Fanfic - Max/Liz
"The Boatman"
Part 3
by Adian
Disclaimer: Characters created by Melinda Metz/ Jason Katims (I only own the characters I create.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I was supposed to be writing a mythology paper and this is what happened. I just put this out there never expecting anyone to like it. This wasn’t supposed to go any farther than part one.
an unleveling field of black
against this I stand to be judged.
Can my soul carry this burden?
Will I forgive
be forgiven?
Will the scale rise or fall
Either desire or despair
will result upon the weight of a
heart against a feather

"She stopped she's hovering over the water somehow!" Max is already running down the cliffside. I watch her progress as she slowly floats towards the shore. We stop abruptly behind Max. A man stands before us with his arm stretched out. Liz is floating towards him. Max starts to move toward them but I stop him. He looks at me questionly but stands still. Liz reaches the shore and starts screaming.

"Damn you Max! I've done everything you've wanted. I AM NOT doing anymore! I gave up everything for you my future, my happiness, my sanity, my husband. Alex died because of the choices WE MADE! If you would have just let me die... I was supposed to die not Alex."

"I wish you had never saved me. Why the hell can't you just let me die? I'm tired of living. I've already saved the damned world Max! I just want to be at peace. Please Max, peace that's all I want." Liz stops speaking falling to the ground sobbing. Max kneels and gathers Liz into his arms.

"Maria she's calling that man Max but I'm right here. Who is this guy and what has he made Liz do?"

"Max you are looking at a future version of yourself." I can see the confusion in their faces. "Remember when Liz warned you about the granolith. It is because it can be used as a time machine."

Astonished Max asks, "Maria how do you know this?"

"Because this isn't his first visit."

Isabel cuts in "Why does she think she is responsible for Alex's death?"

"Liz made a decision to change the future to save our lives. She paid the price for your lives. In the other timeline Alex was still alive at this time. Liz feels responsible because the choice she made killed Alex. The guilt has been eating her alive."

"Maria what did she do to change the future?"

"Max I can't tell you. I don't know what affect it will have. Liz will tell you if you are allowed to know."

"Allowed to know? It's our future we have the right to know!"

"Michael, no one should know their future look what it has driven Liz to."

I turn to Liz and Future Max. "Why are you back?"

"We just figured out how to use the granolith as a time machine again. I had to come back to save Liz and Alex."

Liz softly asks, "What if I don't want to be saved? I'm not supposed to be alive now. I've been living on borrowed time and the price I've paid has been too high. The pain is too much please Max let me go!"

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