FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Thousand Words"
Part 4
by Amy
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Liz kneeled down to Max. "Max, Max speak to me!" She cried. Isabel ran out into the hall. "What happened?" Isabel yelled hysterically.

Liz was sobbing uncontrollably. "Tess!!" Liz managed to say between sobs.

"Oh that little... I'll get her!" Isabel was Ticked off. Maria, Alex and Michael ran out of the room.

"What's all the yelling? oh my God!!" Alex said.

"It was Tess!" Isabel told them. Just then, Michael ran out of the house with no explanation.

"Michael! Where are you going?" Maria yelled after him. No response.

"There she is." Michael told himself. Tess was walking about a foot in front of him. Michael had to get that stone. He ran toward her and pushed her down. "AHHHH!" Tess screamed. Michael grabbed the stone and held it toward Tess.

"Michael, you wouldn't hurt me!" Tess smiled at him. Michael knew better. He had no clue how to work the stone, so he just concentrated on it and he managed to knock out Tess.

"YES!" Michael yelled, as if anyone was listening. He picked up Tess and carried her to the old abandoned house on Oak Street. He knew this house well, after all he bunked there sometimes back when things got bad with Hank. Before Nasedo killed him. Michael opened the lock on the secret room. He set Tess down in it and used the stone to knock her out even more.

He laughed, "That should keep her out a while." He climbed up the steps and melted the lock so Tess couldn't get out. He knew if she used her powers to fix herself up like he knew she would, she'd be too weak to unmelt the lock.

Where do you think Michael went? Maria asked Alex.

"You know Michael." He told her. Isabel had put a cold washcloth on Max's head. Thank goodness by now they managed to get Max put in his old bed. Liz was laying in the bed next to Max crying her eyes out. Michael walked in.

"I got it!" He told everyone, proudly holding up the Rock. "Why didn't you guys use the stones on Max?" Michael asked, clearly confused.

"They won't work," Maria explained. "We tried. Whatever she did, she didn't disrupt the balance."

A few hours, and a whole lot of words later, Max was worse then ever. He was terrible. Liz had cried herself to sleep, and everyone was worried.

Isabel was sitting in the corner with Alex, her head resting on his shoulder. Maria sighed. The phone rang.

"Hello?" Isabel ran and picked it up. It was her Mom. "Isabel, dear are you all right?" Her Mom asked. "Yeah I am great I feel so much better." Isabel told her. "Well, Izzy, your father and I decided to go out to our other office, we'll be home on Monday." Her mother explained.

About Ten minutes after Isabel got off the phone, the doorbell rang. She walked down to get it and it was Tess.

"Think you could fool me?" Tess screamed.

"No." Isabel told her sternly.

"I want it back." Tess said, as close to Isabel's face as she could.

"We don't have it!!!" Isabel yelled at Tess.

"It only works on alien life forms. The evil aliens are here. Now give it to me!" Tess argued back.

Michael walked out. "What do you want Tess?" He asked her.

"I want the stone!!!" She was getting frustrated.

Meanwhile in the room Liz was waking up, "What's all the yelling?" She asked.

"Tess." Maria told her. Out in the hall Tess said "Did I hear Liz? Dear me!" She used her powers to knock Isabel and Michael out and walked in the room. She picked up the rock from Max's bedside table and used it on Liz. Liz shot against the wall and was knocked out. Tess started to walk out and Michael jumped her and grabbed the rock. He used the rock on her and locked her in a closet.

"What are we gonna do?" Maria cried. "I don't know!" Alex hugged her.

"Michael set down next to where Liz had fell. He laid her down on the floor.

"Oh my God" Michael said "Tess said this only works on Czechoslovakians!!"

Maria and Alex looked at him. "You mean..Liz is a...?" Maria said, startled.

"I guess so!" Michael exclaimed, "That means someone is lying." He gestured toward the closet.

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