FanFic - Max/Liz
"When Dreams Become Reality"
Part 1
by Selena Santiago
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
"Maria! Hey, listen I can't be long, I'm on my lunch break. What are you doing tomorrow night?" "Let me see... Friday. Well, I have to work in the afternoon and later on I have a date."

"A date?! With who?"

"With you silly-aren't you asking me out?"

The two girls looked at each other and laughed. "Yes, Liz. I'll come over. Matter of fact, I'll sleep over if you like."

"Great, we need to talk. Something strange is going on and I really need to talk to you."

Maria's voice dropped to a whisper. "OK, does this have anything to do with a certain Czechoslovakian world leader who happens to be the love of your life?"

They stood in silence in the back room of the Crashdown. After a couple of minutes, Liz lowered her eyes.

"You know, it sounds kinda silly when you say it out loud."

Suddenly, the deep, mysterious, and all too familiar voice broke in.

"I know... it does sound strange. Just like it sounds strange to say you're an alien to the girl you love."

The two girls looked over at Max standing in the doorway. He held a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Liz felt a hint of jealousy as she wondered whom they were for, but she just smiled and lowered her head. He could feel her uneasiness, so he handed her the flowers.

"We need to talk. We can't keep running away from this Liz."

She slowly looked into his eyes and tried to control the urge to kiss him. Stay away from him Liz. That's what you promised yourself. She went to grab the flowers and her hand brushed against his. Suddenly, she felt a burst of energy as she thought back.


³ The scene was black and white. Liz stood in a white room yelling Max's name hysterically as she spun in circles. Then out of nowhere he appears in the upper left hand corner of the room. He's bleeding, but she can't quite point out where. She searches him frantically and tries to calm him down. But before she finds the spot, a young lady who looks like a doctor walks in. She's pretty and blonde, with a long white overcoat. Then she realizes... it's the blonde waitress from the Crashdown! But then, the coat falls off and along with the coat comes a layer of skin! The girl's eyes look up evilly and Michael, Isabel, and Tess show up. They're trapped in some strange green glow, as if it were a bubble. Isabel cries out something Liz can't understand. Then, Maria and Alex show up. They stand in another bubble, Alex bleeding heavily and Maria who looks as if she's lost her mind. Then Max just disappears.³

"Liz! LIZ!!!! Hello? Are you OK?"

"Huh? What? Yeah, I'm fine." Liz's eyes were open in terror at the scene.

"Liz, are you OK?"

"Look Max, I really need to go. Congresswoman Whitaker doesn't like people who waste her time." Liz grabbed her sweater and walked out the back door. Maria shook her head in confusion as she walked back into the lounge area. Max just stood quietly. She doesn't think I saw it. What was that? Why would she get a flash like that!?

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