Fanfic - Max/Liz
"The Boatman"
Part 4
by Adian
Disclaimer: Characters created by Melinda Metz/ Jason Katims (I only own the characters I create.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I was supposed to be writing a mythology paper and this is what happened. I just put this out there never expecting anyone to like it. This wasn’t supposed to go any farther than part one.
Can my soul carry this burden?
Will I forgive
be forgiven?

“Beloved… Beloved… Beloved…” Max repeats like a mantra holding me tightly. Liz, I’ve never been able to let you go. How could I give up part of my soul? I drove you to this. I’ve never been able to forgive myself for losing the one person who made it all worthwhile.”

“Maria brought me back from the brink by letting me read your journal. I had hope like never before. I knew I could come back and stop you. I was almost too late again. My heart stopped for a second time.“

“I asked too much of you. I put you through so much pain. Can you forgive me? Can you let me love you again? Please let me show you and if you still want to go I will not stop you.”

His strong hand gently cups my face. I stare into the loving eyes I never thought to see again. A rush of images flies by. Me jumping off the cliff. Funeral. White roses. Anguish. Anger. Guilt. Madness. My journal. Disbelief that I could love him that much. Awe at my courage and strength to do it all alone. Our marriage that he desperately wished would’ve taken place. Hatred for Future Max for what he gave up and at himself for what he lost. How he believed his thoughtless actions with Tess finally made me snap. How responsible he felt for causing my death. The utter horror at having killed his soulmate.

He let’s me see how the future unfolds without me. He then gives me the choice.

The cliff where all hope died. I listen to the wind blow. The ravens no longer cry my name.

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