FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Thousand Words"
Part 3
by Amy
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Max and Liz walked into the airport, and up to the counter. "May I help you?" The lady at the counter said.

"2 one way tickets to Roswell, New Mexico." Liz said. They lady at the counter nearly spat out her coffee.

"Um yes ma'am." She got the tickets and handed them to Liz, and her and Max walked away.

"Wasn't that weird?" Liz whispered to Max.

"What are you talking about Liz?" Max asked her.

"When I said Roswell she freaked out!" Liz replied.

"Forget about it Liz, it was nothing." Max told her, but he knew something was wrong with that girl. He knew it was either Nasedo or Tess.

"Please buckle your seat belts, as we decline for a landing." The Stewart said over the plane's intercom and just then the plane began to decline. When the plane landed Liz said "Thank goodness we're here!" Max and Liz stepped off the plane, and their suprise to Roswell wasn't the same. They both had wondered why the plane was packed, but when they got into town, it was a madhouse!

They both ran over to The Evans' and Max's Mom was in terrible shape.

"Mom!" Max ran in and hugged her. "Oh Max!" His Mom was crying. Max hated to leave her, but he ran into to see Isabel, Liz not far behind. Alex was there. Isabel looked terrible. It wasn't what Michael had, but it was something else. She'd lost a lot a weight.

"What's wrong Isabel?" Max asked her. She whispered back, obviously straining her voice to say anything at all, "Tess did this to me. I don't know what, but she had a rock thing of some kind. It shined really extremely bright and after that I was throwing up blood."

"Maybe if we use the stones, she'll get better. Maybe Tess messed up the balance." Liz blurted out. Max turned and smiled at Liz and ran out of the room.

Max called Michael and Maria, who were still in town. 'Thank goodness,' Max thought, 'That this didn't happen in L.A.' He handed Michael, Liz, and Maria the stones.

"Okay, just like last time" Max told them, and began to concentrate. As fast as they started, Isabel got better, and it was over.

"Thanks everyone." Isabel said, as she hugged each one of her friends. They'd been through so much together.

Max heard the front door slam. Everyone had been so caught up with Izzy he wondered why he even noticed. "That must be Mom." Isabel said. Max figured she heard it too. He open Isabel's door of her room and looked down the stairs only to find Tess.

"Oh Max, I was hoping you'd be here, I have some getting even to do with your girlfriend." She sneered. Max rolled his eyes and sighed. Then he realized she was dead serious as she walked up the stairs with a green glowing rock. She smiled and asked, "Max, Where's Liz?" Then Liz walked out of the room.

"Did someone say my name?" Liz asked. Tess smiled and held the rock toward Liz.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!" Max yelled and jumped in front of Liz. The green light from the rock hit Max and he fell to the ground, limp and lifeless. Liz opened her mouth to scream and no sound came out. Tess frowned but walked off.

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