FanFic - Max/Liz
"Questions and Answers"
Part 3
by Susan
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Summary: Max tries to figure out why he has always been so drawn to Liz. Author's Note: There seems to be a lot of questions out there why Liz is so important to the pod squad. I hope in this fanfic I tried to give some of the answers I think are pausible. Let me know if you think I hit any of the answers correctly.
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Rating: R
The six friends walked back to the reservation from the cave. All feeling good for the first time since the pod squads destiny had been revealed to them. Isabelle rode home with Alex in his car. Michael road home with Maria in her mom's jetta and Max drove Liz home in his jeep.

Max had so many questions he needed to ask Liz, but as she sat in the seat next to him all he could think of was how beautiful she looked. He could feel his insides literally gleam with happiness once again now that she was by his side.

Liz couldn't help but feel joy course all through her body now that she was back with Max again. When he kissed her she felt all his feelings for her and she knew without a doubt she was truly loved by him. Even though she wanted to tell him so many things she just couldn't think of any of them at this moment.

When they reached her house, Max walked her to her door. He didn't want to leave her just yet. Liz turned to Max and asked. "I know it's getting late, but would you like to come in for a soda or something?"

"I am kind of thirsty now that you mention it." She opened the door and he followed her inside. The house was completely dark. "Are you parents already asleep?"

"No, they left this morning to drive up to Alberqurque to pick up supplies for the restaurant. They'll be back by tomorrow evening." She stated without even thinking about what that statement did to Max's insides.

Max suddenly became nervous. Not nervous about being with Liz, but nervous how he could possible lose the control he had left being alone with her, in her home, with no parents and standing there in the dark. Max couldn't take it another moment and turned Liz to face him and began to kiss her passionately.

Liz returned his kiss with hunger. She needed him more now then she ever realized. As he sucked her lips into his mouth she found herself opening her mouth more. He slipped his tongue inside and found himself totally lost in the taste of her. He walked them slowly toward the couch and laid her down on it as he followed down on top of her without breaking their embrace. His arms roamed up and down her body. Caressing it gently like she was a piece of fine china and he didn't want to break it.

When they both realized Liz was glowing again they pulled reluctantly away from each other's lips. "Max. I'm glowing again." Liz gasped out. Remembering that last time this happened they were in Michael's apartment and they were able to locate the orb.

Max sat up and tried to shake his head clear and regain his control. "Liz I have no idea what this all means, but this is just one of about a hundred questions I have when it comes to you."

"I know, I have a lot of questions myself. I know this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I asked you to come inside, but I think we need to talk."

Max laughed with a dip growl in his voice as he looked down at his lap. "I don't want to leave you tonight. But you are right we need to talk. Do you mind if I stay. I'll sleep on the couch, but I don't want us to worry about time when we start our....Talk."

"Max, you and I both know you are not going to sleep on the couch. Why don't you call your parents and tell them you will be staying Michael's."

Liz reached over and turned on a light. While Max walked over to the phone in the kitchen and called home. While he was on the phone Liz grabbed a couple of sodas from the refrigerator, the plate of brownies that was sitting on the counter and a bottle of tobasco sauce. She then walked pass Max and toward the living room. Max finished his excuse with his mom who to his surprise was happy that he was actually wanting to be away from the house. He walked into the living room only to find Liz not there "Liz?"

"I'm upstairs Max. Turn out the lights and come on up. I thought we could at least be comfortable for our..Talk!"

Max thought for sure he had died and was climbing his way to heaven with each step he took on the flight of stairs to Liz's room. When he walked into her room she had changed into an oversize silky nightshirt. She looked up at him and saw the surprise expression on his face. "Did your mom give you any trouble about staying with Michael tonight?"

"Uh..No." His voice was strangled as he tried to regain his composure after laying eyes on Liz in her nightshirt and on her bed waiting for him.

"Good. Thirsty? I was kinda hungry, I brought us up some brownies to snack on."

Max was shocked. He couldn't bring himself to move. Liz was acting so calm. She didn't seem nervous about him being in her room with him alone at all.

"Max, are you okay. You aren't nervous about being alone with me are you." She said seductively. "Why don't you take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable."

"Liz, tell me why your not afraid of me."

"Afraid, I love you Max. I could never be afraid of you."

"Even when you first found out about me and I wanted to connect with you, you didn't even flinch away when I went to touch you. Why weren't you afraid back then?"

"I don't know, there was just something in your eyes that wouldn't let me be afraid. Then when you let me see inside of you, I knew. I knew from that day on I would always love you."

"You never did tell me what you saw when you looked inside of me. Will you tell me now?"

"I saw how you saw me."

Max blushed slightly. He sat down next to Liz and begun to remove his shoes.

"Max, what made you so drawn to me. I mean I saw and felt what you felt when you saw me that first day at school when you got off the bus. Why do you think you were so drawn to me even back then?"

"I always thought it was because you were the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes on. But, now I'm not so sure if it isn't something more than that. Not that I don't still think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on."

Now it was Liz's turn blush. She handed Max one of the brownies and took a drink of her soda. "You know another thing that I always wondered about. We always assumed it was fate that you were in the Crashdown that day of the shooting."

"I don't even want to think about that not being fate."

"What about the day you came to see me at the cafe. When you basically devoured me in the back room and I first started having the flashes that led us to find the orb. What made you come to me that day and kiss me like that? I mean we were still on the Let's-Take-A-Step-Back time table."

"Liz, I couldn't stay away from you during that whole stupid try to get my balance phase. I was so out of balance without you it wasn't even funny. But, when I first came to the cafe that night. I didn't come with the thought of losing control the way I did. It's just when we were talking something took control of my body and I knew I needed to kiss you. I hate to tell you this Liz, but I'm having a hard time sitting this close to you. With you looking as beautiful as you are and not lose my control."

"But you are always so in control. Why do you think you lose so much of your control when you are with me?"

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately Liz Parker?"

"Yes I have Max. You don't know how special you make me feel when I see the way you look at me with your eyes. But I'm not a supermodel. I'm far from a DD bra size. Why do you think I'm so beautiful?"

Max reached up and gently caressed her face and leaned over to kiss her. Just as his lips brushed against hers he simply stated "Because your the one." Then his mouth once again devoured hers. Liz melted at his touch and found no interest in any more talking for now. She needed his touch, his lips, she needed all of Max. It wasn't so much that she wanted him, even though she did want him more than anything at this moment. It was she actually felt deep inside her soul how much she needed him. As their passion continued to grow the connection that was formed between them also grew. Max once again could feel all of Liz's feelings. He could feel her need for him which only drove him further on. He knew he should stop before they both were too far gone and unable to stop. But, something inside of him wouldn't allow him to stop. It felt too good to stop. He needed her just as much as he could tell she needed him.

As Max's hands roamed over her body, neither cared when his touch made her skin glow once again. Liz pulled his shirt over his head needing to feel his chest. When she caressed his chest this time Max began to glow where she had touched. "Oh my God Max" She moaned as she continued to caress her way down to his stomach. When she reached for the button on his jeans. Max reached for her hand.

He looked deeply in her eyes. "Liz, is this what you really want. I love you and I know I want to be with you in every way a man and a woman can be with each other. But, there are risks to consider before we just move our relationship forward to that level. I love you too much to consider doing anything that may hurt you in any way."

Liz stared back lovingly at Max. "Max I know we both have a lot of questions and we don't know have many answers. But the one thing I do know is that I love you and I know you love me. I don't want to think about what is right or what is wrong any more. I want you Max."

"You have me Liz. I'm not going anywhere, but I think we should wait to make love until we understand more of this bond that is between us. You can't deny there is something more between us then just physical attraction. I'm sorry, I want this more then you could ever dream."

"Max, Trust me when I tell you I know how much you want me." They both cast their eyes downward to the bulge that was making itself known from Max's now tight pants. Then Liz lifted her gaze back to his eyes. "And I'm not just talking your physical body. I can feel your emotions, your wants and your needs. I don't know how I know these things I just do."

"God Liz, I thought it was just me that could feel your wants and needs. I had no idea that you could feel mine too. Now I'm more certain than ever we need to wait and find out more. Let's try to get some sleep and we will talk more in the morning. Maybe by then I'll have more of my control back and we could finish our talk."

"Can you at least hold me tonight. I don't think I could sleep without you close to me."

"I'll hold you forever if you would let me."

"Good night Max. I love you"

"I love you, good night Liz."

They held each other tightly not wanting to lose the feeling of completeness when they were in each others arms and slept peacefully for the first time in over a week.

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