FanFic - Max/Liz
"Princess Roswell"
Part 2
by Rach
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Summary: AU. Liz moves to Roswell from New York.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Yes, I know, being that this is an AU, why would I choose such a title? Well, I'll explain in the story, if you still don't understand how I got it, I'll tell ya. Anyway, like one of my first stories, A New Beginning, Liz also moved to Roswell from NY, then too. And if you haven't noticed by now, hehe, I like punk-ass Liz the best. She's spunky and won't take any crap from anyone. I'm still working on "The Truth Lies Within" so don't fret, I have no intention on ditching it any time soon. And as for the fb on that one, I still have stuff I can hold over your heads to get more...
Isabel Evans grabbed her tray and rushed over to her brother's table. "Oh my gosh, guys! Did you here about that new girl? Liz Parker?" she asked excitedly as she sat down next to Kyle. Kyle's arm went around her shoulder. "Ugh! Get off of me!" she said as she pushed him away.

"Yeah." Michael said through a mouth-full of food. "What about her?"

"Seems she has Tess's top totally blown." Isabel said. She never liked Tess, she had to go through hell pretending to like her when she used to date her brother, Max. But once he got a brain, he ditched the bitch and she has been worse ever since. "So, even though I didn't make it to practice today, ya know, I had to make up the stupid test for Mr. Brimley." she said as she rolled her eyes. "Is it true that she played basketball with you guys?"

Max nodded. "Yeah, she ditched us too. Well, not me." he said with a grin.

"I can to rebound." Michael muttered as he stuffed another fork full of school-food-clop.

Max rolled his eyes. "Please. She's right, you totally suck at rebounding." Max looked up just in time to see Liz walk in with Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman on either side.

"Does she have to hang out with such lamers?" Kyle asked as she watched the group enter the cafeteria.

Michael shrugged. "I dunno, I think Maria is kinda hot..."


"And so, after Max dumped the bitch. She has been on a rampage, afer any girl who even thinks about carrying a conversation with him." Maria said. "She is SUCH a bitch."

Alex nodded in agreement as he put his tray down on the lunch table. "I don't get how they can put up with her." he commented as he stared at the table Isabel Evans occuppied with her friends.

Maria rolled her eyes. "Alex, pick your tongue up off the floor, aite? You don't have a chance. Look at them, and look at us."

"What's wrong with you guys?" Liz asked as she opened a brown paper bag and pulled out a bag of chips.

"Okay, hun, you have ALOT to learn." Maria said. "So, those people right over their, Max, Isabel, his sister by the way, Kyle, and unfortenutly Tess, are the most popular people in the school. They don't even know we exist."

"You shouldn't put yourselves down like that. Have you guys even tried to talk to them?" Liz asked. She found no difference between the groups, and she hated the fact of discrimination, just because someone wasn't 'popuplar'.

Alex and Maria shook their head and Liz rolled her eyes. "Ugh, what panzies." she said as she wiped her hands on her napkin. "How do you guys know that they really do know you exist, that that Spike boy, you like, might actually like you as well." she said to Maria. "See you guys don't know this shit cause you are to scared to even confront them."

"More like, too scared to be the laughing stock of school." Alex muttered. "No thanks, I'll pass. I am perfectly content with admiring Isabel Evans from afar."

Liz shook her head. "You wusses."

"Change of topic." Maria declared. "Tell us about you."

Liz sighed and pushed her bag of chips aside. "Everything in my little rap, this morning was true. I was attacked by these bitches, broke their noses, STRICTLY self-defense. My mother got scared and she sent me here to live with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jeff."

"Jeff Parker?" Alex asked.

Liz nodded. "That's my Dad's brother." she said.

"They like own the Crashdown Cafe. As in one of the most popular diner's in Roswell. Everyone hangs out there, well, the only reason I'm there, is because I work there." Maria said.

"What about you?" Liz asked Alex.

"Nuh uh, I'd be thrown out by the jocks." he said.

"Damn! You're going to be one of them just by living there!" Maria said in awe, with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Please." Liz scoffed. "I'd be caught in that before ever becoming one of them." she said as a chick in all leather, dog chain around her neck, her nose pierced with a chain leading to an earring, and her lip piereced.

Alex laughed. "That's Pam Troy. She used to be one of them."

"Phew, what happened?" Liz couldn't help but ask.

"She put the moves on Max Evans." Maria answered.

Liz stared at the two. "Damn, this chick really is a bitch, huh?"

They both nodded.


Max Evans continued to walk down the hall away from his last period class. She hadn't left his mind all day, and it was driving him nuts! All he could think about is Liz Parker, Liz Parker. Ever since she walked into the gym, he had been entranced by her beauty, and when she had the guts to diss the team, he was in shock at her courage, and when she did a little rap infront of Tess Harding, he could have rolled onto the floor laughing at Tess's face. It was priceless.

"Finally I can go home." he muttered.

"Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!" Max heard someone say and then heard a crashing of a locker.

Liz Parker throw her backpack up against her locker. She had been standing there for 10 mintues trying to get the damn thing to open but to no avail. "Why me?" she mumbled.

"I bet Tess did something to it." she heard someone say from behind her. Liz turned around and looked at Max Evans. "Here, let me see. What's your combo?"

Liz was silent for a mintue before giving herself a mental shake. "Uh, 2, 15, 32." she answered.

Max put in the numbers and shook his head when it wouldn't open. "She must have switched locks." he said as he went down to the next locker and putting in the same combo. "Ha!" he exclaimed when he got it open. "This, is your lock."

Max approached Liz swinging the lock around his finger, but then he stopped. "Now, if only we can get that one off." he said in confusion.

Liz grinned and pulled a hair pin from her hair and knelt down in front of her locker. She lifted up the lock and inserted the pin into the key slot on the back. After twisting it around a few times the lock popped open.

"How'd you do that?" Max asked in shock as Liz stood and opened her locker.

"Well," she started as she pulled out her assignments. "You have to be able to get into the car, before you can hot wire it."

Max shook his head and chuckled. "Do you need a ride?" he asked Liz as he walked along side her.

Liz pretended to think a moment. "I guess it beats walking." she answered as they headed out into the parking lot.


"That Bitch!" Tess Harding yelled as she watched Liz Parker get into Max Evans' jeep. "I told her to stay away from him!!!"

Stacy Scheinin backed away from her friend as she watched Tess' hands clench at her sides. When Tess was pissed, it was not a pretty sight. "Maybe, he's just being nice." Stacy said.

Tess whirled around and glared at her. "Max being nice does not REQUIRE him putting his hand on her back!" she screamed and stormed off.

Stacy squeezed her eyes shut. Parker, you're in it deep...


Max pulled the jeep to a stop infront of the Crashdown. "You're staying here?" he asked.

Liz nodded and looked up at the apartment above the diner. "Yup. Not exactly luxary, but it'll do." she said as she opened the jeep door and got out. "Thanks for the ride Max."

Max nodded. "Any time. I'll see you around?" it was more of a question, than a statement.

"Maybe." Liz said with a smile, before turning around and walking inside.

Max shook his head and smiled. This could be an interesting year.

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