FanFic - Max/Liz
"Questions and Answers"
Part 7
by Susan
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the WB. I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: Max tries to figure out why he has always been so drawn to Liz. Author's Note: There seems to be a lot of questions out there why Liz is so important to the pod squad. I hope in this fanfic I tried to give some of the answers I think are pausible. Let me know if you think I hit any of the answers correctly.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
On Sunday afternoon Tess Harding stood inside the pod chamber holding one of the communicating devices. She knew what she was about to due was something she would never be able to take back. She was going to betray her own kind, but all she could see was Max making love to Liz Parker and the angry inside her overwhelmed her. She began to concentrate and made the connection she needed to. When it was done, she left the pod chamber knowing that soon Max Evans would regret the day he saved Liz Parker's life and betrayed her.

The rest of the week the group of friends had done exactly what Max had suggested. They studied, worked, and hung out just like normal teenagers. Liz woke up on Saturday morning nervous about the upcoming days events. When she felt Max's arms squeeze her tight her nervousness fluttered away like a butterfly. She couldn't help but remember the night before. Max had asked her out on a date. She knew he was just trying to keep her mind off of the next days mission, but he made her feel so special. He had driven her out to the desert where he had a candle light picnic dinner waiting for them. With one snap of his fingers the candles lit up. He was caring, romantic and she felt more love from him then words could describe.

They had made love under the stars that night and upon returning to her house he told her he was not going to leave her alone. He had crawled through her bedroom window and held her tightly all night.

(M)'Good morning.' He then leaned over her and gently kissed her. (L)'Ummm. I could get use to this every morning.' She returned the kiss with passion. (M)'You better stop kissing me like this or I won't be able to leave you.' He deepened the kiss, unable to get enough of her taste. (L)'I guess your right we really should stop.' She wrapped her arms tightly around him to pull him as close to her as he could be without actually being inside her. (M)'How would we explain this if your parents come in.' He cupped her breast gently and began to message them passionately. (L)'They would never understand.' She reached for his erection and began to stroke it. (M)'God Liz.' He pulled her panties down slowly. (L)' I love you Max, don't ever stop touching me. He entered her slowly and once again they shared the experience of their souls joining as one.

Max reluctantly pulled away from Liz and told her he would be with her every step she took today. She watched him dress and crawl back out of her window. She laid on her bed remembering the sensation she felt when their souls had joined. When her mom came to her room to ask her if she was going to get up, she reluctantly started to get ready.

By 10:30am the plan was already in motion. Alex and Isabelle had gotten the small video camera from Sheriff Valenti and was in their hiding place outside the Eagle Rock compound. They were assigned surveillance.

Michael and Maria sat inside her mom's jetta. They were to follow Liz to make sure the agents followed Nasedo * Pierce's* orders and take her to the Eagle Rock compound. Once she arrived safety Maria was to join Alex and Isabelle while Michael joined Max.

Max of course was already at Eagle Rock. Michael and him had already gone over the floor plan of the compound. Max waited for Michael to join him. They would be there for back up if needed. Max already knew he would not allow anything to happen to Liz. He would protect her with his life if it came to that. Since Max was able to communicate with Liz, Michael and Isabelle he knew what was going down every step of the way.

Liz took one final look in the mirror. Alex had done a wonderful job securing the small camera inside a hair clip. Max told her that Alex and Isabelle could see everything on the monitor. He then told her that Michael just seen two agents going inside the cafe. Liz thought how strange it seemed to know everything that was happening in advance. The agents themselves had no idea that Liz not only knew they were coming, but was expecting them.

Agent #1: "Liz Parker?"

Liz: "Yes, that's me."

Agent #2: "Would you mind coming with us." They both took out there FBI badges and flashed them in front of her.

Liz: "Why? What's this all about?" She knew she was supposed to act surprise to see them.

Agent #1: "We just need to ask you a few questions. I can assure you, you will be home shortly."

Agent #2: "Right this way, if you wouldn't mind."

Liz was escorted to the dark sedan out in front of the Crashdown Cafe. She briefly turned to see Michael and Maria pretending to make out a few cars over. As planned she arrived at Eagle Rock without any incident. (L)'Well I'm here.' (M)'I'm with you babe. Don't worry I'll be with you every step.' Michael showed up at Max's side shortly afterward. Liz described to Max exactly where the two agents led her once inside. The room she was escorted to was one large room that was divided into two half's. One half looked very much like a nice office. An office you would see in any office building. It had a large desk with two chairs that sat in front of it. There was a couch off to the side and was decorated with some nice art work on the walls. The other half of the room was what made Liz a little tense. It was like a doctors examination room.

Max could feel Liz's tension as she described the half of the room that seemed like an examination room. (M)'Liz, I'm here. Just say the word and I'll get you out of there. (L)'I'm fine Max. It's going to be fine.

A doctor came into the examination room first. He nodded to the two agents and they grabbed Liz by each one of her arms. Liz started to struggle, but soon realized she would not be able to fight them. The doctor slowly approached her and quickly told her he was not going to hurt her in anyway. He just needed to do an examination of her for his records. Max was about to come to her aid when he heard her tell him it was okay. She after all was there for this very reason. (M)'If he hurts you, I swear...' (L)'He won't. Trust me Max if I need you, you will be the first to know.' The doctor proceeded with his examination of Liz. After a complete physical exam he left the room.

*Agent Pierce* came into the room and dismissed the two other agents immediately. He looked Liz over carefully. He had the results of her exam in his hands. "I know you have bonded with Max." He finally said.

Liz could tell what he meant by that statement, but his tone and facial expression gave her no indication of how he felt. Finally she found her voice and asked. "What makes you say that?"

He held up a copy of the report that was in his hand. "Your body fluids have been mixed with the same fluids found in Max's. I am assuming you have bonded with Max and not with someone else like Max. Am I not correct in this assumption?"

Liz wasn't sure what to think. She finally looked directly into the cold blue eyes of Agent Pierce and said. "Max is the only one I would ever be with."

Nasedo stepped closer to Liz. She felt him too close for comfort and was about to tell Max when he spoke up. "So I understand you have a few questions to ask me."

"Yes, Our mutual friends thought it would be best to come to you for some answers."

"I will give you the answers to some of the questions. The rest you must look to yourself for the answers." Nasedo crept closer to Liz and carefully placed his hands on both sides of her face to form the connection.


First she felt as if she were flying through space. She saw a planet in another galaxy. She knew it was Max's home planet.

Next she saw beings gathering around a spacecraft. She could hear them arguing even though they didn't speak. She could still understand what was being said. The argument was about who they should or shouldn't send with the royals. Some believed the royals had been betrayed by one of the two that were close to the them. Others didn't. All four were finally loaded into the pods and then onto the ship in the end. Liz could tell the essence loaded in the pods were of Max, Michael, Isabelle and Tess.

Then she seen four guardians board the ship they had loaded the pod chamber in. One of the guardians she recognized as one who had argued against sending the young bride. She knew this being was Nasedo.

Next she saw her own grandmother and felt how sad her grandmother was upon learning she could never have her own children. She saw how Nasedo healed her womb and knew he had altered the future to prevent the past from recurring again.

Then she saw the orbs working and she felt the pulse that they were sending out. She felt Nasedo's concerns that the pulse was sending a message to their enemies.

**End Flash**

The connection was broken. Nasedo looked directly into Liz's eyes and said. "I gave you life, now it is up to you to give him his." With that Agent Pierce called the other two agents back into the room and instructed them to escort Ms. Parker back to her home.

Once back at the cafe Liz waited for her friends to arrive. She knew they weren't far behind her. When Max came in the door she rushed into his arms. He held her tight knowing how scared she had been. He told her how proud he was of her and thanked her for once again risking her life for him. Liz hadn't even thought about how scared or nervous she truly was until after it was all over. Now all she wanted to do was just be held by Max. (M)' Let's go upstairs to your house.' (L)'I'm shaking so bad I'm not sure if I can walk that far. Before she could think anything else to him, he picked her up into his arms and carried her through the back of the cafe and up the backstairway that led to her home. Michael, Isabelle, Alex, and Maria followed them without needing to be asked.

Michael: "Okay, Liz what did Nasedo tell you?"

Maria: "Michael, can't you see she is a little shaken up? Liz, do you want us to give you a few minutes alone?"

Liz held Max tighter. (L)'Please don't leave. I need you close right now.' (M)'I'm not going anywhere.

Max: "Why don't you guys get some drinks for all of us."

Alex: "Max is right. I could use a drink and something to snack on."

Maria: "Alex you are always hungry."

Alex: "Hey what can I say, I'm just a growing boy."

Isabelle: "Come on Alex, let's go get us all something to eat. Michael you and Maria take care of the drinks okay."

Michael: "I want to hear what Nasedo had to say."

Max: "Michael, you'll know everything soon enough."

Maria grabbed Michael's arm and pulled him reluctantly away. "Come on spaceboy. Liz we'll be back in a few minutes and they we can all talk okay."

Liz finally pulled away from Max just enough to look at all her friends and said "Thanks." When they were out of the room she told Max to kiss her. He tenderly took her lips in his and as they kissed she showed him everything that Nasedo had showed her with his connection. When the flash ended Max pulled slowly away from Liz's lips. (M)'So Nasedo thought Tess betrayed me before.' (L)'She was the one he thought betrayed you, some believed it could have been Michael, while others didn't believe it was either.' (M)'I guess we know the answer to your grandmother now.' (L)'Yeah, I guess I should be thankful to Nasedo for even being here.' (M)'Michael will be happy to know where we actually come from. Even though we still have no way to know how to get back home.' (L)'I'm not worried about that, eventually we'll find the answer to that question. What do you think about Tess or Michael being the ones that may have betrayed you in the first place?' (M)'I don't know Tess well enough to say one way or another, but I know Michael, and I know he would give his life before betraying me or Isabelle.' Just then their friends returned with some sodas and snacks.

Max went into detail the visions Nasedo had given Liz. Michael was caught off guard when he found out he was one that some thought could betray Max and Isabelle. Max knew Michael would feel this way and let him know right away he trusted Michael with his life.

Alex: "What about Tess? Why would they think she would betray her husband?"

Max: "I've been thinking about what our mother told us in the cave. She said she sent along with me, my young bride, my sister and the man she was betrothed to."

Isabelle: "So, you don't think the four of us are meant to be together now do you?"

Max: "No Isabelle, I don't think we were ever really MEANT to be together. We were forced to be together.

Michael: "What do you mean forced to be together?"

Max: "I think my marriage was an arranged marriage. Remember she said my sister and the man she was betrothed to."

Liz: "Betrothed, yes that is where two people are arranged to be wed by their families."

Max: "Correct. Maybe Tess and mine marriage was an arranged marriage also. Only she felt betrayed because I never loved her."

Maria: "Well if she felt betrayed by you not loving her when you were actually married to her. Then how must she feel in this life time considering she knows how you feel about Liz?"

Max: "That's a good point. I guess we need to go talk to Tess."

Liz: "Wait there are just a few more things I need to let you guys know about. After he broke the connection he told me that he had given me my life, but it was up to me to give Max his. I'm not sure what he meant by that, but I think it has something to do with the flashes I seem to be able to get."

Max: "That's another question it seems we will need to get the answers for. What's the other thing."

Liz's face started to blush. "Nasedo was able to tell that we...that Max and I.....My body fluids have changed." She finally blurted out.

Maria: "What do you mean that your body fluids have changed?"

Liz looked at Maria and began to blush again. "Maria, apparently when Max and I....I mean...when we.." She suddenly hid her face in Max's chest unable to finish her sentence.

Maria: "Oh my god, you guys have had SEX!!"

Max held Liz tightly wanting to protect her from being embarrassed about their union. "Yes, we have made love, Maria. I guess when we share certain body fluids with a human, that human's body fluids begin to change like ours."

Alex and Maria at the same time said "Oh Shit!!"

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