FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Thousand Words"
Part 7
by Amy
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"Tess, get me out of here. I mean it." Max yelled at Tess.

"No." Tess snapped back. Tess had Max tied down to a chair. Nasedo walked through the wall into the room.

"Tess!" Nasedo was clearly irritated with her.

"What?" Tess looked at him.

"Let Max go. Don't lie any more Tess. Let him go!" Nasedo yelled at her.

"What lies?" Max was very confused.

"Max, Tess isn't your destiny. She was a girl, that you knew, in your alien life. She tried and tried her entire life to get you to notice her. She died for you. They sent her along, on the ship just like you. They put her in last, so you all would 'hatch' from your pods before she did and she was meant to be a helper in protecting you. I see her feelings haven't worn off." Nasedo Explained.

..."And that's what he told me." Max was sitting in Michael's living room talking to everyone else.

"Wow." That's all Michael could say. "And after that, Nasedo said that Liz 'hatched' early from her pod. I had given him the orders in my past life, to always put Liz's safety before mine. So he took her into town and let people adopt her. Her 'parents' that we know now." Max told them.

"That sounds like you Max. Telling someone to put Liz's safety before yours." Isabel laughed.

Liz walked in the apartment expecting Max to be home. He was no where to be found. His wallet was laying on the table and he had took his jacket and belt off. They were on the couch. "Where could he be?" She said to herself.

She looked at a picture of Max sitting on the table. Suddenly her powers took over and she could see him. It was the weirdest thing. She was watching them back in Roswell talking about her!

Liz had always heard about how the Czechoslovakians could teleport so she figured she'd try this once. Then it just happened and she popped up right in the middle of the room. Everyone stared at her.

"Liz!" Max uttered. He ran over and hugged her.

"How did you do that?" Michael asked her.

"I dunno. I just did." She smiled and kissed Max.

After Liz had been filled in about what happened, she was tired and ready to go home.

"Lets go home Max." She said. Everyone said their good-byes and Max teleported them home.

"I am so tired." Max plopped down on the bed.

"Max change out of your work clothes!" Liz told him.

"Noo," Max groaned. "I am too tired." And he fell asleep.

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