FanFic - Max/Liz
"Questions and Answers"
Part 5
by Susan
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the WB. I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: Max tries to figure out why he has always been so drawn to Liz. Author's Note: There seems to be a lot of questions out there why Liz is so important to the pod squad. I hope in this fanfic I tried to give some of the answers I think are pausible. Let me know if you think I hit any of the answers correctly.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
"I can't believe I could actually hear you in my mind." Liz said still a little shocked.

"I hoped I didn't scare you."

"Max you could never scare me. How were you able to do it?" She asked still not completely comprehending what had just happened.

"I thought about what Alex and Isabelle found out about how the human brain is capable of communication without words and I wanted to try it. So I concentrated and after a few minutes I knew you had heard me. Then I tried it again and you were able to hear me again. It was easier the second time to communicate with you. I would like to try it again if that would be okay with you. I don't want to scare you or anything.

"Max, I already told you, I could never be scare by you. I think that would be a good idea. This could come in handy if anything comes up in the future where you need to communicate to me and can't get to a phone."

Max knew she was referring to him being held captive by Agent Pierce. He began to concentrate again. 'I couldn't agree with you more.' He thought to her.

"I couldn't agree with you more." She repeated word for word what she heard him say in her mind. "Max let's find out if this is something you can only do when you are near me or if I can still hear you say if you are in the other room. I'm going to go into my room." She then gave Max a very seductive look and said. "Why don't you see if you can think something to me that might want me to ask you to join me in there."

Liz walked back into her bedroom and closed the door. She immediately heard Max's voice in her mind saying 'I thought you promised me we would continue our *talk* later.' Without thinking she thought back 'God how I wish we were talking again right now.'

Max came rushing into her bedroom excited as a little boy getting a new present. He went right up to Liz and said "God how I wish we were talking again right now."

Liz looked into Max's eyes with amazement. He had actually heard her thoughts. "So now you cannot only talk to me in my mind, but you can also read my thoughts also." Max confirmed what she was saying with a nod. "So I guess I better watch what I think when I'm around you from now on."

Max wrapped his arms around Liz's waist and bent his head down to press his lips against hers. They both moaned as Max deepened the kiss between them. Liz thought how wonderful Max's kisses were and how she could never get tired of his kisses. Max of course heard her thoughts and couldn't help but smile as he continued to kiss her. Max pulled her back toward her bed and gently laid her down as her continued to kiss her. Before they got any further they both heard the front door to Liz's house open. Max pulled away from Liz. He told her in her mind not to worry he would find out who it was. As soon as he opened the bedroom a crack they both heard her parents talking. He shut the bedroom door and told her 'Meet me downstairs' He then climbed through her bedroom window and ran around to the front of the Crashdown.

Liz greeted her parents and asked how their trip went. After a few minutes of small talk she told them how she was going out for pizza with Max and she would see them later. As soon as she stepped outside Max was standing there waiting for her. He took her had and they headed toward the pizza parlor to meet their friends. Liz could not help but wonder if Max would be able to communicate to Nasedo once he got his new found talent down to an art. "Do you think you'll be able to communicate with Nasedo this way?"

"Well, so far you have been the only one to be able to hear me. I'm going to try it again with Michael and Isabelle when we get to the restaurant. Let's just take things one step at a time."

"Stop Max. Let's try it again only you wait here and let me go on to the restaurant. It's a few blocks away so let's see if I can still hear you when we aren't even in the same building okay?"

Max reluctantly let go of Liz's hand and agreed it would be a good test. He watched as she walked around the corner and then waited. After a few more minutes he began to concentrate. 'Liz, if you can hear me, let them know I'm on my way.'

The minute she walked into the pizza parlor she looked for her friends as she heard Max's voice in her mind. She then thought back to him. 'I can't wait to see you again.'

Maria saw Liz first and flagged her down. "I thought you and Max were going to have your own little pizza party."

Liz: "My parents came home a little early so we decided to join you guys."

Michael: "So where's Max now?"

Liz: "He'll be here any minute." Just as she said it she heard Max's voice. 'Don't be angry, it is NOT what you think.' With that she turned to see Max and Tess walk in and Tess had her hand on Max's arm. Liz smiled knowing that Tess was trying to make her misinterpret what was happening.

Tess: "Hi guys. Mind if Max and I join you? Oh Hi Liz." Tess noticed the small smile on Liz's face and thought that maybe she was actually facing the fact that Max was meant to be with her.

Max gently removed Tess's hand from his arm and then quickly went to stand next to Liz. 'Sorry, she grabbed me right before I came in. I think she saw you come in and wanted to make you think something was up between us.'

Liz looked into Max's eyes and thought 'It's okay.' Now it was Max's turn to smile. All of their friends watching the exchange between Max/Tess and Max/Liz didn't have the foggiest notion of what just went down.

Maria: "So Tess, did you get all your stuff done at the house you needed to get done?"

Tess barely heard Maria's question. She was stunned at how her little trick didn't seem to even make a small rift between Max and Liz. Without taking her eyes from the two of them she answered "Oh...yea...I really didn't have that much to do."

Max told Liz he was going to try to communicate with Isabelle. She nodded and pulled up a chair next to Maria who happened to sit across from Isabelle. Liz figured since she was his sister he more than likely would be able to get through to her. Max concentrated harder and harder, each time yelling her name 'Isabelle....ISABELLE...ISABELLE!!!' Both Liz and Max watched for any reaction. None came.

Liz looked at Max and thought 'Try Michael.' He nodded and once again concentrated. 'Michael....MICHAEL...MICHAEL!!!' Still no reaction. Then he thought to Liz. 'I have to try Tess. Are you okay with that?' Liz nodded her approval that she understood. Once again he concentrated. 'Tess.. TESS...TESS!!!' No response.

Liz let out her breath without realizing that she had been holding it the whole time Max tried to communicate with Tess. Maria looked over at Liz when she released her breath and asked "What?"

Max was noticed also, he thought to Liz 'Sorry, I had to try.' At the same time he responded to Maria's question orally. "I think she's really hungry. So did you guys already order or what?"

Isabelle: "We were just about to. So what kind of pizza's do you guys want?"

As if on cue the waitress approached their table and took their order. The whole gang ate pizza and just enjoyed being normal teenagers together. The entire time they were together Max and Liz communicated without anyone else at the table even noticing. After they were done eating Max told Liz he wanted to tell the others, but didn't want to include Tess in his new ability yet. She silently agreed with him.

Liz: "I need to use the restroom before we get out of here." Liz knew Maria would follow her as it was an unwritten law that best friends always go to the bathroom together.

Maria: "Yea, I think I'll join you."

Michael: "What is it with women and the bathroom? Can't one of you guys go without the other one following?"

Isabelle: "Well when you become a woman we'll try to explain it a little better. Come on girls let's go. Tess do you want to come?"

Tess of course seen this as a few minutes alone with Max declined. Once in the bathroom Liz immediately told her two friends that they needed to talk privately at the cliffs without any extra ears around. Both friends understood what Liz was trying to say. They agreed to meet at the cliffs in about an hour.

Back at the table Max continued to try to speak to Michael and Tess with his mind, but still no response by either of them. Then he thought to Liz 'I'm going to offer Tess a ride home with us so we know where she won't get suspicious of us leaving her.' He heard answer it would be okay. Then he turned to Tess. "Can we give you a ride home?"

Tess: "We?"

Max: "Liz and I."

Tess: "Oh...I guess so." Her voice was full of disappointment. As the girls returned to the table they said their farewells and parted. Leaving Isabelle and Maria to explain the need for them to meet at the cliffs after Max and Liz drop off Tess at her house.

Max and Liz dropped off Tess and started toward the cliffs to meet the rest of the group. "Max, are we going to tell them everything or just about the telepathy thing?"

"I know we should discuss the telepathy with them, but I got a feeling they'll want to know why I can do it with you and not any of them."

"I guess we should tell them about my Grandma and Nasedo too. I still think I should go to see him and see if he will give us some answers to our questions."

"Liz, I still think it is just too dangerous for you to go by yourself."

"Nasedo told me when we were together, that Pierce wouldn't hurt me because he knew what you did to me at the cafe that day. So I was thinking that could be our cover story. The FBI want to study me and find out how you healed me. There wouldn't be any suspicion of why I was there if I volunteered to go in on my own."

"Let's talk to the others and see what they think. Even if they agree I will only agree if I can be close enough to communicate with you so if anything happens I'll be able to help."

"Always my knight in shining armor." Max gave her a smile, then turned his attention back to the road. Liz thought how much she loves him.

Max looked back at her and told her in his mind 'I love you too.' Liz just laughed feeling happier then she ever had in her life.

At the cliffs:

Michael: "Okay, we're all here, so what's up?"

Max: "Well you know how Alex and Isabelle discovered some of the things the human brain is capable of, but most humans can't do them."

Alex: "Yeah, what about them?"

Max: "I can do some of them."

Isabelle: "What do you mean you can due some of them?"

Max: "I can talk to Liz in her mind and I can hear what she is thinking at the same time."

Liz: "It really is amazing. I can actually hear Max in my mind. We even tried it when we weren't in the same room or the same building and it still worked."

Isabelle: "Say something to me Max without using your voice."

Max: "I've tried to communicate with both you and Michael and neither of you could hear me. I even tried with Tess and she couldn't hear me."

Michael: "Try again. Maybe now we know to listen for you we would be able to hear you."

Max: "Okay, here goes nothing." Max concentrated harder then he had before and focused on Isabelle. She shook her head No. He then focused on Michael and got the same response. Then he turned to Liz and without hardly any concentration she heard him say. 'I wish they could hear me.'

Liz: "I wish they could hear me."

Maria: "Oh my god. Liz why can Max do it with you and not with Isabelle or Michael."

Alex: "Maybe he his more connected with Liz then with anyone else."

Isabelle: "More connected? Alex I'm his sister, you can't get more connected then that." Everyone could tell Isabelle felt hurt by not being able to hear Max in her mind.

Max: "Connected. That's it!"

Liz: "What...What's it?"

Max: "Remember after I healed you. I made a connection with you so you could see that I was still me." Liz nodded remembering how she seen herself through Max's eyes for the first time and smiled at the memory. Max for the first time also seen what she had seen and began to blush. "Well, maybe since I made the connection go both ways, it is allowing me to connect mentally with you now. Isabelle, I hate to ask this of you, but can I connect with you?"

Isabelle: "Max we have connected many times before. I don't see how that's going to make any difference now."

Max: "No, I need to reverse the connection. Instead of seeing you, I need you to see me. Come on, let's try it at least." Isabelle agreed and Max put his hands on her face and started to make a connection only making it go the other way like he had with Liz all those months ago. Slowly he pulled away and then thought to her. 'We will always be connected.'

Isabelle: "I know we will always be connected. So what's your point? Oh my god, Max I heard you in my mind!!" She then looked at Liz and said. "You are the one for my brother."

Max: "Michael, do you want to try it also." Max was pretty sure he would, but didn't want to take his friend ship with him for granted.

Michael: "I don't want to feel like a third wheel around here so heck yeah. Let's connect."

Max did the same with Michael and after the connection was broke he thought to him. 'Blood or no blood you will always be my brother.'

Michael: "I think the same way of you man." He then also turned to Liz and said. "You are the one. Unbelievable"

Maria: "Okay what are you guys talking about. Liz is the one what?"

Max: "It's nothing to be worried about Maria. I guess Michael and Isabelle finally know exactly how I feel about Liz." He then turned his attention to Liz and thought. 'I knew you were the one, from the first time I saw you.'

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