FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Thousand Words"
Part 6
by Amy
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"I got the job!" Max ran in the apartment and yelled. Liz was yacking on the phone. "Get off the phone! I got the job! Lets celebrate!" Max looked at her. She put her hand up to her lips "Shhh."

"What?" Max asked.

"I'll tell you in a second." Liz went back to talking." Max slipped off his jacket and tie. He sat down in the chair. Liz hung up the phone.

"Max. I just got off the phone with the local library. I've got a job." Liz smiled. Max was stunned, "I don't believe it! This calls for a celebration! We'll go out to dinner tonight!"

"Well Max, I have to get down to the library." She kissed him and left.

"Hello?" Max picked up the phone. It was the next morning and he was pooped. Him and Liz had been out partying all night.

"Hello may I speak to Liz Parker?" The lady on the other end asked.

"No, she's in bed right now. You'll have to call back later." Max told her. "Well, Tell Ms. Parker that I hope she feels better. Tell her to call Mrs. Morris at the library when she wakes up." Click. Max woke Liz up.

"Huh?" Liz asked.

"Liz baby, did you have to work today?" Max looked at her. It was 9:00 AM. One hour until he had to go to work. She screamed. "Oh no Max! I had to get to work! I am late! Oh my gosh! Only my second day and I am late!" Liz started to get out of bed but Max held her down.

"Liz, Mrs. Morris called. She thinks your sick. Go back to sleep. I am gonna head on down to work."

"Okay Max. Love you. Bye!" She laid down and went back to sleep.

A few hours later the phone rang. "Hello?" Liz rolled over and picked up the phone.

"Hey Liz what cha doin?" It was Maria.


"Sleeping? Liz what's wrong?" Maria asked her.

"Nothing. I was with Max partying all night."

"Not THAT kind of partying i hope." Maria joked.

"Maria? Can I call you back?" Liz asked her best friend.

"Nope, classes start in 15 minutes."

"Sorry Maria I have to make an important call."

"Okay Liz bye." "Bye." Click.

Liz dialed the number at the library.

"Hello?" Mrs. Morris answered. "Hi. I am sorry I didn't come to work." Liz said.

"Ms. Parker! Nice of you to call." Mrs. Morris continued, "Liz you are a risk. If you don't come to work."

"Mrs. Morris, please I had a terrible sinus headache. It wont happen again. Do you want me to come to the work now??" Liz said.

"Okay," Mrs. Morris said, "Come on down to work."

"Thanks." Click. Liz scribbled down a note for Max real fast and went on down to the library.

Max walked in the apartment. "Liz!" He yelled "Are you here?" He walked into the bedroom. "She's in bed." He thought to himself. He crawled in the bed with her and said "Liz, Liz baby wake up." She turned over.

"AHH!" Max screamed. "Hi Max." Tess sneered. "What are you doing here?" Max was ticked off.

"I came for you!" She wrapped her arms around him and suddenly they were back in Roswell.

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