FanFic - Max/Liz
"Questions and Answers"
Part 4
by Susan
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the WB. I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: Max tries to figure out why he has always been so drawn to Liz. Author's Note: There seems to be a lot of questions out there why Liz is so important to the pod squad. I hope in this fanfic I tried to give some of the answers I think are pausible. Let me know if you think I hit any of the answers correctly.
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Rating: R
The next morning Max snuggled closely with Liz as he awoke. He loved how she felt in his arms and still couldn't get over the fact that they were finally back together. Liz awoke with a smile on her face before her eyes even opened. "Good morning." Max said as he leaned over and kissed her.

"Umm...I could definitely get use to waking up like this every morning." Liz replied. Then she slowly opened her eyes. "Max, I think we really need to talk about what happened last night. I mean...How could I...I made you glow!"

"I told you before, I glow everywhere when you touch me."

"But last night we saw it."

Max sat up and tried to think. "I wish I understood more about what was happening. I know how I've always been drawn to you. I also know that every moment we spend together I find myself more and more in love with you."

"What about Tess?" Liz couldn't help but ask. She saw the questioning look on Max's face and continued. "You were drawn to her also."

"I sensed something about her, but I never loved her...I mind, my body and my soul all feel love only for you. I hear my mom's words and I try to make sense of them, but I know I could never be with anyone except you."

"Max, I'm not doubting your love for me. Believe me you have shown me your feelings about me down to my soul. But, what I don't understand is how could you have so much love for me when you were *made* for Tess? Don't get me wrong, I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you do love me, but I just don't understand why?"

"Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways...." He joked.

Liz slapped him playfully on his arm. "Max, I'm serious. Why do you think you have all these feelings for me if you were already predestined to be with Tess? It just doesn't make sense."

Max cupped her cheeks in his hands and looked soulfully into her eyes. "I look at you and every ounce of me screams inside, you are the one for me. I wish I could explain it better, but that is how I feel." He then leaned over and took her lips with a passionate kiss. As their kiss intensified Liz began to have another flash.


Nasedo touching a woman's stomach. The woman's stomach glow. The woman's tears as she gives birth. Her father's tears as he held a baby. Nasedo's voice "You will conceive a son, your son will have a daughter. She will be the one."

**End Flash**

Liz pulled away from Max with a surprise expression on her face. "Liz? What's wrong?"

She couldn't find her voice to tell him what she just saw. She jumped out of his arms and out of her bed. She ran over to her desk and immediately started to look for her grandma's book.

"Liz, please tell me what happened?"

She pulled out her grandma's book and looked back at Max who still had a puzzled look on his face. "I had a flash." She said as her body started to shake uncontrollably.

Max was at her side immediately trying to soothe her in his arms. "'s okay. Tell me what you saw." He said as he gently stroked the length of her hair.

"Nasedo." Was all she could get out.

"Nasedo? What about him?" Max held her tight thinking she must have been seeing the time Nasedo shape shifted into him and kidnapped Liz. "Did he hurt you?"

Liz realized what Max must have been thinking. "No, I saw him...I saw him with..." She couldn't get the word to come out.

"Liz, take a deep breath. You need to calm down and tell me. You saw Nasedo with who?"

The tears welled up in her eyes as she finally found her voice. "My Grandma Claudia." As she said her name the tears spilled down her cheeks.

Max knew how much Liz's grandmother had meant to her. He suddenly felt guilty about not being able to do anything to save her for Liz's sake. "I'm sorry Liz. I wish I..."

"Max, your not God. Remember." She tried to regain her composure and tell Max about the flash. "Nasedo was touching her stomach. Then I saw her give birth to my father. Then I saw my father holding me as a baby. Then the voice..."

Max was trying to take in everything Liz was explaining to him about her flash. "The voice. Did you hear anything?" Liz nodded. "Please Liz, please tell me what you heard."

"Something about 'You will conceive a son. That the son would have a daughter and she would be the one.' Max, do you think Nasedo did something to my grandmother?"

Max stepped back from Liz slightly enough so he could look into her eyes. "I think it is time we had a visit with Nasedo."

"No Max, you can't take the risk. I'll go myself."

"NO!! I will not let you put yourself at risk again."

"YES, Max. He won't hurt me. Think about it Max, this is starting to make sense."

Max was still trying to understand Liz's flash and then her wanting to visit Nasedo alone. "Make sense? What sense?"

"Max, remember the carnival, in the house of mirrors. He took me out. He could have taken you, but he took me instead. Like he was protecting me too."

"I don't know Liz. I just don't know."

"What about the flashes I've gotten?" Max gave her another questioning look. "Yes, most have been from you. About me and you anyway. But, what about the flashes I got when we went looking for the orb. The army guys, the crash Max. You weren't even born yet. So how could any of those things have been in your memories to share with me. And when I kissed him thinking it was you, I had more flashes. Don't you see I'm connected to Nasedo in some way and that is why he won't hurt me. Let me do this. I need the answers as much as you do."

Max stepped away from Liz and sat back down on her bed. He rubbed his hands over his face. Liz quickly sat down beside him and pulled his hands into hers. "Max I need to know, we need to know." She leaned forward and ever so gently touched her lips to his. He embraced her with his arms and pulled her down onto the bed deeping the kiss. Her hands wove through his hair and began to caress down his back feeling the passion he held for her.

Max started to caress her arms as he began to kiss his way down her neck. "I love you" He said in a husky low voice as he continued to kiss her neckline. He knew now there was no doubt they were meant to be together and he wanted, no needed her now more then anything.

When her bedroom door flew open and they heard Maria's gasp they broke their embrace and both started turning a deep shade of crimson red at beening caught by Liz's best friend yet again. "Ohhh...I am so sorry. I didn't know Max was still here. Michael's..."

Before she could get the rest of her sentence out Michael was at the bedroom door also. Max immediately grabbed the covers to conceal Liz. "Well, I guess we don't have to wonder if you two are back together anymore." Michael joked. He then pulled at Maria's arm gently. "We'll just wait for you two out here." As Maria exited her best friends bedroom she looked right at Liz and mouthed the word "Sorry."

As soon as the door was closed Liz turned to Max and said. "I guess we should get dress." As she started to get out of the bed, Max pulled her back to him.

"In a minute." He kissed her gently, but still with passion.

"Max..we can't." She said as she continued to kiss him back.

"I know." He groaned as he lost the rest of his control.

Liz was the one who finally gained enough control to pull away from him. "Come on, Michael and Maria are waiting for us."

Max reluctantly let her go and started to grab his shirt. "Your right, but promise me we will continue this later." She gave him a smile that said more then any words could. He watched as Liz picked out her clothes and headed for her bathroom to change.

A few minutes later the two walked into the Crashdown holding each others hands. They were surprised to not only see Michael and Maria there, but also Alex, Isabelle and Tess sitting at one of the booths.

Upon seeing Tess, Liz shuddered. Max could feel her nervousness and quickly squeezed her hand he held tighter. Letting her know he was with her no matter what. They walked over to the booth. "So what's up?" Max said as he noticed Tess eyeing his hand that held Liz's hand.

Tess couldn't take her eyes off of their entwined hands. Before she even realized she was speaking her thoughts out loud she said "I didn't know you guys were back together."

Max: "Tess, you need to understand...Liz and I will never be apart. We were meant to be together."

His words stung her as if he had just stabbed her with a knife. She couldn't believe what was happening. How could this be happening? Everything was working out just as it was supposed to work out. But now, who did this Liz think she was anyway. Tess decided now was not the time nor the place to make them understand that Liz and Max were not meant to be. She was meant to be with Max and she was not going to allow no human to take her place. Tess stood up and looked at all of the faces she wished would accept not only her, but what they were all trying to deny themselves...Their destinies. "I have to go and take care of a few things back at the house....I'll see you all later." She quickly made her way out of the cafe.

Max turned his full attention to Liz. "Your the one remember, we both know that now." Liz gave him a small smile and nodded slightly. He then turned his attention to the rest of the group. "Okay, so what's up?"

Michael wanted to ask Max what he meant by the last remark he gave Liz, but dismissed it and decided to get down to business. "I just thought it would a good idea to make some further decisions about what we discussed last night."

Alex: "Well I couldn't wait to see what I could find out on the Internet about what they have discovered about the human brain. So last night Isabelle and I did alittle research. I for one am glad you three are my friends and not mad at me for any reason."

Michael: "HaHaHa, so what kind of things did you discover."

Isabelle: "Well for one, we won't have to worry about passing any more tests at school. Just think Michael you might actually graduate with honors."

Maria: "What do you mean you guys won't have to study any more?"

Alex: "Photographic memories. Once they learn how to do it that is. It's like they just need to look at any page in any book and will not only know what it says, but will understand it without having to actually learn anything about it."

Michael: "Cool, so how can I figure out how to do that. I would love to give Ms Parker over there a run for class valedictorian."

Liz: "Very funny Michael. Remember you have to actually attend classes first."

Max: "What else?"

Isabelle: "Telepathy, that one will be really cool. We should be able to communicate without even speaking."

Liz: "Do you guys think you could speak to us that way too, or will that only be something you guys will be able to do with each other?

Max thought about Liz's question and than began to concentrate his mind to communicate with her a message in her mind. While Max was concentrating Isabelle continued with the conversation. "Well, I know when we first came out of the pods I could understand what Max was thinking even though we didn't know how to speak yet. I don't know if we will be able to do it with everyone, but I would love to try it sometime. What do you say Alex? Would you like to try it with me sometime?"

Max continue his concentration on sending Liz a message from his mind only.

Maria: "What about reading other people's thoughts?"

Alex: "Yea, I guess that would be another thing that would be possible."

Liz was just about to say something when she heard Max's voice inside her mind say 'I Love You. Can you hear me? I Love You.' Liz's eyes grew wide and looked right at Max and nodded. A smile crept onto Max's face as he realized Liz was able to hear what he had been trying to tell her in his mind.

Maria: "Liz what's wrong?" The way Liz's eyes grew wide worried Maria. She had been thinking about Michael being able to read her thoughts suddenly feeling embarrassed, she wondered if Liz had the same fears.

Liz: "Nothing, I just thought..I..Nothing...It's nothing."

Max: "I guess we will just have to concentrate and see what each of us has the ability to due. But, whatever we discover I think it would be best to keep it to just the six of us right now. Until we know more about what we can really do and who we can really trust with every thing I think that would be best. Agreed."

Michael: "What about Tess?"

Max: "Michael, we know Tess is one of us. But, I'm not sure we should trust her one hundred percent yet."

Isabelle: "She did help save your life Max."

Max: "Yes she did and I will always be grateful for her for that."

Maria: "I can defiantly hear a BUT coming next."

Max: "It's just she has played a few too many mind games on me for me to fully trust her yet."

Isabelle: "I understand what you're trying to say Max and maybe you're right. No matter how many people find out about us. You five are the only ones I would completely trust with my life. Agreed we keep stuff to just the six of us for now."

Michael: "Agreed."

Liz, Maria and Alex at the same time said "Agreed."

Max once again began concentrating on sending Liz another message in her mind while he spoke out loud to the others. At the same time he told Liz in her mind. 'I can't wait to be alone with you again to continue our...Talk' Out loud he said "I also think we should meet and discuss these subjects only at the cliffs from here on out. That way no extra eyes or ears that we don't want."

Liz once again looked at Max. Unable to believe she had just heard his voice say one thing with her ears, but in her mind she heard him say something completely different. A smirk once again appeared on Max's face as he looked into her eyes.

Maria noticed the starring contest going on between Max and Liz. She decided it was time to give the two love birds a little time alone. "All this talk is starting to make me hungry. Who wants to go get a pizza?"

Alex: "Pizza sounds good to me, what about you Isabelle?"

Isabelle noticed the looks Max and Liz were giving each other and winked at Maria. "Yea, pizza does sound good."

Michael: "I don't know. Maybe I'll head home for a while."

Maria: "Come on....My treat!"

Michael: "Well since you put it that way. Max, Liz you guys want to come?" Both Maria and Isabelle sent him a nasty look that took Michael a minute to understand why.

Max concentrated again and in Liz's mind she heard 'I'd rather get one delivered for just the two of us.' But, out loud she heard "Do you feel like going out for pizza?"

Liz: "Even though pizza sounds good, I really have a few things I need to take care of here. Maybe I'll just have one delivered instead."

Max: "You guys go ahead. I wouldn't want Liz to eat a whole pizza by herself."

When their four friends said their good-byes. Liz grabbed Max's hand and led him directly back up to her house above the cafe. "Max, you were speaking to me in my mind weren't you?"

"I wasn't sure if it would work, apparently it does. At least with you. I tried to communicate with Michael and with Isabelle, but they didn't seem to respond to me. I guess this is another one of those unexplained things that is between the two of us, huh."

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