FanFic - Max/Liz
"A THousand Words"
Part 5
by Amy
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Liz! Liz! Please wake up!" Maria kneeled next to her best friend. Isabel shot up.

"I'll dreamwalk Max!!!" She exclaimed. Michael looked up. His face was red. Maria couldn't figure out if he was crying or really, really mad.

"Go to it" Michael's voice cracked. Maria knew he was crying. She got up from Liz and went over to him.

Isabel concentrated hard. She was in. Max was dreaming about something Isabel couldn't make sense of.

"Max!!!" She yelled. He looked at her. "You have to wake up Max! Liz is also unconscious. We have to have your power to get her up!!! Tess did it!" Isabel told him. In a flash he was awake.

"Thanks." Max told Izzy.

They all concentrated on Liz. They formed a connection and got her awake. Tess drained all her strength. Then they told Max and Liz the news.

"Your an alien," Maria told Liz. "Tess said that thing, only works on Aliens."

Liz laughed, "I am still out of it aren't I?"

"No," Isabel told her "Tess had to be telling the truth, it didn't work on Alex or Maria, we tried it."

Max hugged Liz. "I guess we really are destiny aren't we?" He asked her. "Yeah Max." She kissed him.

"So," Michael asked a few hours later "How do we take care of Tess?"

"Why would you kill your own daughter?" Nasedo walked in.

"What?" Michael turned around to face him. Max and Liz walked in behind Nasedo, "We got the burgers." Max said. He got an odd look on his face.

"Michael, Tess is your daughter. Back when you were.. before, Tess always did fancy Max." Nasedo explained.

"That's the child in your visions." "Michael was stunned. "Okay so..?" He asked. Max Pulled Liz into the hallway.

"Liz!" Max whispered "We have to get out of here."

"Max what are you talking about?" Liz asked her new found Destiny. "Its a Tess-o-vision." Max told her. "He isn't even looking at any of us. He's looking strait ahead." They walked back in and explained to the gang that wasn't Nasedo. They all left.

They were gathered at Michael's apartment a few hours later.

"Liz and I have to get back out east." Max sighed.

"We can take care of it Maximilli. We're stronger now then ever. "Thanks!" said Michael. Max and Liz said their final good-byes and got off to the airport to go home.

"I am so glad to be going back "home"." Liz said. "Me too." Max agreed.

"Listen Liz, I am so glad that we're Destiny not Tess and me." Liz smiled at Max. She used her old line she said in the Crashdown that day. To the "alien blast" Max ordered, "Me too." Max caught on fast "Excuse me?" He joked back.

A few hours later the plane landed. Liz let out a sigh of relief. She was laying in their bed now listening to Max grumble over the "so few good part time jobs in this place." Liz picked up the phone and dialed Maria's number. No answer. She dialed Michael's number. "No answer there either." She was talking to herself. Max didn't even hear her, he was too caught up in the job ads. She dialed Max's home number. No answer.

"Where could they be?" She asked herself, a little too loud. "What?" Max turned to her. "Never mind." Liz told him.

She reached over and turned on the radio. "Oooh! Backstreet Boys new song! Where Can We Go From Here!" She exclaimed and started singing along, "I cry lonely tears...where can we go from here? Why? Why do I cry inside.. for love that's gone away and how.. How can I carry on, when I know all the love is gone Tell me where can we go from here?" "Turn that off! I can't keep my mind on this!" Max nearly yelled at her.

"Poor Max." She thought, "He's so stressed."

Max picked up the phone and dialed a number. "The job. Yes. I am 19. Going into collage. Yes. Nope. Interview? When tomorrow? 5:00? I can come earlier. Yes. 10:00? Wow that's a big difference. Yes sir. 10:00 tomorrow? Ask for Daniel. I see. Okay. See You Then. Thanks. Bye." Liz looked over at him. He scribbled some things on a paper.

"I have an interview tomorrow at 10:00." Max told her.

"I heard." Liz told him. "I am gonna take a shower." He pulled some clothes out of the dresser.

"Wait Max." Liz said "What's the job about?" "It's a lecturing job. Over at the Telescope and Astronomy Museum thing. I learn stuff about the stars and tell people about the things there. I like this job. I need it."

"I see." Liz smiled and crawled under the covers. She hoped this job worked out for Max. They needed a car, some insurance, a money. Then she realized she needed a job too.

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