Maria standing there with a small skirt and halter top. Lately, she had been getting really outgoing, clothes wise. And with everything else as well. She walked in and put the bag that was in her hands on the counter. The entire time their eyes were locked on each other. She stopped at the counter and pushed herself to sit on it. Michael followed her every move and then got up the air to speak.

"How did you get in here?"

"You gotta learn to lock your door. So what's this? Aliens flick? What's the matter, missing your home planet?"

"Do you always have to be so cynical?"

"Wow, cynical? Where'd you learn that one, PBS?"

"What the heck is your problem?" "I'm tired of this Michael. I'm so sick and tired of this whole no looking, no touching... no us. I need you Michael."

He stood up and walked over to the counter. They stood in silence for a couple of minutes as his arms rubbed her legs. Then almost as magnets attract, they involved themselves in a deep kiss. He got on the counter and kissed her long and hard. They wrapped themselves in each other and made it to the couch.

"Maria. Maria?"

She looked up from her spot on the counter at Michael. He sat on the couch still watching the dumb alien movie.


"I said are you OK? What's in the bag anyway?"

"Oh, just some food from the Crashdown. I thought you'd be hungry. I brought some extra Tobasco sauce too, I know last time I was here that you were running out."

He looked at her and got up to look in the bag.

"Isabel bought a bottle for me already, but thanks."

Maria lowered her eyes to the floor and tightened her jaw. When she looked back up, her eyes were glittering with tears.

"Do you love her?"

"Maria, I don't have time for this OK?"

"Just answer the question Michael. Do you love her the way you said you loved me? Or did you lie about that?"

"Maria, look that was months ago. And I really don't want to go back over this for the bizzillionth time. Can you understand that?"

"No Michael I can't! I just don't understand! Don't you see that you mean the world to me? I need you, I wouldn't be after you if I didn't. You really think I'd be wasting my time?" She was yelling now, choked up by the words she had been thinking ever since she found out about Michael and his "destiny" as a warrior. He looked at her from where he stood on the counter, and put the bag down. She sat to his right and he turned to face her red eyes.

"Maria, stop doing this to yourself. It's not worth it." That was all she could take. She dropped from the counter and picked up her purse.

"Whatever." She walked out into the night, her sobs audible in the quiet hallway. Michael closed the door and looked out into the dark of his apartment. Stop doing this to me. Don't you know this hurts me too? He scratched his head in frustration and went to sit down on the couch when he doorbell rang. The slim familiar blonde stood at the door. It was the waitress from the Crashdown.

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