FanFic - Max/Liz
"Questions and Answers"
Part 6
by Susan
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the WB. I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: Max tries to figure out why he has always been so drawn to Liz. Author's Note: There seems to be a lot of questions out there why Liz is so important to the pod squad. I hope in this fanfic I tried to give some of the answers I think are pausible. Let me know if you think I hit any of the answers correctly.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Setting: Still at the cliffs

Liz was looking back and forth between Isabelle, Michael and Max. She heard Max tell Maria that the others had just seen how much Max felt for her, but she couldn't help wondering if they saw something more. They both actually said "She is the one" after their connection to Max. Finally she couldn't hold back and said "Michael, Isabelle, please tell me what you meant when you said I am the one. The one what?"

Now it was Michael and Isabelle who exchanged looks with Max. He heard them wonder in their minds if they should be the one to tell Liz or should he. Max turned to Liz, looked her deeply into her eyes and said, "I'm not sure if I can explain this or not. You know that I've been drawn to you see the first time I saw you. You also know that Nasedo did something to your Grandma Claudia."

At the mention of Liz's grandma Maria couldn't help but interrupt. "What do you mean Nasedo did something to Grandma Claudia? What exactly did he do?" She asked becoming a little hysterical.

Liz: "Maria you need to calm down. I had a flash that Nasedo was touching my grandma's stomach." Liz went on to explain the entire flash to the rest of her friends. When she finished she turned her attention back to Max. "Okay, we know Nasedo did something, but I'm still a little confused. I am the one, what?"

Max: "I now know how important you are to me and to our destiny to save our people. I can't tell you how I know it, I don't have all the answers. The one thing I know for sure is if I hadn't found you in this life time me, Isabelle and Michael would have met the same fate we did in our past life's."

Alex: "Wait your telling us that you guys would be killed again, but because you have a connection with Liz that won't happen this time."

Isabelle: "We aren't fortune tellers Alex. We don't know what is going to happen. I do know that I saw and felt what Max feels about Liz and there is something there that goes beyond a boy meets girl crush."

Maria: "Oh no, you guys are not going to use my best friend as some sort of shield against your enemies."

Max: "It's not like that Maria. You know I would never put Liz in danger. I'd give my life before I would let anything happen to her."

Liz: "Look I think we are all very emotional right now. We all agree there is something here we all feel, but none of us are sure what it is. Maybe it's time I talk with Nasedo and see if he'll give me the answers to some of our questions."

Michael: "I agree with Liz. It's time to get some answers and he is the only one we can ask about this."

Max: "I am not willing to take any chances with Liz's safety."

Liz: "Max, we need to know. I'm not worried, I know you will be close by." She wrapped her arms around his waist and told him in her mind it would be okay.

Alex: "Well I'm not sure if I agree with Liz or with Max, but I do know Liz deserves more answers than we have right now. I say we come up with a plan to ensure every one is safe before we proceed any further."

Max: "Liz, I won't agree with this unless I know no harm will come to you first. I couldn't live without you if anything would happen....

The six of them decided to take time to make a plan so there would be no doubt about anyone's safety. They each agreed to wait until next week and then ask Sheriff Valenti to set up a meeting with *Agent Pierce*. During the week they would decide what questions they needed answers to.

Max drove Liz back to his house since he knew his parents would still be at their offices. Once they arrived Max took Liz by her hand and lead her up to his room. Liz still wasn't sure what part of his destiny she was, even though she now knew, she did have a part in it somewhere. Max sat down on his bed next to her and cupped her face in his hands. "I love you Liz Parker. I have always loved you and I will always love you. You and no other." He then leaned over and gently slid his mouth over hers.

Liz laid back on his bed while still in his embrace. She deepened the kiss between them and began to pull his shirt over his head. As they broke their kiss to remove his shirt she looked into his eyes and told him in her mind she needed to be a part of him now. Something inside of Max knew this was the right time. He needed her as much as she needed him. They continued to undress each other. When Liz had only her panties left Max hesitated and asked her if this is what she really wanted in her mind. Liz looked deeply into his eyes and answered "Yes."

As they caressed each others bodies. They could feel what the other one felt. Neither could explain the sensation they felt when Max entered Liz's body for the first time. It was more then sex, more then making love, more then their bodies becoming one. It was as if their souls were joined. As Max continued to thrust into his true soulmate they both seen their souls entwine in the stars. When they felt each others climax, they saw their souls join in a union of one. After the physical need of their union was complete their emotional union remained. Both knew at that moment they could never be separated, not even in death. They spoke no words as none were needed at that moment in time. They just held each other and knew they were meant to be.

Max and Liz were so in tuned with each other, neither noticed the small blond alien that stood watching their union of love making at Max's bedroom window. Tess was unable to turn away while Max and Liz had made love. She couldn't believe that Max could actually make love to Liz or anyone else but her for that matter. She was supposed to be his mate, his wife, his destiny. How? How could he do that to her? When they had finished their love making Tess finally turned and walked away. Anger, Hatred and Betrayal was all she felt for Max at that moment. She would get her revenge, whatever it took. She knew at that moment Max Evans would meet his maker and she would be the one that would introduced him.

Later that week:

Max and Liz sat in their biology class taking their end of the year final. Max could tell Liz was having trouble since neither had had time to actually study for the exam. Max finished his test in a matter of minutes since he had learned the ability to absorb information into his brain in seconds and comprehend everything that he absorbed. He thought to Liz in her mind, 'Need some help?'

Liz glanced back at Max. She knew of his new ability to learn anything in a matter of moments. She thought back she didn't want to cheat, but thanks anyway. She continued to struggle. If she had had time to study she was sure she would have known the answers now she just yelled at her self at not taking time out to actually study.

Max knew she didn't study due to all the time they had spent thinking of their plan to confront Nasedo. He couldn't help but feel guilty that Liz's grades were in jeopardy just because of her helping him once again. As the bell rang Max made sure to be behind Liz as she turned in her final exam. Max scanned it quickly and with one quick wave of his hand he made sure she passed with an excellent grade.

"I can't believe how I missed up on that exam. I mean it was biology Max and I usually love this stuff so much. The worst part is, as I was taking the test I know I would not have had any problem answering those question if I just took a few minutes to review."

"Liz, I think you are worrying too much. I'm positive you did just fine. Wait until you get your paper back before you start sounding like Maria."

"I wish I could be more certain about my grade as you are."

Max wrapped his arms around her and thought to her 'Can I talk you into a private lunch period.' She smiled at him and thought back. 'Private lunch and just where are we supposed to have a private lunch at school?' (M)'My parents aren't home.' (L)'If we go to your house, we might be late coming back from lunch.' (M)'That's the whole idea.' (L)'Max Evans do you want me to fail all my classes?' (M)'I won't let you fail, promise.' He kissed her briefly and then looked deeply into her eyes. One look in his eyes and Liz was lost (L)'Okay, let's go.'

From down the hallway Tess watched the lovers leave the school grounds. She had pretty much avoided them as much as possible. It just hurt too much to watch the two of them be so happy with each other. She knew it was wrong and soon they would be sorry for hurting her. All of them, Max, Liz, Isabelle and Michael. They all seemed to turn their backs on her. She knew they didn't trust her enough to tell her everything that they were up to. But, she knew she was going to have the last laugh. 'Soon, very soon.' She thought.

Max and Liz couldn't believe how easy they were able to communicate with each other without speaking. Ever since their first union they both freely spoke to each other in their minds. Max was still able to communicate to both Michael and Isabelle, but he had to concentrate hard for either of them to hear him. Liz on the other hand just came as natural for him to communicate in her mind as it was to speak and vice a versa for her to communicate to him. It almost became so easy their friends sometimes had to remind them to use words around them so they didn't feel left out of their conversations.

On Friday afternoon Max had requested a meeting with the sheriff. Sheriff thought it would be best to meet at his house since he knew Kyle would be playing a game of ball with his friends. Even though Kyle knew about Max and was grateful to him for saving his life. No one wanted to endanger him further so they all agreed not to have him play any bigger part in this than he already did. Kyle and Liz had talked a few days after the UFO Center incident. Kyle assured her he would not say anything, but didn't seem to want to get involved with more. Kyle was considered a friend, but only in simple "HI's and Bye's" in the hallways at school. This was his choice and he preferred it that way.

At the sheriff's house:

The six friends arrived right after school as planned. Sheriff Valenti greeted them immediately and rushed them inside his house. Even though ever thing had been relatively quiet the past few weeks, he still felt very protective of the whole gang. He knew he owed his son's life to Max Evans and nothing would ever change that. He meant what he said about being there for him whenever he was needed. When Max had called and asked for this meeting the sheriff was more than happy to meet with them.

Sheriff: "So how are you doing Max?"

Max: "I'm fine sheriff, we all are doing fine."

Sheriff: "Well, I know you aren't here to ask me how I'm doing so let's sit down and you can tell me what I can do for you."

Max: "Actually we need to set up a meeting with *Agent Pierce*. I don't think it would be a good idea for any of us to call him directly." Max had informed the sheriff about Nasedo taking the head of the special unit's place right after the whole incident. He didn't need the feel to add that since Nasedo was now leading the elite alien hunter group of the FBI that they didn't want to contact him directly. That was understood without having to be said out loud.

Sheriff: "Where and when?"

Max: "Actually next weekend would be good for us at the Eagle Rock facility."

Sheriff: "Are you sure you want to meet him there Max?"

Liz: "He won't be meeting him. I will."

Sheriff: "WHAT???"

Max: "Don't worry, she won't be alone. We will all be close by just in case. Just have one of Pierce's agents pick Liz up on Saturday around 11am."

Sheriff: "Max, I want to help, but I need to ask. Why Liz?"

Liz: "The FBI has always wondered about what Max had really done to me that day at the Crashdown and they would be more than happy to discuss that day with me."

Sheriff: "I don't mean to dispute your plan, but Max are you sure *Pierce* won't harm Liz in any way?"

Max started to answer but Liz answered first. "I'm sure sheriff, he won't harm me. I'll be okay and like Max said he won't be far away just in case."

Sheriff: "You all see pretty sure of this plan." All six friends nodded showing him they all agreed with the plan. "Well, I'll set it up for next Saturday."

Max: "Thank you sheriff. I appreciate your help in this matter. So how's Kyle doing?

The sheriff knew Max never offered more information to him then what he felt he needed. He understood Max's fear. After so many years of keeping his, Michael's and Isabelle's secret it was hard for any of them to let their guards down. Even though he ached for information he never pushed any of them. He knew all three of these so called aliens were good kids. He add even helped Michael deal with controlling his powers after the real Agent Pierce had been killed. He understood how Michael had felt. Killing another person was not an easy thing to live with and it had taken it's toll on Michael. But, since the sheriff had dealt with those situations in the past as an officer of the law he knew he could help. "Kyle's doing good." He answered to Max's question.

The group took a few minutes making pleasant small talk until Max finally made the decision they should be going. Sheriff Valenti noticed how easily Max took on the role as leader to the group and how all the rest of his friends accepted him in that position. He himself found it very easy to want to follow him. Max was a born leader. Not just a leader of this small group of friends, but the sheriff could tell he would someday be a great leader to a number of individuals. He offered his hand to Max and Max took it firmly. They all said their farewells and left the sheriff. As soon as they were gone the sheriff headed back to his office to make some very important phone calls.

The six drove straight to the cliffs and began to go over the plan they had agreed on for next weekend. After they were all satisfied that each knew their particular part in the plan Max told them it would be best not to discuss it any further for the rest of the week. For the next week he wanted everyone to act like normal teenagers as best they could and then he looked directly at Liz and thought to her. 'Now let's go hit the books so you don't have to worry about your grades any more.' Liz just laughed out loud and all their friends knew once again they had been left out of their conversation.

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